I Survived 600 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World...

1. mai. 2021
1 217 827 Ganger

Hope you guys enjoyed this 100 days of ocean world! drop a like to tell me you guys want me to keep going to try to complete the netherite beacon!
#minecraft #100days #minecrafthardcore
100 days playlist! ➡ notown.info/two/video/0JysZKdmratjsqc.html
Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea.
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  • Drop a like for 700 days 👀👀👀 also reply with some ideas you would want to see in 700!

    Not PaulGGNot PaulGG5 dager siden
    • Maybe make all of the color different beacons like iron, gold, diamond, etc.

      noble cubnoble cubTime siden
    • YESSS do iron block platforms !!! it’ll be a nice contrast with blackstone

      nune Knune K6 timer siden
    • A neheter base

      GGOGGO12 timer siden
    • A nether bunker

      GGOGGO12 timer siden
    • If your at 1000 days do a special from 1000-2000

      pokemon playspokemon plays13 timer siden
  • hata faca

  • Do 100 days on 1 block with 🍪

    R KhanR KhanTime siden
  • I really like the montage part. The song slaps real hard

    JuoppoNinjaJuoppoNinjaTime siden
  • You got my Subscribe.

    The SlayerThe SlayerTime siden
  • Grian watching this with his diamond chandeliers like 🥲

    Bray LathumBray LathumTime siden
  • anyone hate how many time he asks ppl to subscribe like i’m not subscribing because you have one good series my manz

    Chrome T.VChrome T.VTime siden
  • bro my adhd 5:23

    Kebba CeesayKebba CeesayTime siden
  • can you do a tutorial on the mob farm

    FlamePlaysFlamePlays3 timer siden
  • what’s the70s music name

    JunJun4 timer siden
  • I really want the next episode I am impatient

    MoonMoon4 timer siden
  • 6:13 why are you showing us a phone there?

    HugsHugs5 timer siden
  • YESSS do iron block platforms !!! it’ll be a nice contrast with blackstone

    nune Knune K6 timer siden
  • I think that video is too short.

    YaehMrYaehMr6 timer siden
  • The bone meal is used to be somewhere that isn't coral boime just try

    Cernea LucaCernea Luca6 timer siden
  • You need to tame the llamas or else they will despawn idk why

    Benjamin SingleyBenjamin Singley6 timer siden
  • A hardcore cave only world would be pretty cool.

    Matti BMatti B7 timer siden
  • Anyone got recommended 100 days and can’t stop watching?

    ElextronicXElextronicX8 timer siden
  • If you dont do 700 days i will unsubcribe you ( im joking ofc ) BUT YOU BETTER BE SENDING 700 DAYS

    Master BaskanMaster Baskan8 timer siden
  • Waiting for 700 in peace definetly not sitting in my chair for 2 days WHERE IS 700 DAYS TELL ME

    Master BaskanMaster Baskan9 timer siden
  • Can you build a giant chick pee for respect of the chickens

    Menace 2UMenace 2U10 timer siden
  • Netherite bacon

    Liam TamondongLiam Tamondong11 timer siden
  • Please do a 700 day PLEASE

    Antonio PorcayoAntonio Porcayo12 timer siden
  • just 14 minutes lol

    Gunawan AdhitamaGunawan Adhitama13 timer siden
  • You spent 19800 hours on the world.

    Eamon HuismanEamon Huisman15 timer siden
  • Who else found this guy off tictok?

    Ben KlischBen Klisch16 timer siden
  • Noice😁

    FF NINJAFF NINJA16 timer siden
  • i still can’t believe i’ve been here since 200 k🥲 u came so far in so lil time

    jesduhjesduh18 timer siden
  • It was the "He fell off the mob farm and started doing some 3060's" for me

    Razr Chilled_GamerRazr Chilled_Gamer20 timer siden
  • i forgot the name of the thing try using duping tnt while its moving forward auto tnt mine

    MuldyMuldy21 time siden
  • Wait till he sees lukethenotable's tower

    Forgotten MemberForgotten Member21 time siden
  • Everybody gangsta until a creeper starts parkouring 13:34

    Alex KotusenkoAlex Kotusenko21 time siden
  • B4 one mil lmao

    DAWWGDAWWG22 timer siden
  • Get that netherite beacon

    Ryan MachollRyan Macholl22 timer siden
  • I want to see me, a stupid idiot 11 year old boy.

    JD Awesome GamesJD Awesome Games22 timer siden

    Halby 7708Halby 770822 timer siden
  • make a underwater city

    Abigail FayeAbigail Faye22 timer siden
  • Jake the editor if your seeing this comment, amazing montage.10/10

    Dana LemonDana Lemon23 timer siden
  • aCookieGod play on your would with him

    Hehe HeheheHehe Hehehe23 timer siden
  • Not John senna why 😭😭😢😭🥺🥺🥺🥺 your monster you should then try 1v1 John senna

    Brodie HinschenBrodie Hinschen23 timer siden
  • Get a iron golem and name it jeff

    Jennie DanielsJennie DanielsDag siden
  • Wait what happened to chickpea

    CommanderCody5CommanderCody5Dag siden
  • Yes plz

    Rylee AldenRylee AldenDag siden
  • can u make a tutorial for the mob farm

    SolidAthlete835SolidAthlete835Dag siden

    duckashiduckashiDag siden
  • 100 days in the nether would super cool

  • the emerald floor is something i would make when i was because i thoht it looked cool he made it cool

    2weue2 is bored2weue2 is boredDag siden
  • also pls make 700 days by may 10 pls then i will advertise ur channel on other channels

    Emvi GamingEmvi GamingDag siden
    • @Not PaulGG

      Emvi GamingEmvi GamingDag siden
  • You should make a ghast farm for ghast tears to make an insta-kill ender dragon for good xp. Sorry for how weird I am and you should do a series with acookiegod.

    Rob PayneRob PayneDag siden
  • I love Jake the editor

    Justyn MendezJustyn MendezDag siden
  • Not Paultalking

    Ömer GEVERÖmer GEVERDag siden
  • I dare you to go and find A grass block

    Rad SwitcherRad SwitcherDag siden
  • You should make a house for a random chombi

    Alex KkAlex KkDag siden
  • where is he i do not see him

    Nathan tooneNathan tooneDag siden
  • I just started watching your videos two days ago and I already suscribed! I really enjoy them and I hope you do a 700 days one!

    Jaime GSJaime GSDag siden
  • So you're telling me that he survived 600 days of Hardcore Minecraft in an Ocean Only World when I can't survive a single day in the overworld.

    ThatProGamerThatProGamerDag siden
  • no one cares about John Cena

    Fawn Aardvark72Fawn Aardvark72Dag siden
  • Alternate title: grinding out a lot of materials then finding I already have it somewhere else.

    Random personRandom personDag siden
  • Hey paul I just rly wanted to say I love ur vids, + one day i started my own ocean only hardcore in 21w17a and i found an island with trees and grass! Just wanted to tell u that its possible (seed: 8120312616366505819 cords: 1354 / / 660) :)

    Tova von KnorringTova von KnorringDag siden
  • paul you should make a base with the big hole you made for the find of ancien debris

    blood chaserblood chaserDag siden
    • and making a wither squeleton farm

      blood chaserblood chaserDag siden
  • it works so good becase mobs cant spawn in the ocean and the only place they can spawn is in you mob grinder

    Robert The BossRobert The BossDag siden
  • please make 600 to 700 days

  • i legit cant wait for the 700 days

    Davide LattaruloDavide LattaruloDag siden
  • Can't w8 to watch to see another episode. Your ocean world will be damn beautiful if you put shader.

    t1mmyt1mmyDag siden
  • If you put a fish in a bucket then rename the bucket, it will rename the fish without using a name tag

    vowhevowheDag siden
  • Nina

    Miguel MiguelMiguel MiguelDag siden
  • You are so close to 1milion subscibers :D Paul

    ThecnobladeThecnobladeDag siden
  • Nooooo i miss this vid:((

    Miguel MiguelMiguel MiguelDag siden
  • you should take lava from the nether and use it to smelt ores and cook food

    Elmeri SElmeri SDag siden
  • i spent 1000 days in minecraft

    Richard DimancheRichard DimancheDag siden
  • Not PaulGG Just Cheated watch he's xp in 9:29 Haha Cheater

    Kristofferson PalumpønKristofferson PalumpønDag siden
  • Can u pls make a shrine for the dead chickens pls

    Baby QuevedoBaby QuevedoDag siden
  • USE BLOCK 36

    我就爛music channel我就爛music channelDag siden

    劉宥加Bobby Liu劉宥加Bobby LiuDag siden
  • pls subscribe for john cena i mean the pizza delivery guy

    NotazNotazDag siden
  • You should get a raid tomget discounts

    Sanroque DagamiSanroque DagamiDag siden
  • I Loved Your Videos I have watched Your All 600 hundreds Days , Hardcore world 😁 Amazing

    ༒A乛Lone 々Yasiñ༒༒A乛Lone 々Yasiñ༒Dag siden
  • Respect for the editor ,,who watches the whole video footage and edit it ,just cuz we can see the best parts

    muhammad zuhaibmuhammad zuhaibDag siden
  • Chickpea

    Flash 55Flash 55Dag siden
  • Do 700 days please

    Flash 55Flash 55Dag siden
  • Clumps mod would come in handy now with those xp farms

    miniToastminiToastDag siden
  • Hey Paul can't you just get silk touch in your shovel and get a grass block so the dirt can spread

    Aarthy ShanAarthy ShanDag siden
  • why was there a invisible man talking at 6:20??

    sonnysonnyDag siden
  • I feel so bad for cookie you destroyed his base in hardcore

  • I think u can make a acient debris beacon bef u will get all netherite to netherite beacon

    YT_Blaze_CZYT_Blaze_CZDag siden
  • Omg🤣 u did till 600 days

    Aksh ParekhAksh ParekhDag siden
  • Next 100 days recomendation: Build a chunk activator at the spider farm Search the tutorial on utube, you might need obsidian

    bruvguy_311bruvguy_311Dag siden
  • Now we need 600 days

    Kashvi AgraKashvi AgraDag siden
  • Tʀʏ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ʏᴏʏʀ 100 ᴏᴄᴇᴀɴ ʜᴀʀᴅᴄᴏʀᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ 2000 ᴅʏᴀs

    BLUEBLUEDag siden
  • 2:28 Me:tons of tnt and i go to work under the birch tree and i craft myself tons o TNT

    Alex AbrudanAlex AbrudanDag siden
  • Jooohhnn sseeeennnaaà

    Ayame TatsibanaAyame TatsibanaDag siden
  • Hey guys? I'm confused around 6:30 i hear if but i don't see anything

    confusedlemur12confusedlemur12Dag siden
  • 9.6 subs, I just gave u one more :)

    Ashbir WraichAshbir WraichDag siden
  • USE AQUA AFFINITY!!! it makes you mine at the same speed as you do on land underwater, so for an ocean only world, its awesome

    Luke MuellerLuke MuellerDag siden
  • If you use a silk touch pickaxe on a nether ore block and smelt it, you get a gold ingot from it

    Alex SvelaAlex SvelaDag siden
  • I kinda wish that we had the seed for this world so I could try this myself

    TheGodSp33dTheGodSp33dDag siden
  • 10:17 is spectator mode cheating?

    Tknoah15 Dallas TexansTknoah15 Dallas TexansDag siden
    • thats not spectator mode. it's something else. but i forgot what it was called. because spectator mode is unique to java edition only and not bedrock, i have seen many people do that same thing wothout fail

      bellsproutbellsproutDag siden
  • You know if you silk touch the gold in the nether, you can cook it into a full gold ingot and not gold nuggets

    ClampitronClampitronDag siden
  • Can i download your world? Plss

    Rainier CenaRainier CenaDag siden
  • You should name a fish after the pizza person :0

    ツembersk1esツembersk1esDag siden