Functional Heroin Addict interview-Matthew

22. feb.. 2021
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Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Matthew, a functional heroin addict from San Francisco.
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  • Omg when he tears up!!!!! I love him !!!!! God makes me tear up so bad

    Chloë NicoleChloë NicoleTime siden
  • Believe me being in and out of the addiction world and rehabs I know all the different kinds of characters! I loved that aspect of it too. The people watching !!! Way I’m in love with this channel

    Chloë NicoleChloë NicoleTime siden
  • This is pure garbage. It's almost like the people of this channel who posted this WANT you addicted to drugs and dead. Oh wait, they do.

    dnznzn fjsnsnsmsdnznzn fjsnsnsmsTime siden
  • 1500$ a month on drugs? Just think how much he could achieve if he was saving that 1500$ every month.

    Agent SmithAgent Smith5 timer siden
  • Finding a good quality kratom source changed my life man. Plus it's a non morphine derivative painkiller that actually works but wayyy more manageable.

    jared sjared s5 timer siden
  • I think this is the first one of these I've watched where I feel like I don't believe most of what the guy is saying.

    Brian KBrian K10 timer siden
  • Bro stop! I get having more control than other people. But, you still depend on it. I waisted 4-5 years of my life, doing blow. I never missed a day of work. (Even if I stayed up all night). But now that I'm beyond that, I realize how much that shit controlled my life. Trust me, if you think you have it all figured out, thats when you're about a year or 2, away from shoving a needle in your arm when you feel sick and hang with the wrong person, at the wrong time. Then.. its just a downward spiral. If you put away $1,500 a month, for 5 years.. you would have $76,000. Im just saying.. this, dosen't sound like a functional heroin user. Sounds like a heroin user, that is going to find out what the bottom is like, before his mind can stop it. But, who am I to judge. Be happy. ?

    Joe JonesJoe Jones22 timer siden
    • Sorry, math was wrong! Lol. You would have $90,000.

      Joe JonesJoe Jones22 timer siden
  • I can totally relate to this guy. Not shooting dope, to me, can be very functional if you have self control. I am functioning, and I have yet to meet anyone as functional as me while using. It took me a long time to come to terms with though that functioning is not thriving and I was not being everything I knew I could be. Just functioning and mainting your life in order to "feel good" all day, while not ever improving things or growing as a person, definitely gets OLD, and that is really what is driving me to recover. I know I want more for myself than what a little white powder can give me. If I'm so good at juggling this powerful drug, I'm excited to know what I can accomplish with it off my back and choosing to get my highs through LIFE and all it entails. One day I'm sure this guy will come to this realization too. Drugs can be too isolating an experience. I deserve and want MORE. ✌️♥️

    AndreaAndreaDag siden
  • I was an addict for over 12 years and nobody knew!! I get it. 100%

    Greta RogersGreta RogersDag siden
  • I love this guy!

    Greta RogersGreta RogersDag siden
  • Soooo very booooring.....jeez.

    stevearlestevearleDag siden
  • Strong work SWU!! What a great, honest, real vid!!👊♥️

    CTR guyCTR guyDag siden
  • Is this Kip or Napoleon?

    Scott DubyaScott DubyaDag siden
  • Hey dude, I’ve been on a methadone program for 3 years. The first year or so I was still using and my counselor finally made me go up to 125mg (I’m 5’8” 125lbs) and I was able to stop using. I’m now down to 6mg and I go down 1mg every 2 weeks. I have 13 days of takehomes so every time I go to pick up I go down 1 mg. I will be off by the end of the year. It really worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you.

    Lillith666Lillith666Dag siden
  • That feeling he mentions about how heroin makes you feel like yourself, that was the biggest appeal to me. I have social anxiety and using heroin made me feel comfortable going around other people and going out in public. Getting clean has made me become a hermit and the appeal of heroin always makes me want to go back because I want to have friends and enjoy life. Living in SFV in Los Angeles is hard cause I know where to find heroin so easily and meeting people is so hard for me already and it just sucks. That comment just really stood out to me. I miss feeling like it was okay to just walk outside and be myself.

    Lillith666Lillith666Dag siden
  • He looks like someone I know from Farcry 5

    H MH MDag siden
  • I fuckin love this guy. We could totes kick it

    Cheyenne VogelsangCheyenne VogelsangDag siden
    • Thanks Cheyenne

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • so he lived in .. the hood basically

    Sscoop FromDa7Sscoop FromDa7Dag siden
  • My heart goes out to this guy. I hope he gets clean and finds out he can do just fine living clean too.

    ScottScottDag siden
    • Thanks Scott

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • Looks like Carl from workaholics

    G WayG Way2 dager siden
  • You notice how he goes to length to blame his

    Shawn FergusonShawn Ferguson2 dager siden
    • I didn’t blame him. He asks people about their childhood and I told him about my childhood.

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • No need to interrupt him. Ask him to tell his story from the very beginning. And then just stay open and interested and endure the silence when necessary. Questions afterwards. Works best from my experience. Time may be a problem ofc as he sure has a lot of things to say but maybe its still better to cut it afterwards. Also when he tells you the story of his father freaking out I can see that there are traces of trauma in his way of telling. Why interrupt and say "well so there was a little drama in your childhood", that felt somewhat weird. Or for example bringing in the adhd theory. Dont make up your own narratives of how he is a functional addict but just stay open and let him unfold his self. Great channel though!

    n0ctifern0ctifer2 dager siden
  • Heroin addict from california? Say it ain't so. Liberal sewers full of heroin

    Nathan PoetNathan Poet2 dager siden
  • Soft white underbelly is right lmfao

    Richard LeskoRichard Lesko2 dager siden
  • He is grown up butters from that South Park episode where the company pretends people from the future went back in time and educate their younger self’s about drugs

    NotReallyABlessingNotReallyABlessing2 dager siden
  • Dudes legit

    White HatWhite Hat2 dager siden
  • I literally live on the border of Hayward and Castro valley so this story is extra fascinating to me

    Red VineRed Vine2 dager siden
    • @Matthew Andrew Drake nope, but the jack in the box not far away!

      Red VineRed VineDag siden
    • Nice did you go stand in line at garden of Eden today? 😂

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • Correction u didn’t practice enough to be on a team. U where not committed

    MikeHawkMikeHawk2 dager siden
    • @MikeHawk u where not committed your a loser

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
    • @Matthew Andrew Drake and your a loser u druggie. Grow up and get a life u 🤡. 😂😂

      MikeHawkMikeHawkDag siden
    • @MikeHawk right. You’re a moron and I don’t need anything to prove it besides your comments. “U where not committed” and insinuating I’m trying to be cool by using heroin.

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
    • @Matthew Andrew Drake ya i know and I don’t need heroin to prove it.

      MikeHawkMikeHawkDag siden
    • @MikeHawk you’re cool

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • Dudes not functional or in control. He's selling a lie

    M1tch454M1tch4542 dager siden
  • Looks like Eric Wareheim 😂

    luke pluke p3 dager siden
    • I am pizza Torino’s boy

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • All drugs should b legal. It takes your creativity and meditation to another level. Just dont use drugs to escape and dont use them while in a dark place. And stay strong minded

    Jay RichJay Rich3 dager siden
  • he doesn’t stop fucking talking not even to drink his apple juice

    S KS K3 dager siden
    • It’s Chardonnay and I’m a long time viewer of this channel. So I know what marks going to ask.

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew DrakeDag siden
  • Lmao XD the "Ass to Ass" reference made me lol. I still see his gap in my nightmares

    Blood RavenBlood Raven3 dager siden
  • This guy reminds me a LOT of someone I know in his mannerisms and looks. If I met this guy on the street, I wouldn't ever for a second think that he's going through what he is

    xmusicloverrxmusicloverr3 dager siden
  • I regret going from subs to methadone my mental health s got worse etc

    Joe FlowersJoe Flowers4 dager siden
  • The way he downplays his own traumas... goodness.

    ChelseaBrownChelseaBrown4 dager siden
  • I think I’ve seen him in a Judd Apatow film.

    Nicole DoughertyNicole Dougherty4 dager siden
    • Yeah I’m Seth Rogen huhuhuhuhhuhhh weed

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • I snorted an oxycontin pill in 2002 and it was the ultimate feeling. I'd never done anything with drugs prior to that. It give me energy and I fell great ! I become addicted to it for 5 yrs. and have been off it for 12 yrs. I don't even think about it and I do not miss it. It was the most horrible time of my life

    Raymond ChapmanRaymond Chapman4 dager siden
  • All addicts or a lot are very resourceful and very creative

    shortyylushortyylu4 dager siden
  • I always went to the same people to get it. It was always the same stuff for the whole last year I used. He was a huge dealer but I never met him. I’d go through 2 smaller dealers but still big that saw him. Crazy but it was always the same shit.

    shortyylushortyylu4 dager siden
  • 1500$ a month! That’s cheap I needed 200$ a minimum a day but I was doing a lottt. I’d fill 2 rigs up and bang them back to back smh. Then went to the bigger rigs that had 100cc and would fill it up and I was 105lbs 5ft 3” smh. The stuff I did a bag would make ppl Od smh. I stopped getting it for ppl. IDK HOW IM ALIVE. I was sooooo bad then my dad died of lung cancer and I found him gone and I cared about my life again and went to rehab 10 days after he died smh. I needed to see that to snap out of it smh.

    shortyylushortyylu4 dager siden
  • I like this guy a lot lol.

    shortyylushortyylu4 dager siden
    • Thanks bub

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • I used too work manual labouring bricklaying . And took herion every morning and i would enjoy the day and it gave me energy and was great

    Jamie FreemanJamie Freeman4 dager siden
  • Everyones hooked on something; it's a human trait.

    Cajun WolfCajun Wolf4 dager siden
  • Oh Hayward yeah from San leandro. Castro valley is a rich area. You look about my son's age.

    Rose Mary ParkerRose Mary Parker4 dager siden
  • This guy is fucking rad. Praying he recovers from his addiction & continues to thrive.. he’s such a gentle, amazing soul. Stay safe Matthew!

    kimberly aguirrekimberly aguirre4 dager siden
    • Thanks Kimberly

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • So the ghetto its the problem or excuse?? Man up and make yourself better... don't blame shit on your addiction. Do good and be good bud. God bless you💯❤

    Nick oconn4130Nick oconn41305 dager siden
    • I didn’t blame it on that. He always asks everyone about their childhood. That was 25 years ago. You no understand the listen thing me guess does it help I talk this way for yous

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • Did he ever get clean?

    Rusty KoehlerRusty Koehler5 dager siden
    • Stay tuned next month to find out

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • The numbness is from not moving and staying still from hors on end your lucky..Saturday night syndrom

    Chris ByczynskiChris Byczynski5 dager siden
  • He deff needs the methadone clinic . Here’s why. He won’t be able to stop he alsready said that. And it all sounds good “let’s be locked up for a few days” but really it’s NEVER THATVEASY. Why do u think they say “I’ll kick tomrorow” it’s always tomrorow . It says sounds good and easy or do able BUT when that time comes you have enough courage to finally stop and then you get through it and you’re on like day two and three and you just can’t do it no more I’ve gotten all the way up to D7 and I ran and really looking back if I could’ve just hold out for maybe 3 to 4 more days after that seven I would’ve been fine but it’s a lot worse when you’re going through it I mean it’s like one hour of hell it feels like a whole day of hell in the anxiety in the stress you feel while you’re detoxing is UNBELIEVABLE. Then u work ur ASS off To finally kick and yay u did it , and then in a week or two u use again bc ur craving hit or u think ur cool u get bored and u get a tad bit . A dub. Wel l if you’re not using daily a dub will get u about 2-3 xs so by the time u do that dub u want just a lil more and then u will stop . Then before u No it it’s already three or four days in a row and you’ve done a little bit so by the time you stop you’re going to be sick again all over I mean it’s crazy what it does to your brain in the chemistry get changes

    Helen ValentinaHelen Valentina5 dager siden
  • I think he prolly hasn’t used for a while or he’s not in a position to be homeless bc it’s ONLY a matter of time . And sand I started smoking it and went full on Slammin the stuff with in a few months . I’m clean now tho

    Helen ValentinaHelen Valentina5 dager siden
  • Dude finally asks about the dope and guy goes.. "Ohhh.. yeaaa sooo.. I do heroin." All nonchalant.. Like bruh.. thats why you're here.. that one question lmao.

    Michael DeesterMichael Deester5 dager siden
    • @Matthew Andrew Drake you and I are alot more alike than my comment put out FYI. I just thought it was funny the way you were just like.. oh that thing I do.. its no big deal really. Meant no harm. Love the aesthetic. Hope alls well.

      Michael DeesterMichael Deester3 dager siden
    • This is the world right here. Your addiction defines you. The typical person can’t see past it. Welcome to Soft White Underbelly. PS you’re a minority here FYI.

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • Seriously.. I lost interest after the first 20 seconds. Why is there a video about this guy?

    Dannerp13Dannerp135 dager siden
    • Congratulations you’re the 1% of this videos comments

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • *that's pretty dope*

    Ger VladGer Vlad5 dager siden
  • Supposedly this guy passed away in March. Not sure if it’s true or not.

    lizizlate1234lizizlate12345 dager siden
    • Lol not true

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • I’m glad he’s not do an ass to add for heroin!

    Nathan the BeeManNathan the BeeMan5 dager siden
  • try eboga

    username anonimusername anonim5 dager siden
  • one doesn’t have control over drugs, the drugs have control over you. also it took me back that he’s from my specific hometown, fuck yeah dude!

    kmkm5 dager siden
  • No way I can quit

    Brian HackettBrian Hackett6 dager siden
  • itchy

    Super DarkSuper Dark6 dager siden
  • Why is this Lol Without the heroine tho....mine is alcohol 🍸

    Ian BarkerIan Barker6 dager siden
  • He reminds me of people o hang out with, I like him.

    VanessaVanessa6 dager siden
  • during the school bomb scares... which, i guess, is still going on... i asked my teacher, "what if someone said they were called by a pay phone and were told that the school was going to get bombed? would we get off a day?" everyone laughed and we moved on... until, my teacher had me ESCORTED down to the principal's office with a sealed letter she wrote. i sat there until cops came and next thing I knew, i was kicked out... i tell u what, if i didn't have any inclination to bomb anything, up to that point... after that, i get it why someone might do such a thing, now. (to the faculty: needless to say, i also get that it was kinda stupid to say.. but i was 15... it was a simple question... i was a little jolly clowny kid. ctfo... CONTEXT, MORONS, CONTEXT)

    Luceat LuxLuceat Lux6 dager siden
    • @Matthew Andrew Drake heh. my guess is that you can't draw a parallel to the video content... listen to what you're talking about again. it's just about high school experience being crazy and stupid dude. edit: things are not necessarily the fault of a unique individual. then again, they may be... (but in the case of the latter, it's usually because the individual isn't as unique as he/she imagines. ie: immaturity masquerading as imagined novelty)

      Luceat LuxLuceat Lux3 dager siden
    • Lolwut

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • Kids he's a rare addict heroin will kill you

    James SmithJames Smith6 dager siden
  • The reason your arm feels numb is cuz you nod out and fall asleep on it and cut off the circulation. Be careful cuz you can permanently lose all use and feeling of your arm or leg or whatever it is you nod out on and it will be paralyzed for life. There is a medical term and it only happens to us addicts who nod out in weird positions and cut off circulation to our limbs. I had the same thing happen to my arm and it went away cuz i would actually go to bed then nod out in a sleeping position. It happened to my right leg also and i lost feeling in my foot for at least 6 months.

    caleb zartmancaleb zartman6 dager siden
  • anybody know what app he's talking about?? :0

    josejose6 dager siden
  • This is really interesting to me I feel so sorry for him he’s obviously hurting a lot and has a lot of held back pain. My parents were addicts and my father died from alcohol and heroin. I can relate to the pain and suffering. It ruins lives. I hope he is able to find peace within and get clean 🙌🏽❤️

    JessiahJessiah6 dager siden
    • Thanks Jessiah

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • As someone who’s been an addict for 8 years: don’t get curious if you allow yourself to be curious and naive you WILL eventually use. Just stay away from them.

    Zooted SosaZooted Sosa6 dager siden
  • Its weird hearing him talk and realizing how many friends I have who are just like this but with less taboo addictions (pills, alcohol etc.)

    SneakBotSneakBot7 dager siden
  • This guy has a gentle soul. I like him.

    Franc DollarFranc Dollar7 dager siden
    • Thank you

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake3 dager siden
  • Everyone is a functional heroin addict until there's no more heroin left

    Lock WaveLock Wave7 dager siden
  • My bf used to use an eye dropper for his H. He would mix the H in a few drops of water then he would drop it in his nose with the dropper so I thought for sure that this guy was going to say that he puts it in his water. I really thought he was going to say that, that was what was currently in his cup that he was sipping on... Lol

    shanna spencershanna spencer7 dager siden
  • This guy couldn’t possibly be more of a cliche 😫🙄

    Erin ByrnesErin Byrnes7 dager siden
  • Lol - if he could choose he'd choose Heroin over methadone. 😂😂. Well doh!!

    Jilly BJilly B7 dager siden
  • Very intelligent, kind hearted man. As a recovering opiate user myself, Kratom is the only thing that I’ve found to combat the physical withdrawals. There is still ALOT of emotional chaos that you must endure. It takes a helluhva lot of motivation and self accountability, but it’s doable. One thing I’ve noticed is, if someone doesn’t have a solid support system... a loved one that knows about the addiction and is willing to help/somewhat hold you accountable, the likelihood of self recovery being successful long term, is very low. I got to a point where I had to transfer almost my entire paycheck into a loved one’s account so I would have absolutely no way to buy anything. I would only recommend this if you can genuinely trust the person with your life. It’s worked for me so far. I will be making NOtown videos on my experience when I’ve been clean for a year or so.

    Jaclyn ZenJaclyn Zen7 dager siden
  • I didn't know Steve Wozniak was a heroin addict.

    Renegade AceRenegade Ace7 dager siden
  • Follow up interview for this guy, really hoping he's okay

    never mindnever mind7 dager siden
  • You seem like a really cool dude. Ditch this shit if you can.........

    Spennyman10Spennyman107 dager siden
  • He REALLY enjoys hearing himself talk & impose his ideals & that just how its supposed to be. Yeahhhhh

    Scherri RayScherri Ray7 dager siden
    • @OuterDimensionalAIDS 666 who saying we are all non addicts? Psssshhhhttt

      Scherri RayScherri Ray5 dager siden
  • Functional heroine addict from California. Thanks Gavin Newsom! I really like how he internalizes the racism he faced as a child and still has a low opinion of white people.

    Hobo Hunter RikHobo Hunter Rik7 dager siden
  • "it makes me happy" :'( i know the feeling all too well. when its the ONLY thing that makes you happy. Only people that have been there would understand how deep these "concepts" are. My heart aches bc I understand all too well. 2 years sober.

    Des Xoxo24Des Xoxo247 dager siden
    • @Anna Anderson thank you so much 💕

      Des Xoxo24Des Xoxo246 dager siden
    • I know I don’t know you but, I am so proud of you❤️

      Anna AndersonAnna Anderson6 dager siden
  • Why is he holding his urine sample?

    Materva 1974Materva 19747 dager siden
  • I find this really irresponsible. No heroin addiction is “under control.”

    Wendie MorganWendie Morgan8 dager siden
  • Pathetic piece of shit

    Vatos LocosVatos Locos8 dager siden
    • Why?

      S. Y.S. Y.7 dager siden
  • 20:00 She is smoothing it on the bathroom floor because it does not matter where it is done. When I am really hungry, it would not matter if a pizza i get for free is just cheese or if it is pepperoni. It simply does not matter, im hungry now and soon i will be eating pizza. I think everything in life becomes like that for a real addict. it does not matter if you sleep in vomit and lick toilet floors since there will soon come a time that is worth so much more, times a thousand. Issues us ordinary folk have just pales in comparison to their issue of not having drugs in their system.

    Johan LarssonJohan Larsson8 dager siden
    • ​@Matthew Andrew Drake I am honored that you took the time to respond to me. You missunderstood me. The first part of my post is actually that annology you say: "it does not matter what kind of pizza it is I ate, it would still be pizza and I would be full". However, then I take that to it's next level and broaden it to be about their entire life -> If the high is strong enough it does not matter what kind of life I have or what I am doing, I will still have taken drugs and am becoming high". It is just swapping "satiating hunger" for "getting/being high" and "eating pizza" with "life". I am certain that there are sensations strong enough and people wired in certain ways that makes anything else except those sensations absolutly meaningless. Many other animals can be put in situations where they do whatever they can get the stimulus at the cost of everything else until they die, and our minds for sure have the same traps for us.

      Johan LarssonJohan LarssonDag siden
    • That’s a horrible analogy. The heroin equivalent to your analogy would be I don’t mind if I get powder, tar or pills. Or even a closer analogy would’ve been wouldn’t care whether I smoke snort or shoot...but you wouldn’t eat pizza off the bathroom floor right? Lol she was a wack job trust me

      Matthew Andrew DrakeMatthew Andrew Drake7 dager siden
  • He’s walking a fine line...literally playing Russian roulette. This isn’t rare...millions of Americans..are “functioning addicts”.....He is just out of the closet. I don’t know which would be better....a stay at home mom who also takes care of her sick mom and has access to her fentanyl patches and pain pills but NOBODY knows or him who feels comfortable enough to tell millions of people he smokes the heroin because he sees what shooting up can do. He needs to see his worth, handle his daddy issues so he can help pull other functioning addicts out of the pit.

    annie munsonannie munson8 dager siden
  • Definately delusional✋🏻. So functioning yet still gonna od.

    cypher.cypher.8 dager siden
  • Good luck Matthew. You seem like a cool kid. I hope you can get clean one day.

    Travis LucasTravis Lucas8 dager siden
  • I love how he clarifies that blink 182 isn’t punk. I like this guy.

    Penny RoyaltyPenny Royalty8 dager siden
    • @Doug Tond bless you sir.

      Alix RooneyAlix RooneyDag siden
    • @Doug Tond "but being punk is just being original or unique or true to yourself. " lmao, wtf?

      Joel DeJongeJoel DeJongeDag siden
    • @Hose Igetem yeah which is why I mentioned it, but he never said he got called a poser for specifically liking blink

      Dillon HicksDillon Hicks3 dager siden
    • I loved blink 182 growing up

      Mathew GrelrMathew Grelr4 dager siden
    • Most things people refer to as "punk" or "punk rock" just aren't in the slightest. But, by the original "definition" of punk, Blink-182 was punk for sure. I can't speak on anything they're doing currently because I have no clue what they're up to, but being punk is just being original or unique or true to yourself. It isn't about spikes or leather or trend following or even trend setting. But I'm just a fool. Kids today would call me an oppressive gatekeeper for stating such things lol

      Doug TondDoug Tond4 dager siden
  • wish his gf was on here with him

    ash mcdoyleash mcdoyle8 dager siden
  • I relate to this guy. The pills hit me and I'm cleaning and happy and energetic. Best of luck to this man. He deserves to be clean.

    The Anonymous MorphThe Anonymous Morph8 dager siden
  • If the interviewer would stfu it would be a much more pleasant watch, some things he says are straight up rude

    dannyU2gdannyU2g8 dager siden
  • As soon as he starts talking about heroin and "roxys" he sounds like he is head over heels in love, or talking about a child that he is proud of. Not uncommon. I have heard people talk about hard drugs as their "one true love" for which they will do anything.

    Edward DurganEdward Durgan8 dager siden
  • I’m struggling to find the “functioning” part. This guy seems completely broken.

    TGD FPVTGD FPV8 dager siden
  • I understand that this video wasn't made to glamourise heroin use in any way but judging by some of the comments i fear it has minimised the impact of heroin use to some viewers . Don't be fooled by the likeness of Matthew (super chilled dude , i have to say ) heroin will either kill you or completely destroy your life .The title is very misleading (oxymoron ) as there is no such thing as a "Functional Heroin Addict" . I am now 51 years old and dabbled with drug use . ALL the people/friends that i knew of that did heroin are all dead or might as well be . Heroin is fucking evil

    Axel the FrankAxel the Frank8 dager siden
  • Do a follow up . Let's see where is at in 10 years time ?

    Axel the FrankAxel the Frank8 dager siden
  • i just wanna know why he thinks he is getting real heroin, i’ll make a bet he thinks he doing heroin but he doing fetnal, no way he testing it an no fetnal coming up, an bro why would you be drunk an decided to do some strong shit after knowing dude give u junk, well i’m guessing it was the booze making u not think but drinking an heroin just asking to od, an ur dealer sucks balls he didn’t warn you not to do much after he told u he had fetnal, funny thing is that’s the heroin u think ur getting from him he just gave u an uncut line but def a d bag letting u do big line specially knowing ur typically a smoker

    Jarid EthierJarid Ethier8 dager siden
  • Fucking 30s..

    Jacob Harrington -CoCorKillerJacob Harrington -CoCorKiller8 dager siden
  • My prayers are with him ,so much potential.God bless all the sick and suffering addicts. ❤💪🙏Your stronger than you think abd everyone is different dont let them scare you with their stories. Anyone can get clean.

    Christine WeedenChristine Weeden8 dager siden
  • I worked with a guy like this he was productive at work and he confided in me on one occasionabout his addiction. I never would have guessed he had zero signs. A year later our boss called us all in one morning for a speech which he did periodically through the year but this time I got a different vibe right away the boss announced this guy passed away in his "sleep". RIP M

    Sean CunnSean Cunn8 dager siden