Gojira - The Chant [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

30. april. 2021
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New album 'Fortitude' out now: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
Gojira “The Chant”
Directed By Russell Brownley
Written By Joe Duplantier
Cinematography By Dustin Miller & Russell Brownley
1st Ad - Madison Dyer
Gaffer - Nicholas Calabria
Produced By Mahlin Diamond, Chris Brown, Summer Wright
Lead PA - Marcela Diamond
Young Boy - Biuan Rai
Older Boy - Dawa Sherpa
Mother - Dhanu Sherpa
Teen Boy - Manoj Biswa
Dad - Pawan Sherpa
Loader 1 - Raju Samanta
Loader 2 - Subhadip Pal
Soldier - Shiva Sherpa
India Crew
Fixers - Amit Dhar & Rupanjali Chatterjee
Spot Boys - Subhadip Pal & Jishu Samaddar
Coordinator - Rohit Chhetri
Drivers - Sandip Kumar Singh, Dilip Gupta, Bipin Singh & Aman Lohar
Hotels - Sleeping Buddha & Himalaya Hut
Post Production - Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor - Zachary Winick
Post Producer - Ivy Henderson
Assistant Editors - Chris Rentie, Edward Schroer
Conform/VFX Artist - John Erdman
Head Of Production - Marie Mangahas
Executive Producer - Yvette Cobarrubias

Color - Apache
Colorist - Taylor Black
Producer - Kirstin Harris
Executive Producer - Larue Anderson
Title Design - Mike Fretto
Special Thanks
Brianna Marks Brownley
Cosmo Street Editorial
India Film Commission
Gojira Is
Joe Duplantier
Mario Duplantier
Christian Andreu
Jean-Michel Labadie

You were told to swallow crawl and hide
Victims of fear and deception
Get ahold of yourself rise above
The better part of you, immortal

May this purple spring flow into your soul
Exhausting all these black holes inside
Wake up to the sound of doom!
Let this chant ring in your bones and lift you up

Get strong

Leave the mud behind and climb up the sky
Wake up to the sound of doom!

  • Love from ❤️ 🇮🇳 🤟🏾

    Bidhan DebbarmaBidhan Debbarma2 timer siden
  • Free Tibet.

    Max LenoirMax Lenoir2 timer siden
  • While this song is not as heavy as most metalhead would like, I find it way more heavy than some extremist satanist stuff just because of the message

    Arcree HysteriaArcree Hysteria2 timer siden
  • Thank you Gojira, vive la France! Much love from Ukraine.

    Roman RybakRoman Rybak2 timer siden
  • Remix here : notown.info/two/video/mKhpn65xdpaakdE.html

    Etienne GilletEtienne Gillet3 timer siden
  • I llove them. Gojira is one of the best band. 🖤🖤🖤

    tanja banfitanja banfi3 timer siden
  • In china they are also Turkish people who are being slaughtered China is a poison on earth.(Not talking about its good people) And Our Turkish ancestors have warned us about them in ancient rites etc.

    Onur Can YıldırımOnur Can Yıldırım3 timer siden
  • If we all would unite to boycott anything coming from China the whole world would benefit

    Federico ManuzzatoFederico Manuzzato4 timer siden
  • 03:08 Taking just the head out of Buddha doesn't seem like Buddhism. Looks very awkward given the serious message of the song.

    TektonovTektonov4 timer siden
  • lets not forget the abuse and genocide of ethnic Uyghers as well. China must be held accountable for these human rights atrocities

    Avinash SinghAvinash Singh4 timer siden
  • Tibet should be free .

    Nebraskan HeathenNebraskan Heathen5 timer siden
  • gojira nice music but i went falls because you named like a famus film monster in 1952

    darkorr1darkorr16 timer siden
  • SOS, in Colombia Our Government is KILLING US! HELP!

    Arlex Rincon ObandoArlex Rincon Obando7 timer siden
  • Singer looks like Mike from American pickers

    Billy CulbertsonBilly Culbertson7 timer siden
  • ¡What a EPIC band u are! A concept that is always its own and different from what you tend to find in metal music... ¡Forever fan of you! I hope u come to Chile again :)

    FaFa7 timer siden
  • By far the worst song on the album, this song actually kinda ruined the album for me. This is Gojira's, "Hey Jude". Is it just me or does anyone else agree they picked the worst songs for the singles??

    J. ShuJ. Shu7 timer siden
  • Garbage. This band used to be metal? They were great for a little while there. The ultra woke social commentary is pretentious at best.

    Mark ThompsonMark Thompson8 timer siden
  • the main riff and lyrics are like from the shooting star

    Vasil DimitrovVasil Dimitrov8 timer siden
  • Güey 😔❤️

    Cesar NoCesar No8 timer siden
  • How about you talk about the genocide being committed against your own people there, Gojira? Instead of worrying about those who don't give a shit about you.

    Gleb MikhalevGleb Mikhalev8 timer siden
  • Gojira got 666k likes on this video. Fucking cool.

    Long Wong101Long Wong1018 timer siden
  • this sucks

    donald blumpfdonald blumpf9 timer siden
  • Now I understand why the view count is so low. This video is critical of YT's government masters.

    wattsunwattsun9 timer siden

    netherwarpernetherwarper10 timer siden
  • Just learned about this band like a month ago . You guys fucking rock and I love it

    Craig Rosen's BeardCraig Rosen's Beard11 timer siden
  • notown.info/two/video/0strfpijgZqU1Lc.html

    Broken ChainsBroken Chains11 timer siden
  • Well, I hope Chinese audiences aren't too keen on seeing Gojira playing live anytime soon

    gioyu comigioyu comi12 timer siden

    Xristos-TsXristos-Ts12 timer siden
  • Chinese government is considered in this comment section as criminals with a common disclaimer that it should be separated from chinese people. But ccp did some work in recent decades to reduce poverty among chinese people and succeded. I think that even without censorship and propaganda ccp would have huge support among chinese citizens, who traded freedom for welfare (and don't you blame them). Now the question is: how exactly all of you white knights of the free world want to get rid of the government that is supported by most of 1.5 billion people nation? It's ridiculous.

    Alaska KitAlaska Kit12 timer siden
  • Love From NEPAL Gojira 🤘🏻🙂🤘🏻

    noskeee rayannoskeee rayan12 timer siden
    • me prend au tripes et qui me donne envie de gueuler AAAAAAAHHHHHH WOUAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH

      gioyu comigioyu comi12 timer siden
  • Great job lads

    Tymoteusz KocurkiewiczTymoteusz Kocurkiewicz12 timer siden
  • Hate de vous revoir a la maison au pays Basque 😉👍

    Fred GeoffroyFred Geoffroy12 timer siden
  • Feel bad hit of the Summer

    Greek DudeGreek Dude13 timer siden
  • Bullshit. Tibet had feudal system of slavery and cruelty before Lama was thrown away.

    cybernessfulcybernessful13 timer siden
  • Alice in chains ?

    Airmes 66Airmes 6613 timer siden
  • Masterpiece.

    Latające NożeLatające Noże13 timer siden
  • Так, у Китаї це відео навряд чи буде показане... Gojira вам повага.

    Сергей БелыйСергей Белый14 timer siden
  • Milesker anitz lagunak

    niko64310niko6431014 timer siden
  • This is kool, thank you!!!

    Star ShooterStar Shooter14 timer siden
  • Quel son ! Quel clip ! Quel message ! Beud

    dimoney93dimoney9314 timer siden
  • Masterpiece

    Patrick H.Patrick H.15 timer siden
  • Serait-il possible, un jour que vous sortiez un album décevant ? :p Un album juste magnifique et bien pensé.

    ArkanArkan15 timer siden
  • Je suis vraiment déçu que vous veniez au Canada mais en première partie de Deftones...J'ai acheté un t-shirt sur votre site car je ne veux pas payer pour voir Deftones. J'espère pouvoir vous voir en tête d'affiche au cour des prochaines années, j'adore votre musique!

    Alexandre SimardAlexandre Simard15 timer siden
  • Free Tibet

    Christopher MasseyChristopher Massey16 timer siden
  • Une track qui m'a demandé plusieurs écoutes (comme souvent avec Gojira) avant de finalement en accepter la beauté, la richesse et de m'incliner devant cette douce rage qui me prend au tripes et qui me donne envie de gueuler AAAAAAAHHHHHH WOUAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH

    François FantiniFrançois Fantini16 timer siden
  • Thanks to you The Four Frenchmans that music still breath and do whats art supossed to be do, namly carry a message. Greatings from Poland, I love you guys

    cineqpcineqp17 timer siden
  • La verdad, no se por que estoy llorando

    Sebástian HernándezSebástian Hernández18 timer siden
  • India has been a refuge for the religiously persecuted from all it's neighbours for decades. There is no minority persecution in the country as a segment of the media might want to portray. Our nationalism is inclusive. Jai Hind! || 🕉 Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ||

    Shourya SinhaShourya Sinha18 timer siden
  • On n'est pas médiocres dans tous les domaines, on a Gojira et nos autres artistes, après c'est le fromage et le jus de raisin. Beau combat les gars, on vous suit et on agit !

  • I have been an activist for "Free Tibet" since I was young. My mother and I are in the process of adopting my Tibetan sister for over a year... It is very long and we face many obstacles. I send this music to her and She is very grateful for your song. Thank you for this, sometimes we feel very alone in this fight. PEU GYALO !!

    BrainSBrainS19 timer siden
  • Amazing song and message!!!

    BlackRaven_RecordingStudioBlackRaven_RecordingStudio19 timer siden
  • I want to see that live too Fuck corona let‘s do everything to make life better for everyone. Go Gojira 🤘

    Sebastian ChlebecekSebastian Chlebecek20 timer siden
  • I swear every Gojira song needs the vocals turned up by at least 2-3db I can't hear / understand a word he says.

    Dj DangerDj Danger20 timer siden
  • 761 Chinese watched this video

    Karl SCHEFFERKarl SCHEFFER20 timer siden
  • Gojira is the best "Practice what you preach" band, as they say in Silvera: "When you change yourself, you change the world". This song is an azaming example of that with a powerfull message

    NicodetNicodet21 time siden
  • Very similar to the Turkish genocide of Armenians

    Angelus BellumAngelus Bellum21 time siden
  • Those 700+ dislikes... I guess it’s from people who are loyal to the Chinese government 😈

    Angelus BellumAngelus Bellum21 time siden
  • I would rather listen to my pet goat shit on a tin roof .

    Aquatic MulletAquatic Mullet21 time siden
  • C'était déjà excellent avant, mais LÀ... ça touche à la perfection !

    Fletcher SeagullFletcher Seagull21 time siden
  • What happened to Tibetans is happening now to Uyghurs.

    Rade MartinovićRade Martinović22 timer siden
  • Fodasso! 🇧🇷🤘🏻🇨🇵

    Guilherme CruzGuilherme Cruz22 timer siden
  • Not the best song but it's good they bring these topics up.

    jacob siegersmapietersjacob siegersmapieters22 timer siden
  • Love from Indonesia ❤️🤟

    agrdcagrdc22 timer siden
  • Waaouuhh, quelle claque ce morceau...Bravo Gojira ! et vivement les concerts !!

    pier lafontpier lafont22 timer siden
  • puissant,mélodique envoûtant; gojira régale nos papilles!!! GRAMMY AWARDS...

    marcmarc23 timer siden
  • Wow really nice, after Amazonia, now a song for tibetans ! Will you do one for Artsakh where ther's Millenian churchs destructed, cemeteries aswell by Azerbaijani forces ?

    Vincent NVincent N23 timer siden
  • La puissance de cette chanson 0_0

    Desmure BaptisteDesmure BaptisteDag siden
  • solid song. not crazy on it but imagining a stadium full of people chanting along gave me head tingles. cant wait to sing along one day!

    MuꭥnMuꭥnDag siden
  • Speechless...

    Dreaddy Mills DrummerDreaddy Mills DrummerDag siden
  • Kinda reminds me of Gorguts' Battle of Chamdo, even if the songs are totally different

    norest wickednorest wickedDag siden
  • i love you guys honestly

    Jesus SerranoJesus SerranoDag siden
  • "Dad why is my sister name Rose?" "Because your mother loves roses" "Thanks Dad" "No problem, The chant [OFFICIAL VIDEO]"

    Luminous EntertaintmentLuminous EntertaintmentDag siden
  • dont like it.......... satan is a lawyer, lizard skin

    House MudgeHouse MudgeDag siden
  • Man....this gave me shrills

    Ayush VermaAyush VermaDag siden
  • LMAOOO return to theocracy and slavery. Hell yea

    Mike HernándezMike HernándezDag siden
  • Gojira is probably banned from China now if they weren't already, I don't think there are many honors much higher.

    SG03SG03Dag siden
  • The chorus part is out of this world! i love this song man! i love it

    CranetechCranetechDag siden
  • I never cared for that bunch and their stuff at all but this is a GREAT song!

    snakepitguysnakepitguyDag siden
  • Ca ressemble beaucoup a shooting star quand meme

    Colin MasseColin MasseDag siden
  • So frikin good!

    Eduardo TelesEduardo TelesDag siden
  • Free Tibet. China is the enemy to all freedom lovers.

    Michael H.Michael H.Dag siden
  • ❤ this song. Sooooooooooo f ckn bad ass..🤘🤘🤘.

    metalgods04metalgods04Dag siden
  • OMG

    Alexandre BelloniAlexandre BelloniDag siden
  • Oh men, Gojira turned into a documentary band now? I didn't know documentary and heavy metal would be a great combination. Such powerful message with powerful music. My fave is Amazonia

    Nhiexel VisualzNhiexel VisualzDag siden
  • I hate comparing a good band such as Gojira to metallica.........

    Mark leonMark leonDag siden
  • This one grows on you. Found myself randomly going wowo oooh ohhh ohhhhh in my job's elevator today.

    P santosP santosDag siden
  • Unfortunately there's no such common sense in showing the truth on the song Amazonia like there seems to be on The Chant. Anyway, this is a great song and a good message! Comunism = slavery and genocide.

    Fernando AlquimimFernando AlquimimDag siden
  • Love this video! Sadly maybe you're going to being blocked to play someday in China because this video. Hail Gojira!! Free the Tibet!!

    Carlos dos SantosCarlos dos SantosDag siden
  • Vive Gojira Vive la France et vive la Révolution FREE TIBET❤️

    JaZon La MasseJaZon La MasseDag siden
  • Always class from Gojira! I hope this album goes really well for you guys! Thanks for the brilliant music!

  • I hope this album does well. Maybe then Mario will finally be able to afford a shirt.

    Robert ChitoiuRobert ChitoiuDag siden
  • The seeds of this song were sown under a mountain of Magma, and now with Fortitude have grown into something truly beautiful and awesome.

    Jason MurilloJason MurilloDag siden
  • This song speaks to me. Cannot get enough of Gojira

    Larry JohnsonLarry JohnsonDag siden
  • Gojira meets Lisa Simpson

    J RJ RDag siden
  • And our Canadian Prime Minister, the leader of our country loves the Chinese leaders. Makes me sorry to be Canadian.

    Jeremy ThorntonJeremy ThorntonDag siden
  • Simplesmente lindo. Congratulations Gojira.

    Victor LazarottiVictor LazarottiDag siden
  • Gojira is the best thing i discovered in 2021! wonderful job! greetings from Brazil

    Mateus Jose AvanciniMateus Jose AvanciniDag siden
  • Gojira I hope you go on tour with Testament or Anthrax.

    Patrick EstradaPatrick EstradaDag siden
  • que aconteceu com o gojira.. ta ruim demais...

    VoeAlto DroneVoeAlto DroneDag siden
  • I have for a long time now been aware of issues such as the genocide of the uighurs in east china, and so on... But even I was really shocked and moved by this video. I knew that the tibetans were subjugated by china, but I had no idea, that they too are being wiped out by china. This song really moved my heart 💖💓. I just wish I had an idea what I can do.

    Cool KangarooCool KangarooDag siden