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26. feb.. 2021
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  • leslies annoying and sucks the fun out of trolling 😅

    zoezoe7 timer siden
  • This lobby is absolute chaos and its wonderful

    Ayla LubrantAyla Lubrant5 dager siden
  • When the JESTER mode released,, it has been easy for the impostors! If they tell u that they r impostors,, crewmates would believe he MUST BE JESTER! LOL

    Clumsy And Blurr ThingsClumsy And Blurr Things11 dager siden
  • Blau was so nice omg :З

    salladsallad16 dager siden
  • lmaooooooo blau is so fucking funny

    phan swiftie13phan swiftie1318 dager siden
  • sykkuno and blau is kinda cute just me?

    phan swiftie13phan swiftie1318 dager siden
  • 1:46 - Sykkuno complimenting himself 9:08 - "I'm not the Jester, I'm the imposter"😂 9:36 - Leslie Jester win😂😂 10:11 - Sykkuno proud of Janet 10:48 - Janet and Sykkuno 13:00 - "Tomato" 15:48 - 😂😂😂😂 4:34 - Sykkuno on endangered species

    Biona TomBiona TomMåned siden
  • he only covers his mouth when hes lying.

    AshAshMåned siden
  • I just love how Sykkuno is the only imposter that says he's the imposter and does imposter things in front of everyone and still just gets voted out like in the 4th round.

    Lucas CattaiLucas CattaiMåned siden
  • This is the funniest title I've seen

    The Rorschach ImperativeThe Rorschach ImperativeMåned siden
  • Chaotic neutral incarnate

    Jemmerl LastJemmerl LastMåned siden
  • Whats tomato? 🍅

    KKMåned siden
  • I've only been gone for a few weeks and I come back to this? Like wth is happening? Did Sykkuni just get another simp? LOL

    Angel GuinoAngel GuinoMåned siden
  • "guys i have valuable information... have you ever heard of an endangered species" how is he so effortlessly funny 😭

    MaïaMaïaMåned siden
  • Leslie played that heater game perfectly 😂😂 honestly I feel like Leslie could win as jester every time because people are always voting her out based on NOTHING lol

    Audrey VasquezAudrey VasquezMåned siden
  • Blaustoise cracks me up

    ZchryPlysZchryPlysMåned siden
  • Lol my name is Talia so it was weird when they said "Talia" ;w;

    {Yellow-Mellow}{Yellow-Mellow}Måned siden
  • Sykkuno, every time you overreact to something there is a 50/50 chance of you being guilty.

    Nathan FieldNathan FieldMåned siden
  • Why did you just vent in front of everyone?and you admitted but they still didn't vote you

    farid 52farid 52Måned siden
    • BTW,can jesters vent?

      farid 52farid 52Måned siden
  • The alliance of men approves

    The Iron ChancellorThe Iron ChancellorMåned siden
  • I'm so confused but not surprised at all that this man is able to accidentally play the whole lobby like this

    LisaLisaMåned siden
  • Now ya made my hammer mad, ya shouldn’t have done that. (Mushroom way for the win)

    Pierre MonteuxPierre MonteuxMåned siden
  • Extra roles ruining the game, Jester alone was perfection

    SoTwistedPhilSoTwistedPhilMåned siden
  • Which mod is this please ? :)

    Zack _nZack _nMåned siden
  • Russian roulette among-us form

    Kimora LimasKimora LimasMåned siden
  • The devil has said it himself *666k views*

    Katsumi Gacha StudioKatsumi Gacha StudioMåned siden
  • love this lobby, they’re so good together

    bubble seabubble seaMåned siden
  • wow this is so amazing, it reminds me of the ending of the American Psycho movie where Christian Bale's telling his lawyer he kills people but they won't believe him

    Madeline E.A. TerramorteMadeline E.A. TerramorteMåned siden
  • babushka?

    1qXwXp11qXwXp1Måned siden
  • Sykkuno is giving clue! BWAHAHAHA 😂

    AlykAlykMåned siden
  • People still play tgis game?

    Hugo MeertensHugo MeertensMåned siden
  • Where's Sykkuno's outro music from?

    Zeldon567Zeldon567Måned siden
  • Blaustoise is such a bro

    Ron NguyenRon NguyenMåned siden
  • Does anyone wanna join a discord server for amongus? It's still small, but its much better than playing in public servers! Reply if you're interested in joining!

    Do RemiDo RemiMåned siden
  • 4:13 "they had a notebook" Me: THE DEATH NOTE!!

    OneneshaOneneshaMåned siden
  • When I was playing Roblox and Sykkuno uploaded it hurt my feelings

    Tia CornTia CornMåned siden
    • =(

      Tia CornTia CornMåned siden
  • Janet is soooo nice and cute haha :))

    killuahub 7killuahub 7Måned siden
  • Can you upload not stream a video where you are detective?

    Sitara ChoubeySitara ChoubeyMåned siden
  • whats an APMer

    Mani d GamerMani d GamerMåned siden
  • sykkuno hey imagine corpse saying "ara ara" 😏 just imagine.. 😏😏

    Sofia QuesadaSofia QuesadaMåned siden
  • Sykkuno is so funny

    ninalilyluluninalilyluluMåned siden
  • Love that most of the time when Valkerae isn’t there there’s another Ray to take her place xD

    Donavan ClarkDonavan ClarkMåned siden
  • what is the song at the end

    Brionna NorrisBrionna NorrisMåned siden
  • I'm only now understanding how perfect the addition of a Jester is for Sykkuno cause it's literally all he does in amoong us - acts like jester

    алишералишерMåned siden
  • The cagey elephant principally multiply because eight delightfully watch around a smooth technician. skinny, healthy philippines

    Maria PhamMaria PhamMåned siden
  • leslie played that off well

    may flowersmay flowersMåned siden
  • Blaustoise is such a homie hahaha

    arlo9875arlo9875Måned siden
  • Y was ur voice deeper 9 years ago compared to now

    Kinda dumb ytKinda dumb ytMåned siden
  • The Jester role is Sykkuno's dream come true...and all ours too, cuz we love how he trolls so hard baahahaha...

    Medigo VerusMedigo VerusMåned siden
  • I think Sykkuno,OTV and Friends should go back on minecraft.They are losing viewership because Among us is losing its appeal anymore.Innersloth becoming literal sloth with the updates.Thanks to Ottomated but its still not enough to make viewers like their previous Among us videos.

    Happy Game PHHappy Game PHMåned siden
  • *sykkuno is not troll* *troll is sykkuno*

    blaccblaccMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    DJ SupremeDJ SupremeMåned siden
  • Does anyone know the title of the ending song? I think it's absolutely beautiful.

    Caroline HartCaroline HartMåned siden
    • Dreamy night- comfy beats by lilypichu

      HappyHappyMåned siden
  • just so you know... skykkuno, corpse, lud, and blau can run that 🚂🚂🚂😇

    SauskeSauskeMåned siden
  • I just realised sykkuno is my comfort streamer/NOtownr.

    spraysprayMåned siden
  • Did Leslie say hit it finance instead of fiancé

    Ethan JEthan JMåned siden
  • Lmaooooooo 😂😂😂☠

    Sam WilsonSam WilsonMåned siden
  • Sykkuno could confess in front of everyone with them listening and they'd still think he's jester, or listen and just somehow not care he's imposter or just not listen to him cause they'd be too busy arguing over whether a crewmate was imposter. I don't know how, but he vents in front of everyone and still wins 🤷

    Atrix CanadaAtrix CanadaMåned siden
  • I hope it okay sykkuno ! And don't ever listen to the crap people who bring u down and u can always talk to ur friends to feel better ☺️🌸

    Doireann Mc CluskeyDoireann Mc CluskeyMåned siden
  • hearing sykunno saying my name completes my life

    TalliaTalliaMåned siden
  • Hey

    EnjanmentEnjanmentMåned siden
  • Yo, I love it how everyone is just out here sipping for Sykunno, it gives me such serotonin.

    Catspiracy TheoristCatspiracy TheoristMåned siden
  • Hi everyone!! Tommorow is my freinds birthday and i want to suprise him with a bunch of likes and subscribers. I t would really make mines, and his day. His channel is Rux Jbeast.

    John ReidJohn ReidMåned siden
    • lol no

      god is gaygod is gayMåned siden
  • “Congrats to everyone who is early and found this comment”💙

    Terry ZHOUTerry ZHOUMåned siden
  • How does he get his hair like this?!?

    HarveyHarveyMåned siden
  • #VerifySykkuno

    ImsomelonerImsomelonerMåned siden
  • Leslie throws every game

    Tyson SluymersTyson SluymersMåned siden
  • The first game felt like a fever dream lmao

    America OrtegaAmerica OrtegaMåned siden
  • How many people love sykkuno 👇

    Aliyah GomezAliyah GomezMåned siden
  • Am I the only one how is done with game chat

    Gustavo SabillonGustavo SabillonMåned siden
  • "Strange obsession with Maccas" I have never felt more patriotic

    MonarchsFactoryMonarchsFactoryMåned siden
  • u play ith minimintr girl freind]

    Jawad Tahir-AlamJawad Tahir-AlamMåned siden
  • "I'm proud of who ever that did it" XD awwww♡ Sykkuno everytime someone makes a stupid code name: Rae: "uh,um, BABUSHKA! it means grandma in russiua." Sykkuno: "wha- how...nevermind" Janet: "TOMATO" Sykkuno: "-_-wau- I ...yes yes" god I LOVED his face it was so funny XD

    عارفه مزروعیعارفه مزروعیMåned siden
  • From the moment the jester role was announced, everybody that plays in these lobbys thought: "Oh god, we're gonna have to play with sykkuno with this?"

    Geraldo NetoGeraldo NetoMåned siden
  • Wow sykkuno yur so kul

    Avanindra KenzieAvanindra KenzieMåned siden
  • the way ash was haunting him lmao

    Tina FricTina FricMåned siden
  • 1:28 the way sykkuno say ''cam'' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    baldinnitbaldinnitMåned siden
  • Get your hand off your mouth when you talk son.

    Korbin StudnickiKorbin StudnickiMåned siden
  • Where did they get the customs? never seen them before

    MahiMahiMåned siden
  • the first game was entirely just chaos but it was some wholesome chaos

    stan pristinstan pristinMåned siden
  • this is one of the more fun and not sweaty lobbies to watch. i really enjoyed it but sweaty videos are good too!

    MatchaManMatchaManMåned siden
  • Sykkuno have you listened to a remix of u made by endigo

    J&S PelaajatJ&S PelaajatMåned siden
  • How do you install these mods? Do you needs the steam version?

    Sam MoshiSam MoshiMåned siden
  • You know what would be a 200iq play? If u killed in front of Every one and then said"oh it's not the real me it's a clone"(morph)

    nexusmas9nexusmas9Måned siden
  • People still watch this?

    Matthew PMatthew PMåned siden
    • Yes?

      HappyHappyMåned siden
  • Can someone send the link of mod?

    Chirag MishraChirag MishraMåned siden
  • "Fucking Sheep Shaggers"

    StanleyStanleyMåned siden
  • since sykkuno is a Gura shrimp... that means a lot of his audience might be Gura shrimps as well Interesting

    KZ6KZ6Måned siden
  • I just started to watch sykkuno again (took a break from watching otv and friends 2 months ago) and this shit i come back to is crazy!!

    where is the saucewhere is the sauceMåned siden
  • 💜

    MsTiffanyChanelMsTiffanyChanelMåned siden
  • where did Talia come from

    NightNightMåned siden
  • Sykkuno's confidence growth is great. You love see him become Chadkuno

    Inukness 95Inukness 95Måned siden
  • Can you play at dead of night

    Da8046Da8046Måned siden
  • Wait how does he get all those different hats

    Vy LeVy LeMåned siden
  • BLAU SHRIMP!!! 😂

    CooperCooperMåned siden
  • blau is so cute bye

    mak wmak wMåned siden
  • Sykkuno do be spitting facts and nonsense all over the place here...

    Suki SuSuki SuMåned siden
  • Hello thomasss

    kapa yazzkapa yazzMåned siden
  • June lets go StarCraft Is sooo goood!!!!!!

    WolfgalaxiWolfgalaxiMåned siden
  • If they play together more, I feel like Sykkuno and Blau become really good friends

    YoYayYaYoYayYaMåned siden