2. mai. 2021
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That was crazy...
Today I decided to get a new flamethrower and rob car dealerships with it. I stole a bunch of cars and we even ended up robbing a bank. The cops eventually showed up and we got into crazy chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

  • hi trey can u post more often

    Brood MedusaBrood Medusa44 minutter siden
  • Are we gonna talk about how he said the n word 4:09

    xImoddkXxImoddkXTime siden
  • Holy Sh*t you got 1.8m the last time i checked u had 400k

    PxtricioPxtricio3 timer siden
  • I have an idea Drive the jb 700 and destroy the cops with it

    adnane lam9awadadnane lam9awad4 timer siden
  • You should post more

    Hunter GriffinHunter Griffin4 timer siden
  • do a live strem plese

    sean mccormacksean mccormack5 timer siden
  • Tray u should set up a fake car meet and put a Clone of urself to make the cops believe its there then you are at the real car meet selling cars and getting dat money

    cheese 1 sandwichcheese 1 sandwich5 timer siden
  • Lol lol

    Simon GinaSimon Gina6 timer siden

    justin trouchenjustin trouchen7 timer siden
  • I know treyten owns the city and goes overkill on everything but I didn’t think he would use a flamethrower

    Roddax WKRoddax WK9 timer siden
  • The outro just gets better and better every vid 👁️👅👁️

    ACE FFACE FF9 timer siden
  • Yooo Trey when the next stream??? Been waiting for a while 😔

    darkrRLdarkrRL14 timer siden
  • lets go your uploading alot

    mr joemr joe14 timer siden
  • Trey: robs dealership* Also trey: alright, you guys have a blessed day

    Chonky BoiChonky Boi15 timer siden
  • “You got a fire extinguisher ? .. that’s cute” 😂😂😂

    MoctifyMoctify16 timer siden
  • Are u a staff in redline Rp timer siden
  • Busted out laughing when he lit the guys car on fire and he blew up 😂

    Dre Loco Official.Dre Loco Official.18 timer siden
  • bro the soft landing moment tho at 8:31 is funny

    ISthatFakeyISthatFakey18 timer siden
  • Can you do a car irl reveal

    SordfordA ASordfordA A18 timer siden
  • 15:59 “bye have a good day” had me dead 💀

    UneiqueUneique18 timer siden
  • This Man literally is firefly from dc

    Hello 709Hello 70920 timer siden
  • I have the game but no real cops or shop and you can not rob places

    Xotic zicoXotic zico20 timer siden
  • is this normal gta 5

    Xotic zicoXotic zico20 timer siden
  • how to join to your server ?

    Einen Flem OcayEinen Flem Ocay21 time siden
  • I would really appreciate it if you say “alright boys and girls”🤩💪🏾 you don’t have to if you don’t wanna.

    FLOJOFLOJO22 timer siden
  • You should do a Live because you haven’t in a month

    GIO NAVARROGIO NAVARRO23 timer siden
  • What application do you use to record

    ZiziesZizies23 timer siden
  • A minigun would definitely not have hurt in this vid

    Light BulbLight Bulb23 timer siden
  • Rip dog

    Kevin HelouKevin HelouDag siden
  • Trey try joining NoPixel

    ExplosiveDarkExplosiveDarkDag siden
  • What's the name of the server ??? 🤔

    PulpiPulpiDag siden
  • Bring back your yootooz

    deanboy_beast66 FFFdeanboy_beast66 FFFDag siden
  • #idea Rob the Pacific Bank with someone. Ofc escape the cops but don't. Try to stay in their visibility, while driving to docks. You with your friend, drive off the docks as long as possible into the water. Get out of the car and try to swim to the front of the airport behind the nightclub. There are these GIANT steps beside a parking. You have to park there 2 same bikes but do it before the heist ofc. Once you and your friend are on the bikes, drive behind Devin westons hangar (first one to the left from the entrance) through all the doors. Now that's where all THE FUN begins. I hope you watched the fast n furious series and remember that scene when 2 cars drove into a garage and tons of cars drove out. Do the same with the bikes. The 2 of u drives in from the back aaaand almost 10 people drives out of the hangar. Everyone has the same clothes and bikes. Once you all escaped, everything is good! I hope you'll see this Treyten, if not im copying this text and I'll try to contact you somehow!

    YouJustMadYouJustMadDag siden
  • He shot the dog that’s a dislike from me🤣🤣🤣

    Anthony MaynardAnthony MaynardDag siden
  • Next time with minigun would be epic.

    b3nsteb3nsteDag siden
  • 4:03 it sounds like he did an surfer voice lol

    Moshi GamingMoshi GamingDag siden
  • Do another tank episode

    J66 Aka mr adrenalinJ66 Aka mr adrenalinDag siden
  • Grenade out!!!

    Cactus GrenadeCactus GrenadeDag siden
  • Do a tank that shoots flame like this

    Khumo PooKhumo PooDag siden
  • trust me when we say we appreciate the 5 hour commitment

  • Me thinking if its bulletproof how is he breaking his leg

    Muath KarerMuath KarerDag siden
  • Trey you should actually become a cop in redline

    Isare RosadoIsare RosadoDag siden
  • You should do this but have your flamethrower a ar and hear me out a tiny rocket launcher I think that would fun

    Taco CatTaco CatDag siden
  • do a juggernaut with minigun next time

    Aaron MccormackAaron MccormackDag siden
  • Im used to french as a cop lol

    Use code Rigged69Use code Rigged69Dag siden
  • Yo bro we needa part 2 of this its 2 goos

    gaminwitkjmonkey kj monkeygaminwitkjmonkey kj monkeyDag siden
  • animal killer

    Ian HalleeIan HalleeDag siden
  • Video idea: join the server as a new player with a voice changer and just mess around alot

    xd leachy08xd leachy08Dag siden
  • :Me what the FUCK are you doing treyten: heyheyheyheyheyhey

    ping Khalidping KhalidDag siden
  • chucky hitman with the tiny cars

    Plug InPlug InDag siden
  • Anyone else notice on every video when he says *"alright boys welcome back to any other video"* he giggles about?😅🤣

    Stormed tsunami 6Stormed tsunami 6Dag siden
  • This is the most Florida thing ever

    Dylan SmithDylan SmithDag siden
  • Why so serious on tonight we have a trickster hacker and thief called treyton is a liar steeler and a fiend he steels you a car that has a tracker you pay he steels it back don't go to his carwashes or fall for his ambo or cop he's just after to steel your car's why so serious steel his cars give him a taste what it's like why so serious 🤑🤑🙏 amen godbless

    Riddle me this Just being honestRiddle me this Just being honestDag siden
  • Keep up the good work Horse Head haha jk

    Bacon go bow FogBacon go bow FogDag siden
  • Bro trol the cops with DaBaby car LOL!!

    Mert Aydın YılmazMert Aydın YılmazDag siden
  • Treyten!!!

    Rapscallion SnipeRapscallion SnipeDag siden
  • Plz do more car robbing vids

    LimeLimeDag siden
  • 3:17 he goes psycho mode

  • The outro is so goood

    ChazthespazChazthespazDag siden
  • Treyten > any other gamer

    SpartanLord88SpartanLord88Dag siden
  • Let’s get this trending #treycantdrive

    The eye Lord JackThe eye Lord JackDag siden
  • How do you get this GTA

    Badkidmekel MacieBadkidmekel MacieDag siden
  • Very Nice!

    Omaer 1Omaer 1Dag siden
  • he posted twice in a week les goo

    Daiyaan PillayDaiyaan PillayDag siden
  • bye bye, have a french time :) 15:56

    S.A.NS.A.NDag siden
  • Hey Trey, you should do a self driving Tesla vs cops video again but the Tesla will be a Tesla roadster. Like this comment if you think Trey should do that

    Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!!Barrett Seehawer Fisher Foxy!!!Dag siden
  • 8:33 i believe i can fly

    Roman MagleyRoman MagleyDag siden
  • You bated him so good i would even call you a master bater lolololol

    willboyleswillboylesDag siden
  • More

    Bryan BaileyBryan BaileyDag siden
  • How do you get a flamethrower

    Yung JamalYung JamalDag siden
  • trey: drives on the wrong side of the road not crashing me: drives on the wrong side of the road crashing in 2 seconds

    Doyle SmithDoyle SmithDag siden
  • Bush tactic is the best👍🏾

    LiL ZombieLiL ZombieDag siden
  • There is a different vibe that treyten has that elanip and others don't love your vids

  • dan they can't follow you

    Edyon RosinaEdyon RosinaDag siden
  • treyten can you throw sticky bombs on the police cars shoot a police and when he get in a car and explode it

    Edyon RosinaEdyon RosinaDag siden
  • I like the fact the police in the game are better than the police IRL

    Dara StinehagenDara StinehagenDag siden
  • rip dogo

    ice philigerice philigerDag siden
  • When you fleeeeeew out of the Ferrari 😂😂😂😭

    Ryan PateyRyan PateyDag siden
  • And be a cop

    Hammerdc5 YTHammerdc5 YTDag siden
  • Do a cop video

    Hammerdc5 YTHammerdc5 YTDag siden
  • I know you might not heart me..but I know you'll see this comment PLZ DO A PART 2!

    Marcus BarnesMarcus BarnesDag siden
  • lmao he spayed the swat officer with the fire extinguisher

    Extendo MobileExtendo MobileDag siden
  • He’s been posting videos so quickly now omg

    Barron TateBarron TateDag siden
  • stealing cars with ray gun and bulletproof suit @Treyten

    Ryan RossRyan RossDag siden
  • Ive been watching since 4/20/20

    Jackson 717Jackson 717Dag siden
  • Yo I love your videos

    Jaden NelsonJaden NelsonDag siden
  • Nice i love u trey

    Ayass beastAyass beastDag siden
  • Guys don’t press the thumps up icon I’m trying to sleep

    Harrison HughesHarrison HughesDag siden
  • a dog a dog i dont wanna burn a dog

    Ezra OkothEzra OkothDag siden
  • Flame thrower...THATS MY TREYTEN!

    GuyOnTheYacht 5GuyOnTheYacht 5Dag siden
  • the guy whose driving the apc has the shitest rp ive ever seen

    -BLACK--BLACK-2 dager siden
  • Wtf why would you get the mercedes they suck bmws are better

    The_AssasinationThe_Assasination2 dager siden
  • You got me kicked trayten from live or die was selling a mustang and you tried getting keys off me was fun lol

    Brian SwiftBrian Swift2 dager siden
  • How does he always gets away

    KingSavageAce AcekeyKingSavageAce Acekey2 dager siden
  • Is it you on the manmythic live

    Richard MorganRichard Morgan2 dager siden
  • Post more the boys will get you to 2m

    PuffPandaYTPuffPandaYT2 dager siden
  • love the vids keep up the good work

    Jeremiah _gurnee12Jeremiah _gurnee122 dager siden
  • Call of Duty missions be like:

    Adriel BryanAdriel Bryan2 dager siden
  • Too long since dealership robbery... he's back let's go

    GrievousJAB421GrievousJAB4212 dager siden

    Alex TruexAlex Truex2 dager siden