Joe Rogan Clarifies His Vaccine Comments

29. april. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1642 w/Andrew Santino:

  • Lol the government overreacting shows they were scared.

    Spotty BlanksSpotty Blanks5 minutter siden
  • He bent the knee after saying the truth.

    jose ariasjose arias17 minutter siden
  • Staged. Tool. yes do your part for your community and look joe rogans parents even got it, and joe if old af. thanks for clarifying you want vaccines.

    Jj LllJj Lll30 minutter siden
  • There’s actually no legitimate science behind this

    Firewheel FarmFirewheel FarmTime siden
  • The reason that everyone, including younger healthy people with a minor risk of getting the virus should get the vaccine is to eradicate the virus. Science is showing that the vaccine will prevent a younger person who has no symptoms from carrying and spreading the virus. Everyone can and should make their own decision but the only way to get rid of the virus is for as many people to get the vaccine as possible.

    Aaron HernandezAaron HernandezTime siden
  • Who watches Joe for accurate information? I always watched him because he give his honest opinion, don't worry Lord Fauci Joe has no power to control the populous (unlike someone i know).

    awezmanawezman2 timer siden
  • Hahaha joe gut feeling is somethings fucky.. government attacks immediately... proof that somethings fucky.

    learn2 farmlearn2 farm3 timer siden
  • I hate how people got so mad at him for his opinion obviously it wasn’t something you should take seriously. Idk man do you go to your doctor to ask about finance advise?

    Victor UlloaVictor Ulloa3 timer siden
  • Fauci doesn't know anything about anything... Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test

    Jonathan DearJonathan Dear4 timer siden
  • What stupid, ignorant commentary...the jab is a killing machine. Listen to the real experts that have been pushed off the CIA/MSM.

    David CraigieDavid Craigie6 timer siden
  • im a sheeple..HAHAHAHAA true!

    bekka128bekka1286 timer siden
  • No fucking way that Joe is

    Klaryssa HawashKlaryssa Hawash6 timer siden
  • I absolutely LOVE how Joe triggered the SJWs with his vaccine comments! 🤣

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue7 timer siden
  • Scary when celebs have such large platform and can pass their halfwit thoughts on to the masses.

    Zaq BacestereZaq Bacestere8 timer siden
  • 2m53s: "I don't have an off air and an on air voice" vs. "I'll tell you off air, because he told me not to talk about it" -- Christopher Mellon clip:

    SmoothSackSmoothSack8 timer siden
  • He sold out sooner or later he would have to bow to the sjw’s narrative the real Joe Rogan experience is dead

    RichieRichie8 timer siden
    • back. This is the world we live in. Misinformation is constantly swarming around us and if you can’t learn to navigate through that stuff, you’re in for a rough ride. Do I agree wit

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue7 timer siden
  • This guy can laugh off the side effects when they materialize. I pity him and fear for his future. From what I’m discovering, there’s a chance we’re going to have to quarantine all of the vaxxed away from the non-vaxxed. They might be exhaling a novel spike protein that is looking to be extremely dangerous if not deadly to humanity.

    Citizen ValveCitizen Valve8 timer siden
  • you dont need to get the vaccine you already took it when you took the test test=vaccine

    Mr182airwavesMr182airwaves9 timer siden
  • What a fucking joke..

    T the AlienT the Alien9 timer siden

    Some GuySome Guy9 timer siden
  • Joe "I have me" Rogan

    Alex DelgadoAlex Delgado10 timer siden
  • Good god whoever he is interviewing sounds like such an utter chump. Poor kid.

    tim fureytim furey11 timer siden
  • Its the flu.

    tim fureytim furey11 timer siden
  • It was about the dumbest thing he's said in a while. I'm glad he's pulled back a little, but saying "that's a different conversation" is a weak excuse for ignoring the contagion issue, as he sends infected 21 year olds out to kill their grandparents. "LOL, I'm just a dumb/drunk/stoned podcaster. Nobody should listen to me." Get fucked Joe. Millions of impressionable young men hang on your every word. Information and its dissemination is power, and with your global platform, you are very powerful indeed. Any nerd will tell you what comes with great power. You don't have a medical degree so please stfu.

    em diarem diar11 timer siden
  • For everyone who doesn't know.. Even if you take the vaxx you still can catch the vírus and still can pass it to others.. sooo yeah im young and healthy i refuse my vaxx thank you!

    Joao MirandaJoao Miranda11 timer siden
  • No such thing as “Real Journalism” anymore. It’s about the ratings and the green

    ¿Junior ?!¿Junior ?!12 timer siden
  • Joe’s has no idea what he’s talking about. Reading websites is not research. Say it again: reading websites is not research.

    Daniel AulentiDaniel Aulenti13 timer siden
    • What is research then?

      Gamebred209Gamebred2099 timer siden
    • Yes it is not research but these big corporations lie for profit uplift. Profit over human life. Big pharma (oxy), big chem (monsanto/glyphosate), big accounting/banks (financialized economy), etc. etc. So, we have no choice but to try and read between the internet lines and find some resemblance of truth.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman11 timer siden
  • Sold out

    C.R RamC.R Ram13 timer siden
  • Blow hard.

    K BK B14 timer siden
  • Joe can you address the Nuremberg code on your show please .

    Edward CassidyEdward Cassidy14 timer siden
  • Your a sell out Joey, no morals anymore big fella

    Travis HainesTravis Haines14 timer siden
  • So here’s the deal. If you’re going on Joe Rogan to get medical advice about vaccines, there’s a serious problem. Go on Joe Rogan, listen objectively and go from there. Do your homework and do your own independent research. Listen to “professionals”. He’s not a health care professional so don’t take his advice like he is one. If you want advice about Muay Thai, or Tae Kwon Do, etc then yes... absolutely! If Rogan said out loud “I think it’s safe to swan dive off of a 80 foot train bride into this body of water that I have no idea how deep it is” and a bunch of people did, is it Rogans fault?Sure he should be VERY mindful when it comes to his opinion as he is a massive public figure and is a huge influence on people, but people need to take accountability for their decisions, opinions, and decisions. Take what is known as valid and truthful and scrap the rest. Water on a ducks back. This is the world we live in. Misinformation is constantly swarming around us and if you can’t learn to navigate through that stuff, you’re in for a rough ride. Do I agree with Joes opinion? Hell no!! It think it’s a ridiculous statement but I know he has no formal training or education in vaccines. Will I keep listening to him? Absolutely. I love a lot of the stuff he pumps out.

    Canadian Shin SplintsCanadian Shin Splints15 timer siden
    • @Freeman Freeman Totally.

      Canadian Shin SplintsCanadian Shin Splints10 timer siden
    • 40 years of dumbing down US education so what do we expect? I always wondered how this dumbing down would manifest in society and now we are seeing great evidence of this.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman11 timer siden
  • JRE went downhill in all aspects since moving over to Spotify

    Relax BroRelax Bro16 timer siden
  • Hey Joe. You know you are selling out bro. Really sucks doesn't it.

    Nadiia DushkoNadiia Dushko16 timer siden
  • If you really think Spotify is controlling Joe you’re stupid, the reason Joe left NOtown in the first place was because NOtown was censoring and controlling what he could and couldn’t say. He’s not going to put up with Spotify controlling him as well.

    DEN8YDEN8Y17 timer siden
    • @DEN8Y ok, thanks for the info

      Hank ScorpioHank Scorpio8 timer siden
    • @Gamebred209 dude old news this was again a mistake when uploading the podcasts there was more than just those but that was the only ones people wanted to focus on. All the episodes are on Spotify.

      DEN8YDEN8Y9 timer siden
    • @DEN8Y there was a huge list, the majority of the joey diaz ones, there was the Alex Jones ones and I believe a few with some comedians, you can find the full recent list online

      Gamebred209Gamebred2099 timer siden
    • @Gamebred209 please give me an example of a removed episode

      DEN8YDEN8Y9 timer siden
    • @DEN8Y no they’re removing more episodes

      Gamebred209Gamebred2099 timer siden
  • The guy is a sheep and deserves what he gets

    Steven SSteven S17 timer siden
  • Another main reason for global vaccination is to stop Covid19 from mutating, like now the version from India (Asia) is swarming around the world hitting hard ...

    Werner GWerner G18 timer siden
    • But, there is not enough research to determine of the antibodies for the spike proteins so longer term damage to other cells and systems. What they are passing out is version 1.0. We all know the issues with versions 1.0 in everything. This qualifies as a mass human experiment. The reason why over a decade of research was done on mRNA vaccines and it wasn’t released because the animal trial results were not good enough for humans yet. This is why the van companies have full immunity to lawsuits at this time. The biggest question is do you trust big pharma. You know the same big pharma players that introduced oxy into the public knowing that is was 50x stronger than heroin and its addictive qualities would drive abuse into the black market where we now see our youth dying of fentanyl. Also, note that all fentanyl comes from China and a large portion through the Mexican border.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman11 timer siden
  • By not taking it you can still spread it and let it mutate so maybe think twice before talking about this topic :)

    JimJim19 timer siden
    • People that are vaxed are still getting the virus and many over 70 are dying from covid anyway. It may be cutting down on the deaths and severity but do you trust the government and big pharma who’s massive objective is to sell and distribute the vaccines at all costs? I have a hard time convincing myself that the corrupt congress (both parties) and profit over human life big pharma care about a few deaths... collateral damage for money and power.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman11 timer siden
  • Uneducated dude with no knowledge as to what he is saying. Medical degree ...nope. In the medical field...nope. A loud mouth broadcaster who used his platform to spew crap and HIS PERSONAL OPINION. SHAMEEEEEEEEEEE on you.

    always mealways me19 timer siden
    • He is all that but there are many young viewers that listing to what he is saying if not just for entertainment. The real problem is that after 40 years of dumbing down US education, we have people that absolutely cannot think for themselves. This is how a lowly or mis-educated society manifests itself and now we know the outcome.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman11 timer siden
  • joe brogan is a greedy tool, having traded his moral & spiritual integrity for more money. way to go, joe. I guess you can't have this much of a platform without wearing their collar.

    Fester AlcockFester Alcock21 time siden
  • Joe is wrong. I’m from Brazil And the brazilian mutation of the Corona virus is killing young healthy people. And unfortunately more mutations will come. Fortunately vaccines will be improved as well. People shout get vaccinated.

    LaraSimeaoRomeroLaraSimeaoRomero22 timer siden
  • Trudeau is throwing pastors in jail and closing churches he is the devil and trying to control the country. I’m from Canada. Canada is burning right now and it’s not from covid

    peter highmanpeter highman23 timer siden
    • Yes but if this is a bioweapon then it’s mutations will probably be deadly. And the cures? Probably deadly as well because it is not tested by the time and standard we normally exercise for vaccines. If the leadership of this world actually screwed this up and it is a bioweapon then we the human race are in trouble.

      Freeman FreemanFreeman Freeman10 timer siden
  • Take it so you don't spread it to others? What a crock of bullshit. What next, wear your gag mask incase your words hurt someone else

    Derek ReidDerek ReidDag siden
  • COMMON SENSE..... get the Vac if your old or want to, just don't think for one second your better than those that don't. (from a guy that got the vac)

    TripleAstyle1 ATripleAstyle1 ADag siden
  • The problem isn't what he said, Is comedian. the problem Is usa have some Many ignorant people that believe anything. Imagine taking a epidemiology decision about the lives of millons of people from a Comedian Is funny right well that's the usa now

    Roberto ManciaRoberto ManciaDag siden
  • Rogan has blood on his hands. Granny blood.

    Eric DiazEric DiazDag siden
  • Omg you had your head so far up Elon’s ass.

    Space CitizenSpace CitizenDag siden
  • Saying "don't take the vaccine" isn't dumb. It's actually sound advice.

    Live And InspiredLive And InspiredDag siden
  • Joe the sheep ... yOu neEd iT fOr oThEr pEoPle ... If vaccines work, then the people who take it HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT

    Ended-the-fedEnded-the-fedDag siden
  • #SafeMoon

    D JD JDag siden
  • "Worldwide, an estimated 19.3 million new cancer cases (18.1 million excluding nonmelanoma skin cancer) and *almost 10.0 million cancer deaths* (9.9 million excluding nonmelanoma skin cancer) *occurred in 2020* Total *Covid deaths are 3.3 million in 2020 -2021* Now Google "Covid deaths" vs "Cancer Deaths". Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture, what do you see different right away ?. I can tell you, the *internets main focus has been amplified on Covid 19* for some apparent unknown reason. *These following deaths still occur on a yearly basis* Combined, there's at least 7 killers which dwarf this pandemic in numbers of dead humans. One of them is just starvation, ask yourself how 10 million people die of starvation every year ?. One is Cancer, Heart disease, there's also suicide, homicide, car accidents and drug related deaths. *We lose 21 times as many people every year to things which can still be solved.* Now what is this pandemic ?. Use your brains, it's *nonsense* It's actually worse than that. Fix what's been broken.

    Tasty JaguarTasty JaguarDag siden
  • Too late Joe, you already spoke the Truth

    Veer ChasmVeer ChasmDag siden
  • Joe took the deal Dave Chappelle ran away from, they own his ass now...

    VicVicDag siden
  • POV you haven’t watched how rogan since 2019 and are wondering wtf happened to the room

    Lane HardeeLane HardeeDag siden
  • #joerogan strongly urge you watch "In The Name of Zion" on bitchute. WAKE UP!

    A. LarsonA. LarsonDag siden
  • #joerogan

    A. LarsonA. LarsonDag siden
  • Went from sheeple to lab rats 🐀

    Christian PrescottChristian PrescottDag siden
  • Your words have power to many of your followers. If just one person refused the vaccine and died would that rest easy on your conscious?

    jim pagejim pageDag siden
  • If someone is dumb enough to make life decisions based off of any internet/tv personality then your probably one of those special people Who form their political opinions by whatever Cardi B or a Miley Cyrus has to say😂😂😂

    kingrider75kingrider75Dag siden
  • It is being a sheep

    Aarron MarrAarron MarrDag siden
  • 53 ? wtttfffff amazing

    alfonso payraalfonso payraDag siden
  • Well Joe is not a doctor but guess who else is nit a doctor? Bill Gates, but it is all gud when he talks about vaccines. +1

    Google UserGoogle UserDag siden
  • Glen Greenwald hahaha ok....

    B wB wDag siden
  • T-cells baby.

    Loren WhiteLoren WhiteDag siden
  • Check my ig: honda_gas people are spreading the vaccine mrna to the non vaccinated

    carshatter ycarshatter yDag siden
  • Bro, give your opinion and fuck it. Its not like Fauchi the TV Dr. is giving his opinion and not relying on info based on facts to avoid flip flopping on what you should be forced to do by governments... oh wait

    Alain C.Alain C.Dag siden
  • Spotify puts

    stevenstevenDag siden
  • If 9 out of 10 people have a jab why does the 1 out of 10 need to take it to protect others?

    JJeremJJeremDag siden
  • That was as Clearfield as mud. Joe: “well... that’s a different argument.” Did you JUST learn that you vaccinate to protect your society? Patriotism is making a (small in this case) sacrifice for the benefit of the whole. I’m just saying Joe is NOT patriotic.

    Mark StoverMark StoverDag siden
  • He sounds like he's going through the end of a mid life crisis - I hope his heart is regularly monitored; his brain obviously isn't.

    L4LTVL4LTVDag siden
  • The mRNA vaccine does not create antibodies or give you antibodies.

    Brenda FullerBrenda FullerDag siden
  • When did we forget it’s ok to have an opinion that not everyone agrees with.

    chris cartychris cartyDag siden
  • He was entirely right about the vaccine situation though, if you’re young and healthy you have a 99.98% chance of surviving, and there’s already been bad side effects for two of the vaccines

    Jace DoyleJace DoyleDag siden
  • And Joe, in your argument that the vaccine is to “protect others”… If you look at the vaccine information, it does not promise you do not get Covid again and it does not promise you cannot transfer Covid, and the follow-up comments from CDC and Almighty Fuaci is a vaccinated person still needs to wear a mask and have some level of social distancing. I absolutely agree with you that if you are a young healthy individual a.k.a. “low risk individual“, then you do not and should not vaccinate.

    Dr. Michael TinkeyDr. Michael TinkeyDag siden
  • Communist USA does not like it when you say a no-no.

    Turkey ManTurkey ManDag siden
  • Nooooo Joe whyd you backpedal on your opinion!? Say what you want who cares what others think

    FJP 124FJP 124Dag siden
  • I’m surprised joe hasn’t been cancelled for talking common sense yet

    1 21 2Dag siden
  • If you had covid why get the Jaberew? Even of you don't get the covid if your immune health is good why do it. Stop eating pork, red meat, Mc devil. Murder King, Kentucky lied Chicken. Stop eating garbage. Eat garlic vitamins workout. Be happy one thing about Americans is that they get sacred very easy they get brain washed really quick!

    AlhamdulillahAlhamdulillahDag siden

      AlhamdulillahAlhamdulillahDag siden

      AlhamdulillahAlhamdulillahDag siden
  • Joe is such a pussy. his guest, whoever the fuck he is... admits, on camera that he is a sheep....this is why aliens turn the fuck around...

    StephStephDag siden
  • Joe should retract his comment because it comes from a very uneducated place. If one is vaccinated they can still carry the virus to an unvaccinated person by way of the nasopharynx. It might not affect the vaccinated person, but it probably will affect the unvaccinated person. I notice Joe says a lot of extremely uneducated things, but I still like his interviews, but only if it's someone I'm interested in. After I realized how out there Joe can get I became increasingly disinterested in his podcasts. I'm sure he couldn't care less what I think. I care enough to comment. I must need something to do. lol

    Sue DrakeSue DrakeDag siden
    • He does say a lot of uneducated shit, and what's dangerous about that, seeing that he has millions and millions of listeners, is that he makes it seem as if his opinions were based on scientific studies. But guess what. He ALWAYS sides with scientists that are on the minority, in every subject there is. If there's some guy out there saying something that no other scientist does, Joe will bite it. He keeps repeating in his podcasts that people who got covid become immune to it. It has been proven time and time again that you can get reinfected, I personally know people who have, with severe symptoms and all.

      MateusMateus18 timer siden
  • Meanwhile everyone Takes Bill Gates every word as gospel

    MidWestOutlaw 420MidWestOutlaw 420Dag siden
  • Pretty gay.

    Adam GiocondoAdam GiocondoDag siden
  • Joe's last "YAS!" got me xD

    fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhDag siden
  • Joe Rogan is extremely courageous for this. If a government is not challenged then they will go ahead with unethical decisions. The only ways to stop government from making unethical decisions are protest and the criticism of individuals who have a large influence, the people like Rogan. A society that does not have philosophers to protect them against the immoral choices of there government are certain to suffer. So thank you for being that guy joe and putting this moral reasoning out there. I hope more influencers and philosopher like Jordan Peterson address the elephant in the room soon. Socrates was killed for criticizing his government, he was protecting the people of his society, philosophers are an unappreciated part of society, there reasoning can prevent atrocities. I hope joe see’s this, I don’t think we understands the importance of what he did addressing this issue with forcing healthy people to take medication.

    J gJ gDag siden
  • poor joe rogan i understand contracts, yo joe rogan hope that contract ends. Spotify isnt your thing.

    Daniel CarnesDaniel CarnesDag siden
  • Just walk up to em shake their hands and vaccinate...shakes hands and boom boom...jk

    PatrickGregoryDanielsPatrickGregoryDanielsDag siden
    • Joe "I Get Moist When Public Officials Pay Attention To Me" Rogan.

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhhDag siden
  • The guy has the tools!!He knows when to stop and start again without annoying people and the media!!Too smart to fall in a trap!!Joe is navigating miles away from the others competitors!!He is way ahead of the game!!!EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RioFanRioFanDag siden
  • Stop playing the victim card Joe Rogan. You are old enough to know better. If Alexander the Great can conquer other countries at 18, you can figure out how to not use drugs and alcohol as an excuse for leading people astray during a pandemic, you junkie.

    New happy AccountNew happy AccountDag siden
  • you need to get vaccinated for other people! Not just for yourself! Its not being a 'sheep' it's being a competent person fs. Everyone should take vaccines INCLUDING YOUNG PEOPLE !

    Nice Try MateNice Try MateDag siden
  • please stop making stupid people famous...

    Joshua SteinJoshua SteinDag siden
  • Now the thing is different people's bodies react differently to this fucking thing, most of my family had elder brother had it twice and it was super chill but I also know so many people who went through hell because of it and some who actually died.. almost all of them were 60+

    Utkarsh TiwariUtkarsh TiwariDag siden
  • You are irresponsible too often Joe Rogan. You have such a far reach and take it way too lightly. I am truly disgusted by you. And you get so much praise no matter what you do, it’s really depressing.

    New happy AccountNew happy AccountDag siden
  • I respect you as a source of information bc you offer your own thoughts and theories to topics and get me thinking about possibilities of the discussion. Thats where innovation comes from. Anyone who hears what you say has the ability to research that topic and verify if your suggestion is plausible or not. But it encourages free thinking and "what if" discussion and conversation like that can change the world.

    Dr. MoscatoDr. MoscatoDag siden
  • Funny how new corona strains are killing hundreds of young people in India including the vaccinated people too and US is still debating about wether to get vaccinated or not 😂😂😂 Just wish this new strain don't get to US coz then you will be having a very different conversation

    Ray MackRay MackDag siden
  • It’s just vaccinations joe don’t get so dramatic about it and everyone should get vaccinated

    Wyatt MojaverWyatt MojaverDag siden
  • Come on guys, he's not backpeddaling. This has been the rational argument all along, true fans remember the Tulsi Gabard interview when they literally discussed vaccine efficacy! It's just rational, the vaccine is not stopping spreading of the virus, only the strong reaction (oversimplified), so why would getting it stop spreading?

    Ivan2JuraIvan2JuraDag siden
  • I agree. Spotify is horrible. Joe says connect for free for his podcast and all I get is commercials. Never had that on NOtown. I try to click on his podcasts and all I get is commercials with not connection to a podcast. What a lie.

    TheCindypieTheCindypieDag siden
  • Joe Don’t bow down to these genocidal vaccine pushers and stand your ground and up for the rest of the human race. Some info to educate yourself If we don’t start calling bullshit on the bullshit we are 100% heading into dangerous territory for every person on this crazy planet. You have the following and the opportunity to be on the right side of history.

    Clive JamesClive JamesDag siden