Fortnite Tik Tok Montage #1

3. juli. 2020
26 255 314 Ganger

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Fortnite Tik Tok montage #1
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  • First one is mean

  • Derpydemon 123

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  • da noob one was not funny

    Saeed AbdulazizSaeed Abdulaziz2 dager siden
  • Wow those are good edits

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  • as a redditor this is simpy thje worst video i have ever seen

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  • How does this have 26M views?

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  • Hey blueFire can I use your montages for a NOtown video

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  • 1:07 hits different tho

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  • 2:36 ✨CURSED RIVER✨

    I have an obsession With r0błøx :/I have an obsession With r0błøx :/6 dager siden
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  • 1 love 1 prayer for truck guy

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  • 3:37 man's not even got his controller on

    ace_ethan -_-ace_ethan -_-6 dager siden
  • so gut

    Ida FirlejIda Firlej6 dager siden
  • The guys at 8:16 is kinda a jerk and made a kid cry

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  • your first montage

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  • 2:52 RIP truck guy :(

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  • 3:14 coronavirus xd

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  • I remember the old Fortnite it was a lot more fun beacause now there are sweats

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