6. april. 2021
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We all know I give Ben Askren minimal chance of beating Jake Paul and this was my chance to explain to Ben why I think this...
Great conversation. Good Guy & I wish him luck.
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  • Thank you for watching this. Sorry about the edit, won’t happen again 🙏🏾

    VIDDALVIDDAL3 dager siden
    • Good video, very candid very real!

      Yovanne PierreYovanne Pierre16 minutter siden
    • Why did you both make this interview so awkward, your mate had to save you from croaking a few times you owe him one for this

      Some GuySome Guy10 timer siden
    • Question for viddal. If jake paul offered you the fight would you of taken it? I only ask coz your both similar weight n height and without being disrespectful your not elite level so there's no issue for me dere n your not even domestic high level and your record if 4 fights 4 wins not very experienced in the pro so 🤷 why you didn't call this pathetic excuse for a boxer wanna be in jake paul out. Please tell me why you would want to fight jake or that you don't want to fight him n why? Kind regards

      Declan BellDeclan Bell15 timer siden
    • love the content, get a decent mic tho!

      Andy ByrneAndy Byrne20 timer siden
    • Leo's laugh is contagious 🙏🏻💕

      ABHICHAND P.BABHICHAND P.B21 time siden
  • Mike Tyson is a younger brother I want yall to think about that 😏

    Okan DemirtayOkan Demirtay12 minutter siden
  • I have been in taekwondo for 13years (competitively) then I just started boxing for around 3months and sparred with amateurs with 2-3KO wins on their record. I smashed them entirely with nose and lips bleeding 🤣 It's just that my experience as a martial artists gave me edge on people who just had few years of "training and few competitions". They look good against the pads thou 🤣

    Hanabi HaoHanabi Hao47 minutter siden
  • Respect to everybody who got that slow twitch fibre joke lmao

    SaturateSaturate51 minutt siden
  • I wanna see Ben slap the head off Jake, but its gonna be a fight that could go either way in reality

    ProximarickProximarickTime siden
  • Why’s this guy so nice for 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Cain StewartCain Stewart2 timer siden
  • Vid you favor jake paul to win? You have lost my respect. Back ben and Ben only we don't want jake paul to win???

    xMurphyBoiixxMurphyBoiix2 timer siden
  • At this point it's not Jake vs Ben, It's Evil vs Good. For real Ben *MUST* destroy Jake.

    KonidisKonidis3 timer siden
  • I related to the pitcher quarterback thing I remember getting taken out of running back because the coaches son wanted to play that I got moved to middle linebacker and decked him in scrims and got benched for two games for giving him a concussion got my position back after a year of 2-13 lol high school days

    Hell PuppyHell Puppy3 timer siden
  • One thing jake Paul can be praised for..hes made the world love Ben

    TripleB1888TripleB18883 timer siden
  • I hate viddal

    Rolly ReyesRolly Reyes3 timer siden
  • Viddal sounds like Toby from sidemen

    Earth HubEarth Hub4 timer siden
  • Bens here for bitcoin money, he knows hes going to lose.

    PilarLaneGamingPilarLaneGaming4 timer siden
  • 💥💥💥

    Pep Talk UKPep Talk UK4 timer siden
  • why does ben get flak?

    Dylan WatsonDylan Watson5 timer siden
  • Why are so many people mad at Jake Paul lol. I really couldnt give a shit about Jake or anything he does but why are so many people mad at him? You all just seem jealous

    U MAD BRO ?U MAD BRO ?5 timer siden
  • He is a very special guest. Hope he puts that mouthy prick to the test.

    Christopher.Christopher.5 timer siden
  • Ben is definition of being objective & self awareness.

    Mercuric MikeMercuric Mike5 timer siden
  • Please Ben, Please knock him out, we can't let his ego grow bigger

    CountorCountor5 timer siden
  • Ben be the hero we all deserve man 🙏

    ᴇ.ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴅ.5 timer siden
  • does he even need to try?

    Rafaa XDRafaa XD6 timer siden
  • Viddal your video is messing up

    RedinxRedinx6 timer siden
  • Ben isn’t the hero we want, but the hero we need. KSI was the hero we wanted but he can’t fight, but if Ben Askren KOs him or just batters him then he needs to have a statue built in his honour😂😂 I will say this that you guys seemed a bit nervous and didn’t talk as normally as you usually do on True Geordies podcast because if you were relaxed then this interview would have been ten times better because the conversation would have flown way better and you’d be better at asking the tougher questions. I do hope you interview Ben Askren again.

    James JohnsonJames Johnson7 timer siden
  • I wish Viddal talked more like he did on Geordies podcast on why he believes Jake will in his eyes win, but overall this was a decent podcast.

    James JohnsonJames Johnson7 timer siden
  • When is the fight? April.....?

    Vapor_x_ FireVapor_x_ Fire7 timer siden
  • Ben seems like a great guy and must be a brilliant coach. He has such a great voice for punditry as well!

    PHR 29PHR 297 timer siden
  • Jake:this is the fight game. Its a sport. A average mma fighter will make the best boxer look like a grown up vs a kid 10 out of 10 times in a fight. Boxing is pretty well the worst of the fighting skills to know in a street fight. Bjj,wrestling>boxing even karate is better then boxing lol

    keedoopopkeedoopop7 timer siden
  • Bens is how everyone wants to be. Not giving a fuck about anything

    keedoopopkeedoopop8 timer siden
  • When Ben said “Don’t tie your ego to the outcome “ that hit different and made me realise why sometimes I feel a certain way about things

    sotuur aeeisotuur aeei8 timer siden
  • If there’s anyone out there that follows battle rap pretty closely, what Askren is doing in these press conferences to Jake Paul is what Cassidy did to Hitman Holla in their Face-Off 😂😂

    Kenneth GriggsKenneth Griggs8 timer siden
  • Mental fortitude is what Ben has over Jake.

    Marcus MjxMarcus Mjx8 timer siden
    • The more I watch Ben the more I like him and the worse I feel about the masvidal massacre!

      sotuur aeeisotuur aeei8 timer siden
  • I really hope Ben win this fight his good guy

    Dr. BabatundeDr. Babatunde9 timer siden
  • You love having jakes name carry your channel lmao gtfo

    Exelith OpExelith Op9 timer siden
  • Excellent interview! Thanks for uploading.

    Comrade CarabaoComrade Carabao10 timer siden
  • this was one boring interview... its like the interviewer was nervous, rocking back and forth, swaying his head... serious bad sound... terrible interview ... fk Jake by the way, the guys is a serious tool....

    Just MeJust Me10 timer siden
  • Why does nobody ask would u fight masvidal again if u win.? And bad camara work

    Jamie tJamie t11 timer siden
  • He just says the truth. Mental strength is 90% and jake and logan are rich and don't have it

    Jamie tJamie t11 timer siden
  • Jake Pooool

    techtonics Beatstechtonics Beats11 timer siden
  • But we need to be reminded. All of us are the main character in our movies. So chillax. Except Jake Paul tho. In Jake Pauls movie, the main character is Ben Askren

    de0509de050911 timer siden
  • Ben Askren is one of the most self-confident, mature adults I’ve heard speak. Really impressive and makes him super-likeable and chill.

    John SmithJohn Smith11 timer siden
  • Ben seems like a really chill dude I hope he knocks his ass out.

    FadedKlayyFadedKlayy11 timer siden
  • 18:02 Damn Ben's pretty smart

    PutinPutin11 timer siden
  • Ben is so humble.

    smplsmpl12 timer siden
  • Imagine ben gets out of control and knees jake 😂

    Mar GonMar Gon12 timer siden
  • Viddal v Greg Paul may the 5th 💪💪

    ThCrimReefer 17ThCrimReefer 1712 timer siden
  • The more I watch Ben the more I like him and the worse I feel about the masvidal massacre!

  • 500k subs and can't buy a microphone!!!!?????!!!!!!!

    nick gietzennick gietzen13 timer siden
    • @nick gietzen views

      Sexy HotdogSexy Hotdog12 timer siden
    • Wtf was I looking at?

      nick gietzennick gietzen12 timer siden
    • 1 mil lol

      Sexy HotdogSexy Hotdog12 timer siden
  • Vidaal and Jake should fight

    I’m BoredI’m Bored13 timer siden
  • I Love Bens Honesty, he is great!

    ChristianChristian14 timer siden
  • Ben’s WAY more likable than jake and I don’t know much about him but for some reason I’m still rooting for jake Paul to win on this.

    Bando AlleyBando Alley14 timer siden
  • Funny how people were actually starting to root for Jake before he says some dumb and cringe shit in the press conference, now everyone hates him again and wants Askren to beat his ass.

    Joey MorseJoey Morse14 timer siden
  • Dizzy Rascal into MMA now

    6DeadlyVenoms6DeadlyVenoms14 timer siden
  • god I swear if he doesn't win

    HelixHelix14 timer siden
  • Ben's view for me is why he loses this. He spent 10 years to become an elite wrestler, and that allowed him to be a success in MMA. "I've put 12 weeks in to boxing." That for me is why he loses this. Jake is by no means a great boxer, but he still has 2 years of training in isolation for the sport of boxing. You wouldn't take a boxer of 10 years and give him 12 weeks of wrestling training and expect him to beat a guy who had trained wrestling for 2 years

    Joe McCallumJoe McCallum14 timer siden
  • 37:03

    James HansonJames Hanson15 timer siden
  • Ben “I can go hard as shit for 7 minutes” Askren

    UNITDWUNITDW15 timer siden
  • Fair play to him for being so honest. Hope he gets the job done and shuts Jake up

    Jai BakerJai Baker16 timer siden
  • Ben askren is kind of a inspirational person, the way he handled himself in awkward situation is great 👍

    sannio komisannio komi16 timer siden
  • Good interview viddal

    Trill 64Trill 6416 timer siden
  • This dude is like 100x more humble than Jake Paul

    mastertreymastertrey16 timer siden
    • wondering if it's increased a bit, or it's just from hearing him speak a lot more now. Hopefully just the same old same old and nothing to be concerned about.

      sannio komisannio komi16 timer siden
  • Ben is only going for the paycheck, no motivation

    wrestlingfan87wrestlingfan8716 timer siden
  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....

    WavyyWavyy16 timer siden
  • Matthew 3:2...

    WavyyWavyy16 timer siden
  • Ben: “anything” Black guy: “that’s true”

    Harkaran RangiHarkaran Rangi17 timer siden
  • Dude looks like a roman soldier.

    qwqwqwqw99qwqwqwqw9917 timer siden
  • Ben is very likeable guy . even if he lose he won in my book .

    xavier parkxavier park17 timer siden
  • Ben please beat him, I don't want what happened with masvidal will repeat it self... :((((((((

    Shay MenasheShay Menashe17 timer siden
  • Robbie Lawler beat this guy with no gloves an didn't knock him out whatta u think jp is gonna do

    David GoldrickDavid Goldrick18 timer siden
  • Idk why but people starting to love ben askren

    stife cloudstife cloud18 timer siden
  • Man I'm glad I wasn't an Askren fan during the masvidal be thing. This dude is such a likeable guy it's a shame I didn't give him the chance earlier.

    Murad PervezMurad Pervez18 timer siden
  • Why is he giving his secrets away like that 😱

    Rizwan HaiderRizwan Haider18 timer siden
  • Wish this was a 4 hour chat

    MrCoffey1234MrCoffey123419 timer siden
  • jake paul has fully made me like ben

    Jamie McGibbonJamie McGibbon19 timer siden
  • I don’t really take much of viddals opinion on boxing cause of how he coached gib to get destroyed by jake in the first round back in January last year .

    Tahmid KalamTahmid Kalam19 timer siden
  • Top quality, Leon's presence is so understated but still so tangible. I've followed Ben for 5 years or so and he's always had the tendency to slur some of his words but I'm wondering if it's increased a bit, or it's just from hearing him speak a lot more now. Hopefully just the same old same old and nothing to be concerned about.

    360 Fov360 Fov19 timer siden
  • Ohh pls Ben do the job. PLEASE!

    Venture PicturesVenture Pictures19 timer siden
  • Bro, even logan and the rest started liking this guy XD This guy is just that down to earth

    SenseiWriterSenseiWriter19 timer siden
  • Imagine if Jake Paul starts crying... again.

    Raw DawgRaw Dawg20 timer siden
    • @J Man5 ... when his brother lost to ksi.

      Raw DawgRaw Dawg14 timer siden
    • When did he cry before ?!

      J Man5J Man518 timer siden
  • To the people who dislike this video are jake paulers!!!!

    PJ OGPJ OG20 timer siden
  • Will looked so wholesome!

    SenseiWriterSenseiWriter20 timer siden
  • I see Jake Paul beating Ben Askren. He even kind of acknowledges that's what is going to happen

    AR IbrahimAR Ibrahim21 time siden
  • 10/10 video

    Pablo HernandezPablo Hernandez21 time siden
  • Ben's ear......My goodness. I have messed up ears but this guy has a small shiny potato for a ear...He is not hearing much on that side

    De_La_RivaDe_La_Riva21 time siden
  • Bro If Jake Wins we need to see a Viddal vs. Jake Paul fight. Just so Viddal can hand him his ass

    Jordan CourtneyJordan Courtney21 time siden
  • You really not gonna talk about how you're about to be in the first Triple A boxing game since Fight Night Champion???

    OmnitrashmemesOmnitrashmemes21 time siden
  • Unsure if Jake has the power to put askren down. Also not sure if Jake has a chin, so if he does get rocked and he’s never been in that position he might actually lose. That also means Askren would have the power to do so. It’s going to be interesting as hell to watch either way 🥊

    YovuYovu22 timer siden
  • Ben is a GEM

    Kim Erik JohannessenKim Erik Johannessen22 timer siden
  • Honest mann!!!

    Syed MukarramSyed Mukarram22 timer siden
  • Im glad you got Ben on plus im so happy you're in a fighting game congratulations for that

    Josh SmithJosh Smith22 timer siden
  • What’s wrong with his ear

    NoobyGamezNoobyGamez22 timer siden
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    John PearsonJohn Pearson22 timer siden
  • viddcl you really need to get a new mic

    Brad ChisholmBrad Chisholm22 timer siden
  • Ben is so humble holy cow, idc how he wins but I want him to win

    NikNik22 timer siden
  • Ben’s a windup and I fuckin love it

    Moth GamerMoth Gamer23 timer siden
  • plot twist, Ben wins the fight. Becomes a part time influencer beater: boxing, wrestling, MMA for funand that cashhhhh. Sounds like a good side hustle for retirement lmao

    Mark MartinezMark Martinez23 timer siden
  • Ben's just a good smart fellow, very likeable hope he smashes Jake

    jack Ohayonjack Ohayon23 timer siden
  • i can listen to ben whole day.

    SHA NUSHA NU23 timer siden
  • Who wants to see Vidal vs tommy fury imagine that fight

    YouTube aYouTube a23 timer siden
  • no matter what win or lose its going to be a great fight and plenty of entertainment

    Will GWill GDag siden