Facility Update #14 (Scrambling 1 Week Before Retail Opens!)

27. april. 2021
401 112 Ganger

Today we push ourselves to the limit while trying to get the retail side completed in time for opening! We attempt fixing the roof, finish shelving units and price tags, setup animals for sale and adoption, and more!
You can learn more about Vision products here!
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Snake Discovery
P.O. Box 192
Hammond, WI 54015
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  • If you answered this question already, I'm so sorry for repetition. However my husband and I live in Montana and would to buy products from you! Would you guys ever sell any of your retail store items online? Or have them available to ship?

    Montana MisfitsMontana Misfits5 timer siden
  • You look just like your mom Emily! So precious! Yall even stand the same. 10:51

    LaceyLacey6 timer siden
  • That white sided rat is beautiful. Instead of an adoption fee perhaps they could be adopted out to people who have purchased the full set up at the store, or if they have a set up at home they could donate an amount that will cover the average cost of the next 2 reptiles that come in.

    Teddy DaltonTeddy Dalton13 timer siden
  • You can use waterproofing paint to seal the roof. It rolls on and can reduce the amount of heat generated. Something like this: www.amazon.com/Liquid-Rubber-MetalSafe-Sealant-Waterproof/dp/B07TWMPRJL

    Kelly CampanaKelly Campana15 timer siden
  • Emily and Ed you guys are awesome I just started watching your channel and thank you for all the information We are about to receive our first corn snake And wish you guys the best with your business and are you going to be selling online

    Larry WilliamsLarry Williams21 time siden
  • Mazel tov

    DavisDavisDag siden
  • Huh. I have a male white sided yellow/everglades rat about the same size as the one on adoption island. Long lost brothers, perhaps?

    Scoobs McDooScoobs McDooDag siden
  • I can’t wait to watch you succeed and for your reptile store blow up

    Wilson BorreroWilson BorreroDag siden
  • you should get a fish section or atleast fish food

    Ethan AndersonEthan AndersonDag siden
  • Can you help me convince my non to let me get a snake?

    Crazy TribeCrazy TribeDag siden
  • You are great NOtownrs

    Stefanie LindseyStefanie LindseyDag siden
  • it’s never long enough

    James MatthewJames Matthew2 dager siden
  • Hi I love your videos they are the best!!!!

    Will GoehlWill Goehl2 dager siden
  • Hello Snake Discovery! I have owned an Indopacific tree gecko for a while now, and when I first got her I had trouble finding articles and advice on her care. I would love to be of assistance if you need tips on caring for these uncommon geckos!

    Krista VelegolKrista Velegol2 dager siden
  • Mandy has been such a big help through all of this. Let’s all give her a round of applause. Copy and paste this to show your support

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    Ashley and her mouse FunAshley and her mouse Fun2 dager siden
  • Where is it

    Brittoseph MartinezBrittoseph Martinez2 dager siden
  • OMG you are awesome I hope I can visit soon

    Miss Kitten edwards neillMiss Kitten edwards neill2 dager siden
  • You now to get more costumers you can make a website at squarespace

    Rossella PerettoRossella Peretto2 dager siden
  • YAY Youre the best, PS let me know if you have anyone who breeds Anolis carolinensis

    Zbionix / Caleb H.Zbionix / Caleb H.2 dager siden
  • I just got quarantined

    Talons Was HereTalons Was Here2 dager siden
  • 🎈🎈🎉I love so much that you are putting/listing who your sale reptiles are produced by to support the small local breeders you can is amazing. And OMG Emily, the amount of work you, your husband Ed, your family and friends have done on your reptile zoo & store is just amazing¡! The place is like night and day! You and Ed should be so so proud of yourselves! I know that I am so proud of you both! Congratulations guys!!!! 🎉🎈🎈

    Beyond The Truth PodcastBeyond The Truth Podcast2 dager siden
  • Wehave a bearded dragon two

    Elizabeth BaumannElizabeth Baumann2 dager siden
  • I'm your number one fan!!!! I've watched almost every single video that you have made ever!

    IvyLynne MartelIvyLynne Martel2 dager siden
  • I love snake discovery videos

    Ian BridgeIan Bridge3 dager siden
  • Someone in my class is named Ella

    Sarah BrydonSarah Brydon3 dager siden
  • Fortune teller: " and then, in 2021, you will be on your roof, putting silicon on the screws!" 2019 Emily: "... why?"

    gus scruggsgus scruggs3 dager siden

    The SullengersThe Sullengers3 dager siden
  • Awwwwww my girls name is Ella and she is a little overweight too lol 😂

    Shawn StricklandShawn Strickland3 dager siden
  • My names ella and i have a bearded dragon at my dads also my birthday is the 27th of April you posted this on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kim NealKim Neal3 dager siden
  • Where is your store

    Sam WalkerSam Walker3 dager siden
  • You should start saying “pog.” It means cool

    Johnny JettonJohnny Jetton3 dager siden
  • My name is Ella

    E MercerE Mercer3 dager siden
  • Will you be selling the disinfected leaf litter online too?

    Amanda OrozcoAmanda Orozco3 dager siden
  • You can hear her slight Michigan accent when she says “tags” it sounds like “tegs” 😂

  • Why does that remind me of dog doo doo-

    Giselle MurielGiselle Muriel3 dager siden
  • It's also my birthday on the release day, I'm 10

    Brinda PatelBrinda Patel3 dager siden
  • Just a tip for the laminated signs, you can use a matte spray can on them so their easier to read!

    Amber SanchezAmber Sanchez3 dager siden
  • I think the animals are 1. leopard gecko 2. Bearded dragon 3. I’m not sure what the snake is

    Rebecca BauerRebecca Bauer3 dager siden
  • Mandy is cool, i hope you employ her for the shop and zoo! she has helped you out so much, thats a good friend to have!

    Eóin McCannEóin McCann3 dager siden
  • Was this a week ago

    english sheperd artenglish sheperd art3 dager siden
  • Cool 🙂🙂🙂

    Catherine VillanuevaCatherine Villanueva3 dager siden
  • I love bearded dragons

    Catherine VillanuevaCatherine Villanueva3 dager siden
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    Royal Design Pythons, O’Rion JonesRoyal Design Pythons, O’Rion Jones4 dager siden
    • I build a gigantic aquarium out of wood using this product it’s also safe for fish! So people use it to build koi ponds and giant aquariums out of wood check it orbits awesome stuff!!!

      Royal Design Pythons, O’Rion JonesRoyal Design Pythons, O’Rion Jones4 dager siden
  • So interesting- love this, my granddaughter got me watching and I’m looking forward to when you open for for real.

    Kat TKat T4 dager siden
  • her: I hope my neighbors don't see me- *walks on roof* neighbors: 👁👄👁 should we call the cops? neighbor: nah i think she the Waman with some snakes i don't now neighbor: what she doing?? neighbor: idk fixing the roof idk neighbor: ah! i see mhm she definitely crazy neighbor: * calls cops*

    amirah nealamirah neal4 dager siden
  • Your not 🧋✌️✨Emily✨✌️🧋 your 🐍🦎💚 Emily 💚🦎🐍 (mean this in the best way possible)

    gl1tchxg0r3gl1tchxg0r34 dager siden
  • Beautiful rat snake. And he so angry. xD Also, I probably said this before but.........god I love that you call it Orange Bitey Thing. xD

    neolithiumproductionneolithiumproduction4 dager siden
  • “She’s a little chunky” Same Ella, must be the name 😂

    Ella ClarksonElla Clarkson4 dager siden
  • I am a huge fan and I love ur reptiles and amphibians

    Leo HendersonLeo Henderson4 dager siden
  • my grandaughders name is Ella

    terri lashlyterri lashly4 dager siden
  • Me watched the part if 10:50= I-

    Keshya_Keshya_4 dager siden
  • Emily: *Opens box.* Emily: *Laughs in French.*

    SwiftpoolPaintsSwiftpoolPaints4 dager siden
  • 4 more days

    Hannah BeauregardHannah Beauregard4 dager siden
  • Hey my BD was the 22 and it was so tun and happy birthday to your cousin

    Bethany montgomeryBethany montgomery4 dager siden
  • My name is ella

    Brandi WoodsonBrandi Woodson4 dager siden
  • I'm guessing one is a ghost snake

    Jessie BrewerJessie Brewer4 dager siden
  • You should do vlogs of your daily routine or when your at work what you do

    dalynes arroyodalynes arroyo4 dager siden
  • Happy late birthday

    Karl VogtmanKarl Vogtman4 dager siden
  • What snake is best to have to a start

    Chicken BoiChicken Boi4 dager siden
  • I know what the rescues are they are REPTILES

    Stuart HendryStuart Hendry4 dager siden
  • Looks like someone sprayed flex seal all over those screws Honestly what probably happened is the rubber gasket that goes on there has worn down from being exposed to the elements. Flex seal is honestly the worst to use to repair roofs 🤣 Silicone is the best to use to repair metal roofs Has to be checked yearly at least. I check every six months though

    usernamedaniedmrgusernamedaniedmrg4 dager siden
  • Ok

    rare banjawrare banjaw4 dager siden
  • That moment when you realize that the house you just bought is the same layout as Emily and Ed's XD

    Quinn CochranQuinn Cochran4 dager siden
  • JESUS Christ loves you .

    Earthworm ChewerEarthworm Chewer4 dager siden
  • Emily: finally we get some live animals me: HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING DEAD ANIMALS INSTEAD :0

    Crystal CavernsCrystal Caverns4 dager siden
  • I have a leopard geko and her name is sunshine

    Zuzu DunlapZuzu Dunlap4 dager siden
  • Oh noooo I wish I lived closer, I'm in the market for a young OBT ;n; I could help you with that problem! LOL

    TehSlanTehSlan4 dager siden
  • Yay! The roof is fixed!

    muliersicariusmuliersicarius4 dager siden
  • Obt orange agents of chaos

    Eric lehmanEric lehman4 dager siden
  • Something you could do to avoid people who don’t know what they are doing coming in and taking an animal Is have like a program thing where it takes a couple days for someone to adopt out an animal. Like you make sure they have a set up ready to go and they have to prove exists, that they are in contact with an exotic vet, or maybe a basic exam of reptile care they have to fill out based on the kind of animal they are adopting.

    Zoology GirlZoology Girl4 dager siden

    GashGash4 dager siden
  • I got a question, what do bucees beaver nuggets taste like? I live in Maine and want to know

    Sabrina HannanSabrina Hannan4 dager siden
  • i can't wait for this to open! i will be BEGING my mom to go to the Facility! ( i really want maybe a leopard gecko or a monitor, because my mom and brother HATES snakes but i adore them so have to start out with a lizard! :D)

    Jurassic JacksonJurassic Jackson4 dager siden
  • I wish I could have the Beaded dragon but I already have one😭🥺

    Crazygotcha CrazyCrazygotcha Crazy4 dager siden
  • I want the leopard 🐆 gecko 🦎, aghhhhhhhhh, she is adorable

    Alegna HanbergAlegna Hanberg4 dager siden
  • Dish soap helps with spreading the silicon with your finger. Put soapy water on your finger and the silicon won't stick.

    GreenDayFanMTGreenDayFanMT4 dager siden
  • For me its 4 days till it opens

    Keeva KrahlKeeva Krahl4 dager siden
  • one is a rosy boa

    Alexa PearlAlexa Pearl4 dager siden
  • It's looking SO GOOD!!!! Can't believe how it's turned out! You guys are amazing!!! My jumping spider Jozee has hidden in her web nest. She hasn't eaten any more(had four large flies I caught cause I found her) she is alive but staying secluded. I got some small crickets when she's ready to eat. Will y'all be shipping crickets? Outs here don't live very long. I've been trying to start a breeding colony but no luck yet. Any advise would be appreciated! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR OPENING!!! YOU GUYS ARE GONNA ROCK!!!!🥰

    chris bakerchris baker4 dager siden
  • When are you going to make a new video

    Sarah SwansonSarah Swanson4 dager siden
  • bearded dragon :)

    Ariana and coAriana and co4 dager siden
  • I work at a petstore and I love how you guys are opening a retail space! It’s so nice to see good products being sold to customer! I wish I could work there so bad.

    Macie KiddMacie Kidd4 dager siden
  • I really wish I could go here- I would love to have a gecko

    Kizz AnimationsKizz Animations4 dager siden
  • We name her ankob

    Aiesha angeline MillanAiesha angeline Millan4 dager siden
  • Ella we got

    Aiesha angeline MillanAiesha angeline Millan4 dager siden
  • We have to

    Aiesha angeline MillanAiesha angeline Millan4 dager siden
  • Emily the OBT tamer

    Rula Al-gburiRula Al-gburi4 dager siden
  • I love you friend mandy. Shes so pretty

    Joshua DillJoshua Dill4 dager siden
  • How is the deformed turtle?

    Le LiLe Li4 dager siden
  • Emily: We are repairing the roof.... Me: Is there anything Emily cannot do? Probably not.

    Ashley MooreAshley Moore5 dager siden
  • Alright, I'm saying it now. That velcro won't work. Kids will see that and decidee to play with it. You're going to want one of those clear envelopes, like what you see at stores where they slide in the information. It's a nice idea to use velcro and make things easy, but I can guarantee stupid kids with start throwing those around like shuriken that they saw in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Basicaly the pokemon card thing

    Mayday BaedayMayday Baeday5 dager siden
  • be ready for karens gurl

    Moonlight playzMoonlight playz5 dager siden
  • ps More Silicone!!!!

    OchibasonOchibason5 dager siden
  • I think I wanna get a Tarantula! Cerial!

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  • Happy birth day Carmen 🎉

    Animal GamingAnimal Gaming5 dager siden
  • It is looking amazing, looks like a great place to shop and work!

    Hollister 74Hollister 745 dager siden
  • I love love love adoption island. I think that the adoption fee should be based on if they purchase a set up from you guys, so like if they buy a perfect set up and food ect that the adoption fee should be your costs for vets and care. If not I think that it should be your costs and a good mark up!

    Hollister 74Hollister 745 dager siden
  • Super cool 🙌

    Tea4 MeTea4 Me5 dager siden
  • Might suggest using wet erase markers over dry so people looking at them and touching doesn't remove your info.

    jryddlejryddle5 dager siden