I Pushed The Ripsaw Tank To The Edge Of It’s Limits!

6. april. 2021
437 305 Ganger

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  • old yellow humer looks fun

    Tiffany SlackTiffany Slack6 minutter siden
  • Ive wanted a ripsaw ever since i first saw it like what 10 years ago such a cool ride

    Blue Collar OriginalsBlue Collar Originals17 minutter siden
  • rip saw

    jason dyerjason dyer25 minutter siden
  • Do he need a squirt truck mec. , asme welder ect ect . I'm his man. Lol

    Sparky MacSparky Mac36 minutter siden
  • The Howe brothers are awesome to work with, new rippy's go 100 mph!

    Sherp USA DealerSherp USA DealerTime siden
  • Awesome video guys and be blessed 🇺🇸

    Mike VanelswykMike VanelswykTime siden
  • Come to Maine and visit their shop / playground and order one. You know you need one for the channel.

    Jason SouthwickJason Southwick2 timer siden
  • I would pick the giant hammer

    Dorothy HarsDorothy Hars2 timer siden
  • You should get one

    AE29 entertainmentAE29 entertainment2 timer siden
  • Lmfao idk why but I lost it when he went “I’m in heaven, I’m dead *closes eyes* that’s what it looks like I’m in heaven”

    Ferd SanFerd San2 timer siden
  • I'd drive them all !

    Joseph HeltonJoseph Helton3 timer siden
  • My guy!!! Subbed.

    KrisKris3 timer siden

  • Nice a guy that’s knows how to spend his money

    Jose AguirreJose Aguirre5 timer siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣noice!!

    BRS RCBRS RC5 timer siden
  • I loved that ripsaw

    Wayne NahaWayne Naha5 timer siden
  • I'd take the armored hummer for crazy la traffic lol

    snoozsnooz6 timer siden
  • I remember watching the howe brothers show a few years back and seeing the awesome stuff they make. Ya that ripsaw has been a wet dream of mine for a while now.

    Keltore IronfistKeltore Ironfist6 timer siden
  • if it was just hummers as options 6x6 or big 4x4 maby armored 4x4

    Zoo BuggaBearZoo BuggaBear6 timer siden
  • That's cool and all but that's not anything the average american will ever get a chance to have or even get to ride in.

    Bobby CrowBobby Crow7 timer siden
  • Damn money rolling! Lucky bros

    InMy HeadInMy Head7 timer siden
    • Any btw you’re a heck of a salesmen lol! What a beast tho! My Lordy lord finally a couple of bro’s ripping one! You guys should bring that to WhistlinDeisels new spot tho fr let him give it a go! Yeah buddy!

      InMy HeadInMy Head7 timer siden
  • I would take the diesel dave

    annoytodeathannoytodeath8 timer siden
  • Heck, I dont want one. I just wish I could get the VA to finally get me a mobility scooter appropriate to my needs. lol. Sound simple? Its easier for you to get one of those tanks Heavy. lol.

    D MD M8 timer siden
  • HeavyD giggling like a little girl!

    Thomas NelsonThomas Nelson8 timer siden
  • Yeah the rip side would be really cool if it had armor on it, although it's fast enough that you can get away without it.

    Stephen GomezStephen Gomez8 timer siden
  • Living and enjoying life to it's fullest. You find the coolest stuff to do !

    ls64542ls645428 timer siden
  • What if you put tracks on the 6x6

    Ethan LeeEthan Lee8 timer siden
  • You hade me at DURAMAX

    CJ Johnson redneck engineeringCJ Johnson redneck engineering9 timer siden
  • Get rid of the ads guys

    Kyle DavisKyle Davis9 timer siden
  • First video I watched you were pulling an excavator with a truck. Now you’re in a tank. Love it.

    kc ginnkc ginn9 timer siden
  • Ripsaw all day

    Bloodgod 281Bloodgod 2819 timer siden
  • Justin shitted on all the rappers like a baby in a diaper. You king Justin. Intagram?

    Lord SonicLord Sonic10 timer siden
  • Get one

    Jose VelasquezJose Velasquez10 timer siden
  • Hey @WhistlinDiesel you are slackin bro. Where is yours?

    Stephen NewtonStephen Newton11 timer siden

    Mike RomanMike Roman12 timer siden
  • You should drive it through the infield and take out the leaders again..

    Dragsport6Dragsport612 timer siden
  • If you add a 30mm on the top then you will have a high speed apc 😂

    Kray ZionKray Zion12 timer siden
  • holy shit the camera man was pissing me off... fucking stick your damn camera in the back and actually show us the diff, clutch assemblies and brakes while he talks about it.. holy shit its not that hard

    brandon bbrandon b12 timer siden
  • Toys are ment to be played with

    Whitey's original knivesWhitey's original knives12 timer siden
  • Did u lose a bet? What’s up with that hair

    Brian RiceBrian Rice12 timer siden
  • I see all those hummers and then I see a dirtbike and I would pick that lol

    BackcountryBearBackcountryBear12 timer siden
  • That tank is awesome. I wonder how well it will do at offroad recovery? The 6x6 is awesome too. I would have a hard time choosing just 1 Hummer. Hard decision.

    Shawn BaldwinShawn Baldwin13 timer siden
  • Love these videos!

    FearlessFatherFearlessFather13 timer siden
  • Hey heavy D and fans my sister-in-law just lost her baby to SIDS and they are having a really hard time and we have started up a a go fund me page for aspen walker she past away at 4 months old any help would be greatly appreciated

    Justice HartJustice Hart13 timer siden
  • After promotion of adds and him just creaming in his pants the vid starts at 7 minutes in.. Eleven minutes if your just here for the RipSaw.

    J HalesJ Hales13 timer siden
  • Nice

    JailBreak OverlanderJailBreak Overlander13 timer siden
  • The ripsaw tank is actually pretty simple

    Michael MillerMichael Miller14 timer siden
  • The best intro

    Michael MillerMichael Miller14 timer siden
  • What’s with the blonde hair up top?...

    Destination UnknownDestination Unknown14 timer siden
  • Rip saw

    Steven GentrySteven Gentry14 timer siden

    that ek dudethat ek dude14 timer siden
  • My life officially sucks but goals for sure I'll pass on the lambo an get a ripsaw how can I not be jealous your a lucky dood

    william davidsonwilliam davidson14 timer siden
  • So,Heavy D,Ya need to buy that RIP SAW TANK,that way when you reach 1 Million Subscribers, I CAN WIN IT AND YOU CAN KEEP YOUR WHIRRLYBIRD! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

    John LaneJohn Lane14 timer siden
  • Riptide going 0-60 be puffin clouds lmfao

    Ryan DanielRyan Daniel15 timer siden
  • People like these guys will be war lords when things break down 💪

    Burt Gummer LiveBurt Gummer Live15 timer siden
  • Looks like riches is what impresses however , what profit a man to gain the whole world to lose his own soul.

    Jimmy BurnsJimmy Burns15 timer siden
  • Ese mi heavy D saludos de California 👍

    Uriel De La RosaUriel De La Rosa15 timer siden
  • extended warranty i swear to god man

    Akkadian RecordsAkkadian Records15 timer siden
  • That is one sick toy

    Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks15 timer siden
  • Man your camera is jumping all over to fast slow down .

    The wolfThe wolf15 timer siden
  • Rip saw

    Bob NorrisBob Norris15 timer siden
  • this is the best intro ever

    TREVOR 52TREVOR 5215 timer siden
  • Hummer limo

    LL JewelsLL Jewels16 timer siden
  • The blonde oh the blonde ...its not for everyone

    travis lapointtravis lapoint16 timer siden
  • South Louisiana?

    Jase RomeroJase Romero16 timer siden
  • There is no hummers h1 in south africa

    Mariana HamblinMariana Hamblin17 timer siden
  • South Africa isn't that bad that we need a vehicle like the armored humvi.........🤔🤔😂😂😎😎

    Robert PetersonRobert Peterson17 timer siden
  • Now that's some cool ass shit! I would love a Hummer!

    Eric MorelliEric Morelli17 timer siden
  • Just fkn wow.

    Dominique EybersDominique Eybers18 timer siden
  • 4:50 I was thinking bout how the guy on the left look like cole from ross creations then he straight up copied his recent prank line lol

    J DJ D18 timer siden
  • All you gentlemen are good guys. That looked like some spectacular fun. Super wicked throttle service... Again lol

    Rob RonanRob Ronan18 timer siden
  • @whistlindiesel honestly need your review on this thing. I didn’t see no limits being pushed in this video

    RipperzRipperz18 timer siden
  • Either armored or Ripsaw. Ripsaw is my favorite.

    Matthew MasonMatthew Mason19 timer siden
  • i only want two of yours or used motocross bikes hit me up Finland Hell Yeah

    Broo_shBroo_sh19 timer siden
  • All of them

    Ellen HarmonEllen Harmon19 timer siden
  • here from South Africa. Please come visit you can stay with me.

    Jacob ClaassensJacob Claassens19 timer siden
  • So when are you ordering yours, just do it, you know you want too. Go ahead do it order one now.

    turman41turman4119 timer siden
  • I’ve been obsessed with the Ripsaw ever since I watched the Howe Brothers show they had on Netflix almost 10 years ago! Coolest vehicle ever created! Awesome video guys👍🏼

    Leandro AlvaradoLeandro Alvarado19 timer siden
  • Hi Guys!!. I live in South Africa. Please send me the armoured Hummer as I need the protection!!!!! :) :)

    Jaco LouwJaco Louw20 timer siden
  • You guys should build your own Ripsaw! You got the skills.

    Ricardo GonzalezRicardo Gonzalez20 timer siden
  • 👌💯

    Chicha MendozaChicha Mendoza21 time siden
  • what's up with the hair. Just joking I love watching you guys. I remember when the Howe brothers had there own show back in the day.

    CUBAN1998CUBAN199821 time siden
  • wish i couldve seen what dave was talking about while he was explaining how the drive system worked instead of looking at that beautiful beard of his.

    JUMANJI_TheDj JumanjiJUMANJI_TheDj Jumanji21 time siden
  • You definitely geeked out on that Duramax LOL! Great Video!

    Nick MartinezNick Martinez21 time siden
  • He's driving a gta car

    Mick KulpinskiMick Kulpinski21 time siden
  • Yellow H1 all day!

    james lenzmeierjames lenzmeier21 time siden
  • Ripsaw!!

    Ronald NadeauRonald Nadeau21 time siden
  • i know what i want for christmas

    M ElstonM Elston22 timer siden
  • That thing is bada$$, looks fun to drive thanks for showing us the in’s and outs pretty dang 😎

    Adam FifeAdam Fife22 timer siden
  • Love the tank

    Alan ChildAlan Child22 timer siden
  • Looks a machine where the driver will chicken out before it exceeds its capabilities.

    John CJohn C22 timer siden
  • Does this guy have NOtown?

    Alex YoungAlex Young22 timer siden
  • One of my favorite videos of all time.

    David AmatoDavid Amato22 timer siden
  • mega mud hummer

    Christian RodenChristian Roden22 timer siden
  • I would so want the ripsaw

    Justice MorgretJustice Morgret23 timer siden
  • Would sell my right arm for a ride in that machine!! And I'll give it 14 days and Heavy D has one😈

    Danny HansenDanny Hansen23 timer siden
  • I just tried the company and they already got my credit score up there awesome

    Kale LemasterKale Lemaster23 timer siden
  • That was best video yet! And when he said “ no words just noises coming out of my mouth.” That was hilarious. Awesome! I want one now. Appreciate Justin for letting them come over.

    Cory SykesCory Sykes23 timer siden
  • 07:40😂 the farmers need it the most🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

    Sean BezuidenhoutSean BezuidenhoutDag siden
  • 10:18 id wanna run that yellow truck. Things cool as heck looking

    The Sasquatch Army Kingsquatch90The Sasquatch Army Kingsquatch90Dag siden