FPL Team Selection Gameweek 34 | Double Gameweek prep | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

29. april. 2021
68 749 Ganger

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My FPL Team Selection for Gameweek 34 is here. In this video I go through my choices and selections ahead of GW34, including captaincy and potential future thoughts as well.
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  • Hello! Of course since I've recorded this (as mentioned in the outro) - Raphinha has been ruled out for GW34 and Lingard is fine according to Ex-WHUemployee. Nothing in the video should be negated with this info though as I knew this could be the case! Hopefully you find it helpful still :)

    Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
    • @Mario Jett Definitely, have been watching on flixzone for months myself :D

      Colten ReeseColten Reese5 dager siden
    • pro tip : watch series on Flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

      Mario JettMario Jett5 dager siden
    • Harry Kane as captain? Aren't you worried he might get injured again?? He looked so fragile against City in the EFL cup...

      Shivesh LutchShivesh Lutch6 dager siden
    • @Oladipupo same position here . What’s your plan you going for crazy differentials yet

      Mr BrownMr Brown6 dager siden
    • Fofana or Coady to Dallas? Mendy to Meslier?

      S ES E6 dager siden
  • Great video 🤞🏽🔥

    Javani RobinsonJavani Robinson2 dager siden
  • Who's here after the Southampton game?

    Sangist 2016Sangist 20164 dager siden
  • Think that lingard story is filtering through mainly because of blackout.

    Jay HenryJay Henry5 dager siden
  • love how andy keeps a balance between producing fpl contents and also supporting the social media boycotting stuffs at the same time. Sending support here from south east asia @Andy !! Been following you since the start of this season, keep it up!!!!

    Megat AimanMegat Aiman5 dager siden
  • Yes f**k the sun

    Michael the Vegan ClimberMichael the Vegan Climber5 dager siden
  • Advice on transferring Fernandes out for Salah?

    Caitanya-LilaCaitanya-Lila5 dager siden
    • Or should i keep the transfer for double gameweek 35 (possible) I still have my wildcard, bench boost and triple so will use one for the doubles.

      Caitanya-LilaCaitanya-Lila5 dager siden
  • Who wants to read the ***. Thanks man!

    Farhad SFarhad S6 dager siden
  • Kati karauxa yr yo taklu

    Elite Gaming OfficialElite Gaming Official6 dager siden
  • Good on you for supporting the boycott, Andy.

    FramedManFramedMan6 dager siden
  • I need help bench either saka or jota ??

    Eoghan MurphyEoghan Murphy6 dager siden
  • Hi Andy should I play Lingard and Bowen or bench Bowen for perreira

    Stanton PragasanStanton Pragasan6 dager siden
  • Are we here to talk more of fpl or more of Andy

    Stanton PragasanStanton Pragasan6 dager siden

    Rudi ChalustowskiRudi Chalustowski6 dager siden
  • Respect Andy for supporting the social media boycott ❤️

    Paula FreckletonPaula Freckleton6 dager siden
  • Congratulations Andy! 150k Subscribers! You did it!

    Vivan SomduttVivan Somdutt6 dager siden
  • Which one shell i do vardy and trossard out for kane and periera or watkins and son out for kane and periera

    Javed AkhtarJaved Akhtar6 dager siden
  • Is bench boosting A good idea this game week ???

    Sing HeartOutSing HeartOut6 dager siden
  • I have done the same went in with 9 players and still got green arrow

    ChelseaBlues 99ChelseaBlues 996 dager siden
  • Proud Chris Wood owner 💪🏽20pt💪🏽

    FPL Time فانتازي تايمFPL Time فانتازي تايم6 dager siden
  • Son and Trent in for Semedo and fernandes?

    Gregory DymeretsGregory Dymerets6 dager siden
  • Burn out for Coleman. Easy

    JamzanJamzan6 dager siden
  • Thanks Andy great job 👏

    محمد بن ناصر العطيهمحمد بن ناصر العطيه6 dager siden
  • I still have my triple captain chip. Do I use it on Kane this week?

    Sanelisiwe NgutaSanelisiwe Nguta6 dager siden
    • @djmorley718 thank you!

      Sanelisiwe NgutaSanelisiwe Nguta6 dager siden
    • Richarlison when got double

      djmorley718djmorley7186 dager siden
  • Nice one Andy. Very helpful

    chukwuma ezekpochukwuma ezekpo6 dager siden
  • Good for you, Andy. I'll miss your deadline live stream but am absolutely behind what you and others are doing.

    William RoscoeWilliam Roscoe6 dager siden
  • Id like Dallas, but im going to move DIas on to Digne as a punt because of the guaranteed double plus the SHU fixture, hoping digne can have a good end of the season, but i dont know whether thats me not following the stats or being dumb

    Lloyd BrownLloyd Brown6 dager siden
  • Should i bench boost this week?

    Ver ifiedVer ified6 dager siden
  • I reckon Vardy will go big!

  • Start Coady or TAA?

    MH RizviMH Rizvi6 dager siden
  • Hi Andy! Great video as always 🙇‍♂️. I have a question... What program do you use for simulate gw's?

    Andrei DrogbaAndrei Drogba6 dager siden
  • I don't see the point of boycotting NOtown I understand doing it for TikTok, Instagram and Twitter especially. But there is more self policing on NOtown where u r allowed to report/ delete offensive comments.

    Darius PalmerDarius Palmer6 dager siden
  • Should I transfer Bruno for Salah or roll the transfer? I have Son Kane Jota Watkins and Iheanacho

    Jessica RossJessica Ross6 dager siden
  • I have cancelo on my team and I need him out but can't decide on who to bring in

    Ukabi HaruUkabi Haru6 dager siden
  • Respect for you not trusting the sun 👏

    Aidan CalnanAidan Calnan6 dager siden
  • Have same forward line and Kane is the man for captain

    Angus Mc DonaldAngus Mc Donald6 dager siden
  • Team selection is always my favourite video of the week. What can I say? I'm a sucker for tinkering! Congrats on 150k, Andy! well deserved.

    AlcapaulAlcapaul6 dager siden
  • catagne or digne?

    Jack CollinsJack Collins6 dager siden
  • Congrats on 150k Andy

    Mr PMr P6 dager siden
  • Sorry but that's a terrible team.

    The game is rigged NWOThe game is rigged NWO6 dager siden
    • @Jake T you obviously dont understand what trolling is little boy. I was just giving my opinion which will probably be right and we'll see after the gameweek is over.

      The game is rigged NWOThe game is rigged NWO6 dager siden
    • @The game is rigged NWO Andy's team will get 60 points Southampton are terrible stop trolling

      Jake TJake T6 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL 😂

      محمد بن ناصر العطيهمحمد بن ناصر العطيه6 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL of course not theres not much point now the damage is already done. Maybe looking a few weeks ahead can help alot.

      The game is rigged NWOThe game is rigged NWO6 dager siden
    • Okay so I should make 6 transfers this week? Got it!

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • Good for you for shunning social media Andy!

    c knottc knott6 dager siden
  • Well done on the boycott...full support 👍

    Jason KennyJason Kenny6 dager siden
  • Love the channel and love your content Andy! I know you are doing what you feel is the right thing taking place in the social medial boycott, thinking they should do more. I respect your decision. Myself I think there is already too much censorship taking place in social media, and the last thing I want is more. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, whether you like what someone is saying or not. Should people be saying hateful, abusive or racist things? Of course not. But I don't want pinheads on social media determining what is or is not to their liking. Idiots on social media can be blocked or ignored by other users. This is how it should be dealt with, not with more censorship.

    Marcus DeaneMarcus Deane6 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL Great points mate. I do see where you are coming from. It's a pity we even have to discuss it, is it not? Football has always been something to bring people together in a terrific way. Too bad some buffoons try to ruin it. Cheers Andy!

      Marcus DeaneMarcus Deane6 dager siden
    • Why should someone have to come on and read the abuse in the first place? Removing hate, abuse and racism is not the same as "censorship". Freedom of Speech also doesn't apply to places like Twitter, you can go outside and say what you want still. Not that anyone would say half the things they say online to someones face. Disgusting, faceless keyboard warriors.

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • Wish I’d found your vids at the start of the season...first year playing fpl...I know I’ll win my league next year!

    Jason KennyJason Kenny6 dager siden
  • Who wants to read the sun.... As simple and wise as that 👌✌️

    Giwrgos LivydikosGiwrgos Livydikos6 dager siden
  • I got 65 points so I feel good about that now!

    Jason KennyJason Kenny6 dager siden
  • I need to use a transfer. Should I do Mendy to Meslier????

    Sebastian WikeSebastian Wike6 dager siden
  • Do I take mendy out as he might get rested and Chelsea have bad fixtures or swap bale for son. 1 mil in bank and no chips👏

    Paul MillerPaul Miller6 dager siden
  • Everton midfielder seems to be viable if Lingard is out

    Gideon JosephGideon Joseph6 dager siden
  • Vardy or Bruno to Kane for a -4? Already have nacho and son

    niall murphyniall murphy6 dager siden
  • Which two should I play out out of Fofana, Coufal and TAA?

    Sebastian WikeSebastian Wike6 dager siden
  • Which teams have future DGWs

    Ayo SalauAyo Salau6 dager siden
  • after the tragic Hillsborough "Sun" debacle of 1989 cant agree more with Andy........and he's a Man U supporter !!

    Gavin KiddGavin Kidd6 dager siden
  • Brilliant video. Really enjoyed it and helped me get around what transfers I should make for my team. Plus the ending of the video which is really important. Quick question: how different is your team in DGW35 going to look compared to your potential FH35 team?

    Hamza SiddiquiHamza Siddiqui6 dager siden
  • Bha Vs leeds is a must win for bha

    Sid Ali LardjaneSid Ali Lardjane6 dager siden
  • Will there be a double game week 38?

    AKAK6 dager siden
  • Who should I start. Shaw or Trent

    Reece TReece T6 dager siden
  • Take a punt on Sterling?

    Mohamed El HabashyMohamed El Habashy6 dager siden
  • Good on you supporting the boycott. Love the show, but this is bigger.

    H BombH Bomb6 dager siden
  • 4 mil in the bank, maybe you could look for bringing in kdb for weeks 37 and 38, when MC have no europe games and Pep Roulette calms down 😉

    CliveosCliveos6 dager siden
  • As always great consistent content

    The Big Hitters FPLThe Big Hitters FPL6 dager siden
  • Start Greenwood or Trent?

    Gideon JosephGideon Joseph6 dager siden
    • @Gideon Joseph its hard to tell tbh,I think Trent is more safe still

      MK26MK266 dager siden
    • @MK26 He isn’t getting any attacking return vs Man U

      Gideon JosephGideon Joseph6 dager siden
    • @MK26 😂 think he’ll get a CS man?

      Gideon JosephGideon Joseph6 dager siden
    • @Gideon Joseph still go with Trent😂

      MK26MK266 dager siden
    • @MK26 Greenwood isn’t starting today😃

      Gideon JosephGideon Joseph6 dager siden
  • I am happy you're doing the boycott, players as young as Neco Williams shouldn't get traumatized for having a bad game.

    Mohammed EldeebMohammed Eldeeb6 dager siden
  • bring reguilon in

    York GoodwinYork Goodwin6 dager siden
  • Do you think Foden going to play this weekend? (against Crystal Palace)

    Sondre HarvikenSondre Harviken6 dager siden
    • Apart from Ederson I don't think any of their players are guaranteed to start in any of the remaining PL games. I'm thinking Foden will be nailed from the start of next season though.

      RichRich6 dager siden
    • @Mohamed El Habashy I expect Sterling to play but I don’t like his price

      ConorConor6 dager siden
    • Is Sterling a good punt?

      Mohamed El HabashyMohamed El Habashy6 dager siden
    • Doubt it

      ConorConor6 dager siden
  • Fortunately I'm set up to roll my transfer this week and attack the doubles when everything is confirmed.

    Fergus BoltonFergus Bolton6 dager siden
  • Raphinia isn’t fit . 3 weeks is touted

    Bielsa BallBielsa Ball6 dager siden
  • If you don’t have fh how many dgw players would you recommend for gw 35

    Matthew CarrollMatthew Carroll6 dager siden
  • Well done bro 👍

    oliverolaofeoliverolaofe6 dager siden
  • What about Burn to Holgate ?

    Guy ParfittGuy Parfitt6 dager siden

    S ES E6 dager siden
  • I need to play 2 of Shaw, Dallas, Veltman and Kabak this week

    Patrick CloughPatrick Clough6 dager siden
    • shaw and dallas

      Alex BruneauAlex Bruneau6 dager siden
  • Is Digne to Coleman bad move???

    DelusionArtsDelusionArts6 dager siden
  • Well done Andy great content again. Also well done on making a stand and boycotting social media. I'm sure we'll all have withdrawls.

    Jerry CorcoranJerry Corcoran6 dager siden
  • I capped Vardy last week. 😉 nuff said there.

    Neill CaigerNeill Caiger6 dager siden
  • Considering inviting Andy to my birthday party at this point.

    Freddie McCombieFreddie McCombie6 dager siden
  • Bench one of Shaw TAA Fofana and Regulon

    Robin ParkerRobin Parker6 dager siden
    • Shaw

      Charbel H.Charbel H.6 dager siden

    S ES E6 dager siden
  • Any Saka replacements? Under 6.2mill?

    S ES E6 dager siden
    • @FPL ANIMATE missed the boat, wolves and arsenal next? thoughts?

      S ES E6 dager siden
    • PEREIRA from west brom if you willing to take a risk :)

      FPL ANIMATEFPL ANIMATE6 dager siden
  • Thiago Silva is likely to miss out than Rudiger IMO

    Reshav BhataraiReshav Bhatarai6 dager siden
    • Zouma could come in for Rudiger

      X PlaysX Plays6 dager siden
  • Shall I start TAA or Gundo?

    James HarteJames Harte6 dager siden
    • Cheers lads

      James HarteJames Harte6 dager siden
    • TAA 100%. Gundogan was slightly injured in the UCL game on wednesday (PSG). And because of that I think he will be rested this weekend

      Sondre HarvikenSondre Harviken6 dager siden
    • gundo wont start...

      FPL ANIMATEFPL ANIMATE6 dager siden
  • Fofana or Coady to Dallas? Mendy to Meslier? Saka to anyone under 6.2mill ?

    S ES E6 dager siden
  • Mendy to Meslier?

    S ES E6 dager siden
  • I have Azpi and Rudiger but because of the CL I am afraid one of them, if not both will be benched. So I was thinking of Azpi to Dallas? thoughts?

    Jonathan HunterJonathan Hunter6 dager siden
  • Delivering yet again quality content get subscribing people💯🔥

    Callum PetticrewCallum Petticrew6 dager siden
  • You got a thumbs up from me for “I didn’t click the link because who wants to read the sun?” Absolute lad

    SamalotSamalot6 dager siden
    • @keyser soze true football fans know the sun is absolute scum. Regardless of class.

      JamzanJamzan6 dager siden
    • @Nic,K M Yet most Working classes buy it. And most privileged middle classes buy the sneering, snobby Guardian. Labours great problem.

      keyser sozekeyser soze6 dager siden
    • @keyser soze The Sun is for morons, not working class.

      Nic,K MNic,K M6 dager siden
    • Well the suns for working classes, which made football. Maybe middle class privileged football fans should read the Guardian 😂😂😂🤢

      keyser sozekeyser soze6 dager siden
  • So have to make a tranfers this week. Either it will be Azpi to Dallas (to set up for the end of the season) or attack a bit more and go Jota to Sigurdsson. I am 3,4 k in world now but would be lovely to get to 1 k by the end of the season. What to do?

    Markus HellströmMarkus Hellström6 dager siden
    • Sigurdson move from Jota is good coz he is also on penalties

      Stanton PragasanStanton Pragasan6 dager siden
  • Can someone link me to Anna Woodbury's Twitter page please, I can't seem to find it!

    IJWilliams16IJWilliams166 dager siden
    • @Let's Talk FPL thanks Andy!

      IJWilliams16IJWilliams166 dager siden
    • it's anna_woodberry

      Let's Talk FPLLet's Talk FPL6 dager siden
  • Who to TC in the remaining gameweeks?

    Abdullah 70Abdullah 706 dager siden
    • There is a possible DGW for United and Leicester. So maybe Bruno or Iheanacho

      X PlaysX Plays6 dager siden
  • @Andy.. i am thinking to do son to bowen/pereira and bamford to kane.. or i should do bruno to mcity asset like torres and bamford to kane? Appreciate the advice. I have vardy and iheneacho as well

    Vishal BharwaniVishal Bharwani6 dager siden
  • Not sure my good lady recognises Andy's voice (yet!!) but really enjoying the content. My team looks nothing like Andy's but I don't think it's a coincidence that the combination of WFH, Andy's content and my increasing obsession with FPL means I'm looking at my best ever finish. Keep up the good work Andy!!👍

    RichRich6 dager siden
  • How about a everton midfielder for dgw? Rodriguez/Sigurddson

    Nazmul HaqueNazmul Haque6 dager siden
  • Your supposed to be a expert lol

    zee7379zee73796 dager siden
  • Zaha or Coleman for double gameweek if announced??

    Ali MafazAli Mafaz6 dager siden
  • No room for racism! Glad you are joining in with the stance.

    Robert AmsburyRobert Amsbury6 dager siden
  • Good man Andy on joining the social media boycott. We'll miss you though lol

    Barry WallsBarry Walls6 dager siden
  • I have a backline of Dunk, holding, dias and azpi thinking to bench one of them and should I look to remove them cause of rotation? Any tips?

    Aditya AryaAditya Arya6 dager siden
  • Thoughts on free hitting this game week (34).

    Dante CarlesimoDante Carlesimo6 dager siden
    • Nah not really great fixtures. Better to fh on a dgw

      Ahnaf DibosAhnaf Dibos6 dager siden
  • Raphinah not going to play

    Ayaz ChinaAyaz China6 dager siden
  • Callum Wilson is a big one for 37 and 38

    Simon BSimon B6 dager siden