🟡Fortnite LIVE🟠LAZAR BEAM & FRESH'S CUP🟡Super Knockback🟠Crazy Keybinds! Family Friendly!

3. mars. 2021
49 066 Ganger

Hey Everyone! In today's live stream we are going to be playing and grinding out Fortnite season 5 arena and some scrims live, also doing arena duos/ solos! I also stream daily on NOtown! Always at 10 am EST and sometimes 2:00pm est
Creator Code: halobombtrooper
My name is Zymir but you can call me Halo and I live Stream Fortnite Arena and make a lot of Fortnite Competitive content. I love streaming, making videos, and vibing with everyone :)
In this live stream I dont use "Spicy 🌶️", WHOOPTY 🤟, and "Cold World 🥶." But I include "Keyboard ASMR and winning in arena duos/solos." I do giveaways often
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  • What languages do you speak halo I’m Arabic and English

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  • You can play i more game you just played 9 games

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  • Hi can you add me because I have 50,000 arena points my name is jhgfdrryui and I play on switch halo but I do not have a mike so I can talk in chat

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  • Mystic LIED to you Halo! He said he didn't call you a bot and that he carries you when he actually DID! Halo I will let you know that you are GOATED and you are really positive, and unless Mystic was trolling he doesn't get to call you that! 1:08:50 and 1:09:44

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    • It’s a *joke* it’s something that friends do when they know they can take it 😐

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    • He was joking

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