I FAKED my own DEATH and REVIVAL in Among Us... (custom mod)

28. april. 2021
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Disguised Toast spawns in with the invisible Swooper role and goes for the bold lie of being resurrected by the Time Lord.
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  • So it ends...

    ListlessListlessTime siden
  • This guy is copying ssundee

    Average BeastAverage Beast2 timer siden
    • Lmfao

      Average BeastAverage Beast50 minutter siden
    • Also ssundee copies him lmao

      Paul KarrasPaul Karras55 minutter siden
    • lol he's not, ssundee has more op mod type stuff, he just has simple mods that affect the game a little bit. in addition, ssundee has used toast's friends mod from ottomated, so if anything ssundee is copying toast a little.

      PandafacePandaface2 timer siden
  • Hey im so confused is this the last video of among us and why isn't he posting anything?Also, Like where can I watch him and stuff anyone know??

    Mohammad Nawab NawabiMohammad Nawab Nawabi3 timer siden
    • @Mohammad Nawab Nawabi i think its because he just moved back with otv and he is having to deal with being cancelled for past things, even tho its the literal past and twitter doesnt know shit

      PandafacePandaface2 timer siden
    • @Mohammad Nawab Nawabi he play minecraft in facebook, he already post if the last videos is this among us videos. I dont know what the next content he will uploaded . Just stay tuned

      An SamAn Sam3 timer siden
    • @An Sam ohh kk, but how come he doesn't post on youtube anymore and which games is he playing?

      Mohammad Nawab NawabiMohammad Nawab Nawabi3 timer siden
    • Facebook

      An SamAn Sam3 timer siden
  • Anyone remembers when toast was still playing hearthstone? I loved his streams

    Roger ChanRoger Chan3 timer siden
  • i think the last among us video should be the 20,000 IQ

    geo winggeo wing4 timer siden
  • my respect for toast has gone up so much since he got “cancelled”

    jacob lyttlejacob lyttle4 timer siden
  • And now this channel will rip

    Maksymillian KrzesinskiMaksymillian Krzesinski5 timer siden
  • We support you toast no matter your next decisions!

    Tristram007Tristram0075 timer siden
  • Toast said he was gonna stop posting among us... I'm ok with him playing other things but can he please upload at all. it went from everyday uploads to nothing for a week! 👀👀 I NEED MY DAILY TOAST IM HUNGRYYYYYY

    Crowded CroutonCrowded Crouton5 timer siden
  • Do more minecraft videos pleeeeeeeease

    Terminator jj06Terminator jj065 timer siden
  • Oh, you call em moobs to?

    BattlebourneBattlebourne7 timer siden
  • It's been a week

    Djgenesis GalvanDjgenesis Galvan7 timer siden
  • SUS

    Nathaniel PlaysNathaniel Plays7 timer siden
  • ignore the cancel squeechers toast , jokes are jokes u keep being quirky boo

    Daniel ArmstrongDaniel Armstrong7 timer siden
  • i love you toast

    ur girl fhilisur girl fhilis7 timer siden

    Ezel FlawlessEzel Flawless8 timer siden
  • Maybe getting ready for 20k IQ

    PiggyTheNoobPiggyTheNoob9 timer siden
  • I waited for 4 days and seeing this comments just now makes me sad Watching your vids as I wake up becomes my daily routine We love you Sherlock Toast

    Uhmm YeahUhmm Yeah10 timer siden
  • This is the first video i'm watching after hitting the subcribe button. I've seen Toast play in other peoples videos and clips, so when i heard about this "cancelling" 💩 so i researched (unlike twitter) i think he's a genuinely good person who should not suffer because some group can't take a joke. I watch this finnish steamer who makes jokes about my education, they do offend me but i know that he's not a bad person and those are in fact, just jokes. If you don't understand a joke, nor it's your cup of tea then leave it be. But start to learn difference between jokes that ARE just jokes and those that are not, or go cancell someone who actually deserves it. Don't cherry pick false evidence to your bucket, try to see the whole picture (with remembering that Toast is a person who doesn't have the same humor as you) because your character judgment won't level up from the -100 that you seem to have. That finnish steamer doesn't need to apologise for offending me and possibly others in this education path, the same applies here. Toast is a kind and caring human being, he doesn't need to say sorry, especially to a group of people who are taking this way too far. 😤 No one should listen to you, a group who are in all seriousness saying even worse things than that joke itself. Bunch of hypocrites and bullies should be banned from the internet, shame on you.

    Geeky JuliaGeeky Julia10 timer siden
    • What the heck is all that about?

      brokennoahbrokennoah9 timer siden
  • Toast, are you okay??? Where are you???

    Rucitra WrendadiniRucitra Wrendadini12 timer siden
    • @ZMAPP Chan he stood up for himself more then apologising

      jacob lyttlejacob lyttle4 timer siden
    • fixing his knees after apologizing to cancel culture

      ZMAPP ChanZMAPP Chan10 timer siden
    • He just got vaccinated i guess

      Deku ravityDeku ravity11 timer siden
  • I miss his daily upload

  • Hope you return :(

    AsdfizzleAsdfizzle13 timer siden

    BX BubzBX Bubz14 timer siden
  • FUUUU you

    하니Leopold하니Leopold14 timer siden
  • RIP

    Monz MunkyzMonz Munkyz14 timer siden
  • Toast please post now🙏 we all miss you!! And I don know why you're not posting! We need ur daily postes!!!

    Vanessa CaballeroVanessa Caballero14 timer siden
    • He's done posting among us videos

      MikaelMikael13 timer siden
  • I was here when it all happened. N when it all ended💕 2020-2021

    arizz yearizz ye14 timer siden
  • Cancel the cancel culture they dumb, toast didn't deserve this. We love you toast

    Kyley KatchatagKyley Katchatag15 timer siden
  • I miss toast

    Kyley KatchatagKyley Katchatag15 timer siden
    • Same😭

      Vanessa CaballeroVanessa Caballero14 timer siden
  • Miss your daily uploads 😣😣

    utsav joshiutsav joshi15 timer siden
    • Yea😭

      Vanessa CaballeroVanessa Caballero14 timer siden
  • Can someone explain why people trying cancel toast ???

    Shaka VeliTvShaka VeliTv16 timer siden
    • Bunch of snowflakes didn’t like his humor. He put them in their place with his viral tweet though

      MemeLordSupremeMemeLordSupreme12 timer siden
    • He was offensive or sumn don't really know but cancel culture has never been smart I guess.

      IsakIsak16 timer siden
  • Where did you go Toast, I miss your daily uploads😭

    jABbit_ChickenAlpha #litjABbit_ChickenAlpha #lit16 timer siden
    • He won't be doing uploads of Among Us anymore (its the end of an era), but he has been streaming GTA RP on Facebook. Its really fun and interesting, hopefully he'll post a video of it here :)

      ruhiruhi16 timer siden
  • I will keep watching if you keep posting videos Toast! Any down votes are people against your big brain plays.

    serina ellencoreserina ellencore17 timer siden
  • Toast we need you back!!

    Isaias ZunigaIsaias Zuniga17 timer siden
  • Hi toast, it's my first time posting a comment- I've always been silent but I just couldn't stop myself writing this uh, supporting letter(?) so yeah- Your among us videos, together with your amigos helped me alot. It somehow helped me cope with my depression, loneliness and stress due to workload and stuff. I- We gladly appreciate that you posted daily *amoongus* for us to watch although it's the end of an Era, i'll still support you (silently) no matter what. Forget twitter and forget toxic people by the way, you and your amigos are wonderful, we love you. P.S. i'm- we're(?) still waiting for a minecraft series >_>)🔪

    kyuukikyuuki18 timer siden
  • Bro rip toast amongus

    L.T.Tacobell Call Of Duty L.T.タコベルコールオブデューティL.T.Tacobell Call Of Duty L.T.タコベルコールオブデューティ18 timer siden
  • I miss the uploads😭

    sxyzjymsxyzjym18 timer siden
  • Get knocked down but get back up again. You’re doing awesome

    Jay WJay W19 timer siden
  • i am so sorry that i was not subbed toast i just realised after watching you for years on here/twitch ahah my bad dude also fuck cancel culture idiots, found you way back on hearthstone watched many MANY hours of your content and if the smooth brains watched 20 minutes of your content they would see that everything was taking out of context and/or edited to make you look like a bad guy but you my dude are a FUCKING LEGEND love from Scotland

    wilkeywilkey19 timer siden
  • Disguised Racist should be this channel's name

    BlumeBlume19 timer siden
    • but he isn't racist.

      FireSonicYTFireSonicYT12 timer siden
    • And ur name should be the most meanest clown🤡

      Vanessa CaballeroVanessa Caballero14 timer siden
    • As An Asian Im Personally Genuinely Offended By that

      Stumpt DawgStumpt Dawg15 timer siden
    • Nah you’re definitely a troll. If not, you get the clown award of the week.

      Mr. PeanutbutterMr. Peanutbutter18 timer siden
    • Here take this, *gives clown nose*

      The Master BananaThe Master Banana18 timer siden
  • Rip the Daily Uploads :( They will be missed.

    BattleSpamzR2BattleSpamzR219 timer siden
  • I miss toast amon gus content... We love you Toast!

    Meg PeckMeg Peck19 timer siden
  • mad respect for u my man

    RyanRyan20 timer siden
  • literally just subbed because of your response to the drama. mad respect.

    cobcob20 timer siden
  • I hope he does GTA RP with Sykunno and Rae. If he runs into XQC it will be pure gold comedy😂

    Emmanuel MoscosoEmmanuel Moscoso20 timer siden
  • I loved watching toast everyday while eating im gonna miss it

    JacovvvJacovvv20 timer siden
    • ugh, same. :(

      ريم محمدريم محمد12 timer siden
  • Bruh I like your content. BUT QUIT GIVING THE LITTLE TWITTER NERDS SO MUCH MOTIVATION. Like stop allowing them to have an impact on you. You can't let some 7 year old twitter losers ruin your life.

    DoctorWeeb103DoctorWeeb10321 time siden
    • True But I guess Hes Just Receiving So Much Drama Right Now The Best we Can Do Is just Hope Toast will be Back on His feet after all of this Drama

      Stumpt DawgStumpt Dawg14 timer siden
  • Hey toast I just wanna let u know that the whole u being canceled thing totally went over my head. I only unsubscribed because u quit among us

    WeThePharaohWeThePharaoh22 timer siden
    • Do you think he cares ? 🤔

      the9titansthe9titans14 timer siden
  • keep your head up toast can’t waitFor a new video

    Kayleigh MorrisKayleigh Morris22 timer siden
  • Omg please post again, I NEED MORE.

    Ben FairclothBen Faircloth22 timer siden
  • Legend

    NangAwaygtNangAwaygt23 timer siden
  • End of an era

    Z3rglingZ3rgling23 timer siden
  • Amogus

    xSamuraiCODMYTxSamuraiCODMYT23 timer siden
    • Amon gus

      Alexander DelgadoAlexander Delgado21 time siden
  • subbing to counter the mob

    ThirtyfourECThirtyfourEC23 timer siden
  • Do weights. Muscles use more calories to have. Cardio is good for weight loss too but only if you can deplete your glucose reserves in your liver & muscles, which can be up to 500g, each time you run/bike. Otherwise you'll just be maintaining. Muscles passively use it(and take less time in the gym to build.)

    sara bsara bDag siden

    tinaDANGbabytinaDANGbabyDag siden
  • "Look, I'm Disguised Toast". Top 10 quotes before the MC reaches his final Power Up.

    Memento MoriMemento MoriDag siden
  • Who's Wendy?

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerDag siden
  • Noooo toast pls we still need your content

    Rere it’s snowy HiRere it’s snowy HiDag siden
  • One doubt (outside the incredible content of the video), does anyone know how to put the game mode of Jester, Lovers, Mafia and all those? I've been trying to play it with my friends but we don't know how to do it. We are not very expert in this area.

    Victoria SandreaVictoria SandreaDag siden
    • @Victoria Sandrea One of the mod links took me to a MediaFire download, I'm not sure if that's what you mean by secondary pages, but I'm able to download the files just fine.

      ZynthyxZynthyx16 timer siden
    • @Zynthyx well, thanks anyway

      Victoria SandreaVictoria Sandrea16 timer siden
    • @Victoria Sandrea I don't know since I play on mobile, so I've never tried to download mods.

      ZynthyxZynthyx16 timer siden
    • @Zynthyx I tried, but they only appear as if they were individual programs or videos that take me to secondary pages that have nothing to do. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or if that's just the way it is. I don't know if you know of any video tutorial that can help me and that is reliable. Do you know of any?

      Victoria SandreaVictoria Sandrea19 timer siden
    • Search up a tutorial.

      ZynthyxZynthyx20 timer siden
  • Wow, I love the videos. Among us is a great game, and the fact that Toast plays it makes it 100% better. He gives it drama, intrigue and fun with all his plans and strategies. I love it

    Victoria SandreaVictoria SandreaDag siden
  • Knowing this will be the last video made me cry

    JuliasTheEpicJuliasTheEpicDag siden
  • Watching toasts among us plays the whole day game by game while eating and studying became a part of my routine..... But good you took the decision to explore new games.

  • You should play tft again now 😁

    NarwhalNarwhalDag siden
    • @A Person team fighting tactics

      NarwhalNarwhalDag siden
    • the final test as in the roblox obby?

      A PersonA PersonDag siden
  • I miss his among us content already

    GraymugGraymugDag siden
  • Thank you for some good among us content these past few months! I got some good enjoyment out of it! Hope things go well as you try out new content!

    MetalSonic646MetalSonic646Dag siden

    Infamous KittenInfamous KittenDag siden
  • Wait he's getting cancelled?? Toast NOOOOOOO

    Nea ZenzenNea ZenzenDag siden
    • He's not. Most of the accounts trying to cancel him went private or deleted after they were called out.

      Montell ShieldsMontell ShieldsDag siden
  • Hey where's your new video? ❤️

    Nea ZenzenNea ZenzenDag siden
  • Thank you Toast. When I was massively depressed and had no where and no one else to turn to, every day when I woke up I would watch these videos. I genuinely think I might be dead if it weren't for these videos. I can't wait to follow your journey in the future. RIP Toast Amogus 2021

    Viva WolfViva WolfDag siden

    Ivy GocoIvy GocoDag siden
  • i support you toast

    Brandon DrawhornBrandon DrawhornDag siden
  • Guys help i cant finish the vid cuz i read the comments first and saw its his last among us vid😣

    Mugi -chanMugi -chanDag siden
  • Toast is the best fuck the rest

    HenrikHenrikDag siden
  • Hello Toast, I don't know if you will see this or even read it, but I want to thank you for the entertainment you have given me over the past year. I struggle with depression and having little things to laugh at in life helps. I really like your sense of humor and I think you're a cool guy. I won't pretend I know every little detail about your life, but you seem nice. This doesn't really matter but im black, I think theis "Cancel" stuff is dumb. Jokes are jokes. I hope you stay true to yourself because that's what made me smile in the first place, but if you wish to change for what you deem to be better more power to you. God bless ya man. Ilook forward to new videos you will post. Thanks again.

    Nova StarDragonNova StarDragonDag siden
  • Its been 6days and i felt weird not seeing him update everyday😩 i used to see him upload video and now i miss him already

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanDag siden

    Jhn Rb DmtrJhn Rb DmtrDag siden
  • Love your content. Been watching for years. Keep it up 🤙🏻

    Mathew GonzalezMathew GonzalezDag siden
  • Missing them toast vids

    Rickey WooldridgeRickey WooldridgeDag siden
  • it has been a week since a toast uploud and i am crying

    JoshIsKindaUglyJoshIsKindaUglyDag siden
  • Patiently waiting for Toast to start uploading again.....very patiently.......tOATally patiently..........any time soon now guys!! any time soon

    AmberAmberDag siden
  • Problematic pos

    EnzitoEnzitoDag siden
  • Aye toast keep doing you man nobodies perfect and nobodies ever gonna be perfect to somebody else’s ideas don’t let their hate and negativity bring down yourself and all you’ve achieved

    Charles ColsonCharles ColsonDag siden
  • Fitting Thumbnail Picture i must say

    mike bakmike bakDag siden
  • I miss toast among us vids 😔

    Icy BoomIcy BoomDag siden
  • Not really sad about the among us content being gone, but the lack of daily uploads sucks lol

    KarambwanKarambwanDag siden
  • Toast, me miss you man, Come back

    DEADLYGOD akaPapiDEADLYGOD akaPapiDag siden
  • I kinda died inside when he stopped uploading. Been watching since the first among us episodes and was watching the TFT vids while waiting for a new vid. Thank you for an amazing era. No Matter what anyone says you are a 1M IQ Genius with a hilarious and wonderful heart

    Ram ManabatRam ManabatDag siden
  • I have a cynical opinion. Why is it that whoever Valkyrae wants to drop gets "exposed"? It happened to Ash and now toast. Then she gives a weak defence not even a defence just some "kind" words and sheds a fake tear on stream when the targeted person sings her praises and that's it. I would question Rae's royalty if it was me but idk.

    SaharSaharDag siden
  • RIP to the days I could escape with Toast's daily uploads. I'm still excited for the day we get uploads once more. On to the next era :)

    X DanielleX DanielleDag siden
  • Oh farhin

    ranjit hazarikaranjit hazarikaDag siden

    Arabella Feliz YapArabella Feliz YapDag siden

    Yousef KhanYousef KhanDag siden
  • toast just post man, your fans don't give a shit about what's happening, we're here for your content

    KDC KrusiaKDC KrusiaDag siden
    • he took the break even before the drama. wait till his editor finishes the 20k IQ video.

      Gopu RanjanGopu Ranjan11 timer siden
    • Hes taking a break after posting daily among us content for 8 months.

      StorkStorkDag siden
  • I miss u toast :'(

    Arga HabibiArga HabibiDag siden
  • Hope they'll play Terraria

    R woooshR woooshDag siden
  • There's really a whole lot of misguided people my age or older that want to get you canceled for having a past. Why do stupid people exist. They can't do simple math in their head let alone make a decision on whether you're a bad person or not. You're one of the best youtubers/streamers out there and already have a massive following, no need to give the actual douches a shot at you. I love you bro and I'll be just another viewer once you post another video and others to come💜💜💜💜💜

    Ask JJAsk JJDag siden
  • Fuck cancel culture. You didn't do anything wrong. People are just wusses and don't have anything else better to do but bring down other people for no reason. Ignore them. I'm glad you didn't apologize for jokes

    JasonMPJrJasonMPJrDag siden
  • Who’s here after people tried canceling toast?

    Ogee CapNcrunchOgee CapNcrunchDag siden
    • Everyone?

      ZynthyxZynthyx20 timer siden