23. jan.. 2021
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Who Is The Fastest Eater? - Challenge ft @Beta Squad @Niko Omilana @Chunkz @Sharky @KingKennyTv wins $10,000

  • Kenny ate a Big Mac then said alhamdulilah lol

    Aj ShabeelAj ShabeelMåned siden
    • U literally ate a mc chicken if u love chicken burgers so much then go to kfc at least they halal

      cutie441cutie44112 dager siden
    • @faze destroyer subscribed

      purple mpurple m18 dager siden
    • lool

      Frizztro553 ClipsFrizztro553 ClipsMåned siden
    • @Razia Khatoon no because why would he eat a big mac

      Mohammed EesaMohammed EesaMåned siden
    • @sprayyFN no

      D 2D 2Måned siden
  • 3:40 look at darkest 😂

    Galaxy of ZenGalaxy of Zen2 dager siden
  • aj needs more fame he spends soo much money and gets decent views he deserves mr beast views did you see how sad his face was when he gave 1k to kenny im liking all his videos

    wackywacky2 dager siden
  • Dat thumbnail is a violation

    Conor SharkeyConor Sharkey5 dager siden
  • Kfc

    BrokeHeartEntBrokeHeartEnt8 dager siden
  • 2:12 niko is clueless about what they are saying lol

    RR_GO ʕ•ᴥ•ʔRR_GO ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ10 dager siden
  • man i just realised quiet a lot of u guys are muslims

    RR_GO ʕ•ᴥ•ʔRR_GO ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ10 dager siden
  • The editing✅

    LeilaLeila14 dager siden
  • I’d manage 1:50 without a drink

    WvysWvys14 dager siden
  • We Don't Have McDonald's 😭 In Our City We Just Have Local Eggs Burgers 🤢

    DuperDuper16 dager siden
  • Beta squad r disgusting with them face cutouts they too unprofessional people

    YY18 dager siden
  • Niko chunkz r thr best and then after a long way sharky then thats it

    YY18 dager siden
  • See beta squad is bs they upload better stuff on their own channels jus keep it like that

    YY18 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Remmy MukasaRemmy Mukasa18 dager siden
  • Fastest to eat the hottest wings

    JNI bloodasJNI bloodas21 dag siden
  • 4:03 I can't

    jawad aldabasjawad aldabas22 dager siden
  • Subway will be the hardest 😂subway subway subway subway subwayyyyyyyyyy

    Sleepy TimeSleepy Time22 dager siden
  • Me here thinking that you lot was talking about the darkest person being funny but his name is actually darkest lol😂😂😅😅

    Tropical SunprideTropical Sunpride22 dager siden
  • these man be better eating filet-o-fish

    uknownH_2 1uknownH_2 124 dager siden

    Saciid DimograatiSaciid Dimograati24 dager siden
  • Ajs channel is literally just the beta squad now

    ̇baldi̇baldi25 dager siden
  • Sharky’s always quiet and sensible the others be screaming jumping around

    HamzoMuhaHamzoMuha25 dager siden
  • McDonalds is gross.

    Daniel EyreDaniel Eyre25 dager siden
  • its a shame becuz niko ate from mc d

    Fartun and AmalFartun and Amal26 dager siden
  • isn't that mcchicken haram alie

    24k Cousins24k Cousins26 dager siden
  • I knew there's gonna be 4 Fillet O Fish meals at least before it started

    MrFookayuMrFookayu27 dager siden
  • when the set 8 class learn how to say 3 3:13 to 3:17

    Galaxy of ZenGalaxy of Zen28 dager siden
  • His name is chunkz for a reason fam

    Luke Mac MahonLuke Mac Mahon28 dager siden
  • Do dominos next

    Cormac FlynnCormac Flynn28 dager siden
  • Lol. Just shut will u

    Cove CareCove Care29 dager siden
  • Can you just drop a video on the Beta squad channel please and thanks

    Claude-Lesly MassuClaude-Lesly Massu29 dager siden
  • Wait haven’t you realised aj is eating a meat burger from Mac Donald’s meat burgers are not halal from Mac Donald’s

    Diamond NuggetsDiamond Nuggets29 dager siden
  • Why are Niko’s hands bigger than the burger

    Kal SolomonKal SolomonMåned siden
  • Did you man quit beta squad

    Harry Ahenkorah-NsiahHarry Ahenkorah-NsiahMåned siden
  • Sharky is so cute 🥲

    Fiona AbrahamFiona AbrahamMåned siden
  • The chip and drink strategy is the most efficient cuz its softens the chips then u can just swallow and then the burger but make it moist so the bread goes soft and easy to get down

    Flaming PotatoesFlaming PotatoesMåned siden
  • Bru he said he is going to give the winner £10,000 but gives only £1,000 ???

    Adam AkhtarAdam AkhtarMåned siden
  • One chip one chip stuffs the thing in his mouth

    ShadowSalahShadowSalahMåned siden
  • Tell niko to upload

    sadiya bsadiya bMåned siden
  • do dominos

    Shaan Vadhesha!!!Shaan Vadhesha!!!Måned siden
  • Brooo McDonald’s meat is haram only fillet o fish and McFlurry and smoothie r halal

    SmugChiefSmugChiefMåned siden
  • ane wa ku tuma

    Rayaan CabdurahmanRayaan CabdurahmanMåned siden
  • I’m Somali too

    Rayaan CabdurahmanRayaan CabdurahmanMåned siden
  • Hey imma big fan

    Rayaan CabdurahmanRayaan CabdurahmanMåned siden
  • Nandos

    anonymous Ganonymous GMåned siden
  • E

    M MM MMåned siden
  • Warya sharky why you acting like you can’t demolish fillet o fish meals

    O MO MMåned siden
  • fillet o fish is sooo dead man

    xenxenMåned siden
  • If your reading this I hope your having a good day

    HAcomedyHAcomedyMåned siden
  • non of u said bismillah

    Faisal BilaliFaisal BilaliMåned siden
  • Muslims and chunks and AJ eating Big macs... haraaaam man

    Kid TyphoonKid TyphoonMåned siden
  • Do KFC

    YMB_Dark2YMB_Dark2Måned siden
  • Do more beta squad vid

    Ciandrew BrownCiandrew BrownMåned siden
  • OK look let's just keep posting. Let darkest in. Or else...

    Deji abdulDeji abdulMåned siden
  • Slow eaters. I would finish that in under 2 mins cause I had a bigger meal and had it in 2 minutes

    LabzLabzMåned siden
  • Ayo sharky you all good brother

    Tekanakana Jack-tuiTekanakana Jack-tuiMåned siden
  • Darkest man with the chew chew chew chew was killing me

    MiksMiksMåned siden
  • Chunkz says at 9:54 "he's eating a McChicken that can't be halal.'

    bowen voowybowen voowyMåned siden
  • I swear to god aj was eating a mcchicken which is not halal

    Maram BMaram BMåned siden
  • i’m ngl this is my skill wish I was apart of this challenge 😭

    NADS LDNNADS LDNMåned siden
    • Well done babish?

      bowen voowybowen voowyMåned siden
  • sharky looks kinda sad in this video 🥺 did anyone else notice

    gabriele vspgabriele vspMåned siden
  • Your acting like we can't understand somali I AM SOMALIAN AND IF NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THEY CAN BE LEFT OUT OK

  • Brazil rei do mundo

    FabiuuFabiuuMåned siden
  • Order fat twins its basically halal McDonald's- thank me later ☺

    Janine AliJanine AliMåned siden
  • Ohh you gotta get that nandos

    Rashiid KaahinRashiid KaahinMåned siden
  • My bruddah aj

    Franco JFranco JMåned siden
  • Chunkz, AJ, and Darkest man: Caab Caab Caab Caab! Kenny: AAH AAH AAH AAH!

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoMåned siden
  • Is it just me or does 2 minutes seem too long. Oh just me. smiles in fat :/

    MuminMuminMåned siden
  • Bruhhhh 1000 pounds is not 10,000. misleading title

    Jelly SnortfishJelly SnortfishMåned siden
    • AJ: Winner Gets $1000 Also AJ: Clickbaits $10,000

      bofooit gojobofooit gojoMåned siden
  • Child entertainment

    FaZe TRAPOFaZe TRAPOMåned siden
  • Next time try Chicken Spot in Stow. PENG FOOD. 😍

    Virdah DarVirdah DarMåned siden
  • sharky just tryna enjoy his foof

    Sebastian nyamambiSebastian nyamambiMåned siden
  • Dominos Pizza!

    Undecover FanpageUndecover FanpageMåned siden
  • Were fuckin part 2 triangle head and smuck be apart of the ndl tell Niko he best youtuber

    bobo ttv btwbobo ttv btwMåned siden
  • I think there should do kfc

    Mohammed El sawahliMohammed El sawahliMåned siden
  • There's always the haram police in AJ's comments, being annoying and making everything boring

    Slan's hoeSlan's hoeMåned siden
  • POV: your watching this video hungry in your bed

    zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyMåned siden
  • I think a spin the wheel on who picks who's food from whatever restaurant would be pretty sick

    Deanna BulliventDeanna BulliventMåned siden
  • Do not mcdonalds

    Melwin GeorgeMelwin GeorgeMåned siden
    • Matt stone be punching the air right now

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyMåned siden
  • Kenny defeated them all, he had the biggest burger too, wasteman.

    SK 123SK 123Måned siden
  • chunkz lost so much weight

    Ahmet PalaAhmet PalaMåned siden
  • Why does it say 10 bags and he only paid him 1 😂😂😂😂 clickbait broke fuckers

    Santana JSantana JMåned siden
  • Pizza 🍕

    Lwando SaundersLwando SaundersMåned siden
  • AJ: Winner Gets $1000 Also AJ: *Clickbaits $10,000*

    jaxon playzjaxon playzMåned siden

    Satva B.Satva B.Måned siden
  • Salam an Alhamdulillah make sure you and the beta squad are staying safe but don't worry I will keep you lot in my dua tell niko I said hi and ndl is the best ok salam

    Yusuf IslamYusuf IslamMåned siden
  • does AJ not eat halal sigh

    Sunny FaroqueSunny FaroqueMåned siden
    • I’m tryna see this but with dominoes

      bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
  • y’all never fail to make me laugh 💀🖤

    Inshara AhmedInshara AhmedMåned siden
    • why does aj look like mo farah

      bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
  • Post on beta squad

    Rohan OberoiRohan OberoiMåned siden
  • Yo Aj is disgusting fam

    Rayaan AbidRayaan AbidMåned siden
  • They did Chunkz dirty with the thumbnail

    Walid MohammedWalid MohammedMåned siden
  • Niko and kenny are on top of eachother. Cuteeee

    Emily xEmily xMåned siden
  • gives 1000 even tho the title was 10 000

    KooliboiKooliboiMåned siden
  • Matt stone be punching the air right now

    11Måned siden

    SelinSelinMåned siden
  • Aj 'can't finish his meal' shabeel

    Stephen WatsonStephen WatsonMåned siden
  • Next they should do jolly bee

    Yaaseen ZaidYaaseen ZaidMåned siden
  • bring chef chunks back

    Broken PumpsBroken PumpsMåned siden
  • 8:54 Kenny said alxhamdullah

    salmasalmaMåned siden
  • Kfc🤔

    Splashq TtvSplashq TtvMåned siden