I Caught A Legendary Fish From A Secret Spot

30. april. 2021
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Today we go ever deeper for even rarer and more valuable fish. I can't believe how many new kinds of fish we found and how many areas there still are to explore. We manage to go wayyyy below the bottom to find some very strange creatures. Millions of dollars have been earned, and wasted.
Cat Goes Fishing - store.steampowered.com/app/343780/Cat_Goes_Fishing/

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    DangerouslyFunnyDangerouslyFunny5 dager siden
    • df ik how how to get the bombat

      Yaboiii okYaboiii ok3 dager siden
    • Huge poggers 🐉🐸🐍🐊🐦

      angelo siliangelo sili3 dager siden
    • Hold space to slow down time if you need + flicker = you can get any fish. Atleast use it for 2 minutes

      Master defMaster def3 dager siden
    • Pog

      BanbudsBanbuds4 dager siden
    • @dangersouly funny what currency is the price in

      Justin LiuJustin Liu4 dager siden
  • What the game called??

    Ammar Al MasriAmmar Al Masri9 timer siden
  • No,kk

    Luke FriersonLuke FriersonDag siden
  • There was a sea bear

  • Congratulations, you're going to the surface to die!

    Phoenix GamingPhoenix GamingDag siden
  • Sleepibg fish it’s dead xD

    ZovWyZovWyDag siden
  • you remind me of caboose from red vs blue

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerDag siden
  • The stank fin looks like the sea bear from spongebob

    owena echoowena echoDag siden
  • When next part?! I want to see moreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    geekqueen2010geekqueen2010Dag siden
  • game name

    X3PlayX3Play2 dager siden
  • I was seriously close to having a hernia when he didn't put the Yin and Yang thing together when he saw them.

    Captured SilenceCaptured Silence2 dager siden
  • hey DF, you can stack upgrades so you can go even deeper i hope u see this :)

    Oskar LalykoOskar Lalyko2 dager siden
  • You caught a bomb and you said it disappear when its on the surface of course it will

  • What’s the name of the game

    Cory EnglishCory English2 dager siden
  • DF first: Let’s go this fish is worth 2,000 DF now: You’re only worth 2,800? Y’know what? You’re bait.

    UpsideUpside2 dager siden
  • 3:55 Spombeb bear fish? xd

    Spooky BDSpooky BD2 dager siden
  • Watch let’s game it out.

    Voss PlaysVoss Plays2 dager siden
  • 3:54 that looks like a sea bear from SpongeBob

    TheSalamanderTheSalamander2 dager siden
  • Oh that March temptation.....the quote choice was impeccable

    Hana1LuLuHana1LuLu2 dager siden
  • try and find an egg in that area and you can catch a DRAGON

    Emanuel ChristoforouEmanuel Christoforou2 dager siden
  • "get in the boat"

    me lolme lol2 dager siden
  • it looks like a leafy potato

    Christian AdamoChristian Adamo2 dager siden
  • No hoodies with your logo, so I’ll just get a coffee mug instead

    AllegingPine 5AllegingPine 52 dager siden
  • Damn wish we could get the hoodies with your logo+the quotes

    AllegingPine 5AllegingPine 52 dager siden
  • To get yang you need ying

    Valent fortune setiawan :PValent fortune setiawan :P2 dager siden
  • me

    Dinazaurik DanielDinazaurik Daniel3 dager siden
  • "You don't even have to get in the boat, i'll just sell you" the nostalgia is gone :(

    Slimeball AnimationsSlimeball Animations3 dager siden
  • The stankfin looks like the seabear from spongebob

    Akiveo GonzalezAkiveo Gonzalez3 dager siden
  • can anyone tell me the name of this game and is it available on ios

    Thunder YagamiThunder Yagami3 dager siden
  • Only true spongebob fans found out what that thing is in 3:54

    Marvin AcostaMarvin Acosta3 dager siden
  • 2:23 he missed the hat

    Connor FergusonConnor Ferguson3 dager siden
  • There is a remote detonator upgrade for the fishing rod, maybe you could use that to wake up the sleepy fish on the sea floor?

    spoiled sealspoiled seal3 dager siden
  • Would you face cam?

    Luka MaurLuka Maur3 dager siden
  • Btw, those orbs you were carrying around, trying to figure out what they're used for are maw eggs. They can be used for catching the legendary dragon.

    youssef errakiyoussef erraki3 dager siden

    vonBelfryvonBelfry3 dager siden
  • If you see this, for yang the one that needs balance, I think you need to find ying.

    Jacob HopkinsJacob Hopkins3 dager siden
  • the stankfin reminds me of a sea bear

    Baby PatrickBaby Patrick3 dager siden
  • Koin is such a lovely fish

    Sea DogSea Dog3 dager siden
  • If you really don’t know how to catch the yang fish, I can tell you some tips on how to catch them! First, they’re a small fish so all you need is small bait Second, the other one you found farther out are not Yang fish, but rather Yin fish. There’s the yang, there’s the yin, then you have balance! Third, I recommend you buy some form of stealth to make getting the fish easier, the Yin & Yang fish will still follow you so don’t worry about them leaving Last, as for how to catch them, attract the Yang fish and make them follow you out of the caves and bring them all the way to where the Yin fish are found, make them go in circles around each other so they form the Yin Yang, once you do this, catch the fish of your choice and take them to the surface!

    Ironclad of Dragon EyeIronclad of Dragon Eye3 dager siden
  • 2:03 these are yangs and they are small fishes (weirdly) and also they can only be catched if u bring them to the yins at the deep left of the coral reef. hope i helped!

    Jaroslaw DerJaroslaw Der3 dager siden
  • I remember there's a dragon down there

    huy vohuy vo3 dager siden
  • Which one is more iconic Somewhere in Nevada, or Get in the boat

    Evan BradleyEvan Bradley3 dager siden
  • U missed the hat at 2:21

    AC HendricksonAC Hendrickson3 dager siden
  • You've been addicted to fishing games lately. I like it

    Phantom DragonPhantom Dragon3 dager siden
  • Hold space to slow down time if you need + flicker = you can get any fish. Atleast use it for 2 minutes

    Master defMaster def3 dager siden
  • “Get in the boat” name a more iconic catch phrase

    QuickSilverQuickSilver3 dager siden
  • hint: have you heard of ying and yang because you have to lead both of them to each other

    DarkabyssDarkabyss3 dager siden
  • U gotta bring the yin and the yang together, only then u can catch them

    MT2 S&KMT2 S&K3 dager siden
  • To catch a Yin or Yang fish, they have to be by each other to create balance. Cause Yin and Yang ._.

    BlueShroom111BlueShroom1114 dager siden
  • use rock to catch bomb fish

    SabreSabre4 dager siden
  • Liked the video just because of the short merch shoutout. Thank you so much you have no idea how annoying it is when NOtownrs rant for like 5 minutes straight about how amazing their merch is and how it's totally special and you should buy their merch because it's totally different from every other NOtownr's merch, like dude shut up I got it the first 12 times you said "OUR MERCH IS SUPER SPECIAL BUY IT PLS!!!"

    Carne LoboCarne Lobo4 dager siden
  • That picture looks really clickbaity but isn't Nice

    Minecraft HeavenMinecraft Heaven4 dager siden
  • i love how his voice is so basic

    Zombie BroZombie Bro4 dager siden

    Milo Widenborg ReislerMilo Widenborg Reisler4 dager siden
  • Press Q you can swim

    Brett MattosBrett Mattos4 dager siden
  • Ahh yes the original cat fishing game

    Dead MemesDead Memes4 dager siden
  • 4:00 my friend that is not a stankfin that is a SEA BEAR

    Angela GilbartAngela Gilbart4 dager siden
  • 3:47 sea bear

    Pawel PPawel P4 dager siden
  • I have this game and I have a hat worth 80,000 dollars and it lets you occasionally cast your line further. It’s called the kardinal.

    dragogrook 389dragogrook 3894 dager siden
  • I love how the thumbnails are truthful for once.

    Haven HollowHaven Hollow4 dager siden
  • 03:56 that fish looks like sea bear in ep Spongebob camping

    Hunters_Hunters_4 dager siden
  • Does he not know the lightbulb lasts for 3 minutes? Even after he reels in the cast He rebuys the light bulb every cast

    Derp 1000Derp 10004 dager siden
  • DF try playing KeeperRL it’s good

    HorizonHorizon4 dager siden
  • 3:40 bottom right

    Shadow PrarShadow Prar4 dager siden
  • df has a weird addiction to these fishing games but i’m not complaining bc they’re still entertaining

    bruhbruh4 dager siden
    • lol

      Shadow PrarShadow Prar4 dager siden
  • This man has dedicated himself to providing content for minors and sacrifices his life to become a fish

    Fireztar YEEFireztar YEE4 dager siden
  • Yess I love this series

    Jay JordanJay Jordan4 dager siden
  • i actually have never heard of this game. thank you for exposing me to this awesome game

    gabthememegodgabthememegod4 dager siden
  • can’t wait for him to catch the dragon 😂

    Sir SkleeSir Sklee4 dager siden
  • Wait till you get the radar

    Sweetstar87Sweetstar874 dager siden
  • it is worth 1,5 mil

    Vlada ZdravVlada Zdrav4 dager siden
  • there is a dragon in the game

    Vlada ZdravVlada Zdrav4 dager siden
  • Hey df make a face reveal

    Jovann Clemment KurniawanJovann Clemment Kurniawan4 dager siden
  • Pssst DF! Small tip: If you bring a full boat back, you get a bonus!!

    Jamison BrownJamison Brown4 dager siden
  • The stankfin looks like the sea bear from spongebob

    Darius WongDarius Wong4 dager siden
  • isn't the stankfish that bear fish from that one episode of spongebob

    Raiden DavisRaiden Davis4 dager siden
  • I remember when this game was on play store or on apple store idk, but i played it... Loved it, but forgot about... Now i cant even play cuz i dont have a pc, and isnt available in play store anymore😭😭😭😭

    Samuel CamargoSamuel Camargo4 dager siden
  • I love how he says "get in the boat"

    Isaiah RiosIsaiah Rios4 dager siden
  • Day 17 asking DF to play antimatter dimensions

    snaukballsnaukball4 dager siden
  • Df, there are key binds to buy hooks and lights :0

    Sharp_ NarwhalSharp_ Narwhal4 dager siden
  • Not me thinking about Stardew Valley when I saw the title

    christina _christina _4 dager siden
  • Don't forget get in the boat

    cat with guncat with gun4 dager siden
  • 5:12 that’s a big ball of babies

    Galaxy FilmsGalaxy Films4 dager siden
  • I read Stankfin as skankfin

    Paxton sPaxton s4 dager siden
  • I might have to get the intelligence hoodie just for school.

    Jamie RobinsonJamie Robinson4 dager siden
  • love this series!!

    Reese VeaseyReese Veasey4 dager siden
  • Little does he know there is a dragon

    Jackson SaltonJackson Salton4 dager siden
  • I’ve had the spikes sausage quote in my Instagram bio since the day that video was uplaoded

    jake brielmaierjake brielmaier4 dager siden
  • What game is he playing

    Riley PockettRiley Pockett4 dager siden
  • 12:10 wut?

    Apple PieApple Pie4 dager siden
  • The "It look like a leafy potato" killed me

    Acheron AlexanderAcheron Alexander4 dager siden
  • 2:23 is the gahdang hat bro

    OG MrVizt GamingOG MrVizt Gaming4 dager siden
  • I didn't realise being captured by DF was fun for all the family ;)

    Matt EvansMatt Evans4 dager siden
  • I freaking swear the stankfin looks like 1 of those bear fish from SpongeBob.

    Justin WilliamsJustin Williams4 dager siden
  • tbh i dont really like the level 1 level 999 kind of thumbnail but i watch all of ur vids anyways, also the merch is fire i wish i could get it lol

    coco's Auroracoco's Aurora4 dager siden
  • The gray thing is an egg and if you buy the biggest rod and boat you can catch a dragon

    Victor RogersVictor Rogers4 dager siden
  • New merch? Get in the boat

    kris brownkris brown4 dager siden
  • Try to catch the dragon

    Bradley MartinBradley Martin4 dager siden

    San HasanSan Hasan4 dager siden
  • Yessssssss

    Pizza guy808 BenPizza guy808 Ben4 dager siden