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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • This was a long time ago so probably a wasted comment But the way it looks around 9:10 makes me think of like samurai helmets. That would've been like a sick twist to it

    Abandoned AdventuresAbandoned Adventures6 dager siden
  • iron man welding helmet will be cool

    Aaron AllenAaron Allen15 dager siden
  • Oi Alec great video!!

    Rehab EhabRehab EhabMåned siden
  • you know, it's so much easier to mold it to your face when you take it out of the kiln, don't mind the heat it's just artist pain...it'll heal in a few years, it's fine

    Steve DickersonSteve DickersonMåned siden
  • I don't know how many viewers are aware Alec, but you could have just layered pieces of steel vertically over the frame of the back of the head instead of- virtually everything after the framing...

    shadowmergenceshadowmergenceMåned siden
  • You use a technique called dishing. It's how armorers make helmets. You basically put a ball on your anvil, put your project material on the ball, and hammer it from the outside. That gives you the rounded helmet shape. Look it up on yt. You'll see what I'm talking about. Like to see you try again once you figure it out.

    blueplanet martianblueplanet martianMåned siden
  • Wouldnt it be cool if Alec made an entire iron man suit

    Gamer R-73Gamer R-732 måneder siden
  • I love when you busted out the tinfoil. You basically started applying cosplay crafting techniques to blacksmithing. I bet if you reached out to a crafter, they might be able to give you some pointers on pattern making.

    Gavin LiGavin Li2 måneder siden
  • Disappointing

    Jeremih MiguelJeremih Miguel2 måneder siden
  • Braze it

    jay wolfenbargerjay wolfenbarger2 måneder siden
  • You have got to be joking.

    Ansel ChinAnsel Chin2 måneder siden
  • Silly question, but what about some round stock used as an anvil and heat the back of the helmet then bash the hell out of it from the outside? 😅either way, props on the finished product! Not bad for 4 hrs sleep and some mince pies aha

    Senor SpaghetteSenor Spaghette2 måneder siden
  • Sheet metal is a whole new realm. Different tools, English wheel, shot bag, different type of power hammer and a different skill set. You got this.

    CR3W1SH03SCR3W1SH03S2 måneder siden
  • At first, it was looking not so great but then it really came together when you went with the "inspired" approach and made it your own rather than a replica! If you had more time it would be great to see you take it even further! Nice job

    Luke SterzerLuke Sterzer2 måneder siden
  • Alex; you are talented and brilliant, but a quick search for "How to make a helmet", and you could have had this done in no time! Dishing and Raising techniques would have saved you.

    Micah NelsonMicah Nelson2 måneder siden
  • Guess he ran out of 1/4” wire and had to switch to 1/4” round bar =:0)

    John Benjamin TatumJohn Benjamin Tatum3 måneder siden
  • Should ask The Hacksmith if he can mechanize it

    JavaJava3 måneder siden
  • A cardboard mock up would probably have been a huge help.

    JerodJerod3 måneder siden
  • Maybe make a Damascus 🍎. I think that would look pretty cool and maybe a bit of a challenge?

    kyle weltykyle welty3 måneder siden
  • not trying to be rude, but the front of the helmet looks a bit long.

    Corbin MecklingCorbin Meckling3 måneder siden
  • Great effort Alec.

    Russell BabcockRussell Babcock3 måneder siden
  • Where do you get your knife/hammer steel at in the uk

    EthayEthay3 måneder siden
  • Excellent work Alec!

    fnielsonfnielson3 måneder siden
  • Being a person familiar with science fiction armors, it’s not so scary. If I were a soldier from the Middle Ages, I’d be absolutely terrified. Nice work

    JoeJoe3 måneder siden
  • Wondering about getting inside could have been simplified. Cut the face plate off, hammer what you wanted, then weld it back on. However, thinking about that at whatever time at night after hours messing with it... probably not doing yourself any favors.

    Mike HarnerMike Harner3 måneder siden
  • How heavy is it

    Zack GliddenZack Glidden3 måneder siden
  • Can we get a crossover episode with You and Joergsprave of the slingshot channel. Please imagine these personalities together

    John WardJohn Ward3 måneder siden
  • Next step making armour and helmets

    Peter WalkerPeter Walker3 måneder siden
  • look up how they make motorcycle gas tanks by hand

    Corey SuffieldCorey Suffield3 måneder siden
  • You’d be best to look for an old fashioned body work shop who still deal with panel beating and custom panel work to grow on your knowledgeability and skills for sheet metal

    xSnelling97xSnelling973 måneder siden
  • You should forge captain america's shield!

    Hunter StricklandHunter Strickland3 måneder siden
  • He made iron man with waves

    Blaine MorrisBlaine Morris3 måneder siden
  • i think you all have set the bar sooo high, after seeing this video i gotta say.... yeah, that's gonna be a no for me dawg....

    Luis HdzLuis Hdz3 måneder siden
  • Next time On alec steele. Alec, crushed by his inability to make a helmet, decides to do a co-op with a hot rod fabricator to learn how to work sheet metal. Builds a suit of armor over a series of 24 episodes.

    James RunyonJames Runyon3 måneder siden
  • I have a friend named Daniel that has made things like the iron helmet from Skyrim. He could give you some pointers on how to forge metal for helmets

    Beta Fish JeremyBeta Fish Jeremy3 måneder siden
  • I thought all English shops had English wheels.

    5stardave5stardave3 måneder siden
  • Sponsors: Alec, we’d like you to make an iron man helmet. Alec: Great! I love Justice League.

    Art NavaArt Nava3 måneder siden
  • Alec... That's why you are a blade Smith and not an armour

    timothy naquintimothy naquin3 måneder siden
  • Love the MROC plug, but Marvel Contest of Champions is better lol

    Phillip BregmanPhillip Bregman3 måneder siden
  • look more like voodoo helmet lol

    kelvin chongkelvin chong3 måneder siden
  • You need an English Wheel to form those complex curves for the back of the helmet. Great video!

    Robert ConcepcionRobert Concepcion3 måneder siden
  • Maybe next time you'll think twice before accepting those predatory "free" mobile game big bucks? Nah, who am I kidding? Of course you won't.

    Jesse DeryJesse Dery3 måneder siden
  • Why didn’t he try to flatten the weld bead by using the horn of the anvil

    ryan giambraryan giambra3 måneder siden
  • So if you ever decide to do a European medieval armor project could you do some metal thread work on a surcoat. Could up some jewelry skills making wire thin enough to use as thread.

    jeremy brownjeremy brown3 måneder siden
  • -Mom i want Iron man helmet. -We ve ironman helmet at home *Meanwhile ironman helmet at home*

    Hamatamna11 Hamatamna11Hamatamna11 Hamatamna113 måneder siden
  • Should have used cardboard to lay out the panels over the frame, then sure them as templates on your sheet metal.

    itto sittoitto sitto3 måneder siden
  • Alec you might want to look up how cosplayers make their armor to get an idea of how to plan out the sheet metal for cutting.

    steeghs1steeghs13 måneder siden
  • Watch, Alec gets obsessed and makes a full suit.

    matthew stricklandmatthew strickland3 måneder siden
  • At least you tried lol

    matthew stricklandmatthew strickland3 måneder siden
  • Proud of you for trying alec. Cant wait to see you try your hand at it again in the future

    CuraxuCuraxu3 måneder siden
  • get a English wheel m8 and start playign around with it.

    Lord RWLord RW3 måneder siden
  • watch?v=Uc-hUvbqqh8&t=160s

    jimmytea1jimmytea13 måneder siden
  • hydroforming for the back helmet.

    elweasel2010elweasel20103 måneder siden
  • this look less of Iron Man and more of The Man In The Iron Mask monstrosity.

    Dont-be EvilDont-be Evil3 måneder siden
  • Alex should really watch how fabricators shape metal, by hand, into things like fuel tanks for custom motorcycles.

    Texas Gardener RobertTexas Gardener Robert3 måneder siden
  • Y You should forge a Damascus helmet

    Eric VitaliEric Vitali3 måneder siden
  • Your mask has some African vibes to it

    ArrowfioreArrowfiore3 måneder siden
  • This looks like it belongs in a middle age museum.

    King_ofdogeIIKing_ofdogeII3 måneder siden
  • Looks like someone needs a dishing stump! ;)

    Matthew PetersonMatthew Peterson3 måneder siden
  • You should do a collab with @weldinggeek who does a lot with sheet metal aluminum! His channel is pretty small but hes amazing at it! Hes been working mostly on the mandalorian armor suits for cosplay!

    Josh ClarkJosh Clark3 måneder siden
  • Kove headphones are garbage. Mine broke after 6 hours and you can’t get a response from customer service. They are a scam.

    WayneRiteWayneRite3 måneder siden
  • Or make a mechanical planishing hammer!

    Nathan ElmesNathan Elmes3 måneder siden
  • Grab yourself a mechanic planishing hammer... nifty tool!

    Nathan ElmesNathan Elmes3 måneder siden
  • great work. don't think you need to make videos so often i hope. .still getting over my M300 M400 envy

    beautifulsmallbeautifulsmall3 måneder siden
  • Mince pies! I can`t say i know the history of it but over here in New Zealand meat pies are very common. Workers love em for breakfast, smoko and lunch. On the helmet sculpture i like it as a piece of heavy steel art. I dare say it could deflect a bullet better than sheet metal.

    Kyle BennettKyle Bennett3 måneder siden
  • 🤣🤣 thats terrible!!

    Kiaya BenderKiaya Bender3 måneder siden
  • Wow, that was... Em.... Great? You should maybe get yourself another stelter.

    Alan MAlan M3 måneder siden
  • Respect!

    thomas taylorthomas taylor3 måneder siden
  • Strong Iron Man 1 vibes >< That was some surprisingly entertaining advertising

    Itai BezItai Bez3 måneder siden
  • Well that's embarrassing 😳 Feel like this was a "money" video 👎

    haga41cathaga41cat3 måneder siden
  • You need to redo this my man, it’s not up to your standards and you know it!

    Che wacaChe waca3 måneder siden
  • How to make helmet out of weld bead lol

    DustinB855DustinB8553 måneder siden
  • I would not weld so close to the plastic tubing from the compressor, other than that great work :D

    Adam KusnierzAdam Kusnierz3 måneder siden
  • Iron Grandma!

    n0ret82n0ret823 måneder siden
  • Imagine asking a blacksmith to make a helmet It's like asking a photographer to paint a picture

    Slade WilsonSlade Wilson3 måneder siden
    • I think they just asked him to "make something from the game" as he started on that necklace briefly.

      DaftFaderDaftFader3 måneder siden
  • He could have cut the wireframe he made off after welding it, then cut it half to refine it and grind then weld it back and smooth out the welds

    LeafyDragonLeafyDragon3 måneder siden
  • Bet you can't make a mandalorian helmet

    Lag1acrusLag1acrus3 måneder siden
  • Careful don’t let them see you on the cameras Tony!

    marszxc Renmarszxc Ren3 måneder siden
  • Search for iron man pepakura files. Easy peazy

    Provibe09Provibe093 måneder siden
  • You should have called furze. Do you know him? A collaboration with him would be amazing!

    James MilczarskiJames Milczarski3 måneder siden
  • I've never seen a better example of how being stuck on a method can really hinder you from finding a solution that works for you. Your view of it being hollow stopped you from thinking about how to temporarily have the needed form inside (such as using a raising stake). There was also probably some issues that stopped you from thinking about something like dishing to help you form it. You saw the ridge along the helmet as a support not a seam, making you think of supports in that direction, and your brain stubbornly stayed in that one orientation, giving you a taper in the radius you wanted to form, not the sheet you needed. But the most obvious one is when you kept trying to get a hammer on the inside with sufficient energy to swing it instead of getting something (once again, like a raising stake) on the inside while having the hammer on the outside to hit it. And this is why looking back on less than successful projects after a while is so good. You see the simple solutions that your brain was too locked in to notice. I feel if you had looked back over the video after enough time, you might have noticed this and screamed at yourself, "Why didn't you just do this?" but it's also nice to get someone pointing you in the direction so you don't have to wait for your brain to stop being focussed on the difficult way. You're clearly a good enough metalworker that if you had gotten pointed in the right direction, you would have had much less headache on this. Probably still had issues getting it to look exactly how you wanted it to and maybe not beautiful as your blades, but definitely gotten it close and as a really nice first attempt as an armorer, especially without a forge big enough to fit the entire piece or sheet stock of a workable thickness (both thin enough to form easily and thick enough to hold it's form)

    BandanaDrummer95BandanaDrummer953 måneder siden
  • If you actually start learning to shape sheet metal I'll be so thrilled.

    Scotty ChainsawScotty Chainsaw3 måneder siden
  • that was a abortion

    taylorwsotaylorwso3 måneder siden
  • It would've been impossible to forge the back of the helmet in a day, so the wire path was the right one. We're talking about hours and hours of drawing the bubble shame. There's a few vids on NOtown doing similar stuff with thinner material, and most of them entailed days in real life, including failures.

    asertaaserta3 måneder siden
  • Cast Iron Man

    Mado MaxuMado Maxu3 måneder siden
  • Should have made it in two pieces, weld together after. Am old biker build off. They show how to do it with gas tanks. Billy Lane is really good at it.

    whitey2shot pewpewwhitey2shot pewpew3 måneder siden
  • Alec, love your content, been following your channel for years. But this is the worst thing ive ever seen you do. And ive seen you hit yourself in the balls with the handle of a sledgehammer. This was so much worse.

    SteveSteve3 måneder siden
  • Ya should have looked into how medieval helmets were made.

    Robert SchusterRobert Schuster3 måneder siden
  • Mince Pies, Just Fantastic!

    matthamymatthamy3 måneder siden
  • layman's question; wouldn't it have been easier to do the sheet metal vertically and not horizontally?

    ArkeniteArkenite3 måneder siden
  • Love the diversity Alec and the constant attempts to try something you've never done before. Always a good thing for growth and knowledge

    Tom KearnsTom Kearns3 måneder siden
  • Another good way to do it would have been put all the round on with half inch spacing then weld quarter inch 1x1 squares on and sand the whole thing down until it is round

    Matthew HattonMatthew Hatton3 måneder siden
  • Should put a light inside it

    Ian YatesIan Yates3 måneder siden
  • It has to stop bullets from a AK to a 50BMG. TEMPER IT.

    Jamie SmithJamie Smith3 måneder siden
  • Time to learn to make armour! Less forges, more short handled sledge hammers and stumps with dents carved in them.

    shipwrekshipwrek3 måneder siden
  • Check out Guyton's dishing techniques

    shawn kelleyshawn kelley3 måneder siden
  • Art is cool and all... not as cool as fully articulated plate armor, though.

    Robert WestonRobert Weston3 måneder siden
  • So, he has never heard of an english wheel before? That's like basic level blacksmith knowledge.

    King CobraKing Cobra3 måneder siden
  • 11 minute ad for a shitty game skip this one folks

    Kip does StuffKip does Stuff3 måneder siden
  • here I was thinking this was a Runescape thing T.T Good vid nonetheless, love your energy and happy you are still making awesome content in these trying times!

    TheGarryModderTheGarryModder3 måneder siden