2. mars. 2021
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  • Yes

    mustafa ustabasmustafa ustabas26 dager siden
  • Can I pls have a skin I am a real default I Ben a default sits season 5and I am still a default I have no skin I am a reel default

    Jessica MartinelliJessica Martinelli28 dager siden
  • Hi good morning beautiful nice

    Shahbaz ahmedShahbaz ahmedMåned siden
  • For some reason when I went through the zero point it made my looking really big but I couldn't move🤔🤔🤔🤔

    IndirectManifestatioIndirectManifestatioMåned siden
    • Ya

      IndirectManifestatioIndirectManifestatioMåned siden
    • Same for me, but I was really small. R u a switch player?

      Information Not AvailableInformation Not AvailableMåned siden
  • I like this game

    Sheik SSheik SMåned siden
  • With my freind and I find fishin rods I just fish n let him fight I look for the Midas fish

    Thegalactic FISHY SPYThegalactic FISHY SPYMåned siden
  • probably the return of the robot!!!

    Jenny KovarJenny KovarMåned siden
  • Rick and Morray would be awesome on fortnite

    Kyrin YTKyrin YTMåned siden
  • Maybe it’s pickle Rick

    Kyrin YTKyrin YTMåned siden
  • Me 7 months ago (an idiot roblox tiktoker): “fortnite is so stupid why do people even play it?!?! Roblox is way better!” Me now: Plays roblox: once a every 2 months Plays fortnite: 24/7

    Anonymous _-_-_Anonymous _-_-_Måned siden
  • Hi good nice

    Shahbaz ahmedShahbaz ahmedMåned siden
  • Anyone know the music at? 3:52

    the wondererthe wondererMåned siden
  • halllo

    Harald Grønning KnakkergaardHarald Grønning KnakkergaardMåned siden
  • I liked the video

    Rena VelezRena VelezMåned siden
  • I love the story line part of fortnite and I think everyone hates the sweats in fortnite

    VoidSplashVoidSplashMåned siden
  • I like how lady midas was just a background and now everybody had a brian blast about it

    Darnell MackDarnell MackMåned siden
  • Holy Peter Griffin fortnite scared the heck out of me

    Adriana CoronaAdriana CoronaMåned siden
  • Rick and Morty

    XannyXannyMåned siden
  • The classic loot LTM must have the zapotron right?

    Mr.YetiGaming Yeti gamingMr.YetiGaming Yeti gamingMåned siden
  • 3:35 is the exotic flint knock.

    Andy RuggirelloAndy RuggirelloMåned siden
  • Yes I have MariGold

    Sponge Bob•1 Year agoSponge Bob•1 Year agoMåned siden
  • Uhhhh the v buckswhen the on the girl Midas is doing the sea shanty “31,127,150”bruuuhhhh

    Moses DyckMoses DyckMåned siden

    Olivia StricklandOlivia StricklandMåned siden
  • What did the zero point get exposed with

    Mustafa BhinderwalaMustafa BhinderwalaMåned siden
  • Not gonna lie I would've preferred Shadow Midas rather than Marigold

    Harry Ball ZachHarry Ball ZachMåned siden
  • He's rifting to many hunters on the map but it'd fine

    Crystal IsraelCrystal IsraelMåned siden
  • Female midas is a skin

    Thallon HubertThallon HubertMåned siden
  • Clickbait

    M NM NMåned siden
  • Yea

    oceanixoceanixMåned siden
  • I like how there is no cap

    Darth Vader6Darth Vader6Måned siden
  • Bro a bot actual bot wad the female Midas

    Shxdow_fade !Shxdow_fade !Måned siden
  • It’s coming out tomorrow

    Shxdow_fade !Shxdow_fade !Måned siden
  • Me looking at how many v-bucks he has:👁️👄👁️

    Liana RaffayováLiana RaffayováMåned siden
  • Wow dude this is great

    ttv.just2452 90ttv.just2452 90Måned siden
  • Cant wait

    adopt me noobadopt me noobMåned siden
  • bop

    kakashi senseikakashi senseiMåned siden
  • Halo

    Marcus ParkynMarcus ParkynMåned siden
  • Do you get a free skin if you have the battle pass fortnite

    Marcus ParkynMarcus ParkynMåned siden
  • Does anyone know when the live event is

    N and b toys Channel 2N and b toys Channel 2Måned siden
  • It’s probably April fool’s

    DROID -1DROID -1Måned siden
  • Me

    Tony StantonTony StantonMåned siden
  • Dear T5G, My parents are getting charges from the Fortnite Crew witch don't make sense because I cancelled it. Pls respond!

    B WardB WardMåned siden
  • 7:29 look how much vbucks this kid has

    Miniplayer YTMiniplayer YTMåned siden
  • I can give you a gift. And you hafto give me your Epic name

    Milann PérezMilann PérezMåned siden
  • bro is it me or are thier gonna be a new city like mrigold agency im so hype

    Tokiko AbnerTokiko AbnerMåned siden
  • Is egg launcher rare because I only got it once

    Humaira MeerHumaira MeerMåned siden
  • Fortnite is gay it was the game was my favorite game but now Minecraft 😍😍😍👑👑👑 fortnite 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💀💀💀🤬🤬💩💩💩

    Hashem safi 1983Hashem safi 1983Måned siden
  • The marvel carecters were Fucking stupid except Galactis the devour of worlds even DC characters a better life then marvel

    Raven StormRaven StormMåned siden
  • Ya lol

    Raven StormRaven StormMåned siden
  • Excellent

    sajid bashirsajid bashirMåned siden
  • The rapid fire is not a new gun

    Jayjay games123Jayjay games123Måned siden
  • Wow this is sus

    Linda HamptonLinda HamptonMåned siden
  • One of the emotes took the mick out of the song "wellerman" by Nathan Evans

    AlanaJ LinesAlanaJ LinesMåned siden
  • I got the pack and the loading screen

  • Lemme guess: The zero point is about to break and explode bc of how many people johnzy (or whatever he’s called) is bringing to the fortnite map and there all about to fight or whatever and the zero point explode leaving them trapped there and that’s all I’ve got

    Outdated_Meme 685Outdated_Meme 685Måned siden
  • Imagine a chapter 3 Fortnite what would it be 😅?

    OUT LETOUT LETMåned siden
  • Let’s just say it’s Agent Jones fault that the Zero Point is destabilizing. Well, I mean, he’s teleporting all of these character from different realities to The Bridge without Jones noticing the consequences that it brings to the Zero Point. Also, at the office, Jones did not hear the last part his boss said, “Don’t bring the attention to The Seven,” all this reality jumping could get Jones over the radar, telling The Seven that the Zero Point is open and destabilizing...

    MarigoldMarigoldMåned siden
  • Nah

    Scotts HallmarkScotts HallmarkMåned siden
  • season 6 is going to be sick!

    Henry MossHenry MossMåned siden
  • not me

    elastikdrengenelastikdrengenMåned siden
  • Me

    David SandovalDavid SandovalMåned siden
  • When is season 6 coming out

    Finlay 180Finlay 180Måned siden
  • Very weak effort this season from epic 🤢

    ChingoChingoMåned siden
  • Who else was grinding xp like bots

    M Gaming YTM Gaming YTMåned siden
  • Female midas is what I want the most because I'm dying to get a skin that turns stuff to gold

    i love toast and coffeei love toast and coffeeMåned siden
  • Will it be in battle pass like midas

    Brandon EasterwoodBrandon EasterwoodMåned siden
  • Can you please add me I’m little_kaola12

    Russell KusakaRussell KusakaMåned siden
    • No

      ZacTFFZacTFFMåned siden
    • I use code too

      Russell KusakaRussell KusakaMåned siden
  • Skin*

    LesgetitYT_LesgetitYT_Måned siden
  • Also where is my Jonsey Slin

    LesgetitYT_LesgetitYT_Måned siden
  • Who thinks that the zero point took forever to do something

    LesgetitYT_LesgetitYT_Måned siden
  • not a new smg.

    Casper LaxCasper LaxMåned siden
  • I hate you not borzah you put this in every video

    Liliane HamedLiliane HamedMåned siden
  • The acoustic triangle relatively taste because family pharmacologically boast below a slippery smile. courageous, rural witch

    Linda MoruelaLinda MoruelaMåned siden
  • 7:20 IT SMOKOS

    Yeep MeepYeep MeepMåned siden
  • The fact that he has 31 million vbucks

    KakiMomentKakiMomentMåned siden
  • i like how shadiclal responds

    Icelilbaby10 BoiIcelilbaby10 BoiMåned siden
  • Rude their is the father on season five i think it was on a island near John Wicks house

    Lena GocekLena GocekMåned siden
  • ahaan same

    Benjamin WilberBenjamin WilberMåned siden
  • he hasnt posted something in 3 days :(

    Benjamin WilberBenjamin WilberMåned siden
  • Stupid ant-man is coming 😎

    Theresa HarrisTheresa HarrisMåned siden
  • please post another episode

    Elias GonzalezElias GonzalezMåned siden
  • Guys the start is fuking terrifing

    neck 20neck 20Måned siden
  • The portal small fry is for ant man

    SLE xlordSLE xlordMåned siden

    Ahaan KhasnisAhaan KhasnisMåned siden
  • Haven't watched you guys in a while

    LEEKLEEKMåned siden
  • Can’t wait 😀

    Jonathan BravoJonathan BravoMåned siden
  • I found the egg launcher🤑🤑🤑🤑

    robertariasjr13robertariasjr13Måned siden
  • That song for the Emote which is a rip off above you one

  • Go to dirty docks on side u can see robot çudle team leader

    Tyler GardnerTyler GardnerMåned siden
  • Hi

    Lost BazzaLost BazzaMåned siden
  • Am I the only one thinking this Remember where Kevin the cube FIRST spawned in to fortnite that same desert hill If you line up closely the season 5 map with this season 5 chapter 2 map you can see that keven the cube is in the edge of the snow hill and in the edge of the snow hill is THE SECRET BUNKER!!!! So I think Kevin the cube is there that’s why fortnite doesn’t want us to see inside Did I blow your Mind like if I did Do you think it can make it into a top 5 gaming video I wish it did

    Manuel HernandezManuel HernandezMåned siden
  • it would help him

    kozhiar123kozhiar123Måned siden
  • its not peter griffin the portal has ant man mini lab inside RIP

    KaylumKaylumMåned siden
  • “A new SMG” Meanwhile it came in Season 12

    Aiden BaumanAiden BaumanMåned siden
    • True

      XoyzenXoyzenMåned siden
  • It might be antman

    Ajdaman 666Ajdaman 666Måned siden
  • I think the ant farm is for Peter Griffin because he played god with ants and in many episodes he’s played with ants

    lolberryslolberrysMåned siden
  • In the season 5 trailer u can see old skins on 5he wall photos

    Jenni SlachetkaJenni SlachetkaMåned siden
  • sometimes I really wonder, top5gaming and it's all Fking fortnite

    Austin ChanAustin ChanMåned siden
  • I’m on pc but why don’t Xbox get any cool exclusive skins... not PlayStation?

    Good_S1rGood_S1rMåned siden
  • If anyone’s what he’s a show on Netflix called final space the cat bounty hunters son is nicknamed small fry

    AuzyboyAuzyboyMåned siden