first day in the oval office

19. nov.. 2020
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  • "wasps are going to go extinct" *shows ant* the ant: *sad antenna signals*

    *S i r S t o n k s**S i r S t o n k s*3 timer siden
  • Finally a president I can get behind

    scribble knightscribble knight5 timer siden
  • kill the wasps! #1 Mr. President

    bw girlsbw girls5 timer siden
  • Umm I is confusion (why is a Kansas not Arkansas and not Kansas America I is confusion) also you make my day :D

  • Berd becomes gay

    XZGamerLordXZGamerLord7 timer siden
  • why were you in TLT's newest music video XD

    8- BitBunnie8- BitBunnie8 timer siden
  • Berd becomes president, feels like life is finally going his way, then gets eaten by that loaf of bread.

    Isaac TillIsaac Till9 timer siden
  • I love how it's so not political but it says so much about today's politics.

    VintageVintage9 timer siden
  • his first order should be to make catgirl waifus legal

    Brandon M.Brandon M.10 timer siden
  • This video is perfect for those people who play it with 0 volume and laughs

    Le FishLe Fish12 timer siden
  • no thanksgiving episode?

    J gamerJ gamer13 timer siden
  • F**k those wasps

    Darnell LoganDarnell Logan14 timer siden
  • People say they want to help future generations by reducing climate change. But the future generations dont care, they just want wasps gone

    CalvinCalvin15 timer siden
  • Finally, a president that can unite the country on the most important cause undertaken by humanity.

    CalvinCalvin15 timer siden
  • 2nd order is mosquitoes

    The Aubergine Guy The Purple GuyThe Aubergine Guy The Purple Guy15 timer siden
  • The United states of gay

    JaxonArtsJaxonArts16 timer siden
  • Glad joe berd-en was elected.

    Jude JacksonJude Jackson22 timer siden
  • Wasps

    DERPKINGDERPKING23 timer siden
  • fuck the wasps sounds weird doesn't it?

    Noah is a NobodyNoah is a Nobody23 timer siden
  • Lmao I Have Just Discovered This channel.

    Kith_ KaizYTKith_ KaizYTDag siden
  • I would like to be the president of the United states of gay

    Kara my dudeKara my dudeDag siden
  • Why do you stutter

    tatertotter808tatertotter808Dag siden
  • #berd can i put u in an animation with no voices just your character

    Galaxycat-yeetGalaxycat-yeetDag siden
  • Berd i have a question... WTF ARE YOU DOING IN TLT’S NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO - LAZY

    Real JellyfishJReal JellyfishJDag siden
  • BERD did a moon walk

    Reynaldo VeladoReynaldo VeladoDag siden
  • I want to a Thanksgiving video

    Spiderman 2020Spiderman 2020Dag siden
  • Still waiting for the next thanksgiving vid lol

    Jonathan JuarezJonathan JuarezDag siden
  • In gay, there are no wasps

    nwn Ω_Ωnwn Ω_ΩDag siden
  • I feel like these videos are not scripted

    double Hdouble HDag siden
  • You know we're living a decaying society when Berd is making political content(Even though it's really not.)

    FrogTheToadFrogTheToadDag siden

    2000 Tom’s Castrol Supra2000 Tom’s Castrol SupraDag siden
  • Damn right fuck the wasps

    Uranium 233Uranium 233Dag siden
  • Goodbye Marvel's The Mighty Wasp

    John DamonJohn DamonDag siden
  • we need to get rid of the wasps, and revive the honeybees and bumblebees. wasps are annoying. bees are cute and harmless.

    Jason KottJason KottDag siden
  • If either Trump or Biden would've promised to exterminate all Wasps they would've got 100% of the votes instantly.

    RayRexDexRayRexDexDag siden
  • I support anything that eliminates wasps too. Both kinds of wasps. WASPs and wasps.

    Tristan BandTristan BandDag siden
  • Lets make Gay (ahaah USA A-America, man say lets do america great again but in video we have not USA we have USG-United States Gay G is last like A so) great again

    Иван ПоповИван ПоповDag siden
  • Actually PLEASE do

    StarBlast -StarBlast -Dag siden
  • F*** the wasps

    small dude152small dude152Dag siden
  • This is about the 46th time I've watched this

    Tom FallionTom FallionDag siden
  • joe berden

    jeffyoatsjeffyoatsDag siden
  • im proud to live in the united states of gay

    OofasaurusOofasaurusDag siden
  • Me:ahh 2020 is so good Trump in his office:

    Gaming OfficialGaming OfficialDag siden
  • That’s waspist!

    Steven RommelSteven RommelDag siden
  • i wanted to exterminate spiders and wasps

    RedBonnie Studios!RedBonnie Studios!Dag siden
  • where tf is give thank 3

    fmlfmlDag siden
  • L a z y

    OneJuicedBoxOneJuicedBoxDag siden
  • you should do a vid were berd does muck bang

    Gwen DeyaegerGwen DeyaegerDag siden
  • I saw your comment in the tf2 channel

    pootispootisDag siden
  • *_I T S T U R K E Y T I M E A G A I N_*

    ZaidenZaidenDag siden
  • Berd you have a challenger his name is bruhify

    What is LifeWhat is LifeDag siden
  • TLT...guest animator

    MinePiotMinePiotDag siden
  • I was watching tlt music video and I saw berd and I was like they got berd in and I thought I should post

    Gabriel CanoGabriel CanoDag siden
  • Ya fuck the wasp 🐝

    Gabriel CanoGabriel CanoDag siden
  • so thats why he hasnt been posting, he was too lazy

    Lior GriverLior GriverDag siden
    • Yeah lior griver, guess he thought he used to be worthy or somthing.

      Logan ShelburneLogan ShelburneDag siden
  • berd gets addicted to money :

    anthony svaldianthony svaldiDag siden
  • #2 making lazy the national anthem

    boo maynard 2boo maynard 2Dag siden
  • Thank you for animating tlt's song lazy. Luv you

    music machine2000music machine2000Dag siden
  • TLT pog

    Un Gato Bombay KawaiiUn Gato Bombay KawaiiDag siden
  • are you lazy?

    Gabe PutoGabe PutoDag siden
  • Oh yes wasps r gone but what bout 🐝

    ShmeeganShmeeganDag siden
  • living tombstone pog

    edwardedwardDag siden
  • @Berd kill 2 berds with one stone

    Pologon351 :]Pologon351 :]Dag siden
  • very nice

    Kitty LoverKitty LoverDag siden
  • I would vote for this guy

    Rainbow Red PandaRainbow Red PandaDag siden
  • Yeeessssss best president ever

    stikbot Richbot lifestikbot Richbot lifeDag siden
  • the president is bad! they should of made pizza roles free : (

    Vortex Larry!Vortex Larry!Dag siden
  • is there going to be another thank give berd? or maybe another give thank? I would like to know because that wasn't a very complete turkey berd, it just had stuffing and cranberry sauce.

    G SG SDag siden
  • The first president to get a 100% approval rating

    Ethan HaightEthan HaightDag siden
  • the three things in the left are clapping.....but like not something they shouldn't be clapping......THEIR ASS

    Akshat MishraAkshat MishraDag siden
  • No joke, I would watch a show called Berds with 10-minute skit episodes on Netflix.

    Aaron WatanabeAaron WatanabeDag siden
  • but what about the other problem? 𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓽𝓸𝓼

    Aiden ConnorAiden ConnorDag siden
  • somebody with patron can y ask berd to jump without bent knees

    Actually HafeezyActually HafeezyDag siden
  • Typical USG propaganda. I'm a glad citizen of the United States of Bitch.

    StupetinStupetinDag siden
  • United States of Gay ❤️

    TheMonsterGroovyTheMonsterGroovyDag siden
  • "As the 46 president of the United States of... _G A Y_ " lmao

    BNSFGUY7777BNSFGUY7777Dag siden
  • berd makes impressive speech and audience claps by twerking

    FadeFadeDag siden
  • Love him

    NBredBEANS _NBredBEANS _2 dager siden
  • It's about time

    Purple ArkPurple Ark2 dager siden
  • Wooow best president of all time

    John ChavezJohn Chavez2 dager siden

    RLE ProductionsRLE Productions2 dager siden
  • Why are there dislikes on this

    Mohamed OsamaMohamed Osama2 dager siden
  • Berd

    Abdulrahman alSabahAbdulrahman alSabah2 dager siden

    Tragger The dragonTragger The dragon2 dager siden
  • Finally! I voted. Best president

    Mind if I SlytherinMind if I Slytherin2 dager siden
  • I wish he was elected insted of Trump or Biden

    CupcakeUwU 's ArtCupcakeUwU 's Art2 dager siden
  • “United States of gay “ noice

    GamerBoisGamerBois2 dager siden
  • why, just why bob w h y t h e f i c c i n g h e l l

    Mac CheezMac Cheez2 dager siden
  • Bad President. Only killing the wasps. He needs to put his head where is really matters Scorpions and snakes.

    Expert ArcherExpert Archer2 dager siden
  • #FuckTheWasps

    Tmh GamingTmh Gaming2 dager siden
  • now THIS is what i subed for

    Dynomite08Dynomite082 dager siden
  • Not a patron, but I have an idea. You are berd's little pogchamp Y e s U smell bad U were not supposed to see that Noooooooo

    No HaccNo Hacc2 dager siden
  • Here in the UK "WASP" stands for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants" who consider themselves a superior class. Maybe I'm reading too much into a Berd video.

    MatiMati2 dager siden
  • So... ✨ G A Y R I G H T S ✨

    Jessica CelisJessica Celis2 dager siden
  • (courtesy of subscribers sheer freaking will)

    North Florida Rail ProductionsNorth Florida Rail Productions2 dager siden
  • :O

    VICKIE ENGVICKIE ENG2 dager siden
  • How about make harambe alive

    Denis PerovanoDenis Perovano2 dager siden
  • I am proud to be living in the CUM lands Canada USA Mexico

    CCaffieCCaffie2 dager siden
  • It’s about time

    eNoff MusiceNoff Music2 dager siden
  • I thought I voted for kylo ren

    slurporgslurporg2 dager siden