I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!

19. april. 2021
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I built a 100m Lego train track around my entire house and garden, including up the stairs, through a swimming pool, through a light tunnel, and through a rainforest dome.
Merch: halfasleepchris.com
Geodesic Dome Tutorial: notown.info/two/video/v9JoZmxodsan1rM.html

  • FAQs: - Is there an unedited GoPro video of the train ride? Unfortunately not. I had to aim the GoPro slightly differently at different bits (such as angled left inside the rainforest dome), and occasionally edit it so I wouldn't be in the footage myself when I followed it around. Next time I'll invest in a 360 camera like many have requested and record a complete one! - How did you do the TV thing? I used the game Planet Zoo to build the cliff / waterfall / trees / train track. This meant I had complete control over the camera angles. I connected my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable to perfectly match the real and digital track up, and then experimented with the timing. This is possibly my favourite part of the video :) - Where are the cats during the train ride? Asleep on the bed - Is this video sponsored by Lego (or Flex Tape)? No!

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    • Why you are so creative ur like extreme lego builder

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    • Ik

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    • It's OK we forgive

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    • Well done on 700k subscribers, Chris! :-)

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  • "I built this bridge a few years ago for my cat, Reggie" Me: 😀 "Sadly Reggie has since died" Me: ☹️ RIP Reggie 😢

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  • I wish this was my dad

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  • Awesome job I would also like to say I saw 5 little lego guy in the rainforest geodome

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  • How i bought this products

  • I love this channel because 1 lego 2 face reval

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  • I found the 6 Lego guys

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  • This is the best thing to ever exist ever

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  • This was my dream when I got this set

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  • Cildhood maker

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  • Brilliant. A true work of art.

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  • This is awesome I love it 👏👏😍😍

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  • Rip for your Cat man

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  • i found 7/9 forrest figures

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  • I am do happy to see Reggies bridge in this video

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  • 0:19 Kinda like the one from Wallace & Gromit, The Wrong Trousers?

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  • Let’s just appreciate all the time work and effort put into this and all the money spent.

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  • Wow😯

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  • Imagine full awake Christ

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  • This was awesome

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  • Aaaaaaw I'm sorry to hear that

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  • 0:40 so this is why there was no Lego tracks at the shops

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  • I love this so creative

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  • This was so wonderful. I was a little teary seeing Reggie's Bridge, but I love seeing Obstacle #3 and #4.

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  • Ok, you just earned a new subscriber.

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  • When I came home today, I was rly depressed, but this video rly made my day! ❤️❤️❤️

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  • YES this is exactly what i wanted to do when i was younger

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  • “ I used flex tape.” Well sir... I respect you

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  • This, blew up

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  • Imagine this but 360 from the train’s perspective

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  • Great Results for great efforts 👍👍

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  • Very cool asome

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  • That was so cute! Ah! I love it!

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  • Wow, This is so creative and entertaining! You went through great measures for us :] I appreciate that

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  • This deserves more then 147,000 and 3,000,000 views

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  • 1

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  • Omg this is awesome

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  • Wowwww!!!!! In Calcutta over here in india, we just built Asia’s first underwater metro/subway/tube!

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  • I saw 6 Lego people

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  • Good job

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  • R.I.P Reggie

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  • good job

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  • This video is so cool🤩🤩🤩

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  • If you want to make a more long lasting/reusable version of the light tunnel try looking up electroluminescent wire.

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  • I love Legos to

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  • I love how much work he puts into this and we are still strangers to him but he does this for no reason

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  • you should make this vidio to a 360 vidio just like vr in mobile just like the other 360 vidios in youtube

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  • The light tunnel was GLORIOUS!

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  • RIP redgy

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  • The only reason i watched the whole video is because he used flextape

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  • My 9 year old self is SCREAMING about how cool this is...my 22 year old self is also screaming

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  • This guy’s accent though .

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  • On the underwater part can you put a cracked glass sticker and put the shark near by like it’s breaking in?

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  • Chris: it’s gonna look good trust me Me: wdyk it does :D

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  • 10:03 Space mountain but its low budget

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  • Sorry Reggie died

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  • When I saw u had the bridge I started balling my eyes out saying aww he still has it over and over again

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  • R.I.P Reggie he will be missed 2018-2021 Like u loved ur Golden Gate Bridge we love u

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  • You sound sound like tommyinnit and Daniel Radcliffe had a child I love your voice

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  • *W A K E U P*

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  • How do you clean that up many lego train tracks😃🤚,

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  • Where’s Tom hanks and who is Bella

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  • This is one of my favorite video from any youtuber i ever seen !!!!!!

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  • Cool

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  • The golden bridge was the first video I saw on this channel I don’t watch it much I didn’t know Reggie died- :[ I loved the little nugget too, even though I only ever saw him once

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  • I miss Reggie

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  • u bassist?-

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  • Best moment is the inclusion of flex tape

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  • me to my children : See this guy? this is the legend i was talking about

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  • How much did that cost And congratulations on 703K subscribers

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  • Remember everyone, you can always be in lego land, even in quarantine.

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  • Wow that was areally good, watch mu movie, @ and subscibe! Thanks!

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  • I wish I became a lego figure for one day and went on this train. Edit:can I come over if you still have this? (Btw I’m joking)

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  • It is so awesome, btw I saw a red bass guitar, do you play bass? I love the video and I hope you do more in this Style soon

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  • I am a BIG FAN U

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  • 4:56 Ralph kept this secret his whole life but now you know he's a herbivore

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    • Or omnivore?

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    • @Drareg Ralphosaurus

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    • Ralph dino

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  • how did you do this

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