I pretty much became a legend overnight

27. nov.. 2020
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Today, we meet the newest member of the Rocket League community, who coincidentally happens to sound very similar to someone we know very well.
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Mertzy's
3:07 Rocket League server 1v1
5:42 Musty's cowmmunity
7:19 Sunless sucks at Discord
9:02 Outro

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  • Alvis is the founder of the new generation and people need to stop sleeping on the name. 😤 ► discord.gg/MERTZY

    MERTZYMERTZY3 måneder siden
    • Ov cours i do!

      Gabriel BlondinGabriel Blondin18 dager siden
    • Do u not like musty

      Noj LitNoj Lit18 dager siden
    • ;)

      Gabriel BlondinGabriel Blondin25 dager siden
    • so since your turkish i have a question for you whay does siktir lan mean?

      Colin ClaesColin Claes26 dager siden
    • Love the vids bro

      Itachi UchihaItachi UchihaMåned siden
  • Hgvyigg

    Henry OverheadHenry Overhead2 dager siden
  • “It’s not me wdym” -Mertzy

    SkiteWasHereSkiteWasHere2 dager siden
  • He didnt become a champ overnight. he was a champ from day 1

    Christopher WickerChristopher Wicker2 dager siden
  • Can I have a shout out plz plzpzl

    Luca Anthony OglesbyLuca Anthony Oglesby6 dager siden
  • When I saw the title all I could think about is the Sophia the First theme

    Shravan RShravan R7 dager siden
  • 7:16 "Mange mes couilles gang" ? 🤣🤣

    LightShadoWLightShadoW7 dager siden
  • I am mertzy

    AdubobyplayzAdubobyplayz7 dager siden
  • Im kinda confused... Where is mertzy actually from?

    Spare ProductionzSpare Productionz8 dager siden
  • Im not mertzy, its not me guys, its not me

    Lusor_ElgesLusor_Elges8 dager siden
  • Do a vid where you do the same but you turn off your voice changer and act like you still have it on.

    myluan Bergeronmyluan Bergeron8 dager siden
  • Omg Im from Latvia! I'm so happy that someone famous knows a little country!

    Ričads JuškaRičads Juška9 dager siden
  • what is millibyte lol

    MrmohdRMrmohdR10 dager siden
  • worth the watch

    joe mommajoe momma10 dager siden
  • Do more freestyle idiot

    Abe Fifa MobileAbe Fifa Mobile10 dager siden

    KysKys11 dager siden
  • “when you are bad at something, go to free play and practice until you saw good at it.” *2 seconds later* “How long do you practice your mechanics???? I think you would be better if you played in real games instead of only playing free play.”

    Dat BoiDat Boi11 dager siden
  • Your titles are so cringe 😬

    corey johncorey john14 dager siden
  • All u play is rocket league

    NJB challenge tv Jody and NoahNJB challenge tv Jody and Noah14 dager siden
  • Hey. Im a guy from Latvia who started playing RL not that long ago. your video kinda fun to watch and help a bit. Maybe you could help me a bit? xd

    Valdis ValdisValdis Valdis14 dager siden
    • and btw we have good internet :D

      Valdis ValdisValdis Valdis14 dager siden
  • It would be my dream

    Vibe KingVibe King15 dager siden
  • I wish I can play with mertzy

    Vibe KingVibe King15 dager siden
  • 7:17 😂😂😂😂 les fr qui comprennent

    Withey WtWithey Wt17 dager siden
  • wait wtf? whos spectre? i know some1 named that on dc

    Jack JohnssonJack Johnsson17 dager siden

    Samuel PrinceSamuel Prince17 dager siden
  • first youtuber to change to voice changer and say latvian type but ngl you sound like latvian person...

    TmkevTmkev18 dager siden
  • Ok ehhm “hey alves thank you for showing use the fun side of rocket league” (funny part is i prob spelled name wrong lol

    Omega boi Man dudeOmega boi Man dude18 dager siden
  • Finally someone knows about my country thank you 🇱🇻🇱🇻

    italian_aimbotitalian_aimbot19 dager siden
  • fortnite

    S1 MiniZS1 MiniZ20 dager siden
  • i am mertzy Lol

    S1 MiniZS1 MiniZ20 dager siden
  • you suck

    Rachael BishopRachael Bishop21 dag siden
  • We are Mertzy

    Insert clever name hereInsert clever name here21 dag siden
  • murtsea

    Papa PoggsPapa Poggs22 dager siden
  • Hey mer- Hey alvis, thanks for showing me the fun side of rocket league.

    Chase's Random ChannelChase's Random Channel23 dager siden
  • Kid: you sound like mertsy Also kid u must be his brother Me: loss all my braincells

    Ismael GeffrardIsmael Geffrard23 dager siden
  • Made so many kids days awesome

    Bryce SchmidtBryce Schmidt23 dager siden
  • Come on pleas mertzy musty sadly said no!!!!! So can you pleas

    Noah KetelesNoah Keteles23 dager siden
  • I want to 1v1 one you mertzy

    Noah KetelesNoah Keteles23 dager siden
  • im attualy from latvia

    Endijs LusisEndijs Lusis23 dager siden
  • I am for Latvian can we play

    Niks ZacestsNiks Zacests24 dager siden
  • I like how pulse osm has more likes on his comment than mertzy

    Bjorn jonesBjorn jones24 dager siden
  • Nobody : Mertzy th whole video: I actually get that alot.

    DAdis CZDAdis CZ25 dager siden
  • My man said I’m not me 😅

  • hi mertzy

    X AIMZX AIMZ25 dager siden
  • love your content

    Qasim .Muz.Qasim .Muz.25 dager siden
  • where he from tho ???

    x Jerontix xx Jerontix x25 dager siden
  • Latvia actually has one of the best internet speeds in the world

    RandomRandom26 dager siden
  • "In latvia we have a milibyte per second" you really had to do my country like that

    houlhoul26 dager siden
  • These kids need to hit puberty before they talk on discord. Lol

    WawasjohnWawasjohn26 dager siden
  • Mertzy mertzy tell the story of how you became a legend Mertzy: I became one over night 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    RainyLuckRainyLuck27 dager siden
  • That Last Kid. How old was he???? So cute... ...and probably would granny me in 1v1. Cant wait till mine crush me Lol

    Markus ZimmermannMarkus Zimmermann28 dager siden
  • This was so wholesome

    Adam StevensAdam Stevens29 dager siden
  • 1v1

    anis teghrianis teghri29 dager siden
  • Are you latvien?

    artimods vlogsartimods vlogsMåned siden
  • The chunky pressure dolly manage because shirt postsurgically preach onto a nifty viscose. agreeable, abaft subway

    Cony LeeCony LeeMåned siden
  • Hey guys I’m the kid in the first clip😁😁😁

    Jayden-44 121Jayden-44 121Måned siden
  • I am mertzy

    Omar MohamedOmar MohamedMåned siden
  • 7:16 ouai ouai ouai on est la

    NeyptuneNeyptuneMåned siden
  • And Latvia has one of the best internets in the world:D

    DaWeedDaWeedMåned siden
  • LOOOOL Alvis?:D and Latvia? How do u even know its Latvian name? Im from Latvia

    DaWeedDaWeedMåned siden
    • Nos i saw the vid fully

      DaWeedDaWeedMåned siden
  • Can u coach me I need itttt

    Michael PektasMichael PektasMåned siden
  • no fucking way someone popular knows Latvia

    JuiceJuiceMåned siden
  • Thats not A rocket league player, Thats is THE rocket league player

    Zedric OgalescoZedric OgalescoMåned siden
  • My man said lithuania

    zorderzorderMåned siden
  • hi

    Archie SeniacArchie SeniacMåned siden
  • Whats that voice changer app?

    Androo :DAndroo :DMåned siden
  • What is that camo on his car?

    Levi Beck ツLevi Beck ツMåned siden

    RivrseRivrseMåned siden
  • im from latvia and it has some of the best internet in the world lol

    karl whith a kkarl whith a kMåned siden
  • The "oh no, I recognise that ground work" sent me over the edge 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jonah ClementsJonah ClementsMåned siden
  • I am moldy Buffalo quote my sunless I think 🤔

    Paris RodriguezParis RodriguezMåned siden
  • I swear I saw you in a vc before this was uploaded

    Resist UltraResist UltraMåned siden
  • Everybody is a nrg fan that is so sad 😭😭😭

    KirinKirinMåned siden
  • Where are you from? Or maybe Latvia cuz I am

    CryLoudeRCryLoudeRMåned siden
  • Omg Latvia is my country

    Crazy Minecraft - FortniteCrazy Minecraft - FortniteMåned siden
  • Mertyz why did you put a stinking face for musty?

  • "one millibyte per sec" and "mertzy's bad server bruh" are hillarious 😅 🤣🤣🤣

    Gé -Gé -Måned siden

    MaratinsPlayzMaratinsPlayzMåned siden
  • 2:05 I am mertzy 4:13 musty, mertzy and flump

    RhazyRhazyMåned siden
  • mertzy is good but bad a kickoffs

    TheChilledGamingRatTheChilledGamingRatMåned siden
  • hey mert-.Hey alvis

    Adham KhalifaAdham KhalifaMåned siden
  • I apm from latvia

    Lecko sūkāLecko sūkāMåned siden
  • Mertzy can we be friends on rocket league pls

    Mary VazquezMary VazquezMåned siden
  • I didn't know Jon was the sandman

    A ZoroA ZoroMåned siden
  • Mertzy bring back the funny moments

    Timmy LunnTimmy LunnMåned siden
  • Kid: ”Mertzy mertzy”. Mertzy: ”silenens”

    NoT _B4R5AANoT _B4R5AAMåned siden
  • Petition for disunified rematch scuffed station

    Muffin1011Muffin1011Måned siden
  • AYOO im from latvia XD

    SmurffyeSmurffyeMåned siden
  • Bruh the people who say "Ive been subbed to him since 50k" Are probably capping and just want his attention

    crippled genes '_ 'crippled genes '_ 'Måned siden
  • Mertzy, you sound a lot like Alvis

    Mythic 9732Mythic 9732Måned siden
  • I am from latvia

    Ernests VerkevicsErnests VerkevicsMåned siden
  • Kiri sounded way to mad to be scored on you for some reason

    ObviouslyGregObviouslyGregMåned siden
  • Amazing gameplay. I'm gold and ur Breyer than me. Damn son ur better sunless and musty

    Muhammad LaskarMuhammad LaskarMåned siden
  • Bro i have that PlayStation 2 camera that u put in the foto

    Farolillo El PilloFarolillo El PilloMåned siden
  • How dare he say there is no pro player that uses keyboard Me: i pro but use keyboard E-SPORTS PLAYERS USE KEYBOARD LIKE WT*

    typical roblox gamertypical roblox gamerMåned siden
  • R.i.p Cloud 9 Squishy, Gimmick, Torment

    drak jaydedrak jaydeMåned siden

    daniel malevicusdaniel malevicusMåned siden
  • Let's go home country latvia 🎉👍🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

    Mythical GamerMythical GamerMåned siden
  • Such a good guy this Alvis

    Emyjoe VaginiteEmyjoe VaginiteMåned siden
  • 7:15 ptdrrr

    PyjamamanPyjamamanMåned siden