Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

18. mars. 2021
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I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!!
If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline ( at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website ( or calling 877-382-4357.
Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
Go check out Perog's version here too-
New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara-

  • Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!

    Mark RoberMark RoberMåned siden
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      Carlos SajulgaCarlos Sajulga17 timer siden
    • No one else worried about his facetime call with jay-z?

      Drake FishDrake Fish2 dager siden
    • Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇

      Musicalm RelaxationMusicalm Relaxation10 dager siden
    • E

      Fantastic SlimetasticFantastic Slimetastic18 dager siden
    • I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft

      Spylent 00Spylent 0021 dag siden
  • Scammers are the lowest of the low!

    STASTATime siden
  • I learned more in this video than I did this whole year in my Cybersecurity class

    Clarisa AluisoClarisa AluisoTime siden
  • my only fear is that you'll accidentally get someone hurt.

    doug bdoug bTime siden
  • From NASA to the FBI wooow Now thats what I call range

    J PetJ PetTime siden
  • Great job fellows.

    benz500rbenz500rTime siden
  • My homeboi Jim

    Cash AlvarezCash AlvarezTime siden
  • Sweet glorious glimmering justice!

    AntiBunny StudioAntiBunny Studio2 timer siden
  • I've watched so many of your videos, I have no idea how I wasn't already subscribed. 🤔

    Sonya WillisSonya Willis2 timer siden
  • I would love to see a video of a predator drone strike blowing up those scammers rats nest...

    Tim BurdockTim Burdock2 timer siden
  • 0:53 You know what the coolest thing is that no one is talking about, is he has Jay-Z and Elon’s contacts.

    James LehaneJames Lehane2 timer siden

    king harrisking harris2 timer siden
  • where can i buy a pair of those glitter bomb pants?

    user86411user864112 timer siden
  • Every person that skips this video is another person that could lose thousands of dollars 😞

    Lunar RabbitLunar Rabbit3 timer siden
  • They need to have a higher punishment for these people. They are literally ruining lives.

    YOEYYOEY3 timer siden
  • gottem

    IndicafatbudIndicafatbud4 timer siden
  • You should definitely MAKE THIS A BUSINESS MODEL & EMPLOY OTHERS TO GET THESE PEOPLE!!! (I never use many explanation points so you know I'm serious! 💖😁)

    Wonder BlastWonder Blast4 timer siden
  • Lol this guy is from Utah? This happens to be the state I’m studying.

    Brayden QuadrosBrayden Quadros4 timer siden
  • Bruh, who tf disliked. I bet scammers disliked smh

    David ChinteaDavid Chintea4 timer siden
  • 4:48

    Hunter MinnierHunter Minnier4 timer siden
  • 4;48

    Hunter MinnierHunter Minnier4 timer siden
  • Lmao rewatching and I just noticed the FaceTime call from jay z

    Owen PenroseOwen Penrose5 timer siden
  • Who wants to bet all the dislikes are scammers

    FearRedBaron11 YtFearRedBaron11 Yt5 timer siden
  • Am I the only person that noticed jay z was in his recent calls at 0:54

    SileNtNinjaSileNtNinja5 timer siden
  • honestly this is sad

    UUM RecordsUUM Records5 timer siden
  • love you man ❤

    saiyed alklbanisaiyed alklbani5 timer siden
  • hero of the people lol For this alone, i think i will go buy your shirt

    H CH C5 timer siden
  • I wish this was subbed in portuguese.

    Carlos Vinícius Santos RamosCarlos Vinícius Santos Ramos5 timer siden
  • I wonder how many view are from India and American scammer training

    Gamer NanceGamer Nance5 timer siden
  • Mark is L from Death Note!

    MegaLileiMegaLilei5 timer siden
  • That was very confusing

    Ava DeAvilaAva DeAvila6 timer siden
  • These guys are the worst of the worst

    Gamer NanceGamer Nance6 timer siden
  • Mark is the best

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  • 999

    9999996 timer siden

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  • Hats off!!

    Irish LampitcoIrish Lampitco6 timer siden
  • I been liking Jim Browning's vids. Glad Mark is with him now. Kitboega vids are cool too

    Doug StantonDoug Stanton6 timer siden
  • Dude.... You are my hero. I wish it was possible to monetize doing the right thing. If I had Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk type money (or even a fraction of it) I would totally fund you to do this full time. The fact those guys aren't giving you 8 or 9 figures a year to take down scammers just makes them worse human beings in my opinion.... You. Da. MAN!

    Anthony MarcAnthony Marc6 timer siden
  • Lol if i were to ever fall for a Phone scammer. (which btw youll have to be taking every secound seriusly or il know the slightest change in your voice) Then id use something a bit more sticky and COLD as in nitrogen cold and the sticky part well, simply use glitter and blueberrie juice which btw blueberrie juice WONT come off no mather how much you try to clean whatever is leather and with glitter its a bad time combo the liquide nitrogen is just to surrond the air in the area and solidify the juice and glittter in the area meaning you cant hide anymore. (yes use liquid nitrogen and put it in a container able to resist it)

    Mr. bendyMr. bendy7 timer siden
  • Jaayyyyyyyyyyyy zeyeyyyeyeyeyeye

    Brandon VelezBrandon Velez7 timer siden
  • Pvz music!

    Miles McDonaldMiles McDonald7 timer siden
  • So this is what a superhero looks like

    Cristiano FaxxCristiano Faxx7 timer siden
  • I’m impressed with the level of detail put into this

    Christopher LongChristopher Long8 timer siden
  • Lol my phone notification sound is a bruh sound effect and it went bruh when it showed he put 20000

    cylis mercadocylis mercado8 timer siden
  • My respects❤️

    daisythesnake edaisythesnake e8 timer siden
  • Just send them anthrax. Problem solved.

    prociproci8 timer siden
  • Hears what I do to prevent scams if I see a number I don’t recognize I Just say you got the wrong number and hang up

    BWellFamiliesBWellFamilies9 timer siden
  • People who steal money from people like this should be hanged man.

    Robin AndrewsRobin Andrews9 timer siden
  • My 78-year-old mom just got scammed for 12k in January. It just makes me sick that there are people in this world that would do this. I wish I could get my hands on just one of these guys.

    MrSTOOBZZMrSTOOBZZ9 timer siden
  • Thanks for doing this.... Even here in India, there's lot of scams going... Internet banking, mobile banking is pretty new here... N so elders are their easy victims... They request money, n person feels like one's receiving money when one is actually paying up... I mean this is the simplest way, but they're creative in scamming... Thanks for helping authorities getting them justice

    Kabir BhagtaniKabir Bhagtani9 timer siden
  • cool

    Rebecca LaGrowRebecca LaGrow9 timer siden
  • Yup. I do remember jim browning.

    Ronen PinchevskyRonen Pinchevsky9 timer siden
  • Thank you Mark for helping catch these scammers.

    God, Comics, and GamingGod, Comics, and Gaming10 timer siden
  • Title said @QPark scammed?! wow u just made the dancing youtuber scammer as a title

    Coolgamer gamingCoolgamer gaming10 timer siden
  • Best Rober Video Ever!!!! Go get em Mark!!!!! You totally rock!!!!!

    Toni AllenToni Allen10 timer siden
  • Yesirrrrrr mark changing lives one by one love this man

    Jesus RodriguezJesus Rodriguez10 timer siden
  • Thanks for being awesome and ruining the day of folks who often ruin others day / week / year / life

    Nick PrescottNick Prescott10 timer siden
  • this is so horrible

    Supremegentlemen10Supremegentlemen1010 timer siden
  • U don’t need to go to school to learn since Mark can teach us.

    Jharna Haque-noorJharna Haque-noor10 timer siden
  • Bro that's so cool he is like his own little vigilante catching scammers

    Pulsar AnimsPulsar Anims11 timer siden
  • These people should receive another kind of bomb.

    frankiebeanfrankiebean11 timer siden
  • dude, you are just awesome!

    BaoyingwalaoBaoyingwalao11 timer siden
  • ok so no one's gonna point out that he had made a FaceTime to Jay-Z on his phone in between all those missed scammer calls.

    JulianJulian11 timer siden
  • this started as a cool fun project,now it has become an official 'justice bringing' project,i love it

    ChildeChilde12 timer siden
  • Respect

    BeefybeefcakeBeefybeefcake12 timer siden
  • I’m glad I live in Australia so I don’t have to deal with scammers as much. I’m also kind of upset because I can’t mess with scammers.

    AtomicFaultAtomicFault12 timer siden
  • Put a bomb in it

    MapleMaple13 timer siden
    • @Leandl St nah

      MapleMaple11 timer siden
    • Isn´t that a bit to brutal?

      Leandl StLeandl St12 timer siden
  • Why would anyone send money to these people?

  • Lmao Jay-Z and Elon appears on his recent calls😂

    Nicolas Falk NielsenNicolas Falk Nielsen13 timer siden
  • 14K thumbs downs? Who doesn't love this? I guess we can guess who those thumbsdowners are (aka scammers).

    Jannaeé SickJannaeé Sick13 timer siden
  • Why does this video have 14k dislikes

    Alastor V VoxAlastor V Vox13 timer siden
  • What drives me nuts is his workshop. So organized and spotless. I bet he doesn’t have a messy supply drawer in his kitchen. I spent 15 minutes yesterday looking for duct tape. Aaaargh..... great video....was learning about planting tomatoes and stumbled on scammers!

    d klecand klecan13 timer siden

    Elyana Ade PertiwiElyana Ade Pertiwi13 timer siden
  • The dislikes are from the scammers

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  • Bastered scammers 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    MohammedMohammed14 timer siden
  • Omg I was 50 seconds into this video and got a potential dpam phone call🤣

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  • this is amazing i hope to see trilogy media, kitboga and irlrosie ft in the next one!!

    LaurenenLaurenen14 timer siden
  • Love this!

    Kaylee ReynoldsKaylee Reynolds14 timer siden
  • Make the next glitter bomb brutal

    randomizedrandomized14 timer siden
  • I'm over 60 but I gotta tell you if someone pulled that on me and told me they screwed up and sent me that money, my response would be: "Sucks for you, get a lawyer".

    Kevin O’GillKevin O’Gill15 timer siden
  • Lol this is the best collab ever...I love that you linked up with Jim and the others to get them.

    Joe KerrJoe Kerr15 timer siden
  • I mean there are rapists running around freely in India, they ain't got time or resources to arrest scammers.

    nittmishnittmish15 timer siden

    Tisha AlokTisha Alok15 timer siden
  • Aww I was banking on Kitboga to be apart of this! Still great video though 😊 glad to get back at these people!

    MrTNaderMrTNader15 timer siden
  • Plant vs zombies song

    EAzyEAzy15 timer siden
  • Omg, i feel like I’m listening to some spy movie

    Nihal RissaneNihal Rissane15 timer siden
  • Oh my gawd

    TOBBY SUSTOBBY SUS15 timer siden
  • 14k scammers didn't like this!!!!

    KD Sneaky DealsKD Sneaky Deals16 timer siden
  • Saw what you are doing. Heard Jim browning and other Heroes are involved. Subbed. I love your work Guys!

    Julio F.Julio F.16 timer siden
  • Gotta love the perseverance of the supervisor. Got glitter bombed and is still asking, "What about my money???" 🤣

    AmyAmy16 timer siden
  • Yes, the bank is going to give me access to their computer system. 🙄

    AmyAmy16 timer siden
  • Speaking of being proactive, watch Earthlings, awesome video much love

    Ingala SachaIngala Sacha16 timer siden
  • 0:46 IM IN MY BED

    LandonaplaneLandonaplane17 timer siden
  • India is becoming a nuisance.

    Kash 75Kash 7517 timer siden
  • Did you try using compressed air to distribute the glitter. May be easier, smaller and could spray it further.

    fredvvoefredvvoe17 timer siden
  • i love him so much.. i would have kept the money and said, 'u snore u lose.' 😛

    Gacha_EnderGacha_Ender18 timer siden
  • Let's just accept the fact that he did all these to stop scammers beforw it is too late

    MythBustedMythBusted18 timer siden
  • our house maid was scammed 800$ cause she used some atm thing and gave the code to the scammer and the scammer took all the money and she cried so much but my mom gave her 1000$ so like

    VibezVibez18 timer siden
  • رحم الله والديك

    ahmed amanahmed aman19 timer siden
  • Amazon Prlme lmfaooo

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