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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Well done Will, about time. Start taking credit for your own work. Had to unsub from Mr todays sponsor is. But will sub to you. All the best.

    RHINO 54RHINO 543 dager siden
  • Did Alex Steele move back to the UK?

    Dylan DavisDylan Davis7 dager siden
  • Farewill will!

    YodaYoda14 dager siden
  • Got me over here chain reacting to you also walking past those onions someone was cutting. I’m not choked up you’re choked up.

    Sharkdog_blade_co InstagramSharkdog_blade_co Instagram19 dager siden
  • I live in Spokane, spokane sucks

    Eric JonesEric Jones19 dager siden
  • Thank god. About time

    dtMuzLdtMuzL24 dager siden
  • Finally

    S WS W26 dager siden
  • Glad he's gone. I always thought he was shady.

    Sog 68Sog 6828 dager siden
  • i disapprove, the only reason i watched the channel was because of the camaraderie banter you both captured. It wasn't about the tools you've made or the weapons of art, although they were cool... but i have hope one of your channels will be atleast not boring.

    Scott FrameScott FrameMåned siden
  • You two make an incredible pair. I hope you find the time to get back together for a collab or two now then.

    Christopher MelvinChristopher MelvinMåned siden
  • When is will launching his channel?

    gibsondrummergibsondrummerMåned siden
  • I thought he died

    AкулаAкулаMåned siden
  • Awesome! Idaho represent!

    Alex HeimAlex HeimMåned siden
  • So what happens with the busted power hammer? is that a wash now or does it get fixed?

    randalljamesrandalljames2 måneder siden
  • I live in Spokane. O=

    ApophisApophis2 måneder siden
  • Huh, you looked at that power hammer damn close to where I live.

    diamondflawdiamondflaw2 måneder siden
  • There were a lot of cuts there in the end. I know why. I'm wiping a tear myself.

    HamletNORHamletNOR2 måneder siden
  • you two got divorced?

    John MarquardtJohn Marquardt2 måneder siden
  • Will, just some advice... watch out for your thumbs. Was a pleasure man.

    James KloppersJames Kloppers2 måneder siden
  • Will, good luck on your new venture.

    markspc1markspc12 måneder siden
  • I thought he died when i saw the title xd

    Niklas VilhelmNiklas Vilhelm2 måneder siden
  • If you built the mold around it and used thermite, I wonder if it would weld together?

    Curtis BaughmanCurtis Baughman2 måneder siden
  • You probably won't read this comment, but maybe somebody could contact you. Was thinking about your power hammer that broke. Could you fix it with thermite the same way that they connect railroad ties?

    Curtis BaughmanCurtis Baughman2 måneder siden

    Cameron PachicoCameron Pachico2 måneder siden
  • Best of luck to you Will. We'll miss seeing you and Alec working together.

    IDIAINIDIAIN2 måneder siden
  • @Will, of course I'll subscribe!!!

    Michael GibsonMichael Gibson2 måneder siden
  • Think your hammer is done for. Just use the parts you can and fabricate your own similar hammer.

    Kim WatchmanKim Watchman3 måneder siden
  • Will fixing the hammer really be less expensive than finding another one? You could melt down the broken one into steel and probably pay for the other one with the products you make out of it. Just an idea :) can't wait to see what you make Will!!! :D

    dan bowesdan bowes3 måneder siden
  • Shut up, I'm not crying, you're crying!

    Pennsyltucky Counter TerrorismPennsyltucky Counter Terrorism3 måneder siden
  • Awww much love will wish you all the best till we see you again

    stone town ridersstone town riders3 måneder siden
  • That nooooo haha

    Tristan ETristan E3 måneder siden
  • I'm clearly out of date - why is Alec back in the UK and why is Will leaving? Is there a video that covers this?

    Gruff MorrisGruff Morris3 måneder siden
  • That band saw is badass and reminds me of the one we had in my high school Machine Trades class.

    hyzerponixhyzerponix3 måneder siden
  • "I won't see you on the next one" Plot twist: We see him on the next one

    kiwikiwi3 måneder siden
  • Wait 😭 why is he leaving?

    The MUSHroomThe MUSHroom3 måneder siden
    • Ooh ok

      The MUSHroomThe MUSHroom3 måneder siden
  • Alec, why don't you tell the truth why you went back to UK.

    Cheerio BoxCheerio Box3 måneder siden
  • I have a challenge make a long sword with a twist make it a scythe and Damascus

    James KavanaghJames Kavanagh3 måneder siden
  • Yo I’m only 15 minutes away from Spokane! I would love to see your shop will!!🤙

    Henry SimmonsHenry Simmons3 måneder siden
  • 9:45... Will, scap that power hammer... Sell it as scrap metal... Find a different one

    timothy naquintimothy naquin3 måneder siden
  • Will is leaving montana for washington? Will is going to hate life as business owner in the log run

    timothy naquintimothy naquin3 måneder siden
  • I am sorry if this is rude but I laughed a little when he said he didn't have the cash for a rebuild on that hammer. He just showed us his brand new $600 boots >_>. And here I was thinking my $240 thorogood boots were expensive but a must have for my work! XD I digress though been watching you guys for years and I got much love for the both of ya FIST BUMP!

    Steve ShannonSteve Shannon3 måneder siden
  • Suggestion forge: forge pickaxe ang enchant with fortune III ,unbrekable,

    KurtConYTKurtConYT3 måneder siden
  • Hey, where are you???? Too quiet😐

    Melissa ColeMelissa Cole3 måneder siden
  • Haven’t had an Alec Steele video all year! :(

    Cloud Strife1001Cloud Strife10013 måneder siden
  • "rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs" bruh why in this video...

    creative name.creative name.3 måneder siden
  • Do you plan on posting your videos on any other platform?

    John & Sandy Van DykJohn & Sandy Van Dyk3 måneder siden
  • god speed

    Tizzlebaby_Tizzlebaby_3 måneder siden
  • There is a book series called true smiting werein a smith is called to make the fantasy metals mitral adamant and orichalcum but he has a spectrometer where it tells him what the metals are made of like mitral was steel with copper and something else. I'd be interested to see if these metals often seen in fantasy what they look like and what there properties are

    Ronald CroweRonald Crowe3 måneder siden
  • 10% of the video is an ad. Barf.

    Digitalstorm007Digitalstorm0073 måneder siden
    • Farewill

      yasio boloyasio bolo3 måneder siden
  • Miss you Will!

    Alejay831Alejay8313 måneder siden
    • Alex or Will what percentage of nickel powder do you use when making canister Damascus for tile Damascus?

      yasio boloyasio bolo3 måneder siden
  • Not at all related to the video but what is the name of the acid Alec uses on his blades in the older videos. Its copper something, not 100% sure but would like to know. Never mind it was ferric chloride.

    Jack JillJack Jill3 måneder siden
  • It's been over a week since Alec has uploaded a video. Can someone check his forge and make sure he's not laying under a power hammer?

    Gary ChillingworthGary Chillingworth3 måneder siden
  • Can anyone remember when this channel use to post videos

    crew foxcrew fox3 måneder siden
  • Gaaay

    Joachim SinghJoachim Singh3 måneder siden
  • Would you please consider cross-posting to Rumble? I can no longer support NOtown and I truly enjoy your content!

    Chris BelobrajdicChris Belobrajdic3 måneder siden
  • 2 years where did the time go I did enjoy watching you too young Earth Brothers.from the bottom of this old heart thank you. 🦅🤠🦅

    Mr.T3 p3Mr.T3 p33 måneder siden
    • Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 måneder siden
  • Make a hammer from one piece of metal. Handle and all

    Kai ArthurKai Arthur3 måneder siden
  • We miss you Will. Alec, lets get the video pipeline going - please.

    Paul DeveyPaul Devey3 måneder siden
    • My parents say no to fire, propain and induction heaters. How can I persuade them to say yes?

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 måneder siden
  • my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon3 måneder siden
  • Can you make a video entirely in French!? For all your French subscribers

    Hugo Nigon BellonHugo Nigon Bellon3 måneder siden
  • Alec steel you are a really good blacksmith but I want to request something and it is a Triton

    CDTM ForgingCDTM Forging3 måneder siden
  • Subbed to ya will. Best of luck. Looking forward to future content.

    Weistek Engineering video blogWeistek Engineering video blog3 måneder siden
  • Hi, I have some steel rebar rods. I'm hoping to forge a spearhead but the rods I have are thinner as I originally bought them to make arrowheads. I'm thinking that laminating/welding the rods together will make a thick enough piece. Is this practical... or would they just break apart? Any advice is much appreciated👍👇

    The Fabulous EagleThe Fabulous Eagle3 måneder siden
    • But who is going to be left to do all of Alec's hand sanding? Good luck with your new venture Will.

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon3 måneder siden
  • Alex or Will what percentage of nickel powder do you use when making canister Damascus for tile Damascus?

    BlueChipBuilders WigandBlueChipBuilders Wigand3 måneder siden
  • Farewill

    CrazyleonCrazyleon3 måneder siden
  • I literally live 20 minutes away from Mankato Minnesota where that little giant was made

    Chris HernandezChris Hernandez3 måneder siden
  • Nice

    Wonderful SkillsWonderful Skills3 måneder siden
  • Alec this is something I’d see you doing

    The OC FamThe OC Fam3 måneder siden
  • welcoming willing millions. :’)

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 måneder siden
  • That last 45 seconds... You could literally see and hear the cracking in Will's voice and soul, not trying to cry... Will, Thank you SOOOOOO much for those last 2 years filled with great projects, laughter, sadness and witty jokes

    David De MontignyDavid De Montigny3 måneder siden
  • My parents say no to fire, propain and induction heaters. How can I persuade them to say yes?

    Περικλής ΤσεβάςΠερικλής Τσεβάς3 måneder siden
  • steel (wootz steel)

    Soaring BlackbirdSoaring Blackbird3 måneder siden
    • Hey Alec, I’m making my first knife. I’m not sure how to grind in bevels with my 1x30 belt sander. Do you have a step by step tutorial on how to do it?

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni3 måneder siden
  • Is COVID-19 just not a thing anymore? Will visiting a bunch of random people without a mask in sight. Quite irresponsible.

    Riley FRiley F3 måneder siden
  • Bye

    JackalsJackals3 måneder siden
  • @jimmydiresta would be excited about that DoALL! Gonna miss seeing you on here, but I'm following your channel so you won't be far!

    Matthew WolfeMatthew Wolfe3 måneder siden
  • I will not cry. I will not cry. I. Will. Not. Cry.... 😭😭😭😭

    Lauren SargentLauren Sargent3 måneder siden
  • But who is going to be left to do all of Alec's hand sanding? Good luck with your new venture Will.

    Morrie WyattMorrie Wyatt3 måneder siden
  • Well alec had a great run! I'm glad he's rich now, I hope he enjoys it. Time to unsubscribe and subscribe to will!

    Maverick JonesMaverick Jones3 måneder siden
  • Only whores takes Raid as a sponsor....

    ZmrdZmrd3 måneder siden
  • Can you make a knife from hot rolled steel

    One with the ForgeOne with the Forge3 måneder siden
  • Will miss you

    Clifton MathewsClifton Mathews3 måneder siden
  • Ты заебал очкастый, делай перевод на Русский, пиздишь там хуйню всякую

    Андрей ЧугреевАндрей Чугреев3 måneder siden
  • You will be missed Will, can't wait for the next installment of "Steele vs. Stelter". Happy trails.

    yasio boloyasio bolo3 måneder siden
  • I am going to miss you in Alec Steele video`s but I`m Happy for you so here`s A good luck to you .

    David RozellDavid Rozell3 måneder siden
  • Ive pushed off watching this episode for as long as possible because i don't want this duo to end. I am happy for you both growing, and I'm thankful for all that you 2 young men have taught this old dog. But this is a sad day for the fan base. Love you 2 both and I'm hoping to have twice the content that I can watch now. God speed to both both of you, gentlemen.

    Phillip HamiltonPhillip Hamilton3 måneder siden
  • Hey bro u ever consider working in radio? U talk so fokin much omg. Is the video ever going to start? Yap yap yap.....

    Shaheed Security SystemsShaheed Security Systems3 måneder siden
    • I feel so blessed to have gotten to work with you for the last two years Alec- I’m looking forward Steele VS Stelter’s down the road!

      yasio boloyasio bolo3 måneder siden
  • Hey Alec, I’m making my first knife. I’m not sure how to grind in bevels with my 1x30 belt sander. Do you have a step by step tutorial on how to do it?

    TheeDivineFatalityTheeDivineFatality3 måneder siden
  • We ate going to miss you on this channel

    Jb BradfordJb Bradford3 måneder siden
    • Well of course not you can't ate a going

      Timothy S.Timothy S.3 måneder siden
  • Subscribed! Good luck Will!

    Jonathan shipmanJonathan shipman3 måneder siden
  • Spokane is a beautiful place. Cheers.

    Danger BearDanger Bear3 måneder siden
  • You had the perfect opportunity to say “farewill” and you messed it up

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeei3 måneder siden
  • Reminds me of when the Beatles broke up, only worse.

    Ken NenerKen Nener3 måneder siden
  • Got to end 2020 like this huh? RIP

    Dan JDan J3 måneder siden
  • I’m not crying, you’re crying!

    Colin FosterColin Foster3 måneder siden
  • That speech was surprisingly touching. Thank you for all this time. I will miss you on this channel but I can't wait to see your personal work.

    sannio komisannio komi3 måneder siden
    • Out of one shop came two great blacksmiths we now got two great vlogs to watch well done boys

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeei3 måneder siden
  • I think Jimmy Diresta would be jealous of that band saw!

    Robert WolinskiRobert Wolinski3 måneder siden
  • Will! Good luck and can't wait to see what you do. Also... please start tell me your company has a name something along the lines of "Iron Will"

    Maximillian MartinezMaximillian Martinez3 måneder siden
  • Wow i know where you went will because i live in spokane but not in idaho though ive seen and been there somewhere near that place though i dont like there policy where you can if you want not wear masks

    James KienJames Kien3 måneder siden
    • Make a nzappa zapp

      sannio komisannio komi3 måneder siden
  • Take care Will

    worxharderworxharder3 måneder siden
  • Glad you both like the boots! All the best, Will and Alec!

    Nicks Handmade BootsNicks Handmade Boots3 måneder siden