I Asked This Undercover Officer For The Truth...

2. mars. 2021
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'John Doe' is back, and he's getting a little impatient with the lack of answers from the team, and tries to get in touch with them on Google Hangouts for the third time now. The conversation itself seems to be receptive and team makes some progress in learning about a few things, including Syntec itself and a rather strange incident that occurred there many years ago. However, once the officer pushes for a drop again, the team has a choice to make: do they trust this man or do they trust the Stalker that's been tormenting them for months now? And what revelations does that officer have about D and who exactly she is?
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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - Did He Just Say...? -
Picking up from the previous video, a rather interesting development has come out of the tape that they found.
04:26 - John Doe is back -
Six days later, the team receives another chat request from the undercover officer.
07:00 - Hazelnut Creamer -
Matthias tries to see if the officer responds to the challenge that they saw on the Apple 2 computer, which would link them even closer to 'D'.
11:24 - What The Heck Happened? -
With the blessing from 'John Doe', the team starts to ask some questions pertaining to the evidence that they were left in the drop and what event could possibly have happened that they're connected to.
16:18 - The Article -
They then turn their attention to the suspicious article that they were given as well, probing deeper.
17:40 - And The Documents About Us? -
Then comes the biggest question: what about the documents that were related to the team that they found under the stairs?
20:21 - You KNOW Her? -
'John Doe' drops a very interesting piece of information about Deborah...
24:48 - That's The Second Time... -
The undercover officer makes a big request of the team, but it already sounds oddly familiar from a few days ago...
29:13 - NEXT TIME -
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  • I have a 27subject my great grandad was 27

    Michael HarriaonMichael HarriaonDag siden
  • D is Debreah

    Cristopher TorresCristopher Torres2 dager siden
  • What if the guy in the tape talking to D is John Doe?

    Maddie_YeetsMaddie_Yeets3 dager siden
  • john doe is the other person on the tape.

    Hayley BrooksHayley Brooks4 dager siden
    • also: they're setting nelson up, which is why he made the comment about legalities. Like yes, the guy is bad news however I do believe a lot of these items were placed by Jon, and that's why he only knows small details, anything else he that he copy from his original chain of custody, ie: the keys, he copies to at least he has something under his belt. Jon wants the items to make a case against Syphus, and i think Syphus really does just want his car back and his chemicals. Jon baited you from the beginning directly after Syphus took the car and stole the chemicals. He figures planting the evidence will put the suggestion into your head that it was Syphus. He didn't know very much about the program because, as i said before, he was the other person on the tape with Dee and admittedly John knows she keeps things close to her chest. It also explains how he knows where Dee's office was hidden and how to open her drawer. Also, other than the computer what was really left was lab equipment, which previous to further investigation would not be incriminating against her. John is bluffing when he says YOU guys don't know how to work the computer because neither does he. Only Dee does because it was her computer and she wasn't going to incriminate herself. For all we know, Dee convinced John to leave and train to be a PI to back the both of them. Do we really believe that she wouldn't keep some of that information from John to not further incriminate herself, and lose him as an agent that can "prove her innocence."? It might be a stretch but I think that's what's really going on here, especially IF John were an undercover agent, he would have to be fast and strong to be in the field. Again, could be a stretch, but I do think it's worth suggesting.

      Hayley BrooksHayley Brooks4 dager siden
    • anddd for him asking about a secure line, and the rest of the LAPD calls got rerouted repeatedly.

      Hayley BrooksHayley Brooks4 dager siden
    • definitely explains his vagueness because he doesn't want to be found out too.

      Hayley BrooksHayley Brooks4 dager siden
  • How do i know how much of this is real?

    Skogens SketcherSkogens Sketcher6 dager siden
  • Matt u should search ancestors. Family search. org and there's a girl with the name Alice Syphus (1919-2013)

    Mehwish ZafarMehwish Zafar7 dager siden
  • ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ chill dude 😎

    Mehwish ZafarMehwish Zafar7 dager siden
  • Fortnite players know third party

    Khaled209dxbKhaled209dxb9 dager siden
  • A third party is usually a supplier

    AlphaSackbotAlphaSackbot11 dager siden
  • How does "John Doe" know anything about D/Deborah? What if, he's the one talking to her in the tape? If he's the co-owner to Syntec??

    Taylor WebsterTaylor Webster12 dager siden
  • I like the way woods is just chilling in the back while sam and matt are talking about d/deborah

    Bryan WhittakerBryan Whittaker13 dager siden
  • John Doe is the other co founder D is Deborah And Syphus is Nelson Syphus obviously this one

    Rex_Gaming_75Rex_Gaming_7513 dager siden
  • Guys if you read the first part of the video it says it is fictional then go down to the description and it says behind the 863 series.

    Mia McVeighMia McVeigh13 dager siden
  • I’ve been known from the last episode that that was d it was pretty obvious with the clues lol

    Channing GrahamChanning Graham13 dager siden
  • Am I the only person that thought it was weird how long it took them to make the connection that the girl Deborah was D and the woman on the tape? She has to be D.

    Levi FranzLevi Franz14 dager siden
  • I just wanna say my roommate told me about this like a month ago and just when she described it, I right away thought it was some PR stunt type of thing, but I did get curious and started watching the premieres with her, which just made me more certain that it wasn't real.. Then the big reveal happened and my roomie was like.. "Oh, you were right", (since she was always a bit uncertain) and after that I got obsessed.. I spent my easter catching up and I just got here and I just wanna say that I get that some may have invested a lot of time and energy thinking this was real, but it gotta feel so good to be able to joke and theorize and know everyone is safe.. And people get invested in other series or movies, except here the "characters" can "hear" you scream at the TV not to go into that room, because obviously the bad dude is behind a corner, waiting to lock you in.. Oh wait..

    LenoreLenore14 dager siden
  • it was arson probably

    calec palmercalec palmer16 dager siden
  • Did anyone see the person outside mega desk room.

    David PadronDavid Padron16 dager siden
  • Maybe the undercover officer is the person talking to d on the tape.

    Valerie FinesteadValerie Finestead19 dager siden
  • Anyone else think that Matt should become a director in Hollywood or something XD

    Fire ViperFire Viper19 dager siden
  • Doe mite be the person talking to D in the tape!

    Kendall KleinKendall Klein19 dager siden
  • D is the lead researcher

    Jalaj TewariJalaj Tewari19 dager siden
  • Jhon doe is the founder

    Jalaj TewariJalaj Tewari19 dager siden
  • Got here from randomly finding the night investigation and then got hooked up watching all this stuff. And after watching last and this video, maybe the stuff the happened at night on those videos that you all stayed, maybe is the presence of the people that were on the experiments

    FranJavierFranJavier19 dager siden
  • It is D?

    Tristan JohnsonTristan Johnson20 dager siden
  • D

    Tristan JohnsonTristan Johnson20 dager siden
  • In my opinion you are in the line of fire and u weren't met to be involved in this

    PlayablePlayable20 dager siden
  • What if D is the third party

    PlayablePlayable20 dager siden
  • I think John Doe is the person talking to d and d was the person who started the fire just a theory hacer finished the video yet

    kenzie acaciakenzie acacia20 dager siden
  • Oh my gosh I found out who can be the goghst

    Steve AguilarSteve Aguilar21 dag siden
    • It can be one of the people who died

      Steve AguilarSteve Aguilar21 dag siden
  • If you have seen the newest video look at their hands

    Robyn BlankRobyn Blank21 dag siden
  • Ask John Doe about the tape and say random things that were in the tape if he says the thing after that that was in the tape or simular he might have a lead or work for the company syntec. I might have something you can say one thing like we need to get him or he will get us

    lorax choonguslorax choongus22 dager siden
  • The new video has that Ray and the Mic is cutting static

    someanimegamersomeanimegamer22 dager siden
  • It might be the other person in the tape

    Tank_ ArmyTank_ Army23 dager siden
  • Maybe

    Tank_ ArmyTank_ Army23 dager siden
  • It's D

    Tank_ ArmyTank_ Army23 dager siden
  • Did no one see someone behind the window?

    Alex ZambAlex Zamb23 dager siden
  • This vid is now 3 weeks old, working on catching up. But I was thinking, can’t to copy what you have (anything you can copy) and then give the duplicate or original, your choice, to both syphus and John Doe? It’ll be something at least and you would also have the evidence for yourself.

    Jon ZerbaJon Zerba23 dager siden
  • Debrah is prob D from that recording. Turns out that the detective is also that guy in the recording and he is just a part of debrahs plan and syphers plan?

    Taylor ThorTaylor Thor24 dager siden
  • The captions trying to say “Syntec” XD

    brikkmastrrbrikkmastrr24 dager siden
  • In the tape thar is a sirin that is a nuke or dezastersirin.

    Project ZoergoProject Zoergo25 dager siden
  • Wait if project 863 is Ds project that is killing people what is Nelson syphus doing wrong other then breaking in and stuff

    Tyler HoodTyler Hood27 dager siden
  • Me:John Doe is the co founder of synthetic and was talking to D Bc he mentioned talking to her Matt:Why Me:BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE

    Samuel ZummoSamuel Zummo27 dager siden
  • John doe is the person in the tape that was talking to D that's why he knows about stoping Nelson

    Skyler BeckSkyler Beck27 dager siden
  • If you guys have similar keys maybe there’s a 2 key safe or sum that needs the similar keys to open up at the same time or sum

    Alejandro HernandezAlejandro Hernandez27 dager siden
  • This should be a movie, it's so out of the wonder, of what normally happens there's a bunch of twists. In Some way, the twist of this I feel is John doe is the bad guy but he is proving himself, it makes you second guess yourself.

    Sammie dunhamSammie dunham28 dager siden
  • I looked up Nelson Syphus on ancestry and found nothing I do not know if this can be helpful but just wanted y’all to know.

    Makenna BowmanMakenna Bowman28 dager siden
  • so it is just a story

    fudgepantzfudgepantz28 dager siden
  • What if D was the on that started the fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Cappy_926Cappy_92629 dager siden
  • Eyyyy I’m on youtu- F mE iDentIfiCaTioN is bYe bYe

    Games_For_Life0_0Games_For_Life0_029 dager siden
  • Idk if you know this but on the emulator you had D3B which when you flip the 3 it makes Deb, short for Deborah

    ChivalryaintdeaddChivalryaintdeadd29 dager siden
  • Matthias: Nelson. Samantha/Sam: ' D ' Woods: Co-worker of Nelson. ( Im not saying this is true or not but its just something I thought about. Or what if people close to those three people were D Nelson and the co worker. I mainly Think Sam was D and Woods was the Co worker because if Matt was Co worker then there wouldn't be that big of a friendship ya know. You know like Woods and Sam have this great friendship. Not saying they are in a relationship just talking friend wise. Hope you dont find this weird! Also have a great day! )

    Lilliez CloudLilliez CloudMåned siden
  • Why couldn’t they just work with team edge?! And also where is mega desk?!

    Roman WasylewskiRoman WasylewskiMåned siden
  • John doe is the other person on the tape and he was pretending to not know the code the coffe cremer is out in the break room

    artic_memoriesartic_memoriesMåned siden
  • I bet D try to kill S with the fire

    Mason GasparMason GasparMåned siden

    Fiorenza Shaynee SachiFiorenza Shaynee SachiMåned siden
  • A syntec worker lives in my apartments in Moreno Valley

    LaMar CarterLaMar CarterMåned siden
  • Wouldn't John Doe know about D's code if he was working with her. Unless why you haven't heard from her because he and nelson both stopped her from contacting you. The way nelson and John Doe use sarcastic criticism is also straggly similar.

    Lilly CoxLilly CoxMåned siden
  • When I heard D's name, my mind instantly went to my bestfriend. XD She has the same name but spelled differently.

    PotatoGodPotatoGodMåned siden
  • Came across this channel 2 days ago and have been hooked ever since

    Cohen ForbesCohen ForbesMåned siden
  • I Rufuse to accept that this isn’t real

  • Me noticing that the window leads to the front desk inside

    Aaron SapienAaron SapienMåned siden
  • I don’t know if anyone else saw this but behind woods and Sam I kept seeing little movements also stops like as if someone was there

    Aaron SapienAaron SapienMåned siden
  • So I'm a fnaf fan so I can't help but share 😭🖐 so the tape sounds like henry trusting in Dave and this leads back to freddys burnt down- they died-

    mrkrabs butinstylemrkrabs butinstyleMåned siden
  • Anyone ever think that there are two 863 keys for the fact that one belonged to Syphus and the other one to the unknown Co-Founder?

    BrosaphagusBrosaphagusMåned siden
  • I just got a add with this video about a car oil that the name brand was syntec like what?

    emma graceeeemma graceeeMåned siden
  • The rush would be the power. Both parties are against each other (D and joe) (Nelson and his partner), plus they are both wanting what you guys have because you guys have the base, the evidence, the things they want specificity. Give it to one party and they will have the info, the evidence they want more likely to bet the other(s). Yet again this is just my thought.

    Potato’s And BananaPotato’s And BananaMåned siden
  • you need too stop j is not j it hem

    nightmare errornightmare errorMåned siden
  • Hillary dump file from japan

    Adam FishAdam FishMåned siden
  • And John Doe was a old worker there but left to become a police officer I think

    NinjabiscuitNinjabiscuitMåned siden
  • Guys I found more evidence on the old google maps and searched there is something in the floor

    NinjabiscuitNinjabiscuitMåned siden
  • Theory: D is trying to get rid of Nelson because when the Pegasus experiment was go Nelson might have got out of hand and tried to perfect it but D and the partner might have wanted to stop him of experimenting on subjects because it’s hurting people and so now D is trying to help you guys get rid of Nelson.

    DJ DuckyDJ DuckyMåned siden
  • 12:42 maybe the liquid/chemical in the gun Case that's was broken and it was the same liquid/chemical on the fire at syntec,do you remembered there was a leak inside the gun Case and woods use a handkerchief and a fire just lit up for no reason that's why there's a fire at syntec happens in the same way

    Villena JoseVillena JoseMåned siden
  • John Doe is the co founder

    jose sanchezjose sanchezMåned siden
  • Why didn’t Matt check the b side because a tape has a A side and B side

    First GalaxyFirst GalaxyMåned siden
  • Westley is John Doe

    Ethan OrthEthan OrthMåned siden
  • Theory: those burnt marks on the handkerchief looks like it was burnt by a corrosive liquid cause they are individuals holes that had those burnt marks. and the watch seemed to be smashed maybe the watch was Syphus's belongings and D's plan to kill syphus maybe work. D might have made that fire and she thought that fire would only kill syphus. She was wrong and she caused all of the casualities. D might believed that Syphus was dead in the fire. Back to the watch Syphus might have fall down from a stair or something and that destryoied the watch. Syphus might have take off the watch so the glass dont shatter or hurt his hand. This possibility is endless. D is in hiding and Syphus is out and around. Thynx

    siti sakinahsiti sakinahMåned siden
  • im creeped out

    Jason HuangJason HuangMåned siden
  • Aug 11, 2020 · Robert Nelson Allred was born on September 26, 1958 and passed away on August 11, 2020

    Elisha HaverElisha HaverMåned siden
  • can you do a revival of how work on this with you

    Jack BezyJack BezyMåned siden
  • i feel like a backround actor lol

    GabbieGabbieMåned siden
  • Wow this is spicy

    Nelnel TutNelnel TutMåned siden
  • Debarah is a girl and D is a girl, Debarah starts with a D and D was a co founder of syntec so she is perusing her job after the fire

    beth jonesbeth jonesMåned siden
  • Could this 'investigator' be Syphus' split personality? They talked about it a video or two ago and that really got me thinking. Could this 'investigator' be his subconscious trying to right his wrongs?

    TimeEmperorTimeEmperorMåned siden

    Galaxy _ animation foxGalaxy _ animation foxMåned siden
  • The fact that he doesn't get the cream in the break room prompt implies that he doesn't actually watch all your videos. He'd have more info if he did lol. This also suggests that he is NOT the co founder like some people are saying. If he was, he would undoubtedly understand the prompt. This is all assuming he wasn't lying, but I don't see any reason for him to pretend he didn't understand.

    Abby WetmoreAbby WetmoreMåned siden
  • It just me to mind but sifis said D was a girl and if John doe is a boy they might be the tow people from the tape

    hank the man sqaud 2hank the man sqaud 2Måned siden
  • Have u tryed looking on the dark web for the artical bc prople do that

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel JohnsonMåned siden
  • Y what if John Doe is the person who was talking to D in the tape

    Joe warhurstJoe warhurstMåned siden
  • D sounds young and she seems to have braces, she talks with a lisp which is an interesting characteristic

    Savanah sniderSavanah sniderMåned siden
  • Lol peep the ps5 in back lol

    MeNoLikeDoors_YTMeNoLikeDoors_YTMåned siden
  • Part of me feels like Deborah doesn't want justice, but vengeance for something Syphus possibly did something to the person she talked to in the cassette, and the LAPD officer is a crooked cop or something like that

    Caleb ClarkCaleb ClarkMåned siden
  • Or his parents

    Spider GamingSpider GamingMåned siden
  • Maybe one of his friends did the fire I mean the same key

    Spider GamingSpider GamingMåned siden
  • This is actually so boring now because it’s staged and the acting is pretty bad now that I’m realizing

    Marie LyynMarie LyynMåned siden
  • What if the fire that was mentioned was a cover up for something else? We already know that there were other deaths at the hand of syntec. Maybe those deaths were covered up or somehow considered voluntary due to some contract the victims were bound to. Maybe there were deaths that syntec couldn’t justify or cover up so they lit a fire to the building to make it seem like those deaths were caused by it. I have no evidence to back this up, it’s just a thought that I had ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Spider GuySpider GuyMåned siden
  • somthing in the window near 20-23

    arielle blessedarielle blessedMåned siden
  • and still trying to get in

    Brandon SosaBrandon SosaMåned siden
  • but he can't because its locked

    Brandon SosaBrandon SosaMåned siden
  • at 23:00 through the curtains u can see someone trying to get in

    Brandon SosaBrandon SosaMåned siden