i became a controller player..

11. des.. 2019
19 407 750 Ganger

i became a controller player..
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  • what platform do you play on?

    McCreamyMcCreamyÅr siden
    • Ps4

      Lil_Battle NinjaLil_Battle Ninja11 dager siden
    • Xbox

      Theo BraidwoodTheo BraidwoodMåned siden
    • Ps4

      Deborah MacdonaldDeborah MacdonaldMåned siden
    • PS4

      Puppy GamingPuppy GamingMåned siden
    • Switch and xbox

      amdrea22amdrea222 måneder siden
  • GG

    Julia MartinJulia Martin3 timer siden
  • _____

    Zaira MonsivaisZaira Monsivais5 timer siden
  • your mean you say bad word i cant watch you any more

    Triple A gamerTriple A gamer6 timer siden
  • noob

    breaa07breaa076 timer siden
  • “a couple times..” “just a few” like 5 minutes later: still on him dying tons of times

    moon playzmoon playz12 timer siden
  • “ and i would’ve hit to”

    moon playzmoon playz12 timer siden
  • almost everyone: controllers suck. me: plays on controller all the time being a sweat 😻

    moon playzmoon playz12 timer siden
  • Pc or Xbox 1

    john lewisjohn lewis14 timer siden
    • Egbox

      Lüx 200 PümpLüx 200 Pümp13 timer siden
  • wow i want to be controllor player

    brycen clowserbrycen clowser17 timer siden
  • I play on PS4

    Vanilla VevoVanilla Vevo23 timer siden
  • Why did that Faze_alone guy have 5,792 health?

    Benjamin WongBenjamin WongDag siden
  • Yo he did the comercial for fortnite for that skibase

    Radu LunguRadu LunguDag siden
  • he has better aim the I do and I have been playing on controller sense season one lol

    Jen HillJen HillDag siden
  • me: how did he not take fall damage WHAT

    Stephan VerschaeveStephan VerschaeveDag siden
  • I had my controller for 8 years when I'm nine

    Gary RGary RDag siden
  • I play on ps4

    Donna KennedyDonna KennedyDag siden
  • 10:33 why is that guys hp at 95,234??

    Nicholas SuarezNicholas SuarezDag siden
  • Fffffffffv

    Yassoof UARYassoof UARDag siden
  • Mcreamy: imma wipe dis up Two seconds later AHHHHHHHH

    Jack CorkeryJack CorkeryDag siden
  • I play on a xbox series s

    Hariprasad ShettyHariprasad Shetty2 dager siden
  • now you see what i have to go threw

    kirk sutherlandkirk sutherland2 dager siden
  • Ok, this guy sky base which is like a million feet and did not take damage... its if I am blind or creamy is a hacker

    Michael MelakuMichael Melaku2 dager siden
  • You are a bot

    Willow adele wyeWillow adele wye2 dager siden
  • How does he find all them llamas

    laser lightninglaser lightning3 dager siden
  • 10:23 hacker

    b jamisonb jamison3 dager siden
  • What is your health doing at 10:34?

    RoRo3 dager siden
  • At 10:33 the guy had 10,000 health

    DIY with VanessaDIY with Vanessa3 dager siden
  • Did u notice the guy he said had 6hp he had 5000 something

    Dead Sh0t77Dead Sh0t773 dager siden
  • that guy had 5 000 hp

    Ziad BarakatZiad Barakat3 dager siden
  • I'm a season one player on controller and càn do everything a PC player can do

    icey XDicey XD3 dager siden
  • why were the people you were facing so a$$ what server you play on i wanna get some wins bro??

    Kody MarksKody Marks3 dager siden
  • NRPCononr

    Lauren MallonLauren Mallon3 dager siden
  • 3:20 Fe4rless existing:Wouldn’t that make you *Wrong?*

    N AnimationsN Animations3 dager siden
  • Can we play one day

    Fraser SYMEFraser SYME4 dager siden
  • Try doing the floor first

    nicholas rnicholas r4 dager siden
  • el video es fake yo juego en control y no tengo tanto aim

    Diego Alejandro Avila GambaDiego Alejandro Avila Gamba4 dager siden
  • I CRANK 90S

    Maribel HernandezMaribel Hernandez4 dager siden

    Maribel HernandezMaribel Hernandez4 dager siden
  • Do you guys wanna see you playing on PlayStation and Xbox

    Juicy &GrahameJuicy &Grahame4 dager siden
  • I play on ps5

  • i play on NINTENDO SWICH PLS don't make fun of me

    Hakeem DussardHakeem Dussard4 dager siden
  • 8:30 WTF

    Darko ColakovDarko Colakov4 dager siden
  • pc end playsteichon end tabletend swich

    Minna SzeDeMinna SzeDe4 dager siden
  • 10:34 What the f*** look at his hp

    GerdaxGerdax4 dager siden
  • mccreamy 10:30 that guy had 95,234 health

    jelte Flapperjelte Flapper5 dager siden
  • I play like this every game

    Qundy8_ -INCQundy8_ -INC5 dager siden
  • 10:32 what look at his health 😳

    Ze'ev PensoZe'ev Penso5 dager siden
  • He went from bots to true players pretty quickly

    Incredibledog306Incredibledog3065 dager siden
  • you m mach the best vidoes

  • you bot

    Krzysztof MrówczyńskiKrzysztof Mrówczyński5 dager siden
  • When you died from xkronikx, he was hacking, look at his health

    finley Olearyfinley Oleary5 dager siden
  • 10:34 am I trippin or did it say 95,000 health?

    joseph shillinglawjoseph shillinglaw5 dager siden
  • how did he not take fall damage 6:00

    Dogbone92Dogbone925 dager siden
  • sam body was at 5.000 HP go to 6min

    Enes AyazEnes Ayaz5 dager siden
  • Play on Xbox and I already play on controller and pretty crack

    Tiffany JordanTiffany Jordan5 dager siden
  • Bro I play on console ps4 and I have like AIMBOT and ur aim takes like 10 shots to kill someone so ur trash 1v1 me on console only and I'll show u you aren't the best console person ever and my friend is better than me he can edit like he has macros and so do I

    trisko _yttrisko _yt5 dager siden
  • When you want aimbot but don’t want to get banded

    Lil Ricky MorenoLil Ricky Moreno5 dager siden
  • I play on switch but after he said he died a coupe of more times he died about 19 more times

    Chicken WingChicken Wing5 dager siden
  • i have see a hacker

    Emile LaplasseEmile Laplasse5 dager siden
  • He has unlock ping, aimbot, slow edits, and slow building controller crew

    James WernerJames Werner6 dager siden
  • Fugue u

    TeothefishermanTeothefisherman6 dager siden
  • Me when i try pc

    Jordan AdamsJordan Adams6 dager siden
  • I play Xbox 1

    Tay SproatTay Sproat6 dager siden
  • “First game on controller!” (Already has the win unbrella

    Tōxiñ_ JayzaBOSSTōxiñ_ JayzaBOSS6 dager siden
    • 😶🙃

      FaZeEggrollFaZeEggroll3 dager siden
  • 10:34 look at his health

    Drago L8Drago L86 dager siden
  • ps4

    Sebastian PranotopSebastian Pranotop7 dager siden
  • lol i'm controller player

    samantha severightsamantha severight7 dager siden
  • Hey said a bad word sh**

    Elaria HannaElaria Hanna7 dager siden
  • No disrespect, But you are bad at fortnite!

    Adam AndulsadaAdam Andulsada7 dager siden
  • I play ps4

    Caleb SimsCaleb Sims7 dager siden
  • Nintendo

    Gamingwith RokoGamingwith Roko7 dager siden
  • the 90s pretty clean tho

    Walden’s Epic GamesWalden’s Epic Games7 dager siden
  • He hacked it said 5, somthing

    J ByersJ Byers7 dager siden
  • Gg

    fake faze marshmello2211fake faze marshmello22117 dager siden
  • being on console doesn’t have advantages, playing with a controller ON PC SERVERS DOES

    jack mannjack mann7 dager siden
  • L2 or rt

    Ramesh GuptaRamesh Gupta7 dager siden
  • tip get better ohh and u went from xbox to ps4

    Finn Meecham - 7T2Finn Meecham - 7T27 dager siden
  • i play on console for all my life and people say hey stop whit the the aim assist its crap its not better aim

    salmoneersalmoneer7 dager siden
  • you were on xbox then ps4

    XLX CLANXLX CLAN7 dager siden
  • I play on controller it’s really easy

    Spidey VerseSpidey Verse7 dager siden
  • wow creamy play on controler for the first time and he is already better that me

    Aidan ErmencAidan Ermenc7 dager siden
  • i play on PC

    Kamata MediaKamata Media7 dager siden
  • Nintendo pls it’s easy

    Noah GentNoah Gent7 dager siden
  • try ps4 or ps5

    TA & Mal Leach-ColemanTA & Mal Leach-Coleman8 dager siden
  • 6:09 wth r u hacking lol

    jake_the gamerjake_the gamer8 dager siden
  • 10:34

    Dream Rocket AdvanceDream Rocket Advance8 dager siden
  • Im controller i get reported alot so i just do creative im ps4 its very easy for me

    shadow beastshadow beast8 dager siden
  • 👍☘️💚👋🏻👍🐢

    power_kid222power_kid2228 dager siden
  • I play on controller

    PowderedRobin39PowderedRobin398 dager siden
  • No offense your bad on console

    ZakiaZakia8 dager siden
    • But a good sniper

      ZakiaZakia8 dager siden
  • I’ve been playing on controller for 4 years and I still can’t build like that-

    Trxoper _Trxoper _8 dager siden
  • Im so late, But finally McCreamy gets a taste of what I get to go through every day. I always just crank 90's in creative since im so bad even with aim assist (Im not saying Mcreamy is bad.)

    D.A. BD.A. B8 dager siden
  • It is clear that he has played controller before he got a win his first game !😯😯

    Ryan SantiagRyan Santiag8 dager siden
  • Do people still think aim assist is op

    GTYT BoydGTYT Boyd8 dager siden
  • The guy that killed creamy at 10:32 was hacking

    Ciara Clatworthy-KingCiara Clatworthy-King8 dager siden
  • yes

    Dallas StephensDallas Stephens8 dager siden
  • this is funny i play on xbox

    RIZE_XBOSSRIZE_XBOSS8 dager siden

    Alfred WendtAlfred Wendt8 dager siden

    Quizo_is_coolQuizo_is_cool8 dager siden