Get GEARED: 184+ Fast! Shadowlands Launch Gearing GUIDE! Big Time Savers & All You Need To Know!

24. nov.. 2020
257 394 Ganger

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Here's everything you need to know to get geared up in the first weeks of Shadowlands! Thankfully, Shadowlands gearing is actually very fun, with lots of options!
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    BellularGamingBellularGaming3 måneder siden
    • @NecromanciCat ah, fair.

      ThromashThromash3 måneder siden
    • @Thromash Bruh, he's talking about the keyboard ad that was *in* the video. Though it was only like a minute and a half.

      NecromanciCatNecromanciCat3 måneder siden
    • @pgmp It is legit, keyboards are durable as hell. High pricing yes. You are paying for durability and reliablity.

      H KH K3 måneder siden
    • Sign up to see the price ? ... ughh bad sign already. Anyway thanks for the offer.

      pgmppgmp3 måneder siden
    • Need that numpad yo... Work and WoW demands it.

      H KH K3 måneder siden
  • Just buy the ilvl 168 AH gear for 800-2000g a piece and you can instantly do Heroic dungeons and almost do raid finder. Really cheap and saves loads of time. (20 euro is so much gold, if you dont have much time to waste).

    OpenyoureyesifyOpenyoureyesifyMåned siden
  • 13:43 legitimately scared me, I thought I had done something wrong when he started yelling out of nowhere :c

    LegendLegendMåned siden
  • Ugh ive already gotten most of the unrated pvp gear to 197

    torch1028torch1028Måned siden
  • very confusing tbh, he speak so fast and its not new player friendly. He laves big gaps and jumps into new points.

    BeCo BBeCo B2 måneder siden
  • what about my real life?

    ZoominZoomin2 måneder siden
  • Epic guide

    gbhemminggbhemming2 måneder siden
  • Where are the NumPad on them ??

    Black SheepBlack Sheep2 måneder siden
  • QUICK rush to the end GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO

    Kieran HornerKieran Horner2 måneder siden
  • It feels like gearing to 168 through honour pvp gear is fast as hell

    John SmithJohn Smith2 måneder siden
    • 158*

      John SmithJohn Smith2 måneder siden
  • Get any tank go to ah buy craft gear 168 lv run m0 you are done have fun 🤗

    george zgeorge z2 måneder siden
  • I feel like I came here for gear, and left with a keyboard

    Chase WilleChase Wille2 måneder siden
  • Covenant gear is not the fastest way and anima is not the easy to accumilate,its fine if once your geared to 171 at least then hitting mythic and you want the gear and can upgrade it.The fastest way to gear is to do heroic dungeons and then hit rading and mythic dungeons

    Chris WelchChris Welch2 måneder siden
  • 40 dollars off a keyboard, my last one cost 20 quid, best one I ever got lol

    Reevar WOWReevar WOW2 måneder siden
  • What a horrible gearing system.

    IanIan2 måneder siden
  • Based on the comments looks like I'm not the only one struggling to get geared...

    OnlyHardWorkOnlyHardWork2 måneder siden
  • You forgot about the Maw boss that can reward an ilvl 183 item

    SeyfSeyf3 måneder siden
  • I think i need a second PhD to understand this video

    BLLJoneBLLJone3 måneder siden
  • Do bgs........done.

    hvd ivhvd iv3 måneder siden
  • Did 4 mythic dungeons last night got 11 pieces of gear and my BiS lege power lol

    P4TTLP4TTL3 måneder siden
  • Vid stats at 2:36

    Tim suttonTim sutton3 måneder siden
  • Isn’t renowned caped at 6 week two ?

    newjerseyjustinnewjerseyjustin3 måneder siden
  • I went into mythics as 150 as a tank :D

    Vincent HammonsVincent Hammons3 måneder siden
  • Can you get good end game gear without doing raids? I’m a wow newbie and don’t think I will be able to even do raids or get a raid group

    HaveFaithHaveFaith3 måneder siden
  • Can I just ask wtf is the reason to making mark II crafting require reveared with va’nari?! I’d love to know how fast that could be to get vs the renowned gear

    GunnarWahlGunnarWahl3 måneder siden
  • Thank god I can easily catch up that makes me so much less stressed

    Nasty NateNasty Nate3 måneder siden
  • Or, go to mithyc +0 , alot faster than this

    Ciro MartellaCiro Martella3 måneder siden
  • im 187 cant get any higher until the raid/torghast layers are released. dungeons are soo volatile :O

    Frank BuringFrank Buring3 måneder siden
  • And here in week 1 I'm already ilvl 173.

    Alan ChizmadiaAlan Chizmadia3 måneder siden
  • Can you remove this video and re-post correct info please?

    Malfuryon StormrageMalfuryon Stormrage3 måneder siden
  • None of this is correct in live, as a Necrolord renown 6 I only have a belt and legs of my upgradable covenant set.....

    Malfuryon StormrageMalfuryon Stormrage3 måneder siden
  • The advert at the start, i get it, they pay the bills but its so over the top, so false.... do you think people cant see how false it is? its quite sad really if im honest.

    Spencer JarvisSpencer Jarvis3 måneder siden
  • Mythic is ilvl 184

    BakaReviewsBakaReviews3 måneder siden
  • lol im hard stuck at renown 2 wtf you mean renown 4

    MooseMoose3 måneder siden
  • Surprise from blizz, it’s all wrong

    Alex MyronenkoAlex Myronenko3 måneder siden
  • He really knows how to sell sometjing to you. A man of many talents.

    ZurgollZurgoll3 måneder siden
    • Nope, its absolutely terrible. infomercial quality BS

      Spencer JarvisSpencer Jarvis3 måneder siden
  • hum, the heroics I've done give up 161 and 168 gear, I did get one 171.

    redfox435catredfox435cat3 måneder siden
  • I have done both covenant weekly and campaign. Everyone on our server is only renown 3. We started at renown 0. How did you get to renown 4?

    Games4KickzGames4Kickz3 måneder siden
    • You‘ll get to unlock 3 renown levels per week so rank3 on week 1 and 6 on week 2 and so on

      #LakShoo#LakShoo3 måneder siden
    • @Alex Myronenko i know. I played the beta as well. Would have assumed though a video released with/after the actual release would use more updated info. Apologies if there was a BETA disclaimer in the video and I missed it.

      Games4KickzGames4Kickz3 måneder siden
    • This vid from Alfa-beta period, things were quite different...

      Alex MyronenkoAlex Myronenko3 måneder siden
    • We start at Renown 1. There's actually only one weekly this week, the 1k anima one. The Renowned Souls weekly quest isn't available this week, so we're capped at 3 renown for now.

      KorhaliKorhali3 måneder siden
  • I follow you for quote some time and I never comment them, however, it seems like you're in a rush like everyone else getting videso asap without confirming the information thus misleading in some parts. It's okay legend, you are just a human after all.

    NeardrageNeardrage3 måneder siden
  • I’m sure it’s been mentioned already but there are ranks 3 and 4 crafters mark for the crafted gear and I think they are made by enchanters unlocked through the avowed rep in revendreth

    Matt LarsonMatt Larson3 måneder siden
    • It's basically time gated by rep

      Oon-Yow NgOon-Yow Ng3 måneder siden
  • I literally f4'd out of the very end of my last Layer 3 Torghast run because I didn't want to have to chore myself through the boss knowing I wouldn't get anything for it except that stupid ash, and I already have zero interest in repeating this next week to get that stupid quest done, so I just dropped it. The 800+ ash can rot in my bags for all I care.

    maniacal1maniacal13 måneder siden
  • Real guide: 1) rush to 60 asap 2-3 days is best 2) have a legitimate group of 5 friends including tank/healer ready to run Heroics no queue then move on to Mythics 3) be ilvl 175+ by the end of week 2 ready for raid opening. Alternative: Have a job or household responsibilities and no online friends on call and faff about for worse gear for twice as long.

    ReevenReeven3 måneder siden
    • Queue time for heroics was awful last night. Stuck at ilvl 168 with no reliable grp...

      james ghosaljames ghosal3 måneder siden
  • overall sounds like s#@t to me...I cannot even stomach walking through the lame maw scenario at the beginning.

    jhcjhc3 måneder siden
  • actually

    hydroUNIThydroUNIT3 måneder siden
  • You keep referencing hitting renown level 4 but I'm locked at 3 and finished all my quests. Is it different per covenant? My friend got his Maldraxxus covenant legs immediately at 60 and I don't have any quests for any for Night Fae.

    ProphTartProphTart3 måneder siden
  • Sooooo much wrong information in this video. Sad

    YdahusYdahus3 måneder siden
  • Wot ? Woot? just do a m+ And be done with it raid at w4 at w 6 do heroic

    Mega ArtMega Art3 måneder siden
    • @Oon-Yow Ng m0 ) Sorry

      Mega ArtMega Art3 måneder siden
    • M+ only opens with raid, lol.

      Oon-Yow NgOon-Yow Ng3 måneder siden
  • Every non ergonomic keyboard --- is worse than any ergo keyboard you can get

    Mega ArtMega Art3 måneder siden

    ReignofLoReignofLo3 måneder siden
  • As someone who uses heavily the numeric keypad, those DROP keyboards are.. not good? XD

    Thales SarczukThales Sarczuk3 måneder siden
  • Good to see people are having fun, while I can't log in, can't get customer support to respond, and have been felt like I've wasted money yet again on a blizzard product.

    Touch TheBaconTouch TheBacon3 måneder siden
    • Sucker

      SogenSogen3 måneder siden
  • literally nothing he said is correct though, it's weird.....

    AltF4 GamingAltF4 Gaming3 måneder siden
    • That’s what happens when you care too much about your sport coat and lapel pin

      Malfuryon StormrageMalfuryon Stormrage3 måneder siden
    • Seriously has to put out videos before knowing that all of what he said isn’t correct and it changed from beta/alpha

      Malfuryon StormrageMalfuryon Stormrage3 måneder siden
    • Too busy trying to sell us a keyboard, facts are secondary.

      Spencer JarvisSpencer Jarvis3 måneder siden
    • exactly my thoughts...

      Mega TronMega Tron3 måneder siden
  • Spoiler alert - This video is just an advert for keyboards

    Dazedand ConfusedDazedand Confused3 måneder siden
  • 14:15 What the actual fuck? :D

    ShulaiShulai3 måneder siden
  • i am confused. week 1 it is impossible to get renown 4. max is 3.

    FuryXHD PCFuryXHD PC3 måneder siden
    • Yeah they changed it. It’s different from beta/ptr

      J SJ S3 måneder siden
  • Faster method. Get through normals, grab a group of people(guildies or friends) rush 2-3 heroics till you get like 155 or smth, then rush mythics and you'll be 190 in no time.

    AndrewAndrew3 måneder siden
  • Spam heroics , run every dungeon on mythic. Congratulations, you’re now geared and I just saved you 17 minutes of your life. Also if you got money, buy epics from the AH. Or farm gold after you’re geared to buy those epics. You’re welcome.

    RageftwRageftw3 måneder siden
  • talk about a click bait title. pretty disappointing comeing from bellular. gotta thumbs down for this.

    Kohl PackinghamKohl Packingham3 måneder siden
  • Can you share your UI ?

    Nelson PereiraNelson Pereira3 måneder siden
  • Please don't stop doing these videos. I love having a guide each week for Shadowlands. I'd be super happy if these continued for months, hopefully every week until the end of updates! Great for a new player like myself. Thank you Bellular these vids are really digestable, clear and well labelled. Very, very helpful. Thanks!

    Dusty WizardDusty Wizard3 måneder siden
  • Carrot + stick = content for you x

    Dan BillDan Bill3 måneder siden
  • The PVP gear levelling relies on actually winning your battleground, which hardly ever happens

    Drum8888Drum88883 måneder siden
    • @GnashingTeeth he’s spitting facts. You don’t know how practical theory of our universe works. It’s entirely 50% you’ve just yet to get your wins. You can change the %, by sucking

      GreedGreed3 måneder siden
    • @GnashingTeeth Also, you, may think when you play PVP that you're playing against bots, but you aren't, really.

      A mosca na véiaA mosca na véia3 måneder siden
    • @A mosca na véia it's a purely theoritical analysis, almost paradoxal in a way. To see it you must look at ut this way : If both team have an equal number of players, and players have random skill because of the unranked matchmaking, then the odds are equal. since any player can be in any team, in a purely statistical way, it evens out. Then when you represent one of these players, you remove the randomness of 1 player in your team and replace it with agency (your own will and skill). So the teams are now 10 random vs 9 random + 1 agent.

      GnashingTeethGnashingTeeth3 måneder siden
    • @GnashingTeeth If that is universally true, it means the total chances of either side winning is more than 100%. Of course, that isn't true. Besides, probability only plays out when you run infinitely many tests, which is an impossibility. Also, your analysis rules out some other random probabilities: that the other team may have some no-lifers who have already grinded ilvl 160+ gear; the other team can be a premade while you're pugging from the average pool of your faction queue.

      A mosca na véiaA mosca na véia3 måneder siden
    • Odds are always in your favor tho you should win more than 50%

      GnashingTeethGnashingTeeth3 måneder siden
  • Or you can hit the AH. World Epics seem have a decent drip rate. I was able to score 2 190 weapons for 120k total G. Also there's darkmoon cards that are 200 ilvl

    phatymcdaddyphatymcdaddy3 måneder siden
  • How to get gear fast, - fuck around for 5 weeks, fast indeed lol

    M grimbleM grimble3 måneder siden
  • Good guide. I’ve never been in a rush to gear but I will get there eventually. I always find myself behind the curve. IRL takes priority but I’m glad there are good resources like this out there. Keep up the good work, guys.

    StezeSteze3 måneder siden
  • I did a world quest and got a ilv 190 spear from a mob. What about those items?

    Alex WAlex W3 måneder siden
  • How do we get to Renown level 4 during week 1? I only got 1 quest this week @BellularGaming

    imoquestimoquest3 måneder siden
  • Fast.. (10 Weeks) heh

    protic4protic43 måneder siden
  • Too much timegating for my taste.

    Live Free or DieLive Free or Die3 måneder siden
  • "PvP gear is attainable." You do realize that requires winning more than once in a month though?

    LahisLahis3 måneder siden
  • I don't like you.

    Augustine ShepazziAugustine Shepazzi3 måneder siden
  • Wait...So every week, I have to max out everything to grind my gear? So if I have real life things to do for 1 week i'm basically fucked the next week ? That's cool.....

    The ProbesThe Probes3 måneder siden
    • Talk about a fucking time gate! Fuck man classic may be the best way to have a life on the 3-4 days a week I don't turn my PC on! Now that is a screwed up thing to say.

      The ProbesThe Probes3 måneder siden
  • Jesus, my todo list at work is smaller than my WoW Todo list...

    MrWadeBarrettMrWadeBarrett3 måneder siden
  • I'm capped out at renown 3 completing both weekly quests of freeing 5 souls from the maw and collecting 1000 Anima power. There is no "campaign quest" besides collecting 1250 soul ash which is time-gated. Unless blizz throws us a new quest it is literally impossible to get to renown 4 on week 1.

    Adam HerAdam Her3 måneder siden
    • I was wondering how 4 renown!? This is a mistake right?

      Joseph AkersJoseph Akers3 måneder siden
  • bellular stop trying to get people to rush through the expanion

    fiery jackfiery jack3 måneder siden
  • You can only get renown 3 until the end of this week. Also, mythic drops 184 not 183, already 2 flaws in this one.

    Christian RessChristian Ress3 måneder siden
  • My priest mostly packed with ilvl184 in week 1 will have acces to ilvl171 gear in week 4. Mind blown.

    Raul M.Raul M.3 måneder siden
  • Dude tone it down with the sponsor it's just a keyboard!

    cas blokhuntcas blokhunt3 måneder siden
  • aren't we locked at renown 3??? defuk is he talking about renown 4?

    Kurt CamilleriKurt Camilleri3 måneder siden
  • Already outdated info and lots of errors. Small ones but errors

    Dareo LarixDareo Larix3 måneder siden
  • Thought I was watching a keyboard review for a sec And I was loving it

    Chike ChovisChike Chovis3 måneder siden
  • Hotswappable keycaps guys ! He meant switches.

    OsaOsa3 måneder siden
  • Week 6 just to hit 180 , nah I'll run dungeons and not be lazy

    MelloMello3 måneder siden
  • Turns out, week 1 has only 1 weekly quest rather than 2, which means week 1 caps out at renown level 3, and each week after that is 3 more levels (until 24, after which you get +2 renown levels per week).

    FloofWolfeFloofWolfe3 måneder siden
  • OMG thanks heaps this was super helpful :) Cheers :)

    Rayvon DormerRayvon Dormer3 måneder siden
  • So convoluted....Why can't it just be like the old days when you just craft gear, run heroic dungeons, and raids.... Oh wait Blizzard is too lazy for that anymore.

    Steven RachalSteven Rachal3 måneder siden
  • It seems that the max Renown level for this week is 3, unless they do a in-the-middle-of-the-week kind of weekly quest. This changes for example the earlier belief of upgrading your honor gear to ilvl 184 on week 2, as it will not be happening then.

    K AK A3 måneder siden
  • How the hell did I manage to get the pants but not the gloves or cape and im still at renown level 3. how did I break this shit so spectacularly?

    Big Bear ArbsBig Bear Arbs3 måneder siden
    • This is all beta/alpha info and it’s changed and this video has a lot of wrong information. I only have legs and belt as renown 6 as of week2

      Malfuryon StormrageMalfuryon Stormrage3 måneder siden
  • what the fuck is that video? get geared fast and tells us how we should wait till week 7 to get renown gear? is bellular drunk?

    IcoblablubbIcoblablubb3 måneder siden
  • Hmm, just saw this another vid of his. "Never have I been so confused by an expansion before" Also Maldraxxas no matter how good the artwork is depresses me. Just what I need with the onset of winter and Covid lol :)

    LuciusEsox1 Lucky soxLuciusEsox1 Lucky sox3 måneder siden
  • Why do you keep calling normal players casual players? The casual player is actually a raider, because they only come on to do one thing "casually"". Casual is defined as quote, "not regular or permanent; temporary; part-time". Non raiders play the game for an extended period of time compared to a raider that is only on the game for maybe a couple of hours... Maybe five to six total. I know for a fact that I've done more content solo than my entire raiding guild that I was in before they jump service.

    Mykael NyxMykael Nyx3 måneder siden
  • I think the comment on the renown levels are wrong, after completing all covenant quests available and the 2 weeklies mentioned I am at level 3 not 4, don't think the campaign quests gives you 1 level of it.

    Alex McKennaAlex McKenna3 måneder siden
  • Imo the crazy ilvl numbers are to much....soon will be at 900 again....

    ovidiu dragosovidiu dragos3 måneder siden
  • I just am not getting it. So much to learn and figure out. maybe if I had a guild that would help.

    Rob LambertRob Lambert3 måneder siden
    • Oh and also your 2 weekly quests

      SerraSerra3 måneder siden
    • To make it very simple - Do your campaign whenever each part releases, do torghast until it no longer gives reward soul ash, and dungeons or raids when raid releases. 🙂

      SerraSerra3 måneder siden
  • "Fast!"

    CiferCifer3 måneder siden
  • systems are still so dumb... upgrading armor, still .. .cmon..

    TraveyTravey3 måneder siden
  • jeez the selling out is getting worse and worse! hahahah

    TraveyTravey3 måneder siden
  • Week 1 renown is capped at 3, not 4.

    Bio DBio D3 måneder siden
  • We need to do 8 mythic dungeons every week?!

    PholkLorrPholkLorr3 måneder siden
    • No it's just until mythic+ keystone comes out. Now you can only do mythic 0 wich gets locked after you finish it. I belive mythic keystones comes week 3? Or am I wrong?

      Living AbroadLiving Abroad3 måneder siden
  • did he sponser those keyboards twice in a row? did anyone else catch that?

    Ooface ShamWowOoface ShamWow3 måneder siden