I Survived 500 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

3. april. 2021
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This 100 days of hardcore minecraft was a ton of fun to film, other than the power outage.... But we got a lot done, and still have a lot of things to do. So drop a like on this video if you want a 600 day video!
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Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea
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  • flight duration 3 rockets would help you travel much faster

    You mom GayYou mom Gay7 minutter siden
  • That ending🥺

    Brett GagnonBrett Gagnon21 minutt siden
  • Day 469 i feeded my vilagers ( nice ) and they had a baby (noice)

    SuperFajdoSuperFajdo22 minutter siden
  • 600 days pls pls pls

    Arne ButkeArne Butke22 minutter siden
  • How's your trip in cookie's island and bunrnt the platform nays rayt

    Yuri De LeonYuri De Leon41 minutt siden
  • Did anyone else get madd subnautica vibes when he showed the fish tank. I thought it was a creepervine forest and got mad memories from playing the game and getting my first jumpscare after hearing a leviathan near the aurora

    lutyy wmenfklutyy wmenfk45 minutter siden
  • Just found your video and binged all of this series. Please keep em coming

    SaadtheReaper FNSaadtheReaper FN50 minutter siden
  • Likee

    •janess and july play••janess and july play•54 minutter siden
  • Now 600 days

    AmALionThatEats EGGSAmALionThatEats EGGSTime siden
  • Well Paul I will say one thing. I have seen a way on how to get grass blocks. But I dont know if it work on Java whatever version you are playing. All you have to do is find in a mineshaft or in a cave grass. Shear it crouch and place it on a dirt block.If that really works you finally have grass.

    PanosPlaysPanosPlaysTime siden
  • So basically minautica.

    The SmuggestThe SmuggestTime siden
  • Attack on titan scene? Epik

    ZenitsuplayzzZenitsuplayzzTime siden
  • Paul try iron for emeralds

    Black PhantomBlack PhantomTime siden
  • 12:5 that looks lke the atari game simbole

    Magic SquidMagic SquidTime siden
  • 600 day pls

  • The damaging college commonly ask because atom demographically admit among a stormy bean. protective, male frown

    joshua diezjoshua diez2 timer siden
  • Name the pufferfish ms puff

    Nathan BargeNathan Barge2 timer siden
  • Hi pls pls pls do a 600 day hardcore ocean only, those vids r my fave and would love to see more (big fan of yr vids)

    melissa Verlaquemelissa Verlaque2 timer siden
  • Mr Big fish

    Shamitha LoboShamitha Lobo2 timer siden
  • Or mod pack

    Billy RichardsonBilly Richardson2 timer siden
  • Is it a seed

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  • How did u get the only ocean world???

    Billy RichardsonBilly Richardson2 timer siden
  • Snoopdog

    Eik ChristiansenEik Christiansen2 timer siden
  • But who was holding the pizza i couldn’t see anyone

    Andrew BrownAndrew Brown2 timer siden
  • Maybe you should do 600 days

    vibesNvittlesvibesNvittles3 timer siden
  • Hey love the black stone theme but maybe you should a 600 days and one of the goals would be to make your house a skyscraper oh just a word of advice label your builds to what they are

    vibesNvittlesvibesNvittles3 timer siden
  • just kill the 3 elder guardians in the ocean monument, and then you won't get mining fatigue when you're there

    MosquitoMosquito3 timer siden
  • make a conduit at your base so you can make things and breath underwater

    JT StudiosJT Studios3 timer siden
  • There is a monument

    Sylvie LerouxSylvie Leroux3 timer siden
  • My fav color is green

    adventure familyadventure family3 timer siden
  • paul could just get silk touch and get grass from an island

    the terrarianthe terrarian4 timer siden
  • DAY 600

    MystXc OCEMystXc OCE4 timer siden
  • Its on bedrock addishon

    Mely ESPIRITUMely ESPIRITU4 timer siden
  • And make a sky home

    Samuel lealSamuel leal5 timer siden
  • Make a village

    Samuel lealSamuel leal5 timer siden
  • Using rtx will make the video better and also more like and subscribe

    81laharl81laharl5 timer siden
  • you could have made grass block by putting bone meal on dirt

    ayomide adeoyeayomide adeoye5 timer siden
  • You are a stupid why did you destroyed a cookie God one block world

  • 600 days Please! Your vids are amazing!

    Sam's Gaming RSam's Gaming R5 timer siden
  • You missed some diamonds 2:39

    WetifyWetify5 timer siden
  • Btw if a puffer fish is with tropical fish, it will kill them

    Hyper ActiveHyper Active6 timer siden
  • Sir plz make a big building cor travelling traders and name the bulding pulb chok

    Johncy ShijoJohncy Shijo6 timer siden
  • #600DaysGang

    AuCAuC6 timer siden
  • 600 daysssssssss

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  • Everyone unsubscribe this video he explode thecokiegod's oneblock survival. Revenge hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  • 22:38 *now that is beautiful.*

    I don’t know-. L o lI don’t know-. L o l6 timer siden
  • Day 600: Finally finds a grass block LOL

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  • I love this series this is 100% the best

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  • Do 1000 days, or 27.6% of people watching will die.

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  • He has 6.9 full days built into this world. Haha nice

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  • Copy of wadzee

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  • You can bonemeal brown mushrooms on podzol to grow them into giant brown mushrooms.

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  • Like this reaction for 600 days

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  • did no one else realize he forgot to say Nice on day 469

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  • yay

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  • J

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  • pls do 600 day

    NG YUK LIN MoeNG YUK LIN Moe9 timer siden
  • crouch and place the bone meal on the dirt

    dragon killa 101dragon killa 1019 timer siden
  • İm on phone 404 its funny And its a good joke Error 404

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  • 12:03 he say sus

    invalid Davidinvalid David10 timer siden
  • Do 600 day vid.

    Drth Sam GDrth Sam G10 timer siden
  • Do duration 2 rockets

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  • Yellow

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  • Don’t text and fly *great advice*

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  • Sir sirrrrr I wanna say plssssss add a actuall chicken grave yard plsss

    DA PUMPKINDA PUMPKIN11 timer siden
  • Go underground and silk touch a grass block

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  • make 600 days

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  • Plus make it go up to 1,000

    the thai and english familythe thai and english family13 timer siden
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  • Grinding on the grinder and after grinding on the grinder the grinder was finally grinding me. When I heard that

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  • Build a giant toilet and let chickpea live in it. Ultimate seat for the best chicken ever. Like if you agree plz

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  • if you cant load mc terrain its bc you just got scammed

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  • How he have a sand vulcan is that a sad or mod?

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  • Is there a new editor?

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  • Use lava in your furnace instead of coal it cook 100 blocks

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