2. april. 2021
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#shorts I finally did it! Now it's time to find Elon...
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  • For those who doubt the legitimacy of my journey, I'm answering your top questions in my recent uploads. Also, proof the guitar for tour bus trade is real - notown.info/two/video/p9qelZyPoZt51c0.html

    Isaiah PhotoIsaiah Photo22 timer siden
    • @A V C omg go home

      john doejohn doe2 timer siden
    • Stealing sand from the beach is actually illegal

      Rannear VeluzRannear Veluz13 timer siden
    • How did someone trade you 2 wetsuits for sand wetsuits are expensivw

      sixflagsgoosesixflagsgoose14 timer siden
    • Everything’s believable it’s just what idiot was hell sand imma give you something that has value like I’m dumbfounded with the first trade in these chains

      DrawingfanDrawingfan15 timer siden
    • Please wear your mask properly (over the nose)😘

      A V CA V C15 timer siden
  • paperclip challenge in real life

    Vilma AdonisVilma Adonis11 minutter siden
  • Why do you want a Tesla so bad?

    KING_ glokkz blanginKING_ glokkz blangin21 minutt siden
  • In conclusion: white privelage will get you a tesla

    corey the comiccorey the comic31 minutt siden
  • This is all cap...

    Why Must ICUP GamingWhy Must ICUP Gaming35 minutter siden
  • Song?

    HypotheticlzHypotheticlz37 minutter siden
  • 그으...러니까 이게 그 전래동화에 나온 좁쌀로 신부얻은 그 사람인거지?

    Troll MasterTroll Master41 minutt siden
  • You could at least be realistic

    Markus BrynMarkus Bryn48 minutter siden
  • That only happen bec he's a youtuber..... Go out and try that see how far you get 🤣😅

    Glitch teknicianGlitch teknicianTime siden
  • I don’t get how your gonna get one from Elon musk

    Monke PrismMonke PrismTime siden
  • Where do you do these trades?

    Drew ParishDrew Parish2 timer siden
  • lol u copied that other guy with the red pin

    Ishaan LakhotiyaIshaan Lakhotiya2 timer siden
  • Next: I traded air for a Moon

    StevenGaming924StevenGaming9242 timer siden
  • This whole video is like Minecraft. You start with something trash then you work your way up to diamonds, lol.

    MetaBoxMetaBox2 timer siden
  • Sand for a wet suit cmon

    vMercyyvMercyy2 timer siden
  • In conclusion: you can trade sand up to getting a Tesla...if you go mad viral

    just-A-guyjust-A-guy3 timer siden
  • Time to go to the beach

    Akari過労死Akari過労死3 timer siden
  • Rich people life

    TheFatCreepyScaryGuyTheFatCreepyScaryGuy4 timer siden
  • The amount of trades he did makes him sound like me after I get all my Minecraft villagers to Max levels

    Bucky BarnesBucky Barnes4 timer siden
  • Trade✍️sand✍️to✍️get✍️rich✍️

    éxøtic-gacháéxøtic-gachá5 timer siden
  • Guitar for tourbus?

    ENCLENCL5 timer siden
  • Me who lives close to the beach: dats a lot of fookin' tesla right there

    breaking Downbreaking Down5 timer siden
  • You've been trading youtube publicity, not sand.

    Dovydas DaunoravičiusDovydas Daunoravičius5 timer siden
  • Sand for a wetsuit?

    PretzelPretzel6 timer siden
  • If a non-famous dude did this, it would probs take months if not years.

    Valtteri KatajaValtteri Kataja6 timer siden
  • Ngl, being a NOtownr is kinda op

    Ironic GooberIronic Goober7 timer siden
  • Elon will give you a Tesla don't worry 😂

    Prachi RathiPrachi Rathi7 timer siden
  • Who tf sells a Walmart bourd for a fucking guitar

    yinesyines7 timer siden
  • Ok but how did you get a bus for a frikin guitar

    Neetu S MahajanNeetu S Mahajan7 timer siden
  • Sand to tesla

    quazoinkaroo egquazoinkaroo eg8 timer siden
  • Holly🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Sensei GamingSensei Gaming8 timer siden
  • This is what this world has gotten to?? Damn

    a ia i9 timer siden
  • That mean is not sand for tesla

    Cloneit 61Cloneit 619 timer siden
  • For real I’m not kidding

    Judy ScharfenbergJudy Scharfenberg9 timer siden
  • This is cool and all but your attempt at wearing that mask was just sad

    PierceMyGuyPierceMyGuy10 timer siden
  • Well I have wood to trade highest bidder

    KAYY DIZZLEKAYY DIZZLE10 timer siden
  • Why did the guy take the trade for sand? Couldn’t he just go to the beach and get some himself?

    Shane LeclaireShane Leclaire10 timer siden
  • why would someone trade the wetsuits for the sand. that is the one suspicious trade imo

    Nick MNick M10 timer siden
  • Who gave guitar for tourbus

    XLR8 NÏNJAXLR8 NÏNJA10 timer siden
  • Good job

    Julie SpencerJulie Spencer10 timer siden
  • A container of sand for a Tesla??!!or lucky

    ScpwhyScpwhy10 timer siden
  • Lol

    SATORI0320SATORI032010 timer siden
  • This seems so setup

    KitolamusKitolamus10 timer siden
  • So you've been receiving donations for content...

    Jamie SachtlebenJamie Sachtleben11 timer siden
  • Quick question why did the guy sell his tour buss for a guitar?

    •_rossalettie_••_rossalettie_•11 timer siden

    Something FakeSomething Fake11 timer siden
  • I'm from the bronx I don't believe a word out of his mouth. Sounds like straight up cap

    Dee MendezDee Mendez11 timer siden
  • This was a Ted talk like 3 years ago

    FatHedFilmzFatHedFilmz11 timer siden
  • If I tired something like this I wouldn’t get very far… talk about privilege

    Roosevelt AndersonRoosevelt Anderson11 timer siden
  • My sis sold rocks

    Eggs BennadictEggs Bennadict11 timer siden
  • Its not really trading when they just giving you. Wetsuits lol, look at that totally an equivalent exchange

    Nervein ZNervein Z11 timer siden
  • You got a car from some sand, be grateful before that's gone too.

    •Turk3yD1ckN1gga••Turk3yD1ckN1gga•12 timer siden
  • Cap

    Mr HenzMr Henz12 timer siden
  • That's awesome bro

    Summer TeaTimeSummer TeaTime12 timer siden
  • How did 2000$ in shoes, turn into a 20,000$ mystery box ? Lol

    slofoeslofoe12 timer siden
  • I smell... bs

    ChiefKeneChiefKene12 timer siden
  • Noice

    Daisy SquadDaisy Squad12 timer siden
  • Waiting to see what he will trade that tesla for

    Emanuel VarelaEmanuel Varela12 timer siden
  • I’m gonna give this a crack and start with a screw

    Rusty LegsRusty Legs12 timer siden
  • I want to do this type of challenge, but I'm to far away from people

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson12 timer siden
  • Cjsocool is the sneaker king no kap

    Foxy The goatFoxy The goat12 timer siden
  • Who would give you wetsuits for some sand? Wetsuits are expensive

    Guppy's Gaming ChannelGuppy's Gaming Channel12 timer siden
  • Everyone contact Elon musk we need to get this man a tesla from him

    SuzuSuzu13 timer siden
  • cuz anyone would sell anything for sand on a beach to anyone. you just gotta think for a second and realise if this would work everyone would be going around with teslas

    HrbiHrbi13 timer siden
  • After seeing you traded sand for 20+$ swim suit I’m so inspired to do this 🤩

    Hungry_ Potat0Hungry_ Potat013 timer siden
  • The fact I live in Atlanta 😶

    KodexiKodexi13 timer siden
  • Congratulations

    Brandi Gonzales channelBrandi Gonzales channel13 timer siden
  • Blocking this channel from stories after I heard “traded this cup of sand for 2 wetsuits”

    UniformArchUniformArch13 timer siden
  • This is that kid that thinks everyone cares about his life more then their own. The world doesn’t revolve around you bud

    SullySully13 timer siden
  • This really makes me wanna trade sand for some stuff LOL

    LucidLynxLucidLynx13 timer siden
  • hold on, he traided a guitar for a van and acted like that was normal

    Akaysia BakerAkaysia Baker13 timer siden
  • Mr beast: im about to end this mans whole carrier

    Ashar ShahAshar Shah13 timer siden
  • It’s not a challenge if you have influnce

    Chickengod BearChickengod Bear13 timer siden
  • Who would trade a Telecaster for a skateboard?

    Max PowerMax Power14 timer siden
  • Sand for two went suits 😂😂 yeah right!

  • Bad roblox economy systems in a nutshell

    NassNass14 timer siden
  • Trending for the next 5 years: How tO GEt FrEe TesLA

    bowen voowybowen voowy14 timer siden
  • That’s a lot of progress

    Darlene Vander SchuurDarlene Vander Schuur14 timer siden
  • “ I finally got a Tesla....... buuut it’s not from Elon Musk himself so...” *yeets it out the window*

    Maren PoynterMaren Poynter14 timer siden
    • Holy shit did someone just make actual content put fo getting a Tesla

      bowen voowybowen voowy14 timer siden
  • Wow

    Peyton HerdPeyton Herd14 timer siden
  • If u play rocket league u can relate to trading zombas to white octane

    Shadow Ghost3133Shadow Ghost313314 timer siden
  • Maybe you can trade a mask on the nose :o

    AbvinAbvin15 timer siden
  • Crap

    Sagheer AhmedSagheer Ahmed15 timer siden
  • I'll trade you the tesla for a couple of old bicycles

    Rob dajuicemanRob dajuiceman15 timer siden

    Jor Jor HenJor Jor Hen15 timer siden
  • Lmao this was kinda crazy but you did it!

    Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärdSøçîäłłÿ āwkwärd15 timer siden
  • Did u go to bass pro shops

    Gene LillieGene Lillie15 timer siden
  • Cool?

    RenoqiRenoqi15 timer siden
  • 🧢, whole video is 🧢

    Kitbash CustomsKitbash Customs15 timer siden
  • Can I get sand plz

    Selene SolisSelene Solis15 timer siden
  • This how u trade in adopt me folks

    The WormThe Worm15 timer siden
  • woah

    Bubble tea Lover 101Bubble tea Lover 10115 timer siden
  • Wear your mask properly 😕

    A V CA V C15 timer siden
  • Holy shit did someone just make actual content put fo getting a Tesla

    Am gooseAm goose16 timer siden
  • I want to believe this is real but it’s just not

    Dyl AppleDyl Apple16 timer siden
  • Keep going

    A random NobodyA random Nobody16 timer siden
  • U traded the tour bus David dobrik traded u?

    Katearianna XDKatearianna XD16 timer siden
  • a guitar for a tourbus? 👁👄👁

    SD ITASD ITA16 timer siden
  • Sand for two wetsuits tho

    Kris ManwaringKris Manwaring16 timer siden
  • Royale high has entered the chat

    paris smallparis small16 timer siden