Fortnite All Crossover Trailers and Cutscenes (2017 to 2021) - Marvel, DC, Gaming Legends & More!

2. jan.. 2021
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All Marvel, DC, Gaming Legends & More Crossover Trailers in Fortnite. This video features Trailers and Cutscenes from Season 1 to 15 featuring various Characters such as Thanos, John Wick, Kratos, Master Chief, Deadpool, Batman, Wolverine, Galactus, Mandalorian and many more! Support a creator code: AkiVsTheWorld (#ad).
Portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved by Epic.
A list of the Crossover Trailers used in this video can be found below:
Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup
Fortnite x NFL
Fortnite x Avengers Endgame
Fortnite x John Wick's Bounty
Fortnite x Jumpman
Fortnite x Mayhem
Fortnite x Batman
Fortnite Imperial Stormtrooper Announce Trailer
Fortnite x Star Wars
Fortnite Chapter 2 - Top Secret Launch Trailer
Choppa Fortnite New Vehicle
Deadpool Has Arrived
X-Force Joins Deadpool in Fortnite
Fortnite Travis Scott Astronomical Trailer
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 - Splashdown Launch Trailer
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 - Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer
Captain America Arrives
Black Manta Has Arrived
Nexus War Launch Trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer
Iron Man's Stark Industries Arrives in Fortnite
Wolverine Arrives
Stop The Press! The Last Laugh Bundle Arrives (The Joker, Midas Rex & Poison Ivy)
Kratos Enters Fortnite Through the Zero Point
Master Chief Joins the Fight in Fortnite
Michonne and Daryl Coming Soon Through the Zero Point
Marvel's Greatest Royalty & Warriors Come to Fortnite (Black Panther, Captain Marvel & Taskmaster)
Deadpool Breaks the Item Shop Cutscene
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  • Fortnites just a marvel add at this point and I’m not complaining! Marvel is me!!

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  • Fish stick had the stormbraker so he is Worthy

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  • 12:14

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  • This difference between the first chapter how many cooperation there where and this chapter

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  • Wonder what are they going to ruin next.

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  • Moment for you know:MARSHMELLO WILL RETURN

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  • Game: gets famous Community: can ioffer you a *toxic insult* in this trying time? Money: adios Collabs: bonjour Sweats: are you sure about that Memers: *yobama*

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  • You are alot much better than me.

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  • they should do a doctor who crossover next season, with daleks and cybermen around the map

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  • 5:00 pásenme la canción

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  • l loved all the old ones and the new ones.

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  • Travis scott is cool

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  • "Copyright" t'es pas obligée de monétiser la vidéo si c'est pour nous gâcher les trailer

  • Its funny how no one builds in trailers

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  • Thunder god peely

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  • R.I.P chadwick boseman/black panther/t'challa/king of wakanda WAKANDA FOREVER I miss chadwick boseman 😭💔

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  • on batmans birthday, they should replace a location and making gothem and add the Batmobile with his skin and jokers skin back.

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  • Fortnite needs crossover for it not to be boring sometimes

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  • Look how they murdered my boys

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  • I actually got that shop cinematic from deadpool!!

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  • At this point marvel and dc comic canon isnt funny its just confusing like are we gonna get marvel vs dc like its confusing to me

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  • 5:40 F Midas...

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    New Generation GameNew Generation Game24 dager siden

    New Generation GameNew Generation Game24 dager siden

    New Generation GameNew Generation Game24 dager siden
  • Waiting cloud in fortnite

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  • 2:18 can we stop here for ever at least its the old map, old graphics , simple challenge ,balanced weapons.

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  • Ninja Turtles. Street Sharks. Neo. Captain Planet. He-man. Optimus Prime. Marcus and Dom. Army of Two guys. Dead Space Issac. Portal Robots. Mario, Lol. If any of these characters were put into the game, I’d play.

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    • What about chica from fnaf?

  • Is it true? We will have AvP in fortnite? I pray for jurassic park and Godzilla vs kong.

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    • Well Jurassic park may come

  • chapter 1 did much better with crossovers than chapter 2 like they only had a few compare to today but they all had something special going for them back in the day, to be honest, they did something with star wars in season 1 that was pretty cool, to be honest, and Deadpool was also cool since he affected the map a bit and he had his own thing but Aquaman and beyond was pretty mediocre.

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  • I love how it showed kylo ren in the thumbnail but kylo ren wasn't in this

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  • The season 8 😭😭

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  • 6:03 why is he eating a hotdog?

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  • Bro why u mute the copyright this sucks with no copyright

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  • I miss when there game was original

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  • I know I’m pretty late to it, but I’ve just started playing recently and fortnite is actually a pretty good game ngl, the story and gameplay

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  • 0:26 that’s about how much emotes were in the game “Feel old yet?”

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    • Same

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    • I remember one of those emotes not being released at that point but I can remember which one was the leaked one.

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  • Can’t wait for Tom Cruise, Carnage, Ben Shapiro, Zorro, Harvey Weinstein, Osama bin Laden, and Jeffrey Dahmer all to be in the game.

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  • JUST MAKE IT STOP PLEASE! Please just STOP, stop putting these R rated characters from movies made for us grown and mature teens and adults into a game played by kids! These kids don’t give a shit about who Ellen Ripley or John Wick are 😂,

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  • Fortnite and GTA V: Excellent video games with coma inducing communities. Retards: ”Okay, time to blame the video games."

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  • Introducing: DOOM Slayer Oh COME O-

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  • How no one see battle bus in the background of season 4

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  • You forgot ghost rider

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    • Host rider didn’t have a trailer...

  • At 6:19 he has no fishing string of the rod and at 6:29 hes string is back

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  • Predator :(

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  • 12:14

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  • These skins never will get back right? Qwq

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  • How many more souls will Epic consume till they finally reach godhood? The world will never know....

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  • In the Season 2 deathpool are bheind the wardrobe

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  • Some of these I didn’t even know happend- I am DiSsApoiED.

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  • No

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  • That's why i fucking hate this shit game, tpo many crossovers

    Igor DabrowskiIgor DabrowskiMåned siden
    • @SinfulMarvin ugh FINALLY! Someone understands my point! Thank you. I hate fortnite myself but we can get along

      Igor DabrowskiIgor DabrowskiMåned siden
    • Fortnite will forever hold a special place in my heart. I started playing in Chapter 2 Season 2 but they really need to stop with these crossovers. It's been a while since i seen something unique from fortnite.

      SinfulMarvinSinfulMarvinMåned siden
    • @s6vix they make kratos dance like a tiktok 14 yo girl. He is the thoughest badass of all? He is killing gods not dancing?

      Igor DabrowskiIgor DabrowskiMåned siden
    • What is wrong with the crossovers

      s6vixs6vixMåned siden
  • Я смотрю это видео 10 минут и не понимаю в чём смысл этого видео! А ещё я положу любого с одного удара, только как встану с дивана!

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  • Didn't marshmellow or major lazer have a trailor

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  • I remember the thanos mode

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  • Season 2 chapter 2 has been the best season this chapter so far

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  • They can't stop adding to the game because they knew if they didn't they would be dead by now although they just keep delaying whats ultimately going to happen in the end when that sht game dies all the way out

    Calebs3145 sCalebs3145 s2 måneder siden
    • What they don't know is that they're ruining their game because if they keep on collabing like this then without a doubt that majority of the players will get tired and won't find the game interesting anymore.

      SinfulMarvinSinfulMarvinMåned siden
    • It's true that they *think* their game would die and that's *not* true. If they keep coming up with amazing ideas for skins and emotes instead of collabing with people 24/7 then they would probably GAIN more people playing their game. Even if they're all out of ideas, WELL that's what fan concepts are for.

      SinfulMarvinSinfulMarvinMåned siden
  • Fortnite is just third person shooter Lego Dimensions now

    Croissant ComicsCroissant Comics2 måneder siden
  • Travis Scott is the best crossover we had

    Kissed her scarssKissed her scarss2 måneder siden
  • plot twist:the micheal jordans skins actually wore nike

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  • "ThAnOs Is FrOm FoRtNiTe"

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  • This dude is not afraid of copyright

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  • Fortnite sucks it used to be a good game why do they fucking keep adding franchise skins bro even walking dead come on man!!!!!!

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  • 3:01 is that gears of war music?

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  • i wish i could have money to buy a pc to play fortnite 😔

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    • Um

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  • 12:14 my favorite character From the game the master chief

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  • Anyone know what music is in part: 13:02

    cyber bencyber ben2 måneder siden
  • why worry about copy right lol smh

    JRKYTJRKYT2 måneder siden
    • The funny thing is that it’s called a collab and yet redditors still don’t know that word

  • Cool

    Anthony SerhalAnthony Serhal2 måneder siden
  • 1:40 they really used a Toby green song oml

    Axel FloresAxel Flores2 måneder siden
  • Only John Wick can kill John Wick.

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  • nul c'est nul de cher nul

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