I recorded every toxic player I played with in Rocket League, this is the result (part 5)

28. april. 2021
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For a car soccer game, things can get pretty spicy out there...
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  • Bruh, how many times I go for mid boost after kick off to realise it's not there and neither is corner boost...

    Archmage MadaraArchmage Madara41 minutt siden
  • "Just kidding, i dont have any friends"

    ElitasElitas44 minutter siden
  • Fastest 17 minutes of my life

    22Martim0922Martim09Time siden
  • In minute 4:20 watch closely

    U Busa2006U Busa2006Time siden
  • I am the one who should forfeit not you with 20 points.

    emilemil2 timer siden
  • most of these arn't even toxicitiy, it's just bad plays

    CG | RustyCG | Rusty3 timer siden
  • Those zombie dog growls kept me in tears 😂

    Raymond LeemanRaymond Leeman6 timer siden
  • Potentiale title: i recorded myself

    Cai ØsterbyCai Østerby8 timer siden
  • I cant see this anymore omg

    Hugo Fernández DomínguezHugo Fernández Domínguez8 timer siden
  • Name of that first song?

    Christoffer hald AndersenChristoffer hald Andersen9 timer siden
  • Your actually shit even a toddler can beat you

    Sijo PbrSijo Pbr11 timer siden
  • When I got bronze 3 it was a 2v1 and I was alone and one of the enermy team called me a trash can Beats them in a 2v1..... Me: you just lost to a trash can

    SeagullSeagull14 timer siden
  • Watching this , it looks like they are also just starting like me . You can't blame them , they just have the ball cam setting! (jokingly)

    INFØ PIYUSHINFØ PIYUSH18 timer siden
  • 1:42 Got me 😂😂😂

    Anakin VaderAnakin Vader18 timer siden
  • A solution for all of these videos TACTCAL CHAT

    JNPINRGJNPINRG20 timer siden
  • im not even kidding. I played with circa cracked like 3-4 weeks ago and he was the EXACT SAME WAY to me when we played like 4 games together

    Wilson CoucciWilson Coucci21 time siden
  • Very enjoyable! Maturity neither comes with age nor experience. It certainly doesn’t come with being a Rocket League player.

    Sean DurhamSean Durham21 time siden
  • first song???

    rasmus karlssonrasmus karlsson21 time siden
  • Sunless I have the perfect song for one of these it’s called sit next to me and at the beginning it says “ yeah it’s over”

    Kyle SpelichKyle Spelich21 time siden
  • 12:00 why does this sound like Oingo Boingo's "Private Life"?

    Craig KeidelCraig Keidel22 timer siden
  • The 1 guys is so bad I am plat 1 and I could beat him in a 1v1 ez

    Rylan RameyRylan RameyDag siden
  • Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Thanks! Chat disabled for 10 seconds

    ARK BotARK BotDag siden
  • P A I N

    Oliver Ortiz SánchezOliver Ortiz SánchezDag siden
  • Man the intro made me unreasonably frustrated

  • 4:20 Bruh i almost choked on lolipop

    Xtreme GamersLVXtreme GamersLVDag siden
  • love these videos 😂😂😂

    MrHeLicksMrHeLicksDag siden
  • 5:32 let me add you on switch

    Gabriel DipietroGabriel DipietroDag siden
  • 4:55 LMFAO

    Luke GarrettLuke GarrettDag siden
  • Love this stuff

    The-Real-ChaseThe-Real-ChaseDag siden
  • Idk why sunless puts so much effort into these videos. I would just watch hours and hours of this type of content 10:47 11:40 11:51

    KaughKaughDag siden
  • 12:45

    Coxzy PlayzCoxzy PlayzDag siden
  • Play rl sideswipe/pocket league

    Fadekemi AdamsFadekemi AdamsDag siden
  • can we take a moment to appreciate how chill this video was with the background music!

    TheoTheoDag siden
  • Yesterday i joined a tournament and my teammates gave up and i played 1vs5 I hate rocket league

    Ata YiğitAta YiğitDag siden
  • 6:10 i always do this with my brother but i just walk to his room its easy because he is diamond 1 and im c3

    Ruben Van SchieRuben Van SchieDag siden
  • 4:43 that might've been evample or maybe just someone copying his different users that he uses but who knows

    Brandon RecheungelBrandon RecheungelDag siden
  • I don’t know if this has already been done but you should make it so each teammate is locked within a certain distance and unable to go any further from a set distance

    sharlene pearcesharlene pearceDag siden
  • Someone got the song of chapter 4? Around 06:40

    Polar lichtPolar lichtDag siden
    • But i want to ask u What is the name of the song at the end of the video ?

      Kareem AtefKareem AtefDag siden
    • Polar licht Get me out of here

      Kareem AtefKareem AtefDag siden
  • The tournament scam happened to me the first game i played after watching this lol. Thank you sunless hahaha

    brayden Mabrybrayden MabryDag siden
  • Omg sunless ur the best

    Charu SharmaCharu SharmaDag siden
  • This man forreal used destins voice from smarter every day lmaooo

    Richard McQuarrieRichard McQuarrieDag siden
  • use da baby car

    Project SkullProject SkullDag siden
  • c-block wasnt a bot lul haha

    PlutoPlutoDag siden
  • Sunless is the most creative rl creator 😂

    Rose NitroRose NitroDag siden
  • Whats the song at 6:20

    Blze mykidBlze mykidDag siden
  • this is the most frustrating video out there

    CartaunCartaunDag siden
  • You should do a video where their is 4 golds that have aimbot against 2 pros

    Mason's GamingMason's GamingDag siden
  • Day 1 of asking sunless to get the youngest gc in the world to 1v1 golds

    RogueRogueDag siden
  • Hey guys I have a question I have 50 hours and I’m plat 1 am I doing good

    Connor ValenciaConnor ValenciaDag siden
  • It's always the shittest players that blame their team when they're the ones clearly whiffing saves and shots.... came across a couple of them today. Bumped a teammate once and his excuse for whiffing every touch was that his team mates kept bumping him, literally only happened the once the entire match... these salty kids I tell ya lol

    Samur/AyeSamur/AyeDag siden
  • This was a different kind of video Jared. A good, happy video. Thanks. I hope you keep vibing through life.

    duckeydoo44duckeydoo44Dag siden
  • Sunless I challenge you to a 1v1

    Yung SalamiYung Salami2 dager siden
  • 6:45 why I dont play anymore, people convince themselves its not their faults and other things and get mad at their teammate, obviously this isnt happening here but it always happens to me

    Zenith IIZenith II2 dager siden
  • Can someone explain to me 7:30 how he got fast in such a short amount of time

    TryitTryit2 dager siden
  • I liked the little venture into TTS land there lmao

    ArcticLostArcticLost2 dager siden
  • I got a sick nuw decal dot matrix 🤍🤍🤍🔥🔥🔥

    Peely KingPeely King2 dager siden
  • we need another roster changes video... :)

    ThatsShady _ThatsShady _2 dager siden
  • How sad must your life if you forfeit after a mistake that leads to 0-1 when there are 4 minutes left in the match.

    XehanzXehanz2 dager siden
  • I love how they are toxic when they are the problem

    Maciek HalonskiMaciek Halonski2 dager siden
  • I will never disrespect Sunless cuz then I’ll end up in one of these vids💀😂

    ryne keysryne keys2 dager siden
  • Make a vid where 5 diamonds try to find the gc but everyone is actually a gc

    Carson HicksCarson Hicks2 dager siden
  • The MJ clip was perfect

    McMugenz77McMugenz772 dager siden
  • 4:39 Only one who saw evample?

    Sil OttenSil Otten2 dager siden
  • What are the name of the songs?

    Some LukesSome Lukes2 dager siden
  • 3:51 osm

    RxR_HYRxR_HY2 dager siden
  • Sunless do guess that rank but you have to guess the division as well with RLCS players

    Rajiv KumarRajiv Kumar2 dager siden
  • i watched that video on losing a 1v1 and recovering and at the end you asked us what our ranks are like and if we're dropping or peaking, for me i started in 2015 and all the way through i've been stuck in bronze-silver if you wanted to know so hopefully that makes you feel a little better

    Chriis017Chriis0172 dager siden
  • What is the boost called in 11:38?

    LJLJ2 dager siden
  • Wait BronzePlayer accused me of hacking one time in a 1v1 and said he’d expose me on his TikTok so I’d get banned... still waiting on that ban

    BmorrBmorr2 dager siden
  • The Michael Jordan sequence was legendary.

    Cameron LerchCameron Lerch2 dager siden
  • Poor positioning is toxic?

    OriginalWarfareOriginalWarfare2 dager siden
  • I don't think they're toxic, they're only really bad like me

    Sly TomasNomasSly TomasNomas2 dager siden
  • "i don't enjoy your company" LOLL

    Luke HLuke H2 dager siden
  • Best one of the series yet, keep up the good work Sunless!

    LJBurringtonLJBurrington2 dager siden
  • Hold on... why are you in a fennec and not an octane?

    Carlo HandalCarlo Handal2 dager siden
  • Why you play like me all dat happend to me

    Ss GamingSs Gaming2 dager siden
  • hi sunless i am the youngest nintendo switch freestyler on earth i was wondering if you could play with me my name is ToxicSalt380

    Adeel MalikAdeel Malik2 dager siden
    • i also need my rank up my teamates are so slow

      Adeel MalikAdeel Malik2 dager siden
  • Btw Sunless I just had a video idea its BREAKING EVERY RULE IN ROCKET LEAGUE

    StealthNinja_boyStealthNinja_boy2 dager siden
  • 1:41 - 1:48 literially my diamond mates

    Exo LoziExo Lozi2 dager siden
  • i love the twist at the end (not the one where you say you dont have friends, no one has really.....) but the queuing 3s part

    azul6588azul65882 dager siden
  • i just downloaded the game and i could totally beat a ssl in a 1v1 😡

    CybergunCybergun2 dager siden
  • Make a vid where there a Ball team and the Players try to kick u in while u run/roll as da ball. Trying to avoid the net

    Dominik LitkowskiDominik Litkowski2 dager siden
  • 0:00” *This is the thing if u need IRocket CreditsI* ” ▶ ️ 𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 ”Am I right?”垃圾 。Lord

    DennisDennis2 dager siden
    • @Lord Satan lmao

      ECHO EECHO EDag siden
    • Someone summoned me?

      Lord SatanLord Satan2 dager siden
    • The fuck

      ECHO EECHO E2 dager siden
    • ye

      Seba_34Seba_342 dager siden
  • Yoo sup sunless i have been watching u since the last 2 days Despite the fact that ur content is garbage I wanna play with u if your down add inertia_ahmed

    Tamim AmrTamim Amr2 dager siden
  • i see some people write "tg" what does that mean? i speak german btw

    LazerLeon YTLazerLeon YT2 dager siden

    Olli MinkeOlli Minke2 dager siden
  • What a save!

    Chicken ToadChicken Toad2 dager siden
  • Me after the other team what a saved me: You: What a save! You: What a save! You: What a save! You: What a save! You: What a save! You: What a save! Chat cool down for 5 seconds Chat cool down for 5 seconds Chat cool down for 5 seconds Chat cool down for 4 seconds Chat cool down for 4 seconds *intense spamming*

    jeff the bossjeff the boss2 dager siden
  • 0:56 Every. Damn. Time.

    StrumStrum2 dager siden
  • 4:22 bruh

    PhenexzPhenexz2 dager siden
  • R2D2 screaming sound killed me

    Haze 360Haze 3602 dager siden
  • I dun know what to comment Except this

    TM Legendary GamerTM Legendary Gamer2 dager siden
  • had just a bit of lag

    Peter SpiridisPeter Spiridis2 dager siden
  • Hi Jared

    Simply dragonSimply dragon2 dager siden
  • 4:11 As a wise man once said:“THIS GAME IS TRAAASH THIS GANE IS TRASSSH

    LukasenLukasen2 dager siden
  • Can someone plz tell what that song is at the beginning

    UAVUAV2 dager siden
  • What is that song at the beginning?

    UAVUAV2 dager siden
  • How does your rocket league do the first touch and center ball because mine doesn't do that..?

    RennanwaysRennanways2 dager siden
  • bro how many alt acc's do you have

    Nick TrawickNick Trawick2 dager siden
  • 1:14 "i recorded *every EVERY* TOXIC PLAYER."

    HypnotoadHypnotoad2 dager siden
    • well spotted 😂

      MojaKannMojaKannDag siden