How are healers performing in Shadowlands mythic+?

29. des.. 2020
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Shadowlands released about a month ago, and I thought it would be a good idea to revisit each healer playstyle and go over my thoughts on them. Don't forget to like and subscribe so that you're notified of my new videos! Read more below:
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I aim to create high level, yet easy to understand content for mythic+ in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and beyond. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for new videos - I'd love to hear it in the comments.
0:00 Resto Shaman
5:23 Resto Druid
11:22 Discipline Priest
17:19 Holy Priest
20:20 Mistweaver Monk
26:53 Holy Paladin

  • Well, holy paladin is doing just fine it seems LOL. The rest are kinda average.Most disappointing healer once again for me is disc priest..

    CoopsCoops8 dager siden
  • Hello Grom, the truth is 99.9% it is not healer fault so...

    MrKrizixMrKrizix10 dager siden
  • Hey yumy, amazing video! What addon are you using for party frames?

    TJRisTJRis19 dager siden
  • Druid mana bar basically a paladin at this point..but man you were getting chunked

    bigspook999bigspook99922 dager siden
  • When i have to group heal outside of divine toll.. I just clench my butt cheeks and pray.

    NyadisNyadis26 dager siden
  • well. i play paly.. and for mythic u dont go with lot of mastery. u go haste crit. so i dont need to stay close to anyone. just a tip. from a M15+ palyheal

    Roger StalderRoger StalderMåned siden
  • I only play balance affinity for Typhoon.

    GibbsatronGibbsatronMåned siden
  • Did you just tell me my doomkin doesn't have add control?? BOI! You trippin

    Dylan HooperDylan HooperMåned siden
  • This is the only video I've seen that said resto shaman isnt mobile... lol what??

    907 250r907 250rMåned siden
  • Well , in pride days i just use bacon of virtue. Its another cd witch saves the team in every 15 secs. I give up half of my dps its true, but my heal just amazing and the team are much more easy to keep up. I know glimmer are "meta", but i never join to any pugs without virtue :\ Just try it if u have problems keep up the team guys.

    Krisztian HalasiKrisztian HalasiMåned siden
  • I didnt see any essence font being used while playing mistweaver, would help with your aoe healing plus activates gust of mists x2 on those targets, your losing out on healing bonuses.

    ATWATWMåned siden
  • "I don't like to recommend holy paladins to newer healers" Me,having started his first keystone push on his HPally: It's too late. I'm in too deep.

    onioncultist lord of the oniononioncultist lord of the onionMåned siden
  • ähhhh lol. Shamy isnt the stronges healer at all hahahahah. anyway it just as always depends what u like to play. THAT will be ur best healer. atm im doing well better in Mythic on my paly then an Druid or Disc priest. Paly is sooo OP tho. u just need to know what to do yo..

    Roger StalderRoger StalderMåned siden
  • Love how all this community is anymore is what's easy not what's fun imagine swapping mains to resto sham or something off nothing more than being lazy even the way you talked about disc or anything not druid or sham is sad but hey meta goblins are meta goblins

    FunkstFunkstMåned siden
  • If mistweave didn't have a mana problem. They would be easy the top single healer. The talent that restore mana .62% per backkick is amazing but if you got party taking damage, it can be too hard to pull it off

    Elkite SagaElkite SagaMåned siden
  • hahahaha ok i tought you know what you were talking about... but you are way off for some classes *monk and pallies you obviously don't know what you are talking about.

    The DaeronThe DaeronMåned siden
  • As someone who has a fully geared holy paladin and disc priest, I think holy paladin is so much easier to do high keys with.

    TalrenoTalrenoMåned siden
  • Doods a boss

    TJRTJRMåned siden
  • Why does it look like healing really sucks this expansion? Is it that bad? Just seems like there is always a huge struggle going on.

    OpportunistOpportunistMåned siden
    • its not. it just looks like it. ive never healed before and went straight into m8 and had no issues.

      GainastyleGainastyleMåned siden
  • Well, i changed main from Holy Priest, to Monk, and i'm fine with it, i enjoy him so much on m+

    GniadssonGniadssonMåned siden
    • My friend can heal an entire party while the monk really like that? He does it with myst of something...i'm holy paladin with Glimmer build and i was fashinated by my friend's toon.

      Alessandro MassiAlessandro Massi9 dager siden
  • What is your interrupt tracker? Good vid thanks

    Frank JFrank JMåned siden
  • I’m typing this comment during a +13 on my mistweaver because I need something to do while I drink after each pull cause mana

    Greg BazookaGreg BazookaMåned siden
    • so true

      maximumautmaximumautMåned siden
  • regular Holy Priest player here. I have to say I'm quite baffled by what you said about it. Like, Mastery is your way to have preemptive healing on this spec And it makes the spells it affects very mana efficient. Basically: 1) Get 700+ Mastery on your gear 2) spec into all the talents that make FH, PoH, PoM and CoH better 3) take PW:S and Renew off your bars (srsly, 80% overhealing someone with FH, that is about to take damage is more efficient than renew ...) 4) profit

    Florian KnauerFlorian KnauerMåned siden
  • I'm really disappointed with Priest this expac. Holy has a low ceiling; useless for high keys. Disc is hard as hell to pay and is actually low damage. However, Shadow is actually pretty strong for DPS. If I wanted to run DPS, I'd have leveled my mage. I wanted to be a healer! Now I need to either start a shaman or level up my pally.

    Jason LongtonJason LongtonMåned siden
    • This... I'm dropping disc and going back to paladin. They are doing 3 times the dps of disc overall and when they have to heal targets it's all instant casts. I'm sick of shadow mending it's not fun in dungeons.

      brandon9689brandon9689Måned siden
  • Picked elemental shaman this expansion on a whim to raid with. Been loving healing m+ as resto though

    Corey FellowsCorey FellowsMåned siden
    • does the gear cross over? or do u have different gear sets?

      twofaysetwofayseMåned siden
  • Yulon is a very strong CD in m+ for mistweaver. It makes each enveloping mist cleave heal nearby allies. I wouldn't take crane ever, maybe situationally in very high keys

    V BV BMåned siden
  • i feel like 90% of the reason people think classes are unavailable is that they have never learned to use their cooldowns properly..

    nietrelevantnietrelevantMåned siden
  • Yp I'm just shamming my way throw every expansion this what I play only 😅

    vilob faisalvilob faisalMåned siden
  • Most of the key groups i have been running, refuse to pick up a priest. I think a lot of it comes from on my battlegroup. The disc priests are severely lacking in talent. They are not doing damage or power infusing people. The holy priests don't seem to be doing any better. Often these keys 12+ end with a massively overtime key that is just not completable with said players/priests.

    TheTsunamijuanTheTsunamijuanMåned siden
  • I am dropping my mistweaver for my old legion shaman. I'm just tired of blizzard not caring at all about mistweaver. None of the conduit is good, the covenant abilities are really underwhelming, the legendaries are meh. It's obnoxious. Also never get into any group as a mistweaver if I can't play with my guild despite having great gear and decent And legendaries insanely expensive. Super fun...

    SombregoSombregoMåned siden
    • Same for me, I decided to level a Monk cause I like the class design and how it plays, but I only get mean comments in LfG for playing a Monk and basically not being a Shaman or Paladin

      RektSaiRektSaiMåned siden
  • As a holy pally, ive been yelling at my friends to use cds on prideful for weeks T_T

    Chel BellsChel BellsMåned siden
    • @Chel Bells thanks

      NyadisNyadis25 dager siden
    • @Nyadis -hugs- we will get through this together 😭

      Chel BellsChel Bells26 dager siden
    • @Chel Bells i still struggle :*(((

      NyadisNyadis26 dager siden
    • @Nyadis lololol omg yes! Sometimes it’s just bubble, sac, and spam 🤣 it’s definitely gotten better over the month with gear thankfully

      Chel BellsChel Bells26 dager siden
    • When i have to group heal outside of divine toll.. I just clench my butt cheeks and pray.

      NyadisNyadis26 dager siden
  • Think you skimped out on Mistweaver a bit, cause they are way better than I first thought. It can be very clunky to play until you get used to it, and you'll feel that AoE damage is your worst enemy with no answer. That is until you learn to manage your renewing mist and essence font correctly, as you can basically burst heal the entire party quite comfortably. It's also worth mentioning that their single target healing is insane. The amount of sustained healing you can pump into your tank is not to be scoffed at, and not sure others can match this. Throw a cocoon on as well and that person is not dying anytime soon. Getting the legendary "Ancient Teachings of the Monastery" basically turns you into the Legion version of holy pala where you do some nice healing by doing damage, really helps mitigating the mana issues, saving it for when you really need it. I would also argue that they are at least on par with druid as far as mobility goes, maybe even better. Their biggest downside for me is the lack of CD's. There is no dps cooldown at all really, so you are stuck with your very basic rotation for everything. For healing all you have is Revival and Invoke, both which are lackluster at best. I've found a few uses for Revivals removal part, but you don't really have a "oh shit" button that many others have.

    RattjaRattjaMåned siden
  • I hate this healers have to do damage to be viable playstyle. If I wanted to melee I would have specced a Retri paladin or a Mistweaver monk!!!

    Olé Wahkande GrünbaumOlé Wahkande GrünbaumMåned siden
  • I've noticed a lot of people heal 3.5k hps even on very high keys... my average healing even on just a +10 is usually around 5-6k hps. that's just a pug problem then? I did a +12 HoA with 7.8k hps on average at the end of the dungeon. this really shouldn't happen

    lucianylucianyMåned siden
  • oh yes :D shammy can be braindead and still be good. I'm a resto druid and tbh I can keep up with shammy if I'm prepared and prehot

    lucianylucianyMåned siden
  • As a Holy Paladin, I disagree with a lot of what you've said regarding our weaknesses. All I can say that only Shaman are better than us in M+.

    Jean-sébastien BissonJean-sébastien Bisson2 måneder siden
    • @Papa Bull melee healing is here to stay for the foreseeable future, but we have tons of utility, very good dmg and some of the best healing too when played right. Cooldown management is always gonna be very important for us so we need to plan their use ahead. It's really all about efficient holy power generation and spending, holy shocl is our best friend too. Holy pallies are instant casting healers, we pretty much dont cast anymore, maybe a few casts of HL/FoL with an infusion proc

      Jean-sébastien BissonJean-sébastien BissonMåned siden
    • What makes paladin good in M+. I dropped my Paladin this expansion because I got tired of having to be in melee to heal.

      Papa BullPapa BullMåned siden
  • *shaman is really slow and immobile* had a giggle at this

    serious faCeserious faCe2 måneder siden
    • That and the fact we can cast while moving, and if talented into it i believe increased move speed from walkers grace as well as 20% increased in ghost wolf, imo shaman is one of the most mobile healers imagine playing a mw having to stand still to channel or a hpriest wadling about, even hpal has there high cd steed, i just dunno man, like i feel faster than my druid i m+ overall personally

      serious faCeserious faCeMåned siden
    • I know, he said at around the 20 07 mark that shaman are very slow? Ghost wolf feels like a sports car compared to my hpriest

      dr.mongusdr.mongusMåned siden
  • now that you've had a chance to play/try holy, any chance for a guide :D

    Damian MDamian M2 måneder siden
    • And the link to the UI! I see all the rest but I only play Holy and I'm not sure they are interchangeable

      Ben IvieBen IvieMåned siden
  • dude, blow your nose

    Annyliese SeraphAnnyliese Seraph2 måneder siden
  • I will use my entire will power to make mistweaver work. It's fun and I want to make all the top healer classes look bad.

    Dylan BalosDylan Balos2 måneder siden
  • First of all , grats on views on this video , now my opinion that i hope might be decent , currently healers overall are in a weird spot , there is a huge difference between the utilities and kinds of benefits each healer provides to the key , as u said shaman is more of a huge output healer , as for example disc has less output but i think overall better utilities (def cd speaking) , hpal is also a really safe pick , it provides solid dam reduction on both team and tank and lots of utilities

    Louis SaccoLouis Sacco2 måneder siden
  • For 5 man's, I made friends with another better geared disc priest. We Duo que with one of us qued dps. Gotten a few comments about the double disc runs but no one ever dies and our dps combined seems to work out. Very much struggling with getting back into wow, but as a heal main in almost every game... I've had more fun elsewhere. WoW might be going back on the shelf soon 😔

    KimikoKimiko2 måneder siden
  • i play mist and it realy eats ton of mana.i have a feeling i have to do 2 times better job in dungeon or raid to be on equal lvl with shaman.. for same amount of heal in raid i have 20k less mana then shaman....

    Slobodan VidekanicSlobodan Videkanic2 måneder siden
  • dude shaman is better healer period

    Chris JulyChris July2 måneder siden
  • So last time I raided, a holy pally out DPSed the two druid healers every fight, without ever sacrificing healing. Whenever I used convoke offensively, they beat me in healing. They *always* out DPSed me, despite me having better gear. A few times they out DPSed the tanks, again all while doing equal or better healing.

    Sam ClaytonSam Clayton2 måneder siden
    • Truth is Pala's snipe heal, druids will only shine in raids once there is constant and alot of damage incoming. It's really hard topping hps with a druid, it's also the class least good in raids.

      Cyriel_CookieCyriel_CookieMåned siden
  • Resto druid always

    Robert MorrisRobert Morris2 måneder siden
  • Shaman doesn't have issues with Spiteful because we can drop earthbind and earthgrab which makes the mechanic ezpz. Also Lust....

    IMBORED101IMBORED1012 måneder siden
  • *cries in mistweaver*

    dianna hunterdianna hunter2 måneder siden
  • Bitch holy pally gonna be the best but if you have time to be offencive in M10+ you are not in m+

    Ambroise RouxAmbroise Roux2 måneder siden
  • Nerf on disc's damage has been too much. Atonement healing isn't really meaningful now. Discpriest now is just spirit shell / shadowmend machine and no fun.

    Hyun Jae LeeHyun Jae Lee2 måneder siden
  • Using Flash of Light on a Holy Paladin, big yikes. Would not recommend this for Holy Paladin.

    Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell2 måneder siden
    • @bombing X there's obviously some responsibility to the tank there but always try to save BoS, Divine Toll and if needed wings for big dmg phases. Luckily, it's fast enough to generate 3 Hpowers and a quick FoL on the tank will also help aside from the usual shock and crusader strike

      Jean-sébastien BissonJean-sébastien BissonMåned siden
    • So how can i heal for big numbers if my tank dies and i dont have holy power?

      bombing Xbombing XMåned siden
    • @Jean-sébastien Bisson So you're just playing devil's advocate? Infusion procs are also nothing like they were before. I'll take my advice from the likes of Ellesmere in binning Flash of Light. If you're having to cast FoL; you're doing something wrong.

      Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell2 måneder siden
    • @Paul Mitchell I'm not promoting it either, I'm just saying it's not ''terrible'', especially with infusion of light procs. I've been in +10 and up for a while and I always have time to drink if needed, idk what you're talking about.

      Jean-sébastien BissonJean-sébastien Bisson2 måneder siden
    • @Jean-sébastien Bisson Not sure what M+ you've been in lately but there isn't much time at all for mana recovery. Not to mention that the healing from FoL is terrible, literally just remove it from your action bar.

      Paul MitchellPaul Mitchell2 måneder siden
  • Hey all. Great video first off. I'm a total noob (just started playing a h pally) and wanted to know what prideful is/does? Is it an enemy ability/debuff?

    Ashes xAshes x2 måneder siden
    • @ashes x prideful is the seasonal affix that spawns at every 20% count in a dungeon at keys that are level 10+ yumytv made a video on prideful actually here -

      Scott HScott HMåned siden
    • It's something that appears in Mythic+ dungeons, a max-level version of dungeons with extra requirements. When a dungeon is affected by Prideful, several times over the course of the dungeon you'll have to fight a Manifestation of Pride, an enemy that does increasing damage the longer it survives. The tricky part is that it gives your party a huge buff once it's defeated, so instead of using their cooldowns to help defeat this dangerous enemy, people like to hold onto those cooldowns to use them with the buff the Pride gives you, which makes defeating the Pride even harder.

      tsbulmertsbulmer2 måneder siden
  • Question: Do you think mistweaver can heal without melee healing? as far as I know fist weaver healer is just an option. Or do you think fist weaver is the only viable form of monk healing?

    Toejam D CheflokomotiveToejam D Cheflokomotive2 måneder siden
    • Right now you will be better with fistweaving in any fight if you can stay in melee. And those are most fights in m+ and raid. Only very few require upwelling. And upwelling drains your mana like crazy.

      Alice RumAlice Rum2 måneder siden
  • No no, you are right about the skilled player thing

    MassRequiemMassRequiem2 måneder siden
  • healers are amazing especially shamans.. I have a problem with tanks

    Epi MetalEpi Metal2 måneder siden
  • Holy priest feels AMAZING in 14/15 keys. Any lower keys you heal so easily you can pump damage. I'm not sure about above 15.

    flygirlhandmflygirlhandm2 måneder siden
    • @Sostenos Chostberg ye dude just get as much haste as you can until you get better gear, and you'll fimd the best gear is the rated pvp gear

      ɯoɾԀɯoɾԀMåned siden
    • @ɯoɾԀ Yeah i think I just need to get some more Haste/Vers then; I'm currently 19 crit 12 haste 20 mast 12 vers in my dungeon set. I've always felt my heals are too slow to warrant the mastery hot if i have over 25% mastery

      Sostenos ChostbergSostenos ChostbergMåned siden
    • @Sostenos Chostberg imo just focus on getting as much haste and versa as you can preferably hit 20%+ on both and ur gucci, pvp gear helps with that.. third stat can be mastery tbh it's better than crit if you have a little bit of it as it's a steady increase in overall hps. I haven't read a guide for this btw I could be wrong but from watching the top holy priests on the ladder this is what they seem to be doing, or they go full crit haste with a little bit for versa sprinkled in. I mean if you can expect to take heavy damage in a dungeon like plaguefall or sanguine where you can't even stand to heal yourself or get stunned then more versa is prefered imo, while other dungeons you can lower the versa and replace it with crit or even mastery. Some priests even go crit mastery like they're raiding, it seems everyone is experimenting with what works for them.

      ɯoɾԀɯoɾԀMåned siden
    • @ɯoɾԀ what's your full third stat breakdown? struggling to ditch my mastery

      Sostenos ChostbergSostenos ChostbergMåned siden
    • I'm hpriest pushing 16/17 keys now imo it's still amazing but needs more versa and less crit .. mastery totally ditched of course.. I'm at 13% vers and still almost getting one shot at third boss plaguefall +16 when he does the ring stun where you need to go out of the group (with shielding and pom'ing myself before it hits)

      ɯoɾԀɯoɾԀ2 måneder siden
  • Great Video. Holy pally 4 life

    J WestJ West2 måneder siden
  • "I feel like most disc priest from raids might make a shaman or druid" damn right I did and it feels great to heal on sham in mm+ That feeling when you throw a quadruple healing wave and Cloudburst totem bursts at the same time topping everyone. Love it. And lava burst is my favourite dps spell from all the healers.

    LaerendorLaerendor2 måneder siden
  • You're a legend Growl. You are making some of the best wow content on YT right now. Well done.

    Warrick HicksonWarrick Hickson2 måneder siden
  • I am currently the owner of the US mistweaver support group 😅

    Parker SmithParker Smith2 måneder siden
  • I'm not mad or salty but opinion videos like these makes it almost impossible to pug in M+ right now.

    Sad PandaSad Panda2 måneder siden
  • Holy paladin seems great atleast in +12 level. Easily 1k dps on bosses without int buff/lust/prideful.

    mongopojumongopoju2 måneder siden
  • moral of the video, Moadmoad is a god.

    Tel DrissTel Driss2 måneder siden
  • im playing holy paladin and even tho i tell people how my class work they ignored it and chain pull like maniac

    Vincent MichaudVincent Michaud2 måneder siden
  • I main a Holy Paladin. While I haven't been running high keys just yet, I can tell these points presented here are spot on. Misusing your cooldowns as a holy paladin will be really punishing because of your long cast time/low output skills. Wings are absolutely dominant. You can heal through anything with them, but you'll only have one of them per boss fight, so plan them carefully. Blessing of Sacrifice and Aura Mastery are even longer cooldowns, so using them at non-optimal moment will strain your mana later. The Kyrian ability Divine Toll should be baseline for every holy paladin, honestly, and the conduit to cast thrice on the main target could be a talent. They can almost immediately top off your party, they'll apply glimmer of light and shock barrier, and they'll almost always give you 5 holy power, so they're one of the coolest panic buttons ever, but being on a 1 minute cooldown makes it hard to time it to Margrave Stradama's disease (in Plaguefall), for example, so it takes practice to figure out the best time to use it. I could also use a buff to Light of Dawn. It's currently so weak (specially in dungeons) that it's hard to justify using it without the legendary power, and even then you'd have to sacrifice shock barrier, which is by far the best legendary power. At least some better conduits for it could go a long way. Our AoE healing capabilities used to be much better than this, from what I remember.

    Pedro FalcãoPedro Falcão2 måneder siden
  • Mostly agree with you about the Holy Paladin, except that if we play our class well we don't need any cooldown on pride 99% of the time (and I'm talking about 12-15 keys). Nice video tho !

    PalgodPalgod2 måneder siden
  • Disc feels pretty garbe atm. They should just buff smite dmg or something. Dmg is shit and so is atonement healing....

    PatrickPatrick2 måneder siden
  • Druid are so strong right now, i'm healing 8 with 180ilvl without a leggo.

    Luck, the TankLuck, the Tank2 måneder siden
    • Yeah man. Stupid good Mana efficiency, mobility, and strong burst group healing.

      Warfizzle08Warfizzle082 måneder siden
  • on mw crane is trash, statue is way better and heals way more over an entire dungeon.

    OfficialDaBawsOfficialDaBaws2 måneder siden
  • Ghost Wolf = Slow ??

    Edward Du FeuEdward Du Feu2 måneder siden
  • I don’t understand the disc priest nerfs we received. With the output we see in shammy and druid. It would have been perfectly fine. Nothing says blizz like a disc nerf.

    John MyersJohn Myers2 måneder siden
  • Give us 2h int weapons so I can deepis more -Holy Paladin

    Kieran HowarthKieran Howarth2 måneder siden
    • @mola4everyourz noooope

      Kieran HowarthKieran Howarth2 måneder siden
    • Can't you get staves?

      mola4everyourzmola4everyourz2 måneder siden
  • Does someone has a link for the weakaura that shows the cooldowns on the left of the nameplates ?

    Facenomore23Facenomore232 måneder siden
    • thats an addon called OmniCD

      TheZifritTheZifrit2 måneder siden
  • you do play a lot of druid? awesome! never caught you playing it on stream tho. or is it mostly off stream?

    Kvh56Kvh562 måneder siden
  • Shamans can Dispel Curse and Magic fyi - it's only Enhance and Elem that can only Dispel Curse

    SenseiRaichussSenseiRaichuss2 måneder siden
    • Every healer can dispel magic, it is the other stuff that makes the difference and that is why it is talked about.

      rebeccacarfrebeccacarf2 måneder siden
  • As a Holy Priest, not gonna lie it's hard for me to do high key. And people start to avoid me cause of my score. Trying to learn Disci but i don't understand anything at the moment.

    MindLogicMindLogic2 måneder siden
  • Could have sum this video up with. If you are going to PUG shams are they only way to go.

    506_Dust506_Dust2 måneder siden
  • With mistweaver, get the ancient teachings of the monastery leggo and the black our kick mana regen talent. You do insane healing and never run out of mana. also immune to interrupts.

    Evan BrynerEvan Bryner2 måneder siden
    • its good but mw still needs some love

      maximumautmaximumautMåned siden
  • As a tank and through my experience I feel Priest as a whole is just undertuned tbh. Like once you start getting into the Grievous and especially Necrotic modifiers. They just can't keep up and need a buff pretty desperately imo. Edit: it could also be i havent had a good one either. But idk just my thoughts on it

    snuffalufogous mc geesnuffalufogous mc gee2 måneder siden
  • If you have the legendary for it, you can basicly play a fistweaver. It does not feel as strong as bfa but I enjoy it so I play it.

    Yigit EversongYigit Eversong2 måneder siden
  • What shamans are useful now? How many expansions since WOTLK has it been. lmao.

    CharmanderCharmander2 måneder siden
  • "restoration shaman is amazing..." until you can't cleanse anything in plaguefall.

    Dixa1Dixa12 måneder siden
    • @Exalez™ nailed it

      Cleudo ConollyCleudo Conolly2 måneder siden
    • They just heal through it like it doesnt exist anyways lol

      Exalez™Exalez™2 måneder siden
    • @Dixa1 actually there are a plenty Humanoids and Beasts in Plaguefall you can hex, and you can dispel the magic debuffs on Doctor Ickus area. But clearly you don't know the game yet.

      Cleudo ConollyCleudo Conolly2 måneder siden
    • @Cleudo Conolly can’t hex the mobs in plaguefall

      Dixa1Dixa12 måneder siden
    • You can stun, polymorph, root, the only healer who “kick” casts (wind shear), the only who can walk and cast, can Bloodlust/Heroism, have the best healing CDs on the game, your totems do the job for you, you can summon a pet to tank and save your group for a while, high throughput and mana efficiency, ... I won’t even mention pvp abilities, ... and you’re complaining because you can’t dispel a f&$@ing dot? Are you serious?

      Cleudo ConollyCleudo Conolly2 måneder siden
  • Plaguefall is cancer for disc.

    Mitchell ButlerMitchell Butler2 måneder siden
  • What are your holy priest weak auras?

    Sean DeGuireSean DeGuire2 måneder siden
  • "Druids are healing the highest keys" ? Did u check tho

    SeekSeek2 måneder siden
  • Almost everything you mentioned about disc priest was negative hahahaha

    Mark DasMark Das2 måneder siden
  • Can i play balance and heal with the same gear in Shadowlands?

    Jo ByJo By2 måneder siden
  • Iv got shaman and mw monk. Even i like sham a lot and his healing is rly good i just like my beloved mw monk much more i just love his mobility and well placed ring is lifesaver

    Nikolas GuraNikolas Gura2 måneder siden
  • I fell for the disc meme and it’s horrible playing pugs and keys higher than 10. It’s honestly even horrible in keys lower than 10. I know y’all pros will tel me how great disc feels and how amazing it is this expansion. Go eff yourself it’s just not. It doesn’t feel good at all and I will play a different class instead.

    Christian SChristian S2 måneder siden
  • Despite the difficulties that come with being a melee healer, paladin will always be my spirit animal. Love the damage and utility I can bring

    PalyPaly2 måneder siden
  • Bro i tried boon on my priest the first 3 weeks of shadowlands and its not worth it you do more healing by doing your normal rotation and that damage is also not really hight without tge soulbind, So its definitely not worth it.

    KnicoKnico2 måneder siden
  • Who is the hpally streamer that u talked about in the vid? Great video!

    Ignacio BrizioIgnacio Brizio2 måneder siden
    • Ellesmere

      Michael NewtonMichael Newton2 måneder siden
  • I have a hard time believing balance can pump mopre damage than shaman. Frost shock, Flame shock and insta lava bursts actually pump. You can do 1.5k DPS EASILY without sacrificing healing, and u can go up to 2.2-2.4k dps ST if you dont need to heal. Somtimes higher. Pallies are the real DPS healers tho. Kind of not agreeing on the resto druid damage angle you're talking about. I just dont see it

    Dean ladenDean laden2 måneder siden
  • Im playing holy priest and doing just fine. first time ever really siting down playing a healer and im doing +7's pretty well at 198ilv

    Xeriox01Xeriox012 måneder siden
    • With that ilvl i was doing +12 on my disco priest but couldnt heal that as holy..

      Ivan MaločaIvan MaločaMåned siden
    • i was disc at the start of Season 1 SL m+ but as I go higher with they keys I found it hard to catch up with the heals so I roll to HPriest and loving it now at +9 keys and 203 ilvl

      naughtynashnaughtynash2 måneder siden
    • Yeah loving holy. Always have. Just leveled a new priest and was doing fine in +5s just with like 180 ilvl from pvp gear. Excited to push further

      Nick PurdyNick Purdy2 måneder siden
  • Tbh the balance is so fucking off right now. Shaman needs a nerf. They are simple to strong. Not particular in m+ (I mean its kinda easy to heal as shaman and for pugs its mostlikely better if you play pug 15s) but raid and pvp is disgusting unbalanced. Hunters. Too strong in every fucking aspect of the game. And overall said there are just specs that arnt viable since ever and classes that are busted since eternity. Idk why Blizzard is doing nothing about it - I like classes that have a top place in one niche of the game and suck in others and not be busted in every aspect of the game without any downside

    AlbelNoxful1AlbelNoxful12 måneder siden
  • you forgot shaman aoe stun

    jon petersburgjon petersburg2 måneder siden
  • From a tank standpoint, specifically Prot Pally, I feel safest with a Holy Pally or a Disc Priest, maybe it's just the groups I've had but so far they've been the smoothest groups, this week especially has been great with a disc priest, Prot Pally has so many absorbs already, especially with the Avengers Shield legendary so on a week where you need to manage a debuff that reduces healing, having this many absorbs has made it so damn easy! That's not to say the rest are bad, far from it, its just been smoother with those two

    Jordon_93Jordon_932 måneder siden
    • the debuff reduces both healing and absorbs

      Michal KorejtkoMichal Korejtko2 måneder siden
  • shaman are the best healer on term of efficiency but they are the best in terms of utility too , SLT , earth totem , stun totem , low cd cut , slow totem , anti fear totem , hex ,bloodlust, self reincanation ... That's the problem , and yes shaman are the top healer bu far look % you will see how shams tend to be picked ...

    Blue PineappleBlue Pineapple2 måneder siden
  • First grievous dungeon as a disc priest this toxic ragnaros rogue just kept typing RS RS every time I had to drink. It was really annoying. The water nerf feels pretty horrible too.

    brandon9689brandon96892 måneder siden
  • Mplus is a waste.of time

    Xavier RoldanXavier Roldan2 måneder siden