I Bought an old Cattle Farm. Welcome to HAZZARD HOLLOW

18. mars. 2021
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I finally escaped my hometown. Time to build the ULTIMATE DREAM FARM. Goodbye Indiana and thanks for the good times Amish folk. #HAZZARDHOLLOW

  • 16 sorry people so far LOL Sorry about your existence

    WhistlinDieselWhistlinDieselMåned siden
    • Buys farm, destroys it with nuke but launches it only four feet from self...my future prediction lol

      Derpy PedroDerpy Pedro2 dager siden
    • Sdddxxxxxddtr

      Tony PlaugherTony Plaugher4 dager siden
    • dude your videos are good

      Dewayne ChalmersDewayne Chalmers23 dager siden
    • @Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago the fuck are you talking about. You hating on him is only going to make The amazing Whistlindiesel buy more shit and destroy it just to make you more mad. So if you quit fuckin hating, maybe he wont destroy all this stuff. Ever think about that buddy???

      Chevykid13Chevykid13Måned siden
    • Hey Whistlindiesel I have a question, hopefully you see this and you reply so I can ask the question. And no I'm not a hater I actually love the stuff you do its awesome!

      Chevykid13Chevykid13Måned siden
  • What I would give to spend a day with you...

    P4T R1CKP4T R1CK51 minutt siden
  • Dude I am from Knox, and I just found your videos, I legit watched them all.

    The Panda TrioThe Panda Trio2 timer siden
  • My ranger could do that!

    Jesse DukeJesse Duke2 timer siden
  • If they want to, they will find you.... www.vice.com/en/article/d7eddj/4chan-does-first-good-thing-pulls-off-the-heist-of-the-century1

    Dave SmithDave Smith4 timer siden
  • Now you need 2 cranes so you can play every kids dream of playing large scale conkers with cars & trucks 😎👌

    OneMan&HisTurboOneMan&HisTurbo9 timer siden
  • I live 2 hours away

    Landon CanteyLandon Cantey11 timer siden
  • What do u do for a living? I need to step up my game

    james alvarezjames alvarez18 timer siden
  • Love that shirt!

    Classic Automotive of TexasClassic Automotive of Texas23 timer siden
  • Hate diesel or love him. Dude earned everything🙏🏼 keep it going G respect the hustle♥️

    Zane GranoZane GranoDag siden
  • Sounds like rural Ohio, you're either a Farmer by inheritance, or a gearhead

    ATRATRDag siden
  • You think it’s cold where you live come up to Maine 😂

    Jaiden ShuteJaiden ShuteDag siden
  • I live in the big town of Vernonia Oregon, it's got around 2000 people. Probably less. There's not much to do in the town unless you like antique stores and bike riding.

    Squat Penguin2Squat Penguin2Dag siden
  • Just came across your channel today Cool contents looks like fun

    Dee GuttaDee GuttaDag siden
  • hi

  • they will find you wont be hard with all the trucks

    ShitBirdGamingShitBirdGamingDag siden
  • Let me get that floor mat. That frog had me dying

    ford9339ford9339Dag siden
  • Ill give you a nice dislike just cause I love your content!

    Mr. ToodlesMr. ToodlesDag siden
  • Honestly, this guy makes quality content. He's low key, not obnoxious, genuinely entertaining. Streetspeed717 and stradman should take a lesson from this guy.

    Chris ParaynoChris ParaynoDag siden
  • Welcome to Woodbury TN

    John RobertsonJohn RobertsonDag siden
    • Dang I live about 50 miles from their

      Nick WebbNick WebbDag siden
  • The sheeve reference from the dukes of hazard was the funniest fucking thing

    Ignorant VibesIgnorant VibesDag siden
  • Looks like Woodbury!

    Matthew QuattrochiMatthew QuattrochiDag siden
  • Start a rock quarry, let that used ground pay ya back

    Tyler EppersonTyler EppersonDag siden
  • Long story shart

    UnicornkissUnicornkissDag siden
  • 16:50 whoops 😂😅🤣

    Chris GerrardChris Gerrard2 dager siden
  • Congrats on the new purchase can’t see what wait till you see what you do with it

    milwsdl39milwsdl392 dager siden
  • Cody bro I can't say your last name if it was my life depende on it

    Juan Carlos RodriguezJuan Carlos Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • He no holds back an don't ya hope someday ya could do what you want. An beat up trucks? Ya wish had Cody life

    Juan Carlos RodriguezJuan Carlos Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • Rawwww

    Juan Carlos RodriguezJuan Carlos Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • Hmu bro I been watching 👀 years pa I'm Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 and wen I was in bad situations is when I seen your channel and got me tr the sh .. shot out from Milwaukee Wisconsin 2110 w Forrest Home Ave 🏡 only house with tree 🌳 in the front.. bro am 37 have 4 kids so don't stop tr with 10 people 🙄 b safe brotha God bless 🙏

    Juan Carlos RodriguezJuan Carlos Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • Bro I'm from south bend I would have loved to come hang out nd learn some shyt from you!!! Much love

    Alex CapersAlex Capers2 dager siden
  • Best NOtownr alive

    james alvarezjames alvarez2 dager siden
  • Hahahahahahahaha

    james alvarezjames alvarez2 dager siden
  • The ten millimeter

    butt hole 69butt hole 692 dager siden
  • So I'm offended I haven't seen any colored people in your crew.... 😭 There, my sensitivity just added fuel to your hustle. You're welcome! 😂🤡👍

    Anya MettenAnya Metten2 dager siden
    • Idk what to feel about this I can’t tell if it’s a joke

      2toes2good2toes2good2 dager siden
  • In all honesty, congratulations. It's a large patch of ground, easy to make those who don't respect privacy rethink their life.

    WinteRaven22WinteRaven223 dager siden
  • How many acres is this place? It looks pretty sweet

    StarkStark3 dager siden
    • I thinks it’s around 300

      Nick WebbNick WebbDag siden
  • Who else though it would be the 10mm

    new age bronew age bro3 dager siden
  • Bro I live in Knox really not even an hour away from you I'd like to meet you sometime but I'm not going to trespass on your property like some ignorant people

    Dylan SingletonDylan Singleton3 dager siden
  • 5:00 quail diesel

    xray_sfxray_sf3 dager siden
  • Isn't it he'll what you have to do for a little privacy

    Stephen SellersStephen Sellers4 dager siden
  • I agree with you on KR can't say too much or they will delete it

    Stephen SellersStephen Sellers4 dager siden
  • That's the Boulder Field

    Stephen SellersStephen Sellers4 dager siden
  • Who also live in argos also i pronouce argos with (are-guess)

    Jaxon FrickJaxon Frick4 dager siden
  • I helped lay the new railroad tracks in Argos. Not much there

    Joshua BowmanJoshua Bowman4 dager siden
  • Does he hunt?

    Chaos HuntingChaos Hunting4 dager siden
  • WHEN IS MONSTER MAX 2.0 coming out

    Joe PenaJoe Pena4 dager siden
  • You got fire ants, so you’re south of iowa. Rocks look like southeastern kansas. Arkansas (NW), Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma. I’m onto you🤝

    Hunter DipsHunter Dips5 dager siden
  • American success story 🇺🇸

    Mrgunsngear ChannelMrgunsngear Channel5 dager siden
  • The troll is mad he gets trolled

    Kris BKris B5 dager siden
  • i see hills. can confirm he's not in Indiana

    Gabe LarsonGabe Larson5 dager siden
  • Nice place 👍

    Jimmy ConnerJimmy Conner5 dager siden
  • 1:39 Well done!!

    Rob HuitingRob Huiting5 dager siden
  • lol, in which part of america do people randomly drive up to a 'country' home.... I'd walk through a ghetto blindfolded before attempting something like that...

    Bobefetts'sBobefetts's5 dager siden
  • Bro it fucking sucks you had to move from your family farm, but I get it man. Mighty Car Mods had the same kind of bullshit happen to them.

    Kas bKas b5 dager siden
  • Clearly you have a glacier problem in this new property, best install blow torches...

    AR-Sith F.AustinAR-Sith F.Austin5 dager siden
  • I know that deer stand! I'll DM everyone the Coords! 🤣

    AR-Sith F.AustinAR-Sith F.Austin5 dager siden
    • That’s pretty mean

      2toes2good2toes2good2 dager siden
  • My man dont grow corn u should grow some grass seed like timothy or even some alfalfa if u want to hunt

    Lyndon TarrantLyndon Tarrant5 dager siden
  • I randomly stumbled on this guys channel and I freakin love his personality and his live life to the fullest attitude !! Keep it up !!

    Brett MBrett M6 dager siden
  • Argos Indiana sounds like Otsego Michigan

    Autismspeaks TvAutismspeaks Tv6 dager siden
  • 😳😳 @ 16:51

    Tyler CarringtonTyler Carrington6 dager siden
    • Tell me that cut wasn’t on purpose?😬

      Tyler CarringtonTyler Carrington6 dager siden
  • Dam that would make one heck of a nice off road park

    Chip GrosklausChip Grosklaus6 dager siden
  • Congratulations on ya new place

    Phillip BoudreauxPhillip Boudreaux6 dager siden

    Balliztic RCBalliztic RC6 dager siden
  • Bro you got me crying on your ideas of what to do with the property 😭

    Kyler AKyler A7 dager siden
  • 16:49 did he just say what I think he said🤔

    Montero FergusonMontero Ferguson7 dager siden
    • yeah hes a rich dweeb

      Taylor CTaylor C6 dager siden
  • 11:35 The Rock Quarry

    Alex loves HistoryAlex loves History7 dager siden
  • The R8 gave you up pretty quick lol but welcome to Mid TN.

    steve agostinosteve agostino7 dager siden
  • The funniest thing is, you have so many haters that only view your videos to leave dumbass comments and they are to stupid to realize that they are just contributing to your success!! I Love it!!

    no oneno one7 dager siden
    • success??? you think having a youtube channel is success? what are you 16 years old, grow the fuck up raise a family send ur kids to college retire then give me a phone call and we can talk about success dimwit

      Taylor CTaylor C6 dager siden
  • You shoulda pulled a truck title and key outta the lockbox 😂

    Christopher GreenChristopher Green7 dager siden
  • Pause at 0:23 and read through

    sailor blaufusssailor blaufuss7 dager siden
  • I like the new farm im sad that you had to move to a new farm from your family’s farm makes me want to cry 🤧🤧🤧

    Ellie PerryEllie Perry7 dager siden
  • I am putting this time stamp 7:40 just for me cuz i know i wil wach this again .

    Nikolay HristovNikolay Hristov7 dager siden
  • i just realized in all of my 15 years in america i probably haven’t been in a city or town that didn’t have a mcdonalds

    uzuuzu7 dager siden
  • Being able to say "this is like a 50-60 acre field" and it not even being one of the most amazing parts of the property is the dream

    Dabin BuhDabin Buh7 dager siden
    • Yeah man my modest dream is a decent little house on maybe 20 acres of property for some horses and my dogs to run around on. Been saving for years, it'll happen one day.

      Bloodbain88Bloodbain885 dager siden
  • I enjoy all of your videos congratulations!!!!!!

    Johnson MotorsportsJohnson Motorsports8 dager siden
  • A gate maybe?

    A92A928 dager siden
  • I didn’t understand you before, not sure I do yet, but fuck it, I’ll subscribe to the journey. Keep doing you man

    Andrew LangAndrew Lang9 dager siden
  • Dude, take a metal detector out there, might find some wicked sh*t

    Blood PhoenixBlood Phoenix9 dager siden

    Chromemustang FWPChromemustang FWP9 dager siden
  • 💯🇺🇸 I lived in a place in the thumb of Michigan only had the subway, no McDonald’s. Everything closed at 8pm... I need to hustle for myself harder.

    mike13899mike138999 dager siden
  • Great video

    12valecummins Boy12valecummins Boy9 dager siden
  • I’m glad for you. Deserve it. Never give up

    NicoNico9 dager siden
  • I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Welcome to Texas!

    CokaColaCokaCola9 dager siden
  • Love the montage in the beginning

    John HolmesJohn Holmes10 dager siden
  • Your the man whistling diesel

    John HolmesJohn Holmes10 dager siden
  • I always loved his videos he’s amazing and he collaborates with multiple creators that I love

    C2 JewlC2 Jewl10 dager siden
  • Good God! How many people bought the thousand dollar shirts to buy this holy grail of content?

    AK AdventuresAK Adventures10 dager siden
  • You idiots who down vote get a god damn life

    Joshua RJoshua R10 dager siden
  • This guy is so damn funny. Lame Fuckers leave this nigga alone

    Joshua RJoshua R10 dager siden
  • Shouldn’t touch armadillo or armadillo carcasses... they are one of the only species of animal that carry leprosy

    Sierra FoxtrotSierra Foxtrot10 dager siden
  • started from the bottom now we here 😆

    jasonpgalleryjasonpgallery11 dager siden
  • First time I've seen a NOtown have to move because of his content and because of his own fans. Wonder why he would have such d bag fans.... And so many of them. Allmost wanted to feel sorry for you, but since you don't care for material things, what does a farm that's been in your family for so long matter. You don't care and if you do then you'd be "sensitive ". You had to move because of your channel, your channel is fueled by sensitivity =your life as of lately has been ruled/dictated by sensitivity.

    Jules DJules D11 dager siden
  • Hey Cody what steel toe boot you prefer?

    Billy BobBilly Bob11 dager siden
  • Fr Argos is boring

    Zeke GearhartZeke Gearhart11 dager siden
  • I know exactly where your at I live 2 streets over from the farm you bought

    Dillon PruittDillon Pruitt11 dager siden
  • Omg I'm @WhistlingDiesel and this guy copy me whah whah 🍼 I'm a wee baby

    FBIFBI11 dager siden
  • Keep it up brother. Awesome videos. If you ever want to do a collaboration on some knife throwing, be happy to teach you. We could definitely destroy some stuff.. have a knife vs.....

    proknifethrowerproknifethrower12 dager siden
  • If you would like to free me of despair will you destroy my dodge dart? I want to see it destroyed

    Azen BerriesAzen Berries12 dager siden
    • @Allison Monk I want him to destroy it in front of me so bad

      Azen BerriesAzen Berries11 dager siden
    • Hey easy now.😏😏😏😏

      Allison MonkAllison Monk12 dager siden
  • When I was in basic training at fort Leonard Wood at reception when we would sit outside for hours I wrote hella notes and positive things to make people not be so sad hoping they would find em

    car centralcar central13 dager siden