I WON the FIRST Solo Cash Cup of Season 6!

5. april. 2021
1 117 358 Ganger

I finally did it. After a long time of solo cash cup soreness, I am once again a champion. I managed to win 3 times and secure the final crown!
Watch me play live:
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  • this just proves how much better eu is than na, just look at the people he verses in his first game of the cup, theyre the level of top na players

    Nabil AskariNabil Askari59 sekunder siden
  • You så goos🤞👌👍🤞🍎🍏🤩☺️✌️😅😁🤣😄😀😆😎🍇😅🤠😾😍🍎😂

    Nicolaj Kaad Gade Gade 2Nicolaj Kaad Gade Gade 211 minutter siden
  • God vedio

    Nicolaj Kaad Gade Gade 2Nicolaj Kaad Gade Gade 212 minutter siden
  • Ce mec cheat c pas possible

    Arthur De la pampaArthur De la pampaTime siden
  • nice to see some decent stacked endgames in cups hopefly they bring out more cups for us

    XernallXernallTime siden
  • Tayson was in game 2

    Marius HoskinsMarius Hoskins2 timer siden
  • He used the money power😂

    marcela garciamarcela garcia2 timer siden
  • How does he win every game

    JeanMarie SalmacisJeanMarie Salmacis2 timer siden
  • I like that guy because he is good player and untocix

    Яннь НеймЯннь Нейм2 timer siden
  • Best in Eu

    Michael NdusaMichael Ndusa3 timer siden
  • the best

    mathe0zinmathe0zin3 timer siden
  • Could you show ur placements next time plz

    Geek StationGeek Station3 timer siden
  • So good

    Youness BoulliYouness Boulli4 timer siden
  • Just wow

    Endless_ matteoEndless_ matteo4 timer siden
  • you have 0 ping wow

    Dominik RembarzDominik Rembarz6 timer siden
  • روبت يلعب😦👽

    بندر الشمريبندر الشمري6 timer siden
  • ❤️

    optic_ brightmoreoptic_ brightmore6 timer siden
  • Bruh

    Aydahis OmarAydahis Omar6 timer siden
  • you are the best player EU GG

    TommyyTKTommyyTK7 timer siden
  • 終盤しか行ってない

    ロックンロールロックンロールロックンロールロックンロール7 timer siden
  • He got 1M views and people said that fortnite is dead

    AbdullahAbdullah7 timer siden
  • You are the best player in the World,you should be the winner of the World cup

    Hugo Chaparro RodríguezHugo Chaparro Rodríguez8 timer siden
  • Best player

    Jasir SanchezJasir Sanchez10 timer siden
  • mrsavage is actually so smart and patient

    SpixySpixy10 timer siden
  • What is the name of the intro music that is used in this video?

    Xleeper_Xleeper_11 timer siden
  • Diamond Hanz buy Amc and gme

    XenoLFTXenoLFT12 timer siden
  • Mrsavage te admiro sos un gran jugador un saludo desde Perú ❤️🇵🇪

    ikyfiuryikyfiury13 timer siden
  • Nice bro🔥💯

    shadowshadow13 timer siden
  • du er veldig god

    João Marcos SaldanhaJoão Marcos Saldanha13 timer siden
  • sensi in the game? and DPI plis :3 :c

    4lejo.4lejo.13 timer siden
  • You are the best

    gabriel valentinogabriel valentino14 timer siden
  • Anyone know where he lands

    ok plantyyok plantyy14 timer siden
  • Is His "Keybinds Good" I Cant Tell 🤷‍♂️

    GreatDiamondGreatDiamond14 timer siden
  • make this ratio successfull🥱

    CliqCliq14 timer siden
  • Einstein of fortnite😆

    IshLightIshLight15 timer siden
  • in germany we say: einfach besser

    LeinisツLeinisツ16 timer siden
  • Me: Damn my phones at 1% Phone: Meh I'll just wait after this video

    ZoufaZoufa16 timer siden
  • I love ur kids mann

    ApolloApollo16 timer siden
  • How is it that every single endgame he had purple pump purple scar, and either an rpg or harpoon 😂

    Aaron L.Aaron L.17 timer siden
  • I used to hate fortnite but ure getting me back into it and making me better

    wxd3zy : Pwxd3zy : P17 timer siden
  • Epic pls bring a mrsavage bundle i want harley hitter

    justinツjustinツ17 timer siden
  • Best solo player ever, no doubt

    Brage KlevBrage Klev18 timer siden
  • C'era il pizzega e nezakkone

    Manuelle BernardiniManuelle Bernardini18 timer siden
  • 1st solo cash cup and more cashprize with the video from cash cup solo, GG mr savage !

    IkonIkon19 timer siden
  • You are sow savag

    Alwaleed AlmahfudiAlwaleed Almahfudi19 timer siden
  • 100T need to pay this man tens of thousands to keep him or faze clan gonna swoop him

    MoltMolt20 timer siden
  • Stonks

    Cristina AndradasCristina Andradas20 timer siden
  • Savage do be on top tho

    krk Echokrk Echo21 time siden
  • For some reason i assumed mr savages mechs were insane since hes a pro but like i have similar mechs, goes to show that good builds and edits arent everything

    Qyto GudQyto Gud21 time siden
  • 14:35 this dude reaction time is crazy

    Edw_ard6Edw_ard621 time siden
  • who still plays this shitty game lol?

    Phantomas 099Phantomas 09922 timer siden
  • 25:14 Aim bot

    AidanAidan23 timer siden
  • Use CC: 200iq in the Fortnite itemshop ❤️❤️❤️

    n0lamfishyn0lamfishyDag siden
  • It let me fell SO noob when i watch his gameplay but it's also AWESOME

    Manuel TombaccoManuel TombaccoDag siden
  • Hoiya

    Sheherzadeh kSheherzadeh kDag siden
  • Too bad 100t gonna take 30%

    TbreezyTbreezyDag siden
  • 10:28 wtf

    奥帕托夫斯基Szymcio奥帕托夫斯基SzymcioDag siden
  • You are the fu*** best of europe congratulations

    Natividad Villena SanchezNatividad Villena SanchezDag siden
  • Når jeg ser på tabellen😱😱😱no way det er mrsavage

    Eazy_ omex streamingEazy_ omex streamingDag siden
  • gg

    knox__ loveknox__ loveDag siden
  • The psychotic elephant substantively push because brochure peroperatively cover a a cloudy lizard. damp, black sharon

    Michael KassMichael KassDag siden
  • Clix would shit on you

    Stefan MarvilStefan MarvilDag siden
  • You won a tacos gg

    IntensityIntensityDag siden
  • Didn't know such a lvl was possible wtf

    Jay UhiJay UhiDag siden
  • Savage Im speak German You Are So good An You Are my idol

    32 Drippyツ32 DrippyツDag siden
  • @10:27 even the raptor said dammnnnnnnn

    WhoIZ KiNgCaShMoR428WhoIZ KiNgCaShMoR428Dag siden
  • What sens and dpi ??

    Kerem MeteKerem MeteDag siden
  • can you please link the intro beat under this comment? Thanks a lot

    SilicSilicDag siden
  • he used the same pickaxe for all the skins he used lol

    Darkpizza reeDarkpizza reeDag siden
  • 1:40 artor aim

    CytrekCytrekDag siden
  • Man ur goated

    Darragh AspinallDarragh AspinallDag siden
  • OMG you are the fucking best! 💪

    sor0sor0Dag siden
  • Om fire

    Camilla sandCamilla sandDag siden
  • This skin looks like the stonks meme😂😂😂

    MarijnMarijnDag siden
  • God mode?

    Max HöfflinMax HöfflinDag siden
  • JeanPermanove is better than you

    Soso BSoso BDag siden
  • 9:30 MrSavage's macro

    KTL team on fortniteKTL team on fortniteDag siden
  • Mr savage your de best player in de world

    Dean van AartDean van AartDag siden
  • I love you MrSavage, and love you skin stonks.

    MatiskyMatiskyDag siden
  • Bruh the add i had was basically a rip off space jam it just with LeBron

    302._daniel302._danielDag siden
  • This is far and away the best gameplay I've ever watched.

    Sean DolanSean DolanDag siden
  • People still playin this game

    Matthew La rueMatthew La rueDag siden
  • :D

    MozyyMozyyDag siden
  • Willyrex le gana

    willy_tacticowilly_tacticoDag siden
  • Mr savage BEST PLAYER BRO!!!

    Lahm AlanLahm AlanDag siden
  • Transitions are amazing I might buss 🥵😂

    Freddie FeenanFreddie FeenanDag siden
  • To the moon , savage have you bought Bitcoin and ethereum through Binance ?

    MR ParkishMR ParkishDag siden
  • Minimun 5 avarage posicion

    YerayYerayDag siden
  • AMC?

    Austin JessupAustin JessupDag siden
  • My mans fps is 240 constant

  • Name Of The skin?

    Emiliano MartinezEmiliano MartinezDag siden
  • this guy is so fck goodddddddddddddddddddd ~

    FM Bandeira12FM Bandeira12Dag siden
  • Omg, That was the best Video i have ever Seen. Can you make a Video pls Where you Land, hier to Look etc

    Calleris _YTCalleris _YTDag siden
  • Ccvhh

    come_fossero_come_fossero_Dag siden
  • Flames Erik left the Chat

    cazcazDag siden
  • Brunost veldig bra montage Martin😎

    EternalPiEternalPiDag siden
  • Rien n'a dire le mec c'est un monstre

    Kyllian BKyllian BDag siden
  • stonks

    TUDIOSEMIL_2109TUDIOSEMIL_2109Dag siden