"I want to box his stupid little face in!" | KSI addresses feud with Jake Paul

20. nov.. 2020
548 476 Ganger

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KSI talks about holding respect for Logan Paul after facing off in 2 fights and he addresses a potential fight against Jake Paul.
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  • jake paul needs to put up the money stop being a bitch and fight him lose and get ur ego back where it needs to be

    Dylan PolingDylan Poling2 timer siden
  • Jakes just gonna duck and dive like his mahamad Ali

    bat manbat man5 timer siden
  • "I'll wait for the good bag" said youtube boxer he's just afraid of jake.

    Nicholas WielandtNicholas Wielandt5 timer siden
  • Ksi is backing out on Jake Paul it’s so easy KSI is going to get it’s as killed

    JoshuaGamingJoshuaGaming8 timer siden
  • this fight is gonna sell more than logan lets be real here

    Trinidad GoldTrinidad Gold10 timer siden
  • Logan wasn't quiet about the one year anniversary of the fight. He brought it up on his podcast impaulsive.

    Jimmy GJimmy G13 timer siden
  • Ksi won’t fight jake he’s too scared jake would win 💯

    J AJ A13 timer siden
  • KSI is literally sacred lol

    Yucki MusicYucki Music14 timer siden
    • sounds like you are scared of fighting him jj

      dcoog anmldcoog anml5 timer siden
  • Jj you legend

    Harley OdgersHarley Odgers15 timer siden
    • i love his laugh

      dcoog anmldcoog anml5 timer siden
  • hahahahahahahaha jj talking that money is low, oh please. This guys never known monetary hardship

    xhakaishinxhakaishin16 timer siden
  • Come on ksi

    amazing harryamazing harry23 timer siden
  • Honestly ksi doesn't sound like a true boxer atm, is just sounding like a NOtownr. If he really wanted to beat his face in he would do it cause he wants to. He is a multimillionaire. Lol he is not hurting for money in anyway nore should that be a number one priority if you're truly into the sport or passionate

    Hollowfication anime spiritHollowfication anime spiritDag siden
  • Cant wait🙏🏽👑

    AhzovAhzovDag siden
  • So KSI just admitted he is ducking Jake Paul right?

    Time For SkipperTime For SkipperDag siden
  • If jj beats jake he will be undisputed NOtown champion of the world as he would have all the NOtown belts

    Psycho YTPsycho YTDag siden
  • I don't think I hate anyone more in this world than Jake Paul.

    Jon DavidJon DavidDag siden
    • Me too brother, but I don't think I will love more in this world that Jake pummeling KSI

      Ivan PavičićIvan PavičićDag siden
  • 2:00 jj said he’ll wait until the contracts right but while he waits, Jake Paul is gaining mad boxing skills. I low key think ksi will lose.

    ONE AND ONLYONE AND ONLY2 dager siden
    • I 100% agree with you jake has the upper hand in this jj isn't focus as much as jake

      Flair GrangerFlair Granger10 timer siden
    • Exactly, but i dont wanna see jake win.

      Wafi NaseemWafi Naseem20 timer siden
  • Ksi will beat jake Paul’s but

    PandaPanda2 dager siden
    • Only in other dimension

      Ivan PavičićIvan PavičićDag siden
  • Yes jj still training

    PandaPanda2 dager siden
    • @Panda Sorry, but please don't bring up Sidemen. I don't like them. Its not a content for me.

      Ivan PavičićIvan PavičićDag siden
    • @Ivan Pavičić remember when he spent a house buying that beerus chain or just let the sidemen take 100000 dollars to buy whatever they want

      PandaPandaDag siden
    • @Panda Don't scroll because its a spoiler... He doesn't care about fans, only for money

      Ivan PavičićIvan PavičićDag siden
    • @Ivan Pavičić well if he doesn’t if he sees this comment he may be motivated to train

      PandaPandaDag siden
    • @Panda Doesn't mean he actually does that. Do you really believe him? Well you shouldn't.

      Ivan PavičićIvan PavičićDag siden
  • JJ too behind Jake now

    Butter ToastButter Toast2 dager siden
  • Logan’s defeat was a good feeling Jakes defeat is going to have the same effect of solving corona

    Galaxy of ZenGalaxy of Zen2 dager siden
    • Don't think so, KSI's defeat will be THE feeling of the year

      Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
  • Why Ksi is afraid of Jake, Jake is just a punk easy fight

    Kingmufasa99Kingmufasa992 dager siden
  • sounds like you are scared of fighting him jj

    roccrocc2 dager siden
  • Ksi sadly would lose

    HardJawTVHardJawTV2 dager siden
  • All he cares about is money

    Arturs GamesArturs Games2 dager siden
  • Naaa. He doesn't want to fight jake. 😂😂

    Robert DentonRobert Denton2 dager siden
  • “I’m trying to duck him left, right, and center” - Ksi

    Cloudish PvpCloudish Pvp2 dager siden
    • He's talking about what jake was saying about him. D.U.M.B.A.S.S

      BLUBBER zpBLUBBER zp2 dager siden
  • This is what in boxing we call a straight up duck qauck qauck jj

    Ehidiamen EreweleEhidiamen Erewele2 dager siden
  • If you want good predictions don't scroll through top comments, because KSI fans will always stand up for him and saying "KSI will f*** up Jake", but they need to start using logic.

    Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
  • I seriously don't understand what is KSI doing. He is just dodging Jake all the time. The more he does that, the more time Jake has to train with other profecional boxers and coaches. He will lose for sure. Call me a Jake Paul fan, but we all know that KSI is never training properly until the fight is announced, maybe 4 months before the fight. We all saw Jake destroying everyone he sparred with.

    Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
  • Big time KSI fan and Sidemen fan, I think that the fight between Jake and JJ will be A LOT more entertaining than Logan and JJ. I hate Jake he is an egotistical asshole let's be real here, but I think it's pretty even match up between the 2. Even Viddal said that Jake is better than Logan and JJ barely, just barely beat Logan.

    David PhoenixDavid Phoenix2 dager siden
  • Sorry JJ but u sitting in ur room talking and jake in his training camp ....if he fight with Jake he will lose coz jake is active fighter with more experience

    puneet sharmapuneet sharma2 dager siden
  • If jake beats nate which I think he will then we will definitely get this fight, and when we do Jake will get owned the same way Yamcha got owned by a saibamen on DBZ

    The Milk ManThe Milk Man2 dager siden
  • JJ is smart waiting for a better money deal. Haters will say ducking but, he can finesse man he been in NOtown for a while.

    Andrew WhoAndrew Who3 dager siden
  • comment for ksi,like for jake

    Jacob LeeJacob Lee3 dager siden
    • Jake

      Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
  • Let’s be serious here, KSI won the fight because of a call that was sort of confusing but relieving. That was all luck but with Jake, it’s going to be a good fight. I get that he hasn’t fought with actual pro boxer but once we see his performance in the Nate Robinson fight we’ll actually how he has progress with his fighting style.

    Derpy Jr.Derpy Jr.3 dager siden
  • I'm a KSI fan, but he will lose to Jake. The difference in technique and skill is obvious. He is the best of the three.

    ChrisChris3 dager siden
    • The more KSI is refusing to fight Jake, the more time Jake has to train with many other coaches. KSI will lose.

      Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
    • It will be close for sure, I think you're right though sadly. I'd rather not see my favourite NOtownr lose but they will put on an entertaining show.

      David PhoenixDavid Phoenix2 dager siden
  • Ksi should consider fighting Austin mcbroom

    Landyn MountainLandyn Mountain3 dager siden
  • Look at all the triggered Jake Paul fans disliking the video

    Blake BrissonBlake Brisson3 dager siden
  • Unfortunately KSI might lose due to him not training and not taking this fight seriously which Jake is training and getting better and better. Rooting for KSI

    Thaiwarrior1Thaiwarrior13 dager siden
  • JJ is dodging Jake.

    Better than BlaztiiBetter than Blaztii3 dager siden
  • Keep ducki CSI

  • So JJ your basically dodging jake!

    JV NationJV Nation3 dager siden
  • Gib was overhyped. But JJ can body Jake

    RevolzyRevolzy3 dager siden
  • Even if JJ lost everyone would still hate jake paul lmao

    RevolzyRevolzy3 dager siden
  • Ok if you are a KSI fan boy and think that KSI is going to win then I’m ready to argue on why Jake’s going to win please do argue with me about why KSI is going to win because I think Jake Paul is going to win

    Frankie LaneyFrankie Laney3 dager siden
    • I won't argue. Im also by Jakes side. I know how does it feel to be one of the few people that uses logic in sports and really understands who would win, no matter how much you hate that guy.

      Ivan PavičićIvan Pavičić2 dager siden
    • fifa luke so anything else to say

      Frankie LaneyFrankie Laney3 dager siden
    • fifa luke well joe was a good boxer But he just wasn’t used to the big crowds KSI was very very used to Big crowds that’s why Joe Weller lost he basically had stage fright

      Frankie LaneyFrankie Laney3 dager siden
    • @Frankie Laney ok,fair but what about the weller fight

      fifa lukefifa luke3 dager siden
    • fifa luke also if you remember in the Logan Paul fight KSI was swinging his arms around like a madman

      Frankie LaneyFrankie Laney3 dager siden

    Daniel HoffmanDaniel Hoffman3 dager siden
    • @fifa luke 108.86kg

      Daniel HoffmanDaniel Hoffman2 dager siden
    • @Daniel Hoffman what are u in kg

      fifa lukefifa luke2 dager siden
    • @fifa luke 6'4 240pds against him lol you make me laugh

      Daniel HoffmanDaniel Hoffman3 dager siden
    • lmaooooo hhahahahaha u make me laugh

      fifa lukefifa luke3 dager siden
  • KSI can't box, just swings wildly. Not about a bag he will lose that's why. Only beat Logan cuz of the 2 point call, straight duckin. Stick to youtube vids.

    Daniel HoffmanDaniel Hoffman3 dager siden
    • @Sam Smith It doesn't matter puss boy. Little eboy? I'm 6'4 240pds and I am actually an active boxer in my home town league. I am not a fan nor do I watch either of these guys so no bias opinion here. I am an actual trained boxer just calling it how it is sorry you're butt hurt cuz I said something about your butt buddy JJ. So..........again, what's that puss boy? oh yeh that's right he won cuz a bad 2 point call. Last thing me watch it back, no you watch it back even the announcers say it shouldn't be called a knock down he just slipped. Just an opinion and doesn't really matter in reality the whole fight is a joke.

      Daniel HoffmanDaniel Hoffman2 dager siden
    • Go watch the fight back and watch JJ knock logan down and get it called a slip stfu you little eboy

      Sam SmithSam Smith2 dager siden
  • KSi still going on about his ego

    Michael AbuelsaadMichael Abuelsaad3 dager siden
  • always look forward to your videos !!

    dcoog anmldcoog anml3 dager siden
  • Jake Paul gonna win bro!🔥

    El LokitoEl Lokito3 dager siden
  • Why’s he wearing a Durag if he has no hair?

    Ollie DeaneyOllie Deaney3 dager siden
  • Training Ha!

    Zaib AzmatZaib Azmat3 dager siden
  • arent u listening ksi said that he always tells facts

    Pamela Sarunya PaganaPamela Sarunya Pagana3 dager siden
    • swinging over hands constantly.

      dcoog anmldcoog anml3 dager siden
  • Sad excuse

    Get the cheddaGet the chedda3 dager siden
  • Nate Robinson will beat Jake Paul Saturday

    Gerry FierroGerry Fierro3 dager siden
  • At first I actually was for Logan but I’m on Ksi side. Jakes getting beat

    Ricardo CabreraRicardo Cabrera3 dager siden
  • JJ Just a Reminder, Train Hard if You lose your career is over

    Ben WeeksBen Weeks3 dager siden
  • Bulking seasons over lads can’t wait for this 🥊

    Libby SummerLibby Summer3 dager siden
  • KSI it ain't about "what im worth" bro you just scared af

    WaveWave3 dager siden
    • Bruh talking about "know my worth like some Mayweather." You are a freaking FIFA player

      WaveWave2 dager siden
    • But everyone said that about jj v logan he ain't a pussy

      UortyUorty2 dager siden
  • JJ will knock him out

    MerlexMaster369MerlexMaster3693 dager siden
  • Ok I don't like jake paul and u don't ethier but don't act like he can't box cause he can

    insane jakeinsane jake4 dager siden
  • If I'm honest bro ksi will lose fam

    Jamal OteroJamal Otero4 dager siden
  • Even thou KSI won the fight, the very fact that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are tweeting in reference to Logan Paul makes him the winner.

    BlitzkriegBlitzkrieg4 dager siden
    • Na it's cause ksi and the stuff he tweets he's so arrogant and disrespectful

      Muriithi ShadMuriithi Shad2 dager siden
  • I actually think Jake Paul could beat KSI. He is really good. I’m a ksi fan but I think Jake Paul would be KSI’s biggest challenge. Just make sure you’re prepared for this KSI. Train early and don’t slack we need you to knock him out!!

    amoxford 2amoxford 24 dager siden
  • imagine being a jake paul fan

    Carlos AbundizCarlos Abundiz4 dager siden
  • dude ksi you need to start training again, you're gonna be like the second gib, you dont know how to box at all and jakes been in it since the deji fight lmao whats with the cockiness? i dont like jake paul at all but u wont win if there is a fight as of right now

    Jackson and Willster ProductionsJackson and Willster Productions4 dager siden
  • Thing is JJ would fight Jake differently then he fought Logan, and similar to the way he fought Joe Weller. This is because Jake is shorter than Logan, so JJ won’t have to keep swinging over hands constantly.

    DonovanDonovan4 dager siden
  • Jj can make anything on his side with his laugh😂😂

    Dylan HuntDylan Hunt4 dager siden
  • logan sucks at as a boxer, jake on another level

    DeFi ManDeFi Man4 dager siden
  • jakes farther ahead

    DeFi ManDeFi Man4 dager siden
  • He needs to cash out proper this time because he will lose badly to Jake. Also please please don't reply to this unless you are a true hardcore boxing fan & actually understand & watch all boxing if it's NOtown fights, Exhibitions amateur, pro.

    Leon SLeon S4 dager siden
    • @Sam 404 Very funny Sam.....

      Leon SLeon SDag siden
    • What do u think abt him fighting conor mcgregor? Personally I think he has the upper hand.

      Sam 404Sam 4043 dager siden
  • Sky... sport?!?!?!?!

    Nat HNat H4 dager siden
  • Ksi is definitely a side in terms of NOtown boxers at this point him and Jake both undefeated but ksi has fought way tougher opponents not even close

    Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson4 dager siden
  • i think everyone wants to see jake get some sense knocked into him lol

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 dager siden
  • If ksi destroys jake paul......

    Charles OmaneCharles Omane4 dager siden
  • Ladies and gentlemen, our fat neek has made it to a title from Sky UK. Congrats JJ ❤️

    HopzyHopzy4 dager siden
  • SO When does he say it

    PF CurryPF Curry4 dager siden
  • tbh i think jake paul is looking better than jj at least for now

    DiogoDiogo4 dager siden
    • @Buffalo Puppy nah dude😂

      DiogoDiogo4 dager siden
    • Great expert insight

      Buffalo PuppyBuffalo Puppy4 dager siden
  • I would love to see both ksi and Logan paul ko eatchover

    Smith SmithSmith Smith4 dager siden
    • he’s amazing

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu4 dager siden
  • Man said bust not box but yeah me too JJ

    ItsAaronItsAaron4 dager siden
  • bad blood in the background? lol.. logan has no hate towards you, nothing at all, he even wants you on his podcast.. mate u are a bad winner JJ..

    vincc420vincc4204 dager siden
  • Hopefully Nate whoops Jake's ass, and if he don't KSI will

    Do NathanDo Nathan4 dager siden
  • ksi keeps ducking

    xDxD4 dager siden
  • KSI quit pricing yourself out and making excuses he beat up your brother and your friend Jake didn’t have his chance you said you wouldn’t fight him unless he beat gib you are clearly ducking him because you don’t want to get embarrassed it’s a pandemic of course you won’t get as much there would be no live gate aka tickets being sold you are scared and I am a ksi fan so this is sad to see from him fight for pride not for money

    Mario MuñozMario Muñoz4 dager siden
  • Ksi you are one of my favorite youtubers but Jake will embarrass you badly

    VxbrzVxbrz4 dager siden
  • Jakes excuse for not fighting JJ after Nate is Ryan Garcia. And thats a fact.

    prof. Epicprof. Epic4 dager siden
  • This is hilarious 😂 ksi refuses to fight unless it's a huge bag because he knows he's losing this one and he needs to atleast take the L home with some good money. Either way it's good money so stop being a bitch and fight him. It's sad it has to be all about money if you hate him so much then fight. And lmao viddal sees no talent in ksi that's why he's done. But yes he will come back for the right amount of money. It's sad

    Brady WelshBrady Welsh4 dager siden
  • KSI kinda lying about jake and logan rn but ✅

    Damia ZxxthDamia Zxxth4 dager siden
  • These 2 clowns dont deserve to be in the ring

    Paul DunnePaul Dunne4 dager siden
  • So ksi is basically gonna box Jake because he wants money and not because of his "hatred" to jake or because of his "love" for boxing.

    YJ Shorts And ClipsYJ Shorts And Clips4 dager siden
  • JJ gotta keep training bro jake Paul looks pretty good even if you don’t like him gotta admit it man

    Allen TranAllen Tran4 dager siden
  • Anyone realize the series x in the background 👀

    DemønDemøn5 dager siden
  • Change the Title to: "I want to box his Stewpid lil face innit"

    Koben Hofmeyr OfficialKoben Hofmeyr Official5 dager siden
  • Kk stop thinking about the money it’s not alway about it ...

    LeonardgiLeonardgi5 dager siden
  • Let’s be honest ksi is scared he knows jake is a good fighter and he knows he’s lose

    Travis BeasterTravis Beaster5 dager siden
  • Man said give me what I worth stfu he act like his the best boxer in the world he only had one pro boxing Match 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Halal MedhaineHalal Medhaine5 dager siden
  • ksi needs to work on straighter punches

    SCP - 3812SCP - 38125 dager siden
  • He’s right about the mental fortitude needed to get into a boxing match, not even considering the nuance of their backgrounds. Both of them started on the internet so the consequences of sudden intense training and visceral fear of losing can be taxing on the mind. JJ doesn’t want to put himself through that again if it’s not the right time for him, mentally or physically.

    Mohammed SenhadjiMohammed Senhadji5 dager siden
  • Sky u did him so dirty with the thumbnail 😂

    desmond scottdesmond scott5 dager siden