If Among Us Had 9 Impostors

22. mars. 2021
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Among us in real life but with nine impostors and one crewmate 😱 This part of our If Everything Was Like Among Us videos! Which person do you relate to the most?
Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! www.portlandspirit.com
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  • A small thing when u do data download u always have to upload it. They did not do that.

  • When the crewmate is clear!1!!!!1!11

    Kurt StanleyKurt Stanley5 timer siden
  • Missed opportunity to add a twist where he actually was supposed to upload after download.

    TheTipArrowNationsTheTipArrowNations5 timer siden
  • 9 imposters vs 1 crewmate how did there tasks and won

    Rangers madRangers mad5 timer siden
  • good one

    Rangers madRangers mad5 timer siden
  • 3:20 The person who believe the 'RED IMPOSTOR MEME' :

    Stiven MStiven M5 timer siden
  • I like willam the most

    Mirelle MekhaelMirelle Mekhael5 timer siden
  • 😅😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    deadlysisdeadlysis6 timer siden
  • W

    Ravy SengRavy Seng6 timer siden
  • Fjggjgj

    Ravy SengRavy Seng6 timer siden
  • One imposter and nine crewmates

    Steve CarrSteve Carr6 timer siden
  • It's kind of amazing how the stupid one wins and the smarter one's lose

    Samuil TsvetkovvSamuil Tsvetkovv6 timer siden
  • l love your videos❤

    თაკოთაკო6 timer siden
  • Fact if we were playing with 9 imp they would know who the crewmate duh

    Pooja ChakrabortyPooja Chakraborty6 timer siden
  • 1:00 LoL 😂

    Sophie GrangerSophie Granger6 timer siden
  • Hmmmmmmm 🤔

    Brian SpinkBrian Spink6 timer siden
  • Why not this is spit I’m cleaning it for it could be smelly

    Mackenzie biggest fanMackenzie biggest fan6 timer siden
  • I love the part the he says this is more stressful then going to the Dentis

    Ls3JJLs3JJ6 timer siden

    Junichi NiinumaJunichi Niinuma6 timer siden
  • Bruh

    Guruvansh SethiGuruvansh Sethi7 timer siden
  • Elijah finally won

    Lemon 234Lemon 2347 timer siden
  • If Elijah could have said i vented green and black saw that then he could not been running...

    Nehal_Legendary GamingProNehal_Legendary GamingPro7 timer siden
  • Elijah: Impostor? Impostor.... Impostor? Impostor...

    Nehal_Legendary GamingProNehal_Legendary GamingPro7 timer siden
  • Imposter can call. Emergency meeting and the could win

    Asha GoyalAsha Goyal7 timer siden
  • Hey guys pls pls pls pls make air-ship map and play there

    We Do Amazing ThingsWe Do Amazing Things7 timer siden
  • Can u ask Blue to pick a new color .

    KRMSTUDIOZ 23KRMSTUDIOZ 237 timer siden
  • 7:45 Elijah be like: WOHOOOOOOOO!!

    Michael Erga The PianistMichael Erga The Pianist7 timer siden
  • Wait!! Imposters can see in the dark right?!

    hemlata kolihemlata koli7 timer siden
  • Among us but everyone can vent

    GD JamelioGD Jamelio7 timer siden
  • Jolie

    Jolie KluitmansJolie Kluitmans7 timer siden
  • When I see blue I see my old classmate

    Vano sarjveladzeVano sarjveladze7 timer siden
  • Make it in airship

    Nayan PoojariNayan Poojari8 timer siden
  • This is my dream

    Aljor BenosaAljor Benosa8 timer siden
  • It should be: “you are a imposter. There is one crew mate among us”

    Hanna MillerHanna Miller8 timer siden
  • When elija said bbsss it sounded like ripping the paper

    BLGHABLGHA8 timer siden
  • Ryan 😎

    Gwen MarlowGwen Marlow8 timer siden
  • Skip every round Now now nwo

    Kiki MikiKiki Miki8 timer siden
  • Bruh use mop as weapon

    Lorena LaraLorena Lara8 timer siden
  • At the end the Imposters should call a meeting and vote the crewmate

    bapesta4lifebapesta4life8 timer siden
  • Impostor. There is 1 crewmate among us

    The TitleThe Title8 timer siden
  • Ahahahahah it was funny because she is red and he is orange so she is a tomato and he is a orange

    Walter Ngan-WooWalter Ngan-Woo8 timer siden
  • wait, i thought MIRA-HQ didnt have doors in among us???

    peter psaltispeter psaltis8 timer siden
  • 7:18 when the crewmate doing his last task imposter: vents last task hurrys up crewmate: wins the game

    Sam Oliver NgoSam Oliver Ngo9 timer siden
  • 0:57 “The evilest thing you could imagine was a tomato?” 😂 😂 😂 lol I’m laughing so hard on that part. XD

  • How about nine crewmates and one and impostor

    Eva MifsudEva Mifsud9 timer siden
  • I love that is Judith always blames Orange but next time it's that way around

    Myron BernardMyron Bernard9 timer siden
  • Where's -2 ep?

    XxgamingxXXxgamingxX9 timer siden
  • Lol

    williamplays9982williamplays99829 timer siden
  • Guys it so funny i like. This video

    Inna LeonovaInna Leonova9 timer siden
  • Lol, when Elijah said, this is way more stressful than going to the dentist, I just laughed really hard!!!🤣🤣🤣

    Cone AnimatorCone Animator9 timer siden
  • XD

    josemariaromejosemariarome9 timer siden
  • I love a good vent

    josemariaromejosemariarome9 timer siden
  • Couldn't they just press the inmergeesi button

    Alex BriAlex Bri10 timer siden
  • Omg crewmate is 3000 iq

    akuhaiakuhai10 timer siden
  • XD

    Gabriel TressGabriel Tress10 timer siden
  • 1:54

    Maria ZamoraMaria Zamora10 timer siden
  • 1:34 anyone see that blues mask was hanging out the pocket

    MikeyGamersonMikeyGamerson10 timer siden
  • 1;54

    Maria ZamoraMaria Zamora10 timer siden
  • What 9 people is imposter at Among Us

    Yeasin ShikderYeasin Shikder10 timer siden
  • I love blue 🔵

    Melanie CoxMelanie Cox11 timer siden
  • Wow I wish I could play among us with them

    Disney & Animanic FanDisney & Animanic Fan11 timer siden
  • Best crewmate of da year

    Iziah tutorialsIziah tutorials11 timer siden
  • Wait where are they? A yacht?

    StriderStrider11 timer siden
  • Tyis is actualpy the opposite(idk how to spell it sry) of among us the the crewmate is the impostor, the task are the kills ,the impostor is the crewmate And the kills are the tasks

    KilluaKillua11 timer siden
    • I meant This is actually

      KilluaKillua11 timer siden
  • ?😀😃😄😁🤣

    Abel AngelesAbel Angeles11 timer siden
  • Its like a cartoon

    mr petsingtonmr petsington11 timer siden
  • In real life of me when the Imposters (Friends) got their teammates elemated me as 1 crewmate all my friends Scream 😱 Me: **Thinks in the head** That's it my ears hurt..* Me jump in the pool done with this game*

    Twisted WolfTwisted Wolf11 timer siden
  • Elijah: I broke mom special vase All imposter's: okay imagine if they see the vase properly

    MysticalGalaxychanMysticalGalaxychan11 timer siden
  • I was thinking elijah was lose coz everytime shiloh is in any team that team wins But we are the greatest crewmates

    Rakesh SharmaRakesh Sharma11 timer siden
    • Thanks for heart i was attending class and saw this so i am doing this comment from class

      Rakesh SharmaRakesh Sharma11 timer siden
  • When you think in Halloween I saw a EVIL 😈 Costume! A tomato....

    Twisted WolfTwisted Wolf11 timer siden
  • Elijah is the greatest crew mate not Judah and mika

    denisfanoofoofoofdenisfanoofoofoof11 timer siden
  • Bro he cant talk his an orange

    IGDarkthunder YTxsweat4683IGDarkthunder YTxsweat468311 timer siden
  • the most simplest way to find the crewmate is, everbody should stand beside a vent and see who can vent and who cannot

    Hoverz RishwinHoverz Rishwin12 timer siden
  • How is this funny

    Bryce SandersBryce Sanders12 timer siden
  • 2:25 William: you sure it really looks like your cleaning it Elijah: no no this is...spit yeah I spit in this Both:eww nice Me:super sneaky Elijah By the way sorry if I spelt your names wrong

    Roblox is awesome Remas SweilemRoblox is awesome Remas Sweilem12 timer siden
  • not much of my friends like omong us so i can't play omong us in real life

    Kyle LandonKyle Landon12 timer siden
  • not much of my friends like omong us so i can't play omong us in real life

    Kyle LandonKyle Landon12 timer siden
  • not much of my friends like omong us so i can't play omong us in real life

    Kyle LandonKyle Landon12 timer siden
  • 😀😃😄😁😆

    Nelson LacayoNelson Lacayo12 timer siden
  • Why didn't the impostors win I mean there is litteraly 9 impostors

    Gil1.2.o CoolGil1.2.o Cool12 timer siden
  • Why u call my name?

    Elijah Gaveriel CampoElijah Gaveriel Campo12 timer siden
  • But there’s eight people

    Benyamin YaldaBenyamin Yalda12 timer siden
  • I don’t like you and I don’t love you to

    Gavaskar RajGavaskar Raj12 timer siden
  • Pink is the imposter

    And I OoopAnd I Ooop12 timer siden
  • Sup my dude

    Gavaskar RajGavaskar Raj12 timer siden
  • I Love watching u cuz we do this to and I bet you guys are bootiful in real life and I love the color purple to

    ꧁princess girl awo amilay edit꧂꧁princess girl awo amilay edit꧂12 timer siden
  • People be saying who's the greatest crewmate. Well I guess we have our answer its "elijah" cuz he beat all the impostor all by himself

    JoelRobloxpiggy 7812mJoelRobloxpiggy 7812m12 timer siden
  • 4:16 *I love that scene , That is my favorite one lol*

    Amelie BarnettAmelie Barnett12 timer siden
  • My favorite youtuber is you guys

    alephtavtsalephtavts12 timer siden
  • 😄😄😁🥺🦋🦋🦋🦋💜

    rahimah ibrahimrahimah ibrahim13 timer siden
  • If among us has NO CREWMATES!!!?

    Melissa CamposMelissa Campos13 timer siden
  • This is legit me when my parents aren’t home-

    RyLeY_LerAiNbOwRyLeY_LerAiNbOw13 timer siden
  • Did it win I thought download is two part task not one part task

    Jacoby MoonJacoby Moon13 timer siden
  • Love your vids

    Avenger ARAvenger AR13 timer siden
  • If you emerga miting

    Billie-Jo KipaBillie-Jo Kipa13 timer siden
  • Blue is cariama good .

    3D Printingiverse3D Printingiverse13 timer siden
  • You guys gonna clean the hole ship

    Teen ChaiTeen Chai14 timer siden
  • If among us had 9 imposters the imposters would just win

    ZeplexPlayzZeplexPlayz14 timer siden
  • Can you do the airship map Plz??? It’s the new map!!!

    Jaynne the bunny! PascuaJaynne the bunny! Pascua14 timer siden
  • 5:38 or 9 he...he...NODED

    spah the engi killerspah the engi killer14 timer siden