Food Theory: Grubhub Lore Exists and It's WEIRDER Than You Thought!

1. april. 2021
4 825 399 Ganger

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By now you have likely seen the meme of the hour, the Grubhub dancing commercial. Well, it got me thinking - or rather the familiar looks of the characters got me thinking. Theorists, I think Grubhub may have.. borrowed it's new dancing mascots. Get ready to open up a fresh delivery of Grubhub lore and find out how deep this theory goes!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
#Grubhub #GrubhubCommercial #GrubhubAd #JimmyNeutron #Grubhubmeme #GrubhubDance #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory


    Avatar yangchen BLAvatar yangchen BL13 minutter siden
  • Where's the "APRIL FOOLS! HAHA GOTCHA!" Where is it?!!!

    UrbieUrbie20 minutter siden
  • Nice theory It's like grubhub lore but even more funnier

    Magician Toon 2Magician Toon 222 minutter siden
  • first part kinda of like the lake house 😭

    JdubCustomsJdubCustoms28 minutter siden
  • 4,823,022 Views, BUT ONLY 2.49M SUBS?!?

    WilbuRoseWilbuRose38 minutter siden
  • What

    Roscoe SudolRoscoe Sudol52 minutter siden
  • Grub hub

    BaconPLAYSBaconPLAYSTime siden
  • Imagine hearing this completely out of context: “Taco Guy *interacts* with the tacos, he actually *eats them.* They are real tacos.”

    Sean WilsonSean WilsonTime siden
  • But wait how do we know that the child that we see is the same child the pregnant woman will eventually give birth to? The child could be from a previous marriage and the mother of that kid is dead, explaining the lack of a ring. The pregnant woman is a new girlfriend who he's not married to yet, explaing why they don't live together.

    Prinny RamzaPrinny RamzaTime siden
  • I refuse to say this is an April fools joke this is a real theory

    guybecoolguybecoolTime siden
  • 17:32 n o i c e

    Ronnie SpenceRonnie SpenceTime siden
  • iq of food theorists : 421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416421890679938495743985734985348597348573495555555555555555559999999999999999999999777777777777777778654645654645923411123456789032367465465465456456465465465456465431265342165341263512436512436512436125341265341265416

    Ronnie SpenceRonnie SpenceTime siden
  • .... *Woah*

    ChubbyCatChubbyCatTime siden
  • The weird thing is that the burrito guy really looks like sheen, but the age thing doesn't match.

    Sara MohammedSara Mohammed2 timer siden
  • I cant- I can't stop laughing at this whyy

    Parrot RexParrot Rex2 timer siden
  • Yes, sheen has changed race, matpat. I'm sure

    да my friend.да my friend.2 timer siden

    skoopyskoopy2 timer siden
  • 1:13 the council(community) mind got killed by grubhub then they have taken over the adds

    Ion MoraruIon Moraru2 timer siden
  • When did Sheen get back to earth?

    Starfall EntertainmentStarfall Entertainment3 timer siden
  • w

    MrhcoolMrhcool4 timer siden
  • This is traumatizing

    Denzil RilettDenzil Rilett4 timer siden
  • Please no

    JeriLolCatJeriLolCat4 timer siden
  • Grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love! *demonic music starts*

    Summer TagubaSummer Taguba4 timer siden
  • oh idk if this is a april foll video or not but this is a good video

    Aish UwuAish Uwu4 timer siden
  • when your gf turns into mr grubhub only then do you know true pain

    kacy leighkacy leigh5 timer siden
  • rule 91,if it exists,it have lore

    sir kosichkasir kosichka5 timer siden
  • I am toughly disgusted and my day is ruined

    Josef AksoyJosef Aksoy5 timer siden
  • I think this one holds Water.... It's true.

    Scp-001 Gate GuardianScp-001 Gate Guardian5 timer siden
  • It makes me happy to think about these characters living lonely terrible lives

    Storm NegeleStorm Negele6 timer siden
  • Well dang it, now I need a second Jimmy Neutron series. One of my favorite shows from my childhood, now this.

    Michael DenisonMichael Denison7 timer siden
  • Ive been tryna stay out of the GH territory, and just the memes made me absolutely lose it

    Alicia.EAlicia.E7 timer siden
  • Wtf this is more complicated that legend of zelda lore

    Carlos QuezadaCarlos Quezada7 timer siden
  • Therapist: GrubHub lore isn't real it can't hurt you GrubHub lore: *play corrupted GrubHub song*

    hello therehello there7 timer siden
  • Rip milkshake lady 😭😭😭😭

    DarksirenwoodyDarksirenwoody7 timer siden
  • 14:45 You had me in the first half, not gonna like. But that’s before you went from an peaceful theory to an dark theory

    Mysterygirl 2019Mysterygirl 20198 timer siden
  • You can get rid of moles

    susan borgsusan borg8 timer siden
  • So this channel is where you post your less than half-baked (pun intended) theories

    Ric SeedsRic Seeds8 timer siden
  • Ok, what will the last channel be? Food theory is yellow, film theory is red, game theory is green. What will be blue?

    DARPSAPDARPSAP9 timer siden
  • I just kinda thought they were siblings or something

    GabrielleGabrielle9 timer siden
  • I think the dude in the background of the red room dance is Sean not the awkward dad character

    SkyDemon330SkyDemon3309 timer siden

    Emma SummersEmma Summers9 timer siden
  • What has my life come to

    That's Just MeThat's Just Me9 timer siden
  • Um Matpat I am sorry but this is a Wendy's.

    Omar MirandaOmar Miranda9 timer siden
  • Still wondering what the 4th channel will be called

    Wyatt The GryffindorWyatt The Gryffindor9 timer siden
  • wow.... you officially made grub hub a dark ad,,,, i dont know... if it was brilliant.... or craziness.... i... am shocked.....

    gino forestgino forest9 timer siden
  • Jimmy Neutron actually came out in 2001, not 1998

    Joshua HickeyJoshua Hickey10 timer siden
  • Number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

    Detective puggoDetective puggo10 timer siden
  • bruh

    Fat FlashFat Flash10 timer siden
  • Steph: *The grubhub isnt real, it cant hurt you.* The grubhub lore:

    Wolf PrincessWolf Princess10 timer siden
  • Woah this is actually believable but dark..... lol but I love it

    -Spooky_Angel_99--Spooky_Angel_99-10 timer siden
  • She could've had her mole surgically removed.

    The Orange RangerThe Orange Ranger10 timer siden
  • Why is this on my recomended awnser: because i care about it i got the whole squad laughing btw

    animegamer43animegamer4311 timer siden

    Tenth DivineTenth Divine11 timer siden
  • This is basically the meme Theory

    Toad KingToad King11 timer siden
  • Your right matpat and make more

    Giselle JuarezGiselle Juarez11 timer siden
  • i want to ask but is jimmy's dogs touge real???

    Ken ReyesKen Reyes11 timer siden
  • 1:47 me when teacher gives me F+ Computer:The Teacher

    Ja'bari TibbsJa'bari Tibbs11 timer siden
  • This was a really cool theory

    dablackartistdablackartist12 timer siden
  • Bon appitite he said

    Alyssa PantsAlyssa Pants12 timer siden
  • I fucking hated the commercials

    SodiePop's PopsSodiePop's Pops12 timer siden
  • I wanna ask u a question bro ARE YOU OKAY?

    That meat teacherThat meat teacher12 timer siden
  • This one jumps to more conclusions than usual

    Nicolas O'BrienNicolas O'Brien12 timer siden
  • I swear MatPat could connect any two worlds and we'd believe him

    fivenightsofbenfivenightsofben12 timer siden
  • My head hurts

    Whoosavids StuffWhoosavids Stuff13 timer siden
  • It’s boogie man dumb dumb

    Sofia Meneses-OrtegaSofia Meneses-Ortega13 timer siden
  • .......i have no words

    MarkusSFHMarkusSFH13 timer siden
  • matpat has gone insane and we cannot contain him

    JokeIsPastaJokeIsPasta13 timer siden
  • The squealing professor experimentally dream because toe rationally stretch midst a historical policeman. rotten, ill-fated competitor

    Roloson ERoloson E13 timer siden
  • this is a prank right? this is published on april fools day

    Evan gamingEvan gaming13 timer siden
  • If I received one wish, it would be that this is real

    Clayton HansonClayton Hanson13 timer siden
  • I just... what?

    KOAHUNT3RKOAHUNT3R14 timer siden
  • Doordash is better

    Royce The dudeRoyce The dude14 timer siden
  • Check the date 👀 👄👀

    Touch Of ComicsTouch Of Comics14 timer siden

    Linda GarzaLinda Garza14 timer siden
  • Why does this need lore, it is a stupid ad

    Bentley BurrowBentley Burrow14 timer siden
  • Can I just say I hate chicken sandwich child with a burning passion. I have no explanation for why, but I do.

    Boba Tea??Boba Tea??14 timer siden
  • Haha funny taco guy is jimmy neutron

    oWen dOrSheImERoWen dOrSheImER14 timer siden
    • Why doesn't more commercials have lore/secrets in them? That sounds like a pretty good business strategy ngl

      Ptao TomPtao Tom14 timer siden
  • The weary description biomechanically telephone because begonia internationally expect by a skinny pot. elastic, obedient jaw

    Lamiya IslamLamiya Islam15 timer siden
    • I dont want this to be real

      Ptao TomPtao Tom14 timer siden
  • I found out today the Croissant kid is from whatever nutron

    Neji HyugaNeji Hyuga15 timer siden
  • Me: Wait, it's all jimmy neutron? Matpat: ALWAYS HAS BEEN

    #CommandingAnimations#CommandingAnimations15 timer siden
  • My milk shake brings all the boys to the yards

    marvin metellusmarvin metellus15 timer siden
  • Oh boy, this is Sans is Ness all over again

    Phantom CrusaderPhantom Crusader15 timer siden
  • I just love how I did not know about this ad or anything about this at all, but still got hooked about the theory.

    Klebs SantosKlebs Santos15 timer siden
    • Also can someone explain what the frick is a grubhub?

      Klebs SantosKlebs Santos15 timer siden
  • For the 4th theory chanel should be toy theory I mean come on

    ramen headramen head15 timer siden
  • Matt I say this with love, but this is absolutely the "Sans is Ness" of food theory.

    Hello DarlingHello Darling15 timer siden
  • Here because this commercial is always very off putting to me 😂

    Cheyenne RexrodeCheyenne Rexrode15 timer siden
  • I guess he couldn’t handle the neutron style

    AirmandAirmand15 timer siden
  • *Well by all accounts, it....... makes sense*

    WeAreSeven GamezWeAreSeven Gamez15 timer siden
  • *b o o g i e d a d*

    Andres NegronAndres Negron16 timer siden
  • Jesus i want a show about this

    cres_crescres_cres16 timer siden
  • I dont want this to be real

    [cringe] accursedfan[cringe] accursedfan16 timer siden
  • Why doesn't more commercials have lore/secrets in them? That sounds like a pretty good business strategy ngl

    HenkaanHenkaan16 timer siden

    Tou MouaTou Moua16 timer siden
  • But wait if the dog was milkshake lady’s than he (I presume) prob can’t be a robot built by grown up jimmy neutron.

    Tyler ParsonsTyler Parsons16 timer siden
  • Can this please become the FNaF of food theory, I would totally watch it.

    Tyler ParsonsTyler Parsons16 timer siden
  • What if the grub hub delivery guy is Carl wheezer?

    BOOBY TrapBOOBY Trap16 timer siden
  • POV: didn’t even know it was a joke until you saw the comments

    Dramatic ClanDramatic Clan16 timer siden

    AxolotlAxolotl16 timer siden
  • i regret wasting the last 18 minutes watching this.

    kuthumpkuthump17 timer siden
  • I got to see the intro was so most funniest part of this video

    Victor RoldanVictor Roldan17 timer siden