How To Gear Up In SHADOWLANDS - 184+ Item Level FAST & EASY

24. nov.. 2020
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Here's a quick guide to gearing up in Shadowlands, so you can get item level 184+ before the raid comes out.
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    SignsOfKelaniSignsOfKelani3 måneder siden
    • What healthbar addons do u use btw?

      Devon GlueckDevon Glueck2 måneder siden
    • no

      Loke CarlssonLoke Carlsson3 måneder siden
  • why is everything so hard in wow :(

    MyteaMytea18 dager siden
    • i stoped playing when i got to the maw to hard

      MMakotaLMMakotaL14 dager siden
  • TLTR: Do dungeons

    ThrillerThriller23 dager siden
  • whats the point of offering a level 55 rare.... you can only get at exalted?

    Michael DMichael D25 dager siden
  • "Heyyyy folks! This is Kelani"! Never gets old. Love it. Unfortunately i can't do raids and I'm still working on normal dungeons. I did get a ilvl200 necklace. But still ilvl138. Shyte.

    Emily AlterioEmily AlterioMåned siden
  • they might have sped up how fast u get renown cause i got renown 11 in like 2-4 days

    xNightMareGHxxNightMareGHxMåned siden
  • This guy drug this video out. Step 1: Level to 60 Step 2: For about 10k you can buy item level 168 gear with your best in slot secondaries Step 3: Grind Dungeons Bonus step: research which is best in slot legendary to get and hunt it down, then craft that legendary. All the additional info he gave was useless in the short term but could be useful later. It's a good idea to do your renown levels, but slow, it's a good idea to do PvP but its slow.

    Xander MichaelXander MichaelMåned siden
  • What do you guys think about the Set gear ? You can level it by the same vendor via Anima. Yeah you set yourself a bit behind on upgrading the sanctum but i got like 15 Ilvl from spending a bit of anima to max them to my current renown lvl. ( 177)

    der Leefactorder LeefactorMåned siden
  • If you don't have any friends doing high end content in wow you will go no where in the game. Why do you think subs drop so hard after a few months?that's when the casuals can't run any end game content.

    hvdhvd3333hvdhvd3333Måned siden
  • Does 10 dungeons... gets one piece of loot... 2 ilvls higher than the one slot I got from a WQ reward. Cries in 119 helm... Seriously personal loot needs to go the fuck away. Bring back need greed and lock shit to classes. Easy and done.

    Brian HeuerBrian Heuer2 måneder siden
  • Aaaaand this baited gated capped endless stream of chasing the carrot grinding is precisely why I simply have 35 alts & stop playing wow after I get bored of basic questing/leveling. Not to mention said alts were at one time all level 160 & now totally irrelevant. PVP is my 2nd best choice but even then, I refuse to participate in the gear grind there either. All take note of how WOW is ripping of Guild Wars 2 in multiple aspects as well but nobody is talking about that.

    C JC J2 måneder siden
  • Actually dungeons are slow. Going straight into PVP and buying pvp gear/upgrading it is the way to go. I already have 158+ or higher in all my slots and my characters been 60 for 1 day lol

    Raw FrequencyRaw Frequency2 måneder siden
  • Awful.

    zappozzzzappozzz2 måneder siden
  • Just realized my back hurts doing this

    i dont want to be a humani dont want to be a human2 måneder siden
  • Btw pvp gear max lvl is 200 or 210 i dont remember

    KwiKKwiK2 måneder siden
    • conquest pvp gear is 200 but you can upgrade it.

      AkulaAkula2 måneder siden
  • how do i unlock mythic dungeons?

    Nori BikingNori Biking2 måneder siden
    • you can't do them in the dungeon finder, you need a premade group of 5 or a guild.

      AkulaAkula2 måneder siden
  • Hmm, I've only been checking WQ's in my zone and the one I get sent to to help out :(

    snaplashsnaplash2 måneder siden
  • PVP by far easiest way to gear a new char. Leveling up an alt in BG's is easy and I was capped on honor before lvl 55.

    Kenny DasKenny Das2 måneder siden
  • 3 weeks late but thanks. Just startet last week :P

    Devon GlueckDevon Glueck2 måneder siden
  • that is the only way to do it lol

    MaxAsLMaxAsL2 måneder siden
  • All that just to say "check WQs and crafting, but stick to dungeons". Terrible video.

    Johnny Martin JohansenJohnny Martin Johansen2 måneder siden
  • i ran around with a 164 weapon in offhand and hero weapon in mainhand until i got the weapon token from nathria normal lol. the weapon switch gave me 3 or 4 item level alone

    GrannyBashyGrannyBashy2 måneder siden
  • Can we do mythic + Over and Over and get loot or just on the 1st Run?

    Filipe SerranoFilipe Serrano2 måneder siden
  • I geared with pvp. Did all the reward for winning the first pvp match for each category respectively and that helps give a good chunk. Then after did only Random Epic BGS. If you start losing do not give up. You want kills. Rally to just kill enemy and use your remaining time killing the enemy for honor. Im not sure how you get paid out honor, if its damage done or kills, but even on a loss on some BGS I walk out with 1k honor. Also, and this could use in game testing, I dont think the difference in winning or losing the match you get a huge difference in end match honor payout (I think you get honor even if you lose just not the 225 for winning). Only time i had a chance to see this was when i ended up with exactly 0 honor after upgrades, went into epic BG and near the end had 850 ish in my currency tab and match ended right after checking and had 1000 for final payout. Again this could use some testing. Hope this helps someone.

    Dozer HernandezDozer Hernandez2 måneder siden
  • Dungeon Bosses can be repeatably looted???

    EliasVEliasV2 måneder siden
  • PvP gearing is time gated? Bruh did you try to get into mythic pugs first two weeks? Pull 1 more mob, not understand 1 thing first, back to the group finder. Also noone, i mean noone would have let you in to mythics with less than 170ilvl. I ran some epic bgs, torghast for the legendary and was decked out in 176ilvl no time. PvP was the easiest and the quickest gearing because the loot is guaranteed.

  • I'm so behind...

    Caleb ColetrainCaleb Coletrain3 måneder siden
  • Every video on gearing in Shadowlands completely ignores legendaries and it's super weird.

    Big Daddy WesBig Daddy Wes3 måneder siden
  • Just do instantly mythic. It's not really hard. Did all of them. I first try cleared them as a Tank with ilvl 155.

    HipsThorHipsThor3 måneder siden
  • I stopped playing in cata I dabbled here and there but thats when I quit. Came back for this honestly didn't even know it came out until like 2 days ago im 58 on my druid tank right now and having fun honestly I like the level squish and the cinematic kinda questing and stuff. I'll hold my judgements for after I hit 60 and start really doing dungeons and stuff and join a guild. Last hard-core anything I did was heroic icc 25 I was a blood do tank ranked 2 on runetotem back in the day because the person above me had the legendary axe which wasn't even best in slot for the role it just had a higher item level. One thing I do like is the random upgrades you can sometimes get on gear making them blue or epic one concern I have tho and a reason I didn't like later expansions was the ring factor going into things not looking for specific gear but luck rolls on gear is that still a thing?

    LazyBunnyzLazyBunnyz3 måneder siden
  • fast and easy ... do all the dungeons! lol

    Daniel AgostinhoDaniel Agostinho3 måneder siden
  • Anyone here on EU server and would like to gear up in dungeons or just questing in a group. I'm a frost Mage lvl 59 going 60 and item lvl 127 on KAZZAK. I really need friends on WOW to group play.

    Zephyrine StarZephyrine Star3 måneder siden
  • Kind of sad that almost 300k people need a dragged out video to tell them to do dungeons. And tf do you mean by 184 "+". 184 is the current mythic cap outside of unranked PvP gear, some random world drops, and legendaries.

    TNTspazTNTspaz3 måneder siden
  • So. Might as well run key all day then gearing up from bg? Zzz

    Vii bunnyVii bunny3 måneder siden
  • TL;DW: Do Mythics

    JaredJared3 måneder siden
  • How to get geared fast: Spam BG's for ilvl gear until you can start doing heroics. Spam Mythics because heroics are a joke. GG.

    PullSCPullSC3 måneder siden
  • 1 boss drop me a 190 is that strong

    Noel SolakovskiNoel Solakovski3 måneder siden
  • So were back again to where Solo Players are left out in the cold

    JRSJRS3 måneder siden
    • @Jared You don't know what an MMO is.

      jarrodjarrod2 måneder siden
    • @jarrod It's not an MMO until you reach the last level.

      JaredJared2 måneder siden
    • It's an MMO. Go back to Skyrim...

      jarrodjarrod2 måneder siden
    • They can hit 173 with heroic dungeon drops in every slot, 2x Wrath of the jailer drops (and/or a random BoE epic), and their legendary.

      JaredJared3 måneder siden
  • YOU LITERALLY JUST STRECTHED OUT A VIDEO TO 10MINS. Lmao, what kind of idiot is going to put 4ks worth of missives on a 151ilvl gear that you're just gonna replace lmao

    Bill bagginsBill baggins3 måneder siden
  • I just did pvp and mythic, 180 ilvl no sweat.

    GodOfMacroGodOfMacro3 måneder siden
  • did my guy literally drag out "do dungeons" into a ten minute video

    bob brysonbob bryson3 måneder siden
    • pretty fucking much

      Roma ScopaRoma Scopa2 måneder siden
    • @aerozub Even normals werent available. after progressing the campaign we got worldquests and some covenant loot what helped us get 144. just a bit weird how dungeons are unavailable when you hit max lvl

      Loony1979Loony19793 måneder siden
    • @aerozub still around 110k on my server sadly

      Austin KephartAustin Kephart3 måneder siden
    • @Loony1979 run normals, do some BGs(you will get rekt at this point, but it's easy to get 158 gear of your choice there), if you still miss something buy 151 craft gear, it's cheap and you'll get the ilvl needed for heroics. Then do heroics. If you got 160+ try to get into a m0 group. Easy. If you got gold buy a darkmoon trinket, that'll massively boost your ilvl as they're ilvl200. If you got lots of gold buy a boe or 2, they're getting cheaper by the minute (sold the 2h sword for 300k on day2, it's ~50k or less atm).

      aerozubaerozub3 måneder siden
    • just hit 60 and with ilvl 127 I am nowhere near running dungeons! thinking I was done questing lol

      Loony1979Loony19793 måneder siden
  • You can get a full 171 gear set from pvp in one afternoon of random battlegrounds. It's currently the fastest, most reliable way to hit 170. Just spam epic bgs and you'll easily get 1k+ honor per run.

    Carrie ShowCarrie Show3 måneder siden
  • Btw the 171 item necklace might have a higher itemlevel but the heart for azeroth has still better stats u need a 184 epic

    SantaSanta3 måneder siden
  • If I played a hybrid I would be pretty pissed with the garbage conduit system.

    VocuVocu3 måneder siden
  • so i farm honors at broken isle for nothing? xD

    JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??3 måneder siden
  • Great job Blizz LOL HAHA....

    Kurtis Rose-ChapmanKurtis Rose-Chapman3 måneder siden
  • Something I've realized is that your 1500 bg honor weekly and against overwhelming odds will award 1k anima. You can potentially kill multiple birds by using those two quests to knock out your weekly renown quest.

    Kyle JKyle J3 måneder siden
  • Mythic is a joke tbh. Rolled it with guildies in armor stack groups at 140 ilv

    Talymen OmbrenuitTalymen Ombrenuit3 måneder siden
    • @Jared it's when everyone in the party wears the same type of armor so we can trade dupe pieces of armor to each other, but it also means usually the group is gonna be either full casters or full melees which is generally making it harder

      Talymen OmbrenuitTalymen Ombrenuit3 måneder siden
    • What's armor stack?

      JaredJared3 måneder siden
  • I've geared up in random bg's. So much fun.

    M LingardM Lingard3 måneder siden
  • lol 184 to do m+ and raid normal hc that too much ilvl

    Soly 4Soly 43 måneder siden
  • 1:50 to 2:15 is all wrong. World quests ilvl is based on your renown level. The second character you showed, who's at 174 ilvl is 2/9 on the covenant campaign, so renown 3.

    BassSpleenBassSpleen3 måneder siden
    • This isnt true. Wq is based on your current characters IL. Me and my friend both have renown 3 but wq drops me much higher gear bc i have a higher item lvl

      BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
  • Honestly dont do this, just stand in orgrimmar and pay for runs lol - boom i hit 60 and in day one of 60 i went to 180 ilvl running mythics lol with guildies and or paying for runs - unless u poor as f then take the long route

    Alber WorldAlber World3 måneder siden
  • I did all mm0 with 150 ilvl group. The fact is the lower u are, the most difficult is and u can really learn about strats. With 165 and above u can actually destroy everything, what is not really a good thing if u attempt to push a bit after. Sry btw if my english is a bit crap aha

    Equinox1011Equinox10113 måneder siden
  • Would be a great neck piece but never get stats I need/want.

    JR 110JR 1103 måneder siden
  • I wish they wouldn't lock the pvp weekly vault to rated bgs only. So casual pvpers are left out in the cold yet again

    Fury of ChromatFury of Chromat3 måneder siden
    • There will be yolo rbg groups in group finder

      Bence PájerBence Pájer3 måneder siden
  • What are the signs of kelani?

    Jeswin SamJeswin Sam3 måneder siden
  • You should rename the video... these are not fast & easy... nice bait

    Guilherme RosaGuilherme Rosa3 måneder siden
  • The problem with the shit pvp and pve system ,is you can get 184 gear now ,max level for pvp is 171, so fuck all up cry baby pve scrubs that bitched

    seeking the truthseeking the truth3 måneder siden
  • Mythic dungeons were are a joke. We were in a 5man group 145 ilvl full cleared with around do 10-15 wipes in total for all dungeons.

    GzScyBitz IvanovGzScyBitz Ivanov3 måneder siden
    • Well tbh mythic 0 isn’t hard. It wasn’t hard in all expansions but if you complete higher m+ , you will get problems with this lvl

      Felix HollmannFelix Hollmann3 måneder siden
  • Your first recommendation should have been to buy a full set of 151 AH gear to scale WQ ilvl up.

    oplixoplix3 måneder siden
  • So WoW is basically a game of matching your peers' item level. If you are not able to invest enough time to match it then you are under powered. If you are able to match it then you are just an average player.

    LuckystrikeLuckystrike3 måneder siden
  • So cata had literally 377 lvl and afther 10 000 expansions u degrade to this shit

    Daniel BojidarovDaniel Bojidarov3 måneder siden
  • There's no point. The gear from BFA is superior all the way up to level 59. In fact, the ilvl of SL gear can be 12 or more item levels ABOVE BFA gear and still have inferior stats. Against a level 50 target, there's hardly any difference in DPS between 50 ilvl 115 and 60 ilvl 134 (about 250dps). The difference in ability and damage was staggering between 110 and 120. You could go back and rape a Legion mythic dungeon easily and one shot some of the regular mobs. Not in Shadowlands. You go back at level 60 and you'll get your face owned off soloing a BFA mythic. The difference is so slight that a 50 and 60 can duel. In fact, the level 50 has the azurite/essence advantages and the 60 can't use any covenant abilities out of SL so it's about evenly matched. So yeah, if you want 500 extra health and about 3 extra dps then by all means get "geared up". Very, very disappointing.

    Katie SmytheKatie Smythe3 måneder siden
  • Just noticed today players were selling weapon ilvl 190 on AH...My cousin and I were trying to figure out where they were getting them. Anyone know???

    Jonathon AJonathon A3 måneder siden
    • There just random world drops

      kenneth moorekenneth moore3 måneder siden
  • Guys hit max level, do torghast/dungeons for conduits. To acquire sweet loot just spam rbg snd go to pvp vendor in Oribos which will then be able to go up to rank 3, renown weekly capped, at rank 3 you’ll have ilvl 171 gear. After that do mythic+ or wait till the weeks go bye and slowly unlock the renown gear

    Taylor BurnsTaylor Burns3 måneder siden
  • I was thinking reps for pathfinder but from what im reading it renown thats gets you flying so I dont know

    Anti ShovelAnti Shovel3 måneder siden
  • tldr: Mythic clear everything with stacked gear type...otherwise u cant get 184 FAST N EASY

    jonath102jonath1023 måneder siden
  • My item level is 147 and my world quests only give 145-147 gear. bleh.

    PCFanatic LetsPlayPCFanatic LetsPlay3 måneder siden
    • @PCFanatic LetsPlay not sure. I just know when i started they were very low. Now there in 160s i know its not like bfa where it just keeps going up bc im 169 now and it seems stuck between 161-164 but it scaled with me up till then

      BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
    • @Brandon maybe after I do the weekly stuff it'll change? Dunno.

      PCFanatic LetsPlayPCFanatic LetsPlay3 måneder siden
    • @PCFanatic LetsPlay well your games broken. When i was 158 i was getting 161 from wq

      BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
    • That's not what the video implied. I don't think it scales at all in SL. 154 ilevel and all the WQ gear stayed at 148.

      PCFanatic LetsPlayPCFanatic LetsPlay3 måneder siden
    • Bc thats how its supposed to be. They drop gear equal or a little better. What did u expect to be able to do wq all the way up to 183? I mean u can but it slowly scales with your item level. If you wanna jump item level alot you need to do content with specific drops....dungeons.

      BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
  • By the time i log into draenor , the next patch will be released

    RaxatlixRaxatlix3 måneder siden
    • Ain't got nothing on kazzak lul

      Bill bagginsBill baggins3 måneder siden
  • So, I complete an 'talk to that NPC' sort of quest, and they give me a neck item which is better than HoA I've been grinding to upgrade for MONTHS?... F this SH, tbh, and this whole game, and the company.

    yas yasyas yas3 måneder siden
  • 183 gear. "Wrath of the Jailer". Weekly, in The Maw. Kill mobs to fill up a bar. Kill one of the Jailer's underlings.

    John MetcalfeJohn Metcalfe3 måneder siden
    • not a 100% drop rate though. I got garbage.

      PCFanatic LetsPlayPCFanatic LetsPlay3 måneder siden
  • If this video says 'run normals then heroics then mythic dungeons' exactly like every single expansion I'm going to scream

    Chiyori NakanishiChiyori Nakanishi3 måneder siden
    • @Asdf638 Yeah I don't get it, it's exactly the same every expansion

      Chiyori NakanishiChiyori Nakanishi3 måneder siden
    • Well. Did you scream?

      Asdf638Asdf6383 måneder siden
  • Everything is quickly quickly these days...fucking enjoy it slowly, quickly means you get over it sooner.

    Andrew MarkouAndrew Markou3 måneder siden
  • 140 ilev doing mythics as the tank FUN AF

    Joe OconnorJoe Oconnor3 måneder siden
    • @Joe Oconnor thx, mate

      RichtenstahlRichtenstahl3 måneder siden
    • @Richtenstahl bear tank. Did ot with 4 buddies not very hard at all.

      Joe OconnorJoe Oconnor3 måneder siden
    • 140 enough to tank mythics? Cool! How hard ist it? And how hard on your healer? 😁 Which class do you play as a tank?

      RichtenstahlRichtenstahl3 måneder siden
  • One Question, these insane graphics, are they because of ray tracing? And if so which gpu do you use? Does anyone know?

    Alex GAlex G3 måneder siden
    • Don't think WoW uses ray tracing.

      JaredJared3 måneder siden
  • Fuck MMOs just feel like work now ;_;

    Vargen DaeVargen Dae3 måneder siden
  • Gear from world quest's are tied to your renown

    L RL R3 måneder siden
  • I don’t see any World Quests. What am I doing wrong?

    PopeyePopeye3 måneder siden
  • lf for social guild for alliance stormrage.

    Joshua LopezJoshua Lopez3 måneder siden
  • Just farm pvp gear honor is 158 and I forget conquest but it’s high

    Gaming for adults Adults onlyGaming for adults Adults only3 måneder siden
  • I did three dailies today. And got all vendor sell items. Good chunk of gold. Just zero items?? Wtf?

    BrotherhoodBrotherhood3 måneder siden
  • Okey i i still have to farm content i dont like to be viable in arena.... FML

    fittiskogenfittiskogen3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for the great video. Greetings

    WatashiWatashi3 måneder siden
  • Once you hit 60 get a profession to craft your gear. It gives item level equal to normal dungeons almost.

    I made you read thisI made you read this3 måneder siden
  • Erm... I don't know what game you're playing, but given the drop rate of equipment in dungeons... I'd hardly say getting to 184 will be "FAST & EASY."

    Jason StoneJason Stone3 måneder siden
    • Yeah I'm also super cool here's why ------ so take that nerd

      McNoXturnMcNoXturn2 måneder siden
    • @Myro Crad I did 8/8 first week and just finished my last dungeon m0 this week and im 175/177 so it's not that easy lol, today I got nothing from 3 dungeons

      PRPR3 måneder siden
    • I got 183 at full sweat and buying ilvl 190 gear and the ilvl 200 trinket, idk about ilvl 184+ due to mythic lockouts

      Dominic LuptakDominic Luptak3 måneder siden
    • @Myro Crad you’ve literally played nonstop if you’re that ilvl already so that’s probably something special

      Lord Thornton EddingtonLord Thornton Eddington3 måneder siden
    • @MadMax TheCrazy well u havent played a dungeon with one right now bc they are broken. They are top dps right now

      BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
  • You forgot to mention the Darkmoon decks that are at ilvl 200.

    Rainbow coffeequeenRainbow coffeequeen3 måneder siden
    • @gigi black The darkmoon decks are made by inscriptonists.

      Rainbow coffeequeenRainbow coffeequeen3 måneder siden
    • Where do you get the dark moon decks?

      gigi blackgigi black3 måneder siden
  • Didn’t you forget to mention “Wraith of the Jailer”?

    Ilja DudenhefnerIlja Dudenhefner3 måneder siden
  • TLDR, just play the game -.-

    JJ3 måneder siden
  • to much of this xpac is tied to renown

    randy stemenrandy stemen3 måneder siden
  • the item level is not fixed, if you hit 60 then go quest , those item will be 150 at most

    Jim YangJim Yang3 måneder siden
  • For some people here, i took vacation and got to level 60 already on the release date 8hours on that, after gearing on 182 this took about 20hours.

    ReD CCOReD CCO3 måneder siden
  • jsut get every single m0 drop, duh

    WorgenatorWoWWorgenatorWoW3 måneder siden
  • Got to level 60 on my alt today done lol I got a covid vacation due to working near a co~worker. And I grinder the hell out this game it was fun got 2 more days till I head back to work and then I’ll farm heroics every so often lol :D till raiding opens and farm mythics

    Chibimonster_TVChibimonster_TV3 måneder siden
  • If you played bfa at all the Torghast neck won't be better than the Heart of Azeroth even though it's a higher ilvl

    Troy MooreTroy Moore3 måneder siden
  • My Q position is 328019

    Giant SandwichGiant Sandwich3 måneder siden
  • You have two weeks prepared ,for Raid ,enjoy game ,new locations,dont need to rush.

    GPHx XXLGPHx XXL3 måneder siden
  • Are conduits Part of the gear score?

    Crazy SwayzeeCrazy Swayzee3 måneder siden
    • nop

      DálleDálle3 måneder siden
  • How come this guide wasnt released before Shadowlands dropped? I really liked it but it seems like information like this was what we needed before Launch so we could focus on them earlier

    Skull CandySkull Candy3 måneder siden
    • @Skull Candy So you never checked group finder once you hit 60? What does way earlier even mean? Its barely been 3 days since launch...

      ezlyfeezlyfe3 måneder siden
    • @ezlyfe In all of his guides to Shadowlands he never talked about mythic 0 being available, I personally didn't know that and would've started them way earlier.

      Skull CandySkull Candy3 måneder siden
    • wait so since the 23rd (3 days ago) You've hit 60 and you've been focusing the wrong things?

      ezlyfeezlyfe3 måneder siden
  • W💩rld quest

    willy yonathanwilly yonathan3 måneder siden
  • Thank you very helpful

    Mark SlesarevMark Slesarev3 måneder siden