How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"

5. april. 2021
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You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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  • Have a damn good day

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    • @Some ordinary Dude different time zones

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  • Love the vids man

    Play Time MeyersPlay Time Meyers5 minutter siden
  • Suomi mainittu PERKELE

    Lego FilmStudiosLego FilmStudios28 minutter siden
  • WHY WAS YOUR SIGNAL 100 VIDEO COPYRIGHTED? WTF! "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by TOEI."

    ًHeavyWeaponsGuyًHeavyWeaponsGuy31 minutt siden
  • Have a damn good day

    Soumil KingraniSoumil Kingrani35 minutter siden
  • why u change thumbnail di yt say its too violent or ddi u not like it

    zhongxu linzhongxu linTime siden
  • i have to say, i did not see that ending coming, but wouldnt it be simpler and better for him to kill the businessman? first of all, his daughter doesnt have anything to do with this, second of all, killing him may stop or pause the business, and save someone's life

    Akapulko06Akapulko06Time siden
  • Bro the cops are paid off by the baddies in this movie how the fuck you gonna call them?

    SlayadexSlayadexTime siden
  • can you do How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL 2?"

    Mario Si AtatMario Si Atat2 timer siden
  • Can you do love an monsters

    King BanKing Ban2 timer siden
  • I love watching your videos. It's awesome😀

    marlon acalmarlon acal3 timer siden
  • i really wanna know what background music he's using. listening to it makes me feel badass

    NoAnime NoLifeNoAnime NoLife3 timer siden
  • Finally some good movie ending

    Rick BiswasRick Biswas3 timer siden

    Sanjanaa RadhakrishnanSanjanaa Radhakrishnan3 timer siden
    • Yeah Ive noticed that too

      Maggie the weirdoMaggie the weirdo2 timer siden
  • 3:18 That shot was probably recorded in the Czech Republic.

    Marek ŠťastnýMarek Šťastný3 timer siden
  • whyd they remove that japanese school video?

    bobbob3 timer siden
  • I’ve never seen that ending before.

    Common SenseCommon Sense3 timer siden
  • Hey, could you do a video on how to beat vivarium? I don't think there really is a way for the humans...but the kid/monster thing escapes the place somehow, so there has to be an exit🤔

    Ruth MekuriaRuth Mekuria4 timer siden
    • Yasss i wanna know too😅

      Puri AsliPuri Asli3 timer siden
  • Do how to beat Friday the 13

    Frances TannerFrances Tanner4 timer siden
  • Umm did cinema summary deleted 100 signals

    Hanz RymHanz Rym4 timer siden
    • copyright :/

      MiihSTMiihST4 timer siden
  • That is not the ending, he sees him at the train station and drowns him in the toilet. I don't even remember there being a kid.

    Dana BurdanDana Burdan4 timer siden
  • kidnapping the daughter at the end of the movie was the most stupid decision he has made

    Dimidia LuceDimidia Luce4 timer siden
  • This guys channel be like captain hindsight lol

    Scott PhilipsScott Philips5 timer siden
  • where is how to beat signal 100

    Mr KingMr King5 timer siden
  • Hey were is signal 100 thats my favorite

    Andres CaoagasAndres Caoagas5 timer siden
  • do the same thing but for hostel 2

    FoeNotFoundFoeNotFound6 timer siden
  • Btw did u delete the 100 signal?

    Imagine guyImagine guy6 timer siden
  • Where is Signal 100?

    Hinata chanHinata chan7 timer siden
  • Does anyone wonder where is the recent Signal 100 video too?

    Marek ŠťastnýMarek Šťastný7 timer siden
  • Does anyone else know where the how to beat signal 100 videos gone???

    Alana RoseAlana Rose8 timer siden
    • Oh okay thx

      Alana RoseAlana RoseTime siden
    • oh dam

      Bench boyBench boy6 timer siden
    • It got a copyright claim so it was deleted

      Star LordStar Lord7 timer siden
  • he baited me i though it was new video and he just changed thunbnail... 300IQ

    SavagnessSavagness8 timer siden
  • well do a fucking doctor vid cuz i need 1

    Kaspa137Kaspa1378 timer siden
  • 3:05 No... They think that you're dumb and blue eyed....

    Anton ÖstermanAnton Österman9 timer siden
  • The Flag thing is totally bullshit, here in Europe many trecking brands have flags from norway, iceland or else on them because that are the countries where you need them and where they are produced.

    Bier Baron161Bier Baron16110 timer siden
    • and you hava a lot of prejudices against eastern europe, I think a lot of places in the US are far more dangerous

      Bier Baron161Bier Baron16110 timer siden
  • I think he is almost good then dead meat 🥩.

    IMP IMPIMP IMP10 timer siden
  • I think you watched the alternate version of the movie. In the original version, Paxton kills the Dutch Businessman in the bathroom...

    kiddsupremekiddsupreme10 timer siden
  • Please do "The Hills Have Eyes (2006)" !!

    Mikaela Alyssa De DoteMikaela Alyssa De Dote11 timer siden
  • What happened to the recent video about a new Japanese death game?

    • Same thing with willys wonderland

      pokochocopokochoco9 timer siden
    • The creators copyright claimed it

      pokochocopokochoco9 timer siden
  • You know the area's bad when even the kids are in packs murdering people 🤣

    GaBoiGregGGaBoiGregG11 timer siden
  • Why did he delete signal 100?

    • Copyright

      pokochocopokochoco9 timer siden
  • I just noticed the protagonist kinda looks like cinema summary. if he's doesn't have any braces and glases.

    Dingo GAMINGDingo GAMING12 timer siden
  • What happens to signal 100

    Demon RulerDemon Ruler12 timer siden
    • lt got a copyright claim

      sjjdjdjdjdjd 4446sjjdjdjdjdjd 444612 timer siden
  • Oh please do a breakdown of Hostel 2. This was a really good breakdown and I really want to see that old dude get destroyed.

    XxProEditingMagexXXxProEditingMagexX12 timer siden
  • Hey can you do Kanji 2 next time please I really want to see that

    Fino BtwFino Btw13 timer siden
  • nice video

    Ryan PrietoRyan Prieto13 timer siden
  • You changed the thumbnail???

    Ant WilsonAnt Wilson13 timer siden
  • I wish he would do a how to beat on one of the silent hill movies

    Max ClintonMax Clinton13 timer siden
  • what is the music playing in the background?

    f1cusf1cus13 timer siden
  • your channel is an addiction

    Sad Vibes ForeverSad Vibes Forever14 timer siden
    • Fax

      pokochocopokochoco9 timer siden
  • This guy is basically letting me watch free movies

    TROY RYAN NEOH MoeTROY RYAN NEOH Moe14 timer siden
  • Anyone else surprised by that ending? I always watched the alternative ending

    Sunscrave 28Sunscrave 2814 timer siden
  • The End Tho 🤣

    ThwartedimpThwartedimp14 timer siden
  • Bro, signal 100 got copyrighted, I liked that video ;-;

    NoobNoob14 timer siden
    • I'm glad that I at least got to watch all of it before it happened

      YuukiYuuki9 timer siden
  • How to beat below zero?

    Wavy GamingWavy Gaming15 timer siden
  • I just sub 🍔

    Rommel SayasRommel Sayas15 timer siden
  • What happened to your 100 signal vid i watched it once but now it's gone for me

    it's me janeit's me jane15 timer siden
    • @Yuuki oh ok thx for letting me know

      it's me janeit's me jane3 timer siden
    • It got copyright claimed

      YuukiYuuki9 timer siden
  • damn, that ending was so ironic, its hard to say you liked it, but also hard to say the man didn't have it coming to him

    Weedbuck McChumWeedbuck McChum15 timer siden
  • this used to be a nice channel for a quick laugh, but now it's clear you are running out of ideas. cheers

    Vale VengaVale Venga15 timer siden
  • did you delete the new videoooo ?

    Nickmercs ZADDYNickmercs ZADDY15 timer siden
    • no copyright duh

      Tomarion HillTomarion Hill3 timer siden
    • Ye it was good

      Jonathan Ho Soo YeeJonathan Ho Soo Yee15 timer siden
    • Ye

      ViberzYT ➊ViberzYT ➊15 timer siden
  • Why was your how to beat signal 100 vid not here

    MineBloxNakimashitaMineBloxNakimashita15 timer siden
    • Copyright claimed

      YuukiYuuki9 timer siden
  • Did he delete signal 100? I can’t find it anymore on his channel.

    Xx Bubbly_Bøba_Tea xXXx Bubbly_Bøba_Tea xX15 timer siden
  • I just realized youtube removed his newest video signal 100 oof it was a good video

    IlluminationsIlluminations16 timer siden
  • I wanna become a Soldier soon. This is so helpful if you wanna be an adventurer of any sort. This is gonna be so useful in my expeditions and missions! Thanks man ! You so cool and friendly and funny and interesting!

    Akotos TotosAkotos Totos16 timer siden
  • What happened to signal 100 video

    BrxzyBrxzy16 timer siden
    • @John Frilles It was copyright claimed

      YuukiYuuki9 timer siden
    • @Brxzy yep.i enjoyed it

      John FrillesJohn Frilles14 timer siden
    • @John Frilles damn it was a good vid

      BrxzyBrxzy14 timer siden
    • He deleted it

      John FrillesJohn Frilles16 timer siden
  • Don’t like the alternate ending

    Costa BoutisCosta Boutis16 timer siden
  • lol focal length in a flip phone. Good one.

    Zan.Zan.16 timer siden
  • idk what happened but I think youtube deleted signal 100 due to copyright??!!

    Army Men Film ProductionsArmy Men Film Productions16 timer siden
    • I watched it before NOtown was stupid and decided to copyright it

      Paris MidoriyaParis Midoriya14 timer siden
    • fucking youtube... how typical of them

      Dominique 9325Dominique 932516 timer siden
  • What happend to sign 100

    ty6p • 231 years agoty6p • 231 years ago16 timer siden
  • Why did youtube delete the how to beat video Cinema summary signal 100

    Jose Alexander OcampoJose Alexander Ocampo16 timer siden
    • @Paris Midoriya oof. i bet he worked really hard on it too.

      Tobi JamesTobi James5 timer siden
    • @Paris Midoriya same

      Jose Alexander OcampoJose Alexander Ocampo6 timer siden
    • @Tobi James Aw man I’m sorry. It was a really good video too. It got age restricted at one point and when I was gonna rewatch it bc I was bored, I saw it got taken down and I was bummed.

      Paris MidoriyaParis Midoriya14 timer siden
    • @Paris Midoriya so i will never know how to survive being hypnotized by my high school teacher. But in all seriousness I was going to watch that today and was so disappointed. 😥😥😥😥😥😥

      Tobi JamesTobi James14 timer siden
    • @Tobi James I saw it. It was really good. Such a shame NOtown copyrighted it. Smh.

      Paris MidoriyaParis Midoriya14 timer siden
  • hahah thats waht he gets for killing his friends

    t hight high16 timer siden
  • u need more subs

    mrpooptheIIImrpooptheIII17 timer siden
  • What Is he ganna do to his daugther he is not ganna kill her right?

    Andrej MijailovicAndrej Mijailovic17 timer siden
  • Never seen that ending where he takes that guys daughter! It was always he slit that guys throat in the bathroom

    00BuckOperator00BuckOperator18 timer siden
  • I loved your comment about bribing the street kids to provide intel! Tailing the girls who lured them is a great plan

    Jacob BoudreauJacob Boudreau18 timer siden
  • No one: Cinema Summary: this is not okay.

    1000kcirtap1000kcirtap18 timer siden
  • well being british comes with its charm so i would lure more in

    LC_IridiumLC_Iridium18 timer siden
  • You don’t understand how addicting these videos are

    Aziza YesAziza Yes19 timer siden
  • Great movie

    rheqqyrheqqy19 timer siden
  • Well look at that he changed the image of the video

    ZombieEvan BlitzBooperZombieEvan BlitzBooper19 timer siden
  • How to beat Hostel: Don’t hook up with sketchy Slovak chicks.

    PeterPeter19 timer siden
  • God damnit why couldn’t the man see him take his daughter I hate when there’s ironic revenge but they don’t get the irony of it

    HextedHexted20 timer siden
  • but he killed that old man in the end ?!

    nordVPNnordVPN20 timer siden
  • do hostel 2 PLZ

    Jordan MilesJordan Miles21 time siden
  • I watched 100 signal before it was age restricted

    Piece Control ClawzPiece Control Clawz21 time siden
  • wow the ending was pretty bleak :0

    mApLemApLe22 timer siden
  • Ummm those handcuffs don’t have chains lol

    william joynerwilliam joyner22 timer siden
  • It's satisfying that he got revenge on those people

    lukepy2001lukepy200123 timer siden
  • *Movie character gets born. Cinema summary: THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE

    WarriorAjaz XxWarriorAjaz XxDag siden
  • Bratislava 🇸🇰 our brothers 🇨🇿😃😃

    GrepsiGrepsiDag siden
  • Did the thumbnail change

    biggus dickusbiggus dickusDag siden
  • i woulda killed the dude or showed that i kidnapped his daughter at the end bc i’m more petty

    Roman GamboaRoman GamboaDag siden
  • When is the second part of the jojo vid coming out ?

    Average Working HumanAverage Working HumanDag siden
  • ngl thats kind of a good ending. Scary, but good.

    SpronksiSpronksiDag siden
  • that revenge tho i felt that

    IQ clanIQ clanDag siden
  • I thought it said hotel

    Benny BlazerBenny BlazerDag siden
  • is there a part 2

    Vince Ely Del BirutVince Ely Del BirutDag siden
  • The Revenge tho

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  • he

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  • So close to a million subs! Reason:Nice videos, well explained and you deserved it

    Fernan RondinaFernan RondinaDag siden
  • I never understand how people just take drugs from strangers in a foreign country, like, did they never watch a horror movie?

    NatamNatamDag siden