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    LethamyrLethamyrMåned siden
    • You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.

      Jake FrazierJake FrazierMåned siden
    • You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.

      Jake FrazierJake FrazierMåned siden
    • No

      Striker4MikeyStriker4MikeyMåned siden
    • Yes

      Grandyrmaster -Grandyrmaster -Måned siden
    • No

      Ahmed BerkaneAhmed BerkaneMåned siden
  • please play with tyler1

    Leg3nds Sh4d0wLeg3nds Sh4d0w4 timer siden
  • Hearing Leth nonchalantly say “power bottom” just made my day.

    Daniel WrightDaniel Wright2 dager siden
  • this is why i derank from diamond to plat 2

    SySzeeSySzee5 dager siden
  • Honestly, I win a game and my rank goes nowhere, I lose a game it puts me down 2 divisions, what’s that bs

    AdamsMusicAdamsMusic6 dager siden
  • This is my rank and i seen some players who are like golds, i say 9 out of 10 players are this clueless. Ball chasing, not rotating, cant make saves on hard shots, dont pass, double commit, driving in positions that are weird and dont effect the game. When I eventually get good mates I add them to party and hope to get a few wins. I spend most of the time in goal and people mock me saying its a gold tactic. Im like D1 is the new gold. The matchmaking is somehow broken

    traida111traida1117 dager siden
  • JonCanman

    Mistakes the FoxMistakes the Fox8 dager siden
  • Congrats on 900k Nice

    Shadøw GamesShadøw Games13 dager siden
  • What are your cam settings?

    Mauriza 05Mauriza 0520 dager siden
  • Leth with his teammate is happy Gilmore with his ball "GO HOME BALLLLLL!!!!"

    Matthew WalkerMatthew Walker21 dag siden
  • Nuts

    jwc999jwc99922 dager siden
  • Do squishy buttons picture of a button and squishy face

    Taylor ElsenTaylor Elsen22 dager siden
  • I want to play with you

    ReptilianReptilian27 dager siden
  • I’m scared I’m going to end up in a match with a popular NOtownr one day and get roasted about how bad I am 😂

    Quincy NickersonQuincy Nickerson28 dager siden
  • The problem is, if you are not a Champ or GC player then you probably aren't skilled enough to carry or compensate. I wonder how Leth would react to someone at his rank doing that. I feel like he would have a little less patience....

    Cole CousinsCole Cousins29 dager siden
  • Jon can manøæ

    Susanne SundgotSusanne SundgotMåned siden
  • The fact that Leth was getting "tilted" makes me feel a lot better now.

    Zane TruesdaleZane TruesdaleMåned siden
  • Exactly this is why i cant rank up to champ 1

    dutch yeetdutch yeetMåned siden
  • Not gonne lie, you play way 2 good. you play like a camp 2 vs diamond 2 and Ruinning their games. I see smurfs like this evry day and it just don't makes te game fun anymore. I am diamond 2/3 so i know how they play and if i see a opponent so consistent and fast. I just leave instand. just don't Make it so offiace that you are a smurf. This is the firts vid in the series i get Annoyed by it

    timonvideo'stimonvideo'sMåned siden
  • bruh i got the game free to play a little over a month ago and i am plat 1 and i have shit mechanics but can understand rotating and passing and i play with my friend that got the game around the same time

    Yung jugga SlatYung jugga SlatMåned siden
  • You are my favorite rocket league NOtownr

    Owen NicholasOwen NicholasMåned siden
  • A ssl tilting about a gameplay in diamond. I guess kids should stop make videos and play this game. And grow up maybe but i'm asking too much

    Caruso MeridoCaruso MeridoMåned siden
  • I'm really glad Leth feels my struggle right now.. thanks man

    Jonathan WeirJonathan WeirMåned siden
  • Definitely the diamonds players are the worst, they believe their good and the 99% are just BAD

    Edgar SierraEdgar SierraMåned siden
  • Leth: I’m not gonna get tilted over a diamond game” The title: “IVE NEVER BEEN THIS TILTED BEFORE”

    jordan russelljordan russellMåned siden
  • Jon grand champ

  • You’re ruining the game by stacking the ranks at wherever you “smurf”. Play your level or don’t play at all. It’s breaking the game.

    Jake FrazierJake FrazierMåned siden
  • This “strange day” is my every day in diamond.

    Christian SandfortChristian SandfortMåned siden
  • You need to reach 1mil or ima be mad

    Tyler JoeTyler JoeMåned siden
  • Moral of this video: Don't play like an idiot/asshole because you never know when your teammate could be Leth in disguise!!!!!

    Colby ThibodeauColby ThibodeauMåned siden
  • Leth tilting is him unable to use his words properly 🤣🤣🤣

    No Real ShadowNo Real ShadowMåned siden
  • I’m only plat 3 and even I know how to rotate back post and rotate behind my team mate, how is a diamond 3 that bad with rotations lol.

    Kieron BradleyKieron BradleyMåned siden
  • But what if I want to be on the ball? I’m confident in my play on my lvl. I think I should be able to pull the game my way when I play my game. (Just looking for a cooping way)

    Koen JiskootKoen JiskootMåned siden
  • The rabid peak additionly stop because success peroperatively appreciate aside a groovy point. obtainable, fanatical underwear

    Ryan HRyan HMåned siden
  • The last game team name tf.

    SebastianSebastianMåned siden
  • NA diamonds everyone

    Raihan RumiRaihan RumiMåned siden
  • please do this again but with johns hand man

    Rusty HodgesRusty HodgesMåned siden
  • Classic diamond players being silver teammates

    Adam RushAdam RushMåned siden
  • bro i cannot watch this series, you dont have to explain every little move you do (NOT HATING!!)

    Vybz sheer82Vybz sheer82Måned siden
  • Name: AMustyMustard Photo: Musty's face on a Mustard bottle

    Tiganescu MirceaTiganescu MirceaMåned siden
  • these videos are great and i just started playing rocket league and in gold in 3v3 2v2 and 1v1 and hoping to improve and get better

    Super scope2Super scope2Måned siden
  • do u use bakes mod so the other players see a different car?

    Luke DooleyLuke DooleyMåned siden
  • That is my standard TM!

    poco9964poco9964Måned siden
  • Name:Jon Strandman Picture: Jon on a beach

    Lopla 2006Lopla 2006Måned siden
  • This is the struggle of solo q in diamond

    Jake HahnJake HahnMåned siden
  • Not to offend or anything, but after comparing these to Diamond II from South America, they have way less techniques and skill. Dribbling, roof shots, air dribbles, and mainly the kickoffs. I'm Diamond I and I learned faster kickoffs, and still most of the games the oponents (or people from my team) knows how to do them as well. I guess that the amount of players is why there's this skill gap between regions.

    Elias PappElias PappMåned siden
  • Sunless kahn: picture of sunless at night or in the dark

    Gordon YoungGordon YoungMåned siden
  • I'm stuck plat as I'm very unlucky with teammates they always commit when even I have the ball it's just annoying so I don't win and always have a win Streak then lose Streak

    Buzz GamerBuzz GamerMåned siden
  • Leth said it, when your tm8s are bad you have to just carry. Except the problem is most of us aren't SSL hanging out in Diamond. My highest rank has been C1div4. Since the free to play reset I've only made it back to D3div1. . Its pure chance whether you get someone who has a clue how to play the game, or the person who thinks up your tailpipe is the proper position, or the person who says "What a save !" when you miss a banger in the top left corner after they over committed and left you 1v1 or worse. AND, its not like Matchmaking keeps track of "how many dumbasses" you've been paired with, or how many times your tm8 gets pissed for no reason and quits 1 min into the game., so if your'e not SSL and cant cover for every mistake your teammate makes, its pretty easy to get stuck in the shit. Rant over, now: Great vid Leth. Please keep making them and hammering the point home about rotation and positioning being the most important, there are many who need to hear it.

    mabm85mabm85Måned siden
  • "I'm gonna miss this." Misses the miss.

    ImsvaleImsvaleMåned siden
  • Eye tracking video!!

    Chandler DockinsChandler DockinsMåned siden
  • How about John Manman

    I2eb6LI2eb6LMåned siden
  • bruh im gold 2 and im playing kids as good as diamond tf

    Chandler ShawChandler ShawMåned siden
  • Im D2. Honestly this make me learn a lot of positionning

    DelpédroBDelpédroBMåned siden
  • So, basically, thats u being "tilted"? jeez ur calm af :D

    Nic D.Nic D.Måned siden
  • Carsernal: Arsenal with a car on his face

    Genie ZAGenie ZAMåned siden
  • I hate this I’m stuck at D2 div 4 for a week now and I wish my games were against kids like this like I’m not trying to be toxic but my game sense is so much better and I’m way more consistent it’s just bad teammates but I like mean it they either just leave the game or bump me or get in the way all game and we lose and idk what to do.

    Gavin MGavin MMåned siden
  • Bro I was champ 1-2 before they messed the ranks up and now I’m diamond 3 and I never get lobbied like this

    FUZZYFUZZYMåned siden
  • Name: Ship cargo picture: chicago's face on a cargo ship

    CoJoeCoJoeMåned siden
  • Name: JonCanMan Picture: face on a can

    CoJoeCoJoeMåned siden
  • Yes I’m d3 and i don’t want to be one of those people but I know for a fact this is why I’m still diamond

    Jesse KingJesse KingMåned siden
  • Name: sunless Picture: sun crossed out

    EnergyEnergyMåned siden
  • Can some one explain why people leave before they get their experience? Even when they are so close to the end

    Rey AriasRey AriasMåned siden
  • Wow leth finally gets a taste of the bullshitery we hardstuck diamonds often experience (Being hardstuck is my own fault but I admit to my own misplays) but he has yet to encounter the worst of all... those same players, but they blame YOU for their own garbo positioning.

    Death GamingDeath GamingMåned siden
  • sand was insane at backboard clears

    John BlantonJohn BlantonMåned siden
  • Power bottom is the kind of teamate I get 12 times in a row

    Zachariah LindseyZachariah LindseyMåned siden
  • I was silver 3 now I'm in champ 1 because of leth tips

    DarkDarkMåned siden
  • Name: Methamyr Lethamyrs face on some meth

    Jamie CorrieJamie CorrieMåned siden
  • Name:pirtzey Picture:mertzy's face on pizza

    Ahmed BerkaneAhmed BerkaneMåned siden
  • Name: Squishy Pic: SunlessKhan

    I am the NinjaI am the NinjaMåned siden
  • Squishy duckins: squishy on a duck

    oBailzoBailzMåned siden
  • Lol im d3 qnd this is why i dont solo que

    RAGE NavRAGE NavMåned siden
  • This is literally all of my solo queue games. Just a competition of who can be more selfish and worthless.

    Pine WoodPine WoodMåned siden
  • Jon Tanman put a tan person body and put Jon’s face on the tan body

    Dxddy People's Copyed NameDxddy People's Copyed NameMåned siden
  • New name: Jon cranckman

    Oscar WaldukatOscar WaldukatMåned siden
  • Yo is this panda carlos from the guv in Toronto ?????

    Daniel SmosnaDaniel SmosnaMåned siden
  • Dale - likes to stay on the ball a lot Leth - nice strategy Toxic a*wipes - *bAlL cHaSeR*

    India001India001Måned siden
  • What is ur win loss on this account

    Exodite_rlExodite_rlMåned siden
  • He missed an open net 3:50

    Jens SmetsJens SmetsMåned siden
  • Jon Panman, Jon face extracted over a pan with the handle in pic🙂

    Colatore123 :vColatore123 :vMåned siden
  • Who the hell forfeits at 0-2 with over 2 minutes remaining 🤦‍♂️ jesus

    Trey Day ProductionsTrey Day ProductionsMåned siden
  • I use to be a grand champ player. Ever since free to play happen I cannot get out of diamond. Teammates are so inconsistent now

    Matt GuxxxttMatt GuxxxttMåned siden
  • I feel like I play so many games like this where my team mates make weird decisions, try to FF, then throw and leave. Once upon a time I was C2 and climbing, and now I'm in D2 (mix of losing solo and playing with lower ranked friends).

    McKenzie WellsMcKenzie WellsMåned siden
  • 69 lmao

    Georg DrescherGeorg DrescherMåned siden
  • its really cool watching your videos and seeing how nice and positive you are. It makes watching more fun

    Dylan CulbertsonDylan CulbertsonMåned siden
  • This is the kinda dogshit I have to deal with on the daily in diamond lol

    Micah HollingsworthMicah HollingsworthMåned siden
  • I’ve watched like 6 of these episodes before realizing I wasn’t subbed. Fixed that ;)

    RazorSharpTekRazorSharpTekMåned siden
  • you playin with some weird diamonds cuz they look plat

    Cameron TompsettCameron TompsettMåned siden
  • Puxir97 Kux's face on a hockey puck

    C0mmand3r27C0mmand3r27Måned siden
  • The last guy looked like me on a weird day, but I'm gold lmao

    MarchuxProductionsMarchuxProductionsMåned siden
  • Grizzo Rizzo's face on a grizzly bear

    Its TrashHippie420Its TrashHippie420Måned siden
  • Leth: this doesn’t really happen. Me: gets teammates like that every game

    Elias BeltranElias BeltranMåned siden
  • Name: Violet Panda Picture: A violet colored panda

    Mihail StambolievMihail StambolievMåned siden
  • 20:18 Us noobs:"I'm scoring this".... Misses. Lathamyr:"I'm going to miss this".... Scores.

    JaredJaredMåned siden
  • Next time put your name as Yodas Left Nostrel

    Chvter CChvter CMåned siden
  • lmao he really thinks people miss in that rank, no no no, they only fake the shots and saves

    Mario 673Mario 673Måned siden
  • Meth on a mirror

  • Pizzo: Rizzos face on pizza

    Arnor VilhjalmssonArnor VilhjalmssonMåned siden
  • Lethamyr: I feel for you guys that have experienced this Everyone that has not experienced this:

    Torleif GundersenTorleif GundersenMåned siden
  • Bugkilla, scrubs face on a can of bug killer.

    Noah BaggettNoah BaggettMåned siden