I Bought a Squatted Truck. You’re Welcome

1. mai. 2021
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After months of looking for the most squatted/ugly truck on the planet. I’ve finally got my hands on it. Say hello to my little Alabama friend :) #KILLITWITHFIRE

  • REMEMBER. The more you support. the more squatted trucks ill get 😏

    WhistlinDieselWhistlinDiesel4 dager siden
    • Nut

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    • Yeyeye

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  • Use tanner-right to level that thing out

    Thomas DoroskiThomas Doroski12 sekunder siden
  • But, I will buy that steering wheel... serious business.

    brbroberts1brbroberts1Minutt siden
  • At least this truck people won't get mad about

    Jack RiceJack RiceMinutt siden
  • You can destroy as much squatted trucks as you please swatted trucks are gay asf

    Anthony GuerrieroAnthony Guerriero2 minutter siden
    • Squatted **

      Anthony GuerrieroAnthony Guerriero2 minutter siden
  • Get the bulldozer.

    Paintflow ExceptionPaintflow Exception3 minutter siden
  • Gold

    Bill BillBill Bill9 minutter siden
  • Hello Young Man love your channel, it's just so damn hard to watch you destroying all these completely good running vehicles, when my wife and I can't even afford to purchase one to get around the town we live in. Getting old Sucks, I suggest you avoid it as long as possible! God speed, stay safe, and we'll keep watching!

    713buddy713buddy9 minutter siden
  • Thank u for your service 🥺

    Matias MancillaMatias Mancilla13 minutter siden
  • Look 12 k you can’t destroy my 2000 f250 lifted not squatted I think it would make good Video for you

    Dd DragoDd Drago16 minutter siden
  • Whistling Diesel has talent talking on camera and its very good quality entertainment. All his videos remind me of something I'd buy on DVD vol 3. Lol

    Alexander AndazolaAlexander Andazola16 minutter siden
  • Dude I used to be here becouse of the destroying, now this became such a good comedy with your roasts. Keep it up man and greetings from Europe 😁

    Luka AvsecLuka Avsec20 minutter siden
  • Ive never wanted you to destroy a truck more. If you like or drive this kind of truck do us all a favor and .... yourself.

    Thick PotatoThick Potato26 minutter siden
  • the fact that ive seen this truck before amazes me to see it in whistlindiesels hands now, i know hes going to take such good care of this rare truck

    Truman MatthewsTruman Matthews28 minutter siden
  • Do a squatted tractor next :D

    ViiV CreationsViiV Creations28 minutter siden
  • Bro don’t keep that truck as a daily driver it will not make me mad but I’d fell bad for you if you did

    Dd DragoDd Drago29 minutter siden
  • I’m from South Carolina

    EternalDxmon-_-EternalDxmon-_-36 minutter siden
  • Ppppplease can I have those rims

    joelrcarrierjoelrcarrier37 minutter siden
  • Bet keep buying all of them squatted trucks take them all off the face of the earth please

    Dd DragoDd Drago40 minutter siden
  • I live in the same town and go to the same school as this dickhead and he is as bad as he seems

    James CollinsJames Collins43 minutter siden
  • Is that actually a thing in the USA to totally fuck up your truck and make it look ridiculous 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Luke DormerLuke Dormer51 minutt siden
  • Why in the world would someone squat a truck it looks ridiculous why would someone do some dumb shit like that

    Billy TreatBilly TreatTime siden
  • dumb video wasted my time!!!!!

    jake logerenjake logerenTime siden
  • Squated trucks 🤢🤮

    Warren ThompsonWarren ThompsonTime siden
  • now this is what i wanna see

    Knox ClinganKnox ClinganTime siden
  • the stains on the seat dna

    Ethan FranceEthan FranceTime siden
  • Super 🚙😃🔥👌

    Sasha RatsunSasha RatsunTime siden
  • What happened to the other camera Guy?

    Michael AdkinsMichael AdkinsTime siden
  • when you said do you need a bottle of lysol I got a lysol ad lol

    Wanna Bee OutdoorsWanna Bee OutdoorsTime siden
  • Someone take stunnaempire grinder a way

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • What in tarnation

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • You need to white letter that tint across windshield SUPPAGAY

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • For once I'm actually happy to see yall buy something 😂

    Tyler PaterchakTyler PaterchakTime siden
  • The best part of stunnaempire ran down his uncle's leg

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • Is the instrument cluster any good? I need an instrument cluster

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • I mean can we trade bumpers before you fuck it up 😆

    James MillerJames MillerTime siden
  • That's his daddy's sister's mommas son truck

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • It's a nice truck but put a lift in the back

    Charlott RayCharlott RayTime siden
  • I'm fucckking dying you roasting this kid 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭💩😍💩🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • But if we got in a fight who would win

    Noahyyym MillerNoahyyym MillerTime siden
  • One of the few vehicles I don't mind him destroying.

    IanIanTime siden
  • Blow it up with 500lbs of Tanerite

    Alex SniderAlex SniderTime siden
  • If the LA-Beast pukes, it has to be a bit off.

    Pim BeijkPim BeijkTime siden
  • LA Beast blowing chunks

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • Lmaoooo

    Tattered SilveRadoTattered SilveRadoTime siden
  • You need to do a guess who owned this segment

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • Love the videos man!! Do you think I can buy the rims when you are done with the truck?

    Pedro SextonPedro SextonTime siden
  • 2:32 Hooker and Pimp Jizz

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • What a P.O.S.

    buggy1971buggy1971Time siden
  • I can’t wait for this...full send it baby🤣😂🤣

    Chris KtcChris KtcTime siden
  • It screams Texas

    Ruben MartinezRuben MartinezTime siden
  • So what about a reverse squatted daily?

    Connor NeuhausConnor NeuhausTime siden
  • Put a sock in the gas tank and light it fast befor someone thinks it’s cool then take this vid down so no else will have to suffer retina burn like I did from looking at it

    Matt PooleMatt PooleTime siden
  • To all owners of a squatted truck, your seat does the same thing and it’s much cheaper. It also doesn’t make you look like a dumbass with three and a half brain cells.

    Justin BeckJustin BeckTime siden
  • @whistlindiesel what's the email to send in a rig I would like you to destroy? I got something unique for sure

    Terrill HughesTerrill HughesTime siden
  • I really hope he completely and utterly destroys this thing

    Antonio ManciniAntonio ManciniTime siden
  • 24:30 kek

    DownSurgeDownSurge2 timer siden
  • It’s so funny how he explains it in dead af 😂💀

    Ruby Red NationRuby Red Nation2 timer siden
  • This is so funny 😂 I hope people realize how stupid it is to do this to a truck

    Ruby Red NationRuby Red Nation2 timer siden
  • yo

    Nathan GeyerNathan Geyer2 timer siden
  • #STUNNA #EMPIRE #4LYFE !!!1!1!1!!🔥

    K TK T2 timer siden
  • I have a 93 chevy 3500 dually crew cab with a 12 Valve cummins if ya wanna buy it and destroy it. 😂🤷‍♂️

    Jake DashleyJake Dashley2 timer siden
  • Will it do a burnout?😂

    Ernie CarpenterErnie Carpenter2 timer siden
  • Thank you for destroying it.

    First Line Of SurvivalFirst Line Of Survival2 timer siden
  • What in the fresh farm fuck is this truck

    smoka bowlsmoka bowl2 timer siden
  • dude those post u read on here, is this really the gene pool that girls have to pick from in the carolinas..i always see groups of guys gathered at shows around these trucks but NEVER ANY GIRLS..is this the gay addition to the truck industry ..

    Rick FreemanRick Freeman2 timer siden
  • drive a tank over it

    brad ornatbrad ornat2 timer siden
  • drive it off a cliff

    brad ornatbrad ornat2 timer siden
  • Destroy that truck its trash my guy

    Aaliyah VincentAaliyah Vincent2 timer siden
  • burn it with fire

    brad ornatbrad ornat2 timer siden
  • crush it

    brad ornatbrad ornat2 timer siden
  • He shot the middle finger at the truck

    Automotive KidAutomotive Kid2 timer siden
  • the squated truck sounds like a lawn mower when ur inside of it lol

    Tom waringTom waring2 timer siden
  • I seriously thank you whistlindiesel for buying that.... I hope to God you fill every inch of it with explosives and remove it from this earth. The person who made that should be ashamed and never own another truck.

    David BaileyDavid Bailey2 timer siden
  • บ่นไรวะ

    เฮีย เต้ยเฮีย เต้ย2 timer siden
  • haha "and they have their cousins sitting on the hood spotting"

    Mike YurchisonMike Yurchison2 timer siden
  • Be n asshole @whistlindeisel

    Dusty BauderDusty Bauder2 timer siden
  • Cylinder 1-2: 🏜️🏜️ Cylinder 7-8: 🌊🌊

    Paladin JoshPaladin Josh2 timer siden
  • I would have atleast took off the sticker of his IG handle. Probably just gave this kid tons of followers and shit. If so maybe they will all just roast the piss out of him! Lol

    336 Outdoors336 Outdoors2 timer siden
  • I think you destroyed the previous owner worse than the truck

    Andrew KeetonAndrew Keeton2 timer siden
  • That means he likes boys

    T_Rey1799T_Rey17993 timer siden
  • It’s called the Carolina squatted which I think is stupid I see them all the time in Georgia. Then they try to go mudding which is funny Bc they got stuck before they even got started

    Archie DennisArchie Dennis3 timer siden
  • There was no girls in that one video

    Matthew ScottMatthew Scott3 timer siden
  • Yep now that looks like a truck you would own

    Trav TheDadTrav TheDad3 timer siden
  • That face at 4:33 is the face a made when I first saw the tumbnail

    Nathan DorrisNathan Dorris3 timer siden
  • Bravo, standing ovation! I had to get on my virtual machine, log on my VPN then get on private browser then log in to you tube just say thanks for the laughs bro. Perfect timing to see this and get like 20 min of just laughing my ass off. Also I wonder if those rearview mirror air refresher trees were real? that bolt was no way real but shit man yall keep up the good work. could you do that alabama face more often. not only in lifted trucks with lowering kits. love yall bro bro!!

    Jd TexanJd Texan3 timer siden
  • Get Brandon to shoot it please 😂

    Bulldog GBulldog G3 timer siden
  • Gotta squat my truck now to piss people off 😂 that’s the only benefit of it. The amount of attention you get. Everyone hating on this truck will never have more followers and eyes on them than the owner of it 😂

    Eric MossEric Moss3 timer siden
  • She Reminds Me of a Girl I Picked Up N Opa-locka The Smell & She Loves 2 Squat & She Keeps Giving Also U Cannot C A Damn Thing When U Drive Her Her Headlights R All Up N The Air N Ur Face Too! Thx Dude 4 The Stoke!! POSER 4 $$$ 👌😜🤙

    Duc DiveDuc Dive3 timer siden
  • This is the dumbest looking thing ive ever seen in my life

    MonoMono3 timer siden
  • man, i'm from Brazil, and im REALLY glad somebody is going to destroy this truck!

    STAY FASTSTAY FAST3 timer siden
  • 21:35 what he wanted to say: "if you or a loved one has ever owned a squatted truck... comment down below what type of autism you have"

    Connor BaileyConnor Bailey3 timer siden
  • Squatted trucks when you want the McDonald’s employee to know you live in a trailer park

    yoloyolo3 timer siden
  • The one truck everyone wanted to see you destroy. Smh

    Chris TristanoChris Tristano3 timer siden
  • Thank you for this

    mk7.5 gtimk7.5 gti3 timer siden
  • Truck Rice would approve

    Titus overholtTitus overholt3 timer siden
  • They look so stupid unless it's bagged

    Cj McMasterCj McMaster3 timer siden
  • 1:11 it was right here when he said in his mind "I cant wait" 😅😅

    itsPKitsPK3 timer siden
  • Finally something we want you to destroy

    Rachel GuentherRachel Guenther3 timer siden
  • Hey man, if you put some huge a$$ tires on the back you can level that turd right out!!!

    Chance RemmyChance Remmy3 timer siden