If Everything Was Like Among Us 7

2. mars. 2021
24 216 992 Ganger

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 7 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! www.portlandspirit.com
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  • Hahahahahaha!! Judah: can I please eat the cap cake ME: can’t stop laughing

    Johannson UyJohannson Uy9 minutter siden
    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!! That’s true

      Johannson UyJohannson Uy7 minutter siden
  • Ok that baby is so cute

    Fate and TMB BlinxFate and TMB Blinx38 minutter siden
  • Cmmcmv

    Jack BlokeJack Bloke45 minutter siden
  • Is no body

    magda . . .magda . . .49 minutter siden
  • Jocelyns voice is sooo cute🥺🥺💖

    Olivia ManuelOlivia Manuel58 minutter siden
  • we da greatist posterz!

    *sigh**sigh*Time siden
  • Make a Song were the greatest Imposters

    sandrasteiner1708sandrasteiner1708Time siden
  • Can you guys do a part with the airship

    random thingzrandom thingzTime siden
  • you know what I want is that Judah is not the imposter and red and he doesn’t say red sus

    Martine DhulluMartine DhulluTime siden
  • The next 1 is gonna be on sirship

    Zak ChristieZak ChristieTime siden

    Junichi NiinumaJunichi NiinumaTime siden
  • Red is sus

    Claire TrainorClaire Trainor2 timer siden
  • Orange is the imposter

    Claire TrainorClaire Trainor2 timer siden
  • Why did mika did not kill orange

    Ali ZayanAli Zayan2 timer siden
  • Please make a song called I’m just a mini crew mate

    Victoria LaceyVictoria Lacey2 timer siden
  • Red is always the Imposter : they think white is ,SUS

    Big MajBig Maj3 timer siden
  • do a part 9 about the airship AKA the new map please

    Jaquiline SarabiaJaquiline Sarabia4 timer siden
  • Awww the baby said can we get him now and when she done um hum I was laughing

    Nadim HamadeNadim Hamade4 timer siden
  • Hi my name is Jocelyn too!

    Jocelyn NewJocelyn New4 timer siden
  • I love your among us videos

    Zeina EliaZeina Elia4 timer siden
  • 6:38 Jocelyn isn't that Shiloh's phone 📱📲📱📞🎞📽

    Mr EggMr Egg4 timer siden
  • Will you make among us 8 in airship ????

    Nayab AnsNayab Ans4 timer siden
  • 4:31 ok fine we can vote out Jessica

    Mr EggMr Egg4 timer siden
  • You need to go to the Airship now

    WizardaronWizardaron5 timer siden

    Josef og Elias Fan profilJosef og Elias Fan profil5 timer siden
  • Well-Micah became a ninja when he was venting to another vent and take Jocelyn off his head

    asim siddiquiasim siddiqui6 timer siden
  • Joceyln: We’re the greatest crewmate! We’re the greatest crewmate! Micah: Stop, Joceyln! We can’t sing a crewmate song, beind an impostor! Joceyln: Oh! We’re the greatest impostors! Joceyln & Micah: We’re the greatest impostors!

    Sophie GrangerSophie Granger6 timer siden
  • When she said,”Judith put the muffin back” I was like.....”mum instincts!!?”+JOCELYN IS SO CUt and smart like HOW DOES SHE AC-

    Test & Tag SchedulingTest & Tag Scheduling6 timer siden
  • She is a pretty good baby Judah : what??????

    SS video songsSS video songs6 timer siden
  • The little baby

    Anton Suresh Kumara RajaratnaAnton Suresh Kumara Rajaratna6 timer siden
  • When Your Little Sister Says The Strangest Thing but they right

    Edward EnchevEdward Enchev6 timer siden
  • Can you do Airship please?

    Ho Minh TrangHo Minh Trang7 timer siden
  • Now these were the videos that made the game die. THANKS FOR RUINING IT

    The Mason ExperienceThe Mason Experience7 timer siden
  • Kevin shaya monica marvin shana janah pinky Aloza and me

    Marycris OlpindoMarycris Olpindo8 timer siden
    • Always play among us real life

      Marycris OlpindoMarycris Olpindo8 timer siden
  • Sussus amogus

    My wife left me and my children Don’t like meMy wife left me and my children Don’t like me8 timer siden
  • I Love among us game ♥️

    Taing LayTaing Lay8 timer siden
  • Please please please guys

    Taing LayTaing Lay8 timer siden
  • I want you guys to mate a video about 5 impostor and 5 crewmates please please 😜

    Taing LayTaing Lay8 timer siden
  • Cute baby

    Gabriel TressGabriel Tress10 timer siden
  • Jocelyn was the cutest thing ever at 2:50

    Katiearose LathanKatiearose Lathan10 timer siden
  • Just jock yen and micha(hey Judah sup)throws off boat

    Jordan RogersJordan Rogers10 timer siden
  • Step one red is sus 1:39

    Kai CraftKai Craft10 timer siden
  • Elijah: wow Josiah you made a baby cry Me: wow good job Elijah u lost again

    fat spikefat spike10 timer siden
  • Every single song

    Shalom EzeShalom Eze11 timer siden
  • I love the little girl she is so cute and funny hahahahaha

    Shalom EzeShalom Eze11 timer siden
  • How is this funny

    Bryce SandersBryce Sanders11 timer siden
  • at the end why did the book "how to be a better crewmate" have dark blue dots on it? thats *sus*

    Toy Machine JakartaToy Machine Jakarta11 timer siden
  • Wow the baby is cute

    Rodolfo LopezRodolfo Lopez11 timer siden
  • Judah is so funny

    marty weatherfordmarty weatherford11 timer siden
  • My story Camera man:sees mika vent and calls meeting Britney:hey you’re videoing not playing Camera man: ohhhhhhhh

    Plushie GirlFNAFPlushie GirlFNAF11 timer siden
  • That's cool

    wmstultz79wmstultz7912 timer siden
  • Bruh you guys gotta add five more friends if among us adds the 15 among us lobby

    jeremy shu how lin fan Toojeremy shu how lin fan Too12 timer siden
  • i also turned the bell on

    Fatima AbdallahFatima Abdallah12 timer siden
  • make a song about '' were the greatest imposters pls i subscribed liked and commentted pls im such huge fans

    Fatima AbdallahFatima Abdallah12 timer siden
  • When I get accused I smile :(

    Roblox_girl LOLRoblox_girl LOL13 timer siden
  • Music video on where the greatest imposters!

    Nic B35Nic B3513 timer siden
  • make a song a were the greatis iposter plz

    manisha shresthamanisha shrestha13 timer siden
  • hi

    lilian Miralilian Mira13 timer siden
  • The cupcakes noooooooooooooooo%

    DesmondDesmond14 timer siden
  • You guys should do the sibilngs dance

    •RayXBoba••RayXBoba•14 timer siden
  • Please do the 8 One airship

    StepHer ReyeSStepHer ReyeS14 timer siden
  • 2 Impostor realizan

    주은정주은정14 timer siden
  • Love these vids. So funny

    MrPlumsMrPlums14 timer siden
  • Alex

    Viktor LitvinViktor Litvin14 timer siden
  • I like your videos

  • 3:58 Daniel? 3:59 AH!

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  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Mayra CastilloMayra Castillo15 timer siden
  • When she went out of the vent she walked so cute awww❤❤❤❤❤😆😍

    Kealyn BenitezKealyn Benitez15 timer siden
  • Hi Good morning

    Janeann BainJaneann Bain15 timer siden
  • Cool

    Sophia{} M{}Sophia{} M{}16 timer siden
  • Ok you should do a”if everything was amoung us 8

    Angel AkinladeAngel Akinlade16 timer siden
  • You are a Pasta

    Athena-Mia WirangiAthena-Mia Wirangi16 timer siden
  • Judy

    Laura mafuaLaura mafua16 timer siden
    • Io

      Laura mafuaLaura mafua16 timer siden
  • 2:16 green's face is like really funny when he says ,"children say the strangest things," in my opinion also in 2:28 when the child says can we get him smartly is also funny

    Mark PullmanMark Pullman17 timer siden
  • I love you ❤️

    Steve HardingSteve Harding17 timer siden
  • There has to be a song "were the greatest imposters"

    TheDarkDiamond76TheDarkDiamond7618 timer siden
  • 2:27 lets get him smarty, oh my gosh it was so cute

    Jarren SpearsJarren Spears18 timer siden
  • Where the greatest imposters were the greatest imposters where the greatest imposters

    liams channelliams channel18 timer siden
  • Where the greatest imposters were the greatest imposters where the greatest imposters

    liams channelliams channel18 timer siden
  • The baby is😘

    Jim SchiferlJim Schiferl18 timer siden
  • She is so cute😍😍

    Jim SchiferlJim Schiferl18 timer siden
  • I love the mini imopostor

    Keira FangKeira Fang19 timer siden
  • OMG so cute 2:50

    Aaima's Gaming ChannelAaima's Gaming Channel19 timer siden
  • Jocelyn is a demon baby

    paxton Jonespaxton Jones19 timer siden
  • Make if evrything was like among us8 airship map plzzzzzzzzz,

  • Among us in real life that is so amazing!

    Appleslizce JayAppleslizce Jay20 timer siden
  • I love among us

    dog dreamerdog dreamer20 timer siden
  • Please make anong us 8 and 9

    •Erica••Erica•20 timer siden
  • Their are four impostor

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    Cho FamilyCho Family20 timer siden
  • the kid is say money or smartly tall me in Comments

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  • Can you guys make part 8 of among us?

    Lusine MinasyanLusine Minasyan21 time siden
    • Yes, we are

      Shiloh & BrosShiloh & Bros20 timer siden
  • ew cupcake wit no frost nasty

    Micah B.Micah B.21 time siden
  • The mini crewmate needs to be an impostor atleast 1 time.

    Brodieee shortsBrodieee shorts21 time siden
  • He always say red is sus

    Sophia MartinSophia Martin21 time siden
  • Aæaæaæ

    Tim GatelyTim Gately21 time siden
  • Jocelyn: dusscah is deh poster 4:04

    Mr EggMr Egg22 timer siden
  • Make the new airship map plss

  • 😊

    Shaquirah JohnsonShaquirah Johnson22 timer siden