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23. mai. 2020
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Make sure you watch this video a bunch!
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  • The winner (no spoilers haha) told me to tell you to watch this video a lot. He said he needs the money lol

    MrBeastMrBeast11 måneder siden
    • Bruh

      anvi ganvi g25 dager siden
    • k

      PatadeteroPatadeteroMåned siden
    • tareq*

      ̇̇3 måneder siden
    • Wowwwwwwwwww

      Zelda FanZelda Fan3 måneder siden
    • That’s a lot of money

      Trystan KittyTrystan Kitty3 måneder siden
  • My favorite channel is mr beast

    Kailash Chandra NaveenKailash Chandra Naveen36 minutter siden

    Farah Teddy XDFarah Teddy XD37 minutter siden
  • The winner is currently at $79,832 as of May 10, 2021 keep updating

    AnukulAnukul38 minutter siden
  • 80,000 so far

    Shaggy RogersShaggy Rogers42 minutter siden
  • 0:28 aged so well

    Nolan26Nolan2659 minutter siden
  • theyve won 80k rn

    Siddharth ChandSiddharth ChandTime siden
  • Go karl

    Hailey BuggieHailey BuggieTime siden
  • Tareq is still getting paid to this day.

    FettalorianFettalorian2 timer siden
  • Is this still going

    Blane LindseyBlane Lindsey3 timer siden
  • .

    Idreff ArevaloIdreff Arevalo3 timer siden
  • Im proud to be a sub

    6x Forever6x Forever3 timer siden
  • I haven’t seen the end of the vid, I am rooting for Chris. Congrats to whoever wins!

    Jodi Goldstein GuthikondaJodi Goldstein Guthikonda3 timer siden
  • If I watch it twenty times does that mean I get to put in my 2 cents worth?! (Okay, painful pun, I know!)

    Alecia DanseAlecia Danse3 timer siden
  • That was entirely Carl's fault that Chris isn't in. He's just jealous he won

    Ghost3871Ghost38713 timer siden
  • 4,000$ ALREADY.... DAMN

    Twizzy dizziTwizzy dizzi3 timer siden
    • 79,000$ WHAT

      Twizzy dizziTwizzy dizzi3 timer siden
  • That wasn’t fair for chris

    Tha JokerTha Joker4 timer siden
  • Who else is still watching this

    VNZ Grand crossVNZ Grand cross4 timer siden
    • Yessir, I wish I had a counter for how many times I've watched it so far

      Mantha422Mantha4223 timer siden
  • 79,908,300 Dollars Paid Out Now!

    Video Dream PlayerVideo Dream Player4 timer siden
  • 0:30 to 16:52

    SluggerCCSluggerCC4 timer siden
  • ⁶has

    Kylie JenkinsKylie Jenkins5 timer siden
  • I donated a 10th of a penny

    cody smithcody smith6 timer siden
  • 13:29 Tareq had his feet out of the circle

    JTN Bros OfficialJTN Bros Official6 timer siden
  • WOW

    Roger RandolphRoger Randolph6 timer siden
  • Damn he is actually taking track of the money

    Glen fongGlen fong6 timer siden
  • huh

    Chantal RaymondChantal Raymond7 timer siden
  • Ready ;3

    Joaquim BertolottoJoaquim Bertolotto7 timer siden
  • ****

    Chantal RaymondChantal Raymond7 timer siden
  • Wow

    Sean Paul TeehanSean Paul Teehan7 timer siden
  • i have this on loop

    Minecraft TrollerMinecraft Troller8 timer siden
  • I’m the little guy in this world trying to fix wrongs made and break family chains please

    coast2coast Ridercoast2coast Rider8 timer siden
  • I’m to the point I’ll take a challenge of being homeless

    coast2coast Ridercoast2coast Rider8 timer siden
  • Hi

    Amy LiAmy Li9 timer siden
  • 800 bucs jesus

    JonaJona9 timer siden
  • I watched this 4 time

    Kiersten AndersonKiersten Anderson9 timer siden
  • 0.00000000

    Lill Jannike WiigLill Jannike Wiig9 timer siden
  • i hink cris is going o win

    MichelleO 32551MichelleO 3255110 timer siden
  • He has $79,000

    ENDLESS CL4PSENDLESS CL4PS11 timer siden
  • hyelllllllllllloooooo

    Anya ZhuAnya Zhu11 timer siden
  • Hey Mr.Beast you won't probably see this.. so can we play together roblox? its a fun game.

    SwordMxsterYTSwordMxsterYT12 timer siden
    • Whats your roblox name

      Muhammad ZahidanMuhammad Zahidan11 timer siden
  • 79M is a lot

    sukionyomi 2sukionyomi 212 timer siden
    • 79 k

      blub bubleblub buble11 timer siden
  • 79,000

    Gaming With DalGaming With Dal12 timer siden

    PiperPiper12 timer siden
  • no way 79,858

    Saba PrSaba Pr12 timer siden
  • lol 61,000

    Saba PrSaba Pr12 timer siden
  • carl sucks carl sucks CARL SUCKS

    Rossie HesfordRossie Hesford12 timer siden
  • Wait Wait Wait when it says "24 Hours in" on the screen, do I see Tareq and Tyler water bottle flipping?I thought that died out ages ago!

    BlitzJamperGamingBlitzJamperGaming12 timer siden
  • tareq won

    RNG6ShayaanRNG6Shayaan13 timer siden
  • 79k rn

    IFoundABoxIFoundABox13 timer siden
  • Guys I watched this millions of time but wow 79mil views impressive

    batoony YTbatoony YT13 timer siden
  • the winner still must be getting money

    taes_sugartaes_sugar14 timer siden
    • He better be

      Kid CroftKid Croft13 timer siden
    • I bet

      Kid CroftKid Croft13 timer siden
  • CHANDLER WHY MUST YOU EXIST (sorry Chan Chan love u 😘) BUT STILL

    Miss gabbs 1Miss gabbs 114 timer siden
  • Hi Karl :)

    Diamond MoodyDiamond Moody14 timer siden
  • Wat the fuck

    Gatcha WolfGatcha Wolf14 timer siden
  • I'm worth one tenth of a penny and I'm glad I could give it here to the boys

    Scotty BoiyScotty Boiy14 timer siden
  • Am I the only one who saw Carl leave the circle 2:56

    JayyDifferentJayyDifferent14 timer siden
  • Parameters 😂

    PAL PALPAL PAL15 timer siden
  • U already have 75 M views

    Vijay-Tyler MusgraveVijay-Tyler Musgrave15 timer siden
  • Views

    PAL PALPAL PAL15 timer siden
  • Happy mothers day you all!:)

    PineappleKingPineappleKing15 timer siden
  • 7:08

    The RealDevPlayzThe RealDevPlayz15 timer siden
  • 😲

    uya pong TVuya pong TV16 timer siden
  • There no way they stayed awake standing in one spot for 3 days

    Will JacksonWill Jackson16 timer siden
  • I ummm they stayed 4 days in there know WAY!!!!

    Bryan & Heather WallaceBryan & Heather Wallace16 timer siden
  • Sana all may friend na mrbeast.

    Wow TVWow TV16 timer siden
  • Hello

    Alex SwissAlex Swiss17 timer siden
  • 76k i see

    PanhavornPanhavorn17 timer siden
  • Is this still working.?

    amol chouguleamol chougule18 timer siden
  • Tareq's already won $79,000, that's crazy

    marmar18 timer siden
  • I am so sorry for you

    Joseph HammaJoseph Hamma18 timer siden
  • He won 79 thousands dollars now

    czempion 12czempion 1218 timer siden
  • Did Tareg get 79 million dollars??

    Tasnuva Tasnim ChowdhuryTasnuva Tasnim Chowdhury19 timer siden
  • i made a bot to watch this vid 10 times a day

    MrScribbleMrScribble19 timer siden
  • so close to 80000000 saddddddddddddddd

    Tyler CopelandTyler Copeland19 timer siden
  • 79 MILIONS!

    Gustaw KrzewickiGustaw Krzewicki20 timer siden
    • YES

      Blue PlayzBlue Playz20 timer siden
  • the winner is at $79,792.742 on the 9th May 2021

    Logan DuffLogan Duff20 timer siden
  • Happy to help

    Tanvirul IslamTanvirul Islam21 time siden
  • ive watched over 50 times

    Amy YemAmy Yem21 time siden
  • Helping people is such an amazing thing, you are literally helping life’s of SO many people and you make our days so much better. Love 🧡

    Trying to get to 50k with no vids loveTrying to get to 50k with no vids love22 timer siden
  • Congrats at 60 million at my birthday may 5 and even before to

    Bilal JibrilBilal Jibril22 timer siden
  • Is the mans gonna get his money it's at 79 million views LEL

    MiKe_RiYMiKe_RiY23 timer siden
  • So right now they Tareq would have got almost 78,000

    Rehana chikaniRehana chikani23 timer siden
  • Hii

    SimplyyxAprilSimplyyxApril23 timer siden
  • i wonder if jimmy still pays tareq to this day

    Oscar SalazarOscar Salazar23 timer siden
  • I watched this nine times now yayyyy

    Fortnite proFortnite pro23 timer siden
  • Love you. Carl your cute

    Shandog WhiteShandog WhiteDag siden
  • 79,000

    ReesterSFReesterSFDag siden
  • Karl in a griffindor robe is just the best I love when my favorite NOtownrs or streamer mention Harry Potter

    AudreyAudreyDag siden
  • we all love Tareq

    marmarDag siden
  • it's the way they said Tareq wasn't going to win lmao

    marmarDag siden
  • How many money dose he have now?

    Sir Green MachineSir Green MachineDag siden
    • 78,732.93$

      Devilcorn123Devilcorn123Dag siden
    • 78732 thousand dollars bro

      Ismaeel SaqibIsmaeel SaqibDag siden
  • I've just done the math and Tareq should have 79,730.462$ so far-! OMG 😲

    •Mushyroom Gacha••Mushyroom Gacha•Dag siden
  • So this has 79m views today 5/9/2021

    iEnoRexiEnoRexDag siden
  • Hi!

    urijaa1234urijaa1234Dag siden
  • Tariq is the winner

    Ez RaEz RaDag siden
  • vola de mecosa

    its Rigbyits RigbyDag siden
  • Watching this 11months later but I watched it in the past

    Sadie PopadichSadie PopadichDag siden
  • Who else is getting anxiety about them messing around the circle

    Cone8042Cone8042Dag siden
  • $79,000 on 9 May 2021

    AbhirんAbhirんDag siden
  • I watched this vid 33 times!!!!!

    Edoardo OnoriEdoardo OnoriDag siden