John Oliver Thought the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Was Perfect

26. nov.. 2020
984 626 Ganger

John Oliver reveals how he got Adam Driver to participate in his Adam Driver bit on Last Week Tonight and talks about why the Rockefeller Christmas tree fiasco perfectly represented 2020.
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John Oliver Thought the 2020 Rockefeller Christmas Tree Was Perfect- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • Adam was such a good sport during that video. It shows he's obviously not stuck-up and has a good sense of humor.

    necromayanecromaya6 dager siden
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    Zabshire RobertoZabshire Roberto15 dager siden
  • Seth gets this head wiggle when he's so happy and it makes me so happy

    Salsa Atrocities BSalsa Atrocities B27 dager siden
  • i could watch these two comedy giants chat for hours.

    Ali RabbaniAli RabbaniMåned siden
  • "Not the tree that we needed, but the one that we deserved." -Commissioner Gordon, maybe

    Cameron SittonCameron SittonMåned siden
  • Cannon Hinnant, Veronica Baker Jessica Doty Whitaker, Rasheen McClain, Lena Nunez, Jasean Francis, Charles Riley, Sha'India Harris, Secoriea Turner, Laura Anderson, Charles Walls, Janari Ricks, Sincere Gaston, Bernard Trammell, Aaron Danielson, Daysure Wilson, Solomon Nicholas, Duncan Lemp, Zachary Hammond, Tony Timpa, Dylan Noble, Dillon Taylor, Daniel Schaver, Juan Torrez, Danielle Pearson, Jeremy Akons, Ryan Reed, Jurnee Thompson, Xavier Usanga, Kennedi Powell, Tre'von Barnett, Amor Cureton, Trinity Randolph, Jaquaila Young, Rowan Sweeney, Lee Keltner ------------------ Greg Lewis Danyal Jones Angelo Bronson John Tiggs Lazarra Daniels Keishanay Holden Sharrod Turner Jaliel Jackson Darius Jelks Tyrel Clark Jaquan Newman Tommie Gatewood Maurice Jelks The black Americans who were murdered in Chicago on May 31st. ------------------------------------- Officers-David Dorn, Debra Clayton, Norman Lewis, Richard Howard, Ryan Hendrix, Breann Leath, Damon Gutzwiller, Harold Preston, Conley Jumper, Darren Goforth, Cassie Johnson, Tyler Herndon Please, let's not forget the approximately 210 black Americans who have been murdered in Chicago since George Floyd happened. Today is 10/19/20. Add about 2 murders for each day. Antifa is a facist organization. BLM is a Communist organization. Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto. Socialism is the transitional form of government between a democracy and communism.

    Greg JamesGreg JamesMåned siden
  • "No one want's a *good* tree this year, do they? Do people want to live a lie?" John Oliver is amazing

    Delia HarringtonDelia HarringtonMåned siden
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    No SirNo SirMåned siden
  • Adam Driver should have called in on this too.

    kazemizukazemizuMåned siden
  • I loved the Adam Driver bit, start to finish! Whoever the writer was, I'm a huge fan of their twisted mind.

    MiladyMiladyMåned siden
  • The dimples on that Oliver boy...the dimples...

    Chrisse RoccaroChrisse RoccaroMåned siden
  • Wait Adam Driver is a bird too

    Charlie SalzmanCharlie SalzmanMåned siden
  • dope or nope

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    john lavvasjohn lavvasMåned siden
  • ladies and gentlemen this is called damage control

    Bass PlayerBass PlayerMåned siden
  • Loser/dork

    GonnamakeituglyGonnamakeituglyMåned siden
  • I have the back story on the little owl they found in the tree. She'd been having trouble sleeping for a couple of weeks so she took half a Lunesta. This was too big a dose for such a small bird and she slept for several days. She woke up in NYC totally shocked to be there. Nah. Just kidding. ; - )

    Frogpal PeeperFrogpal PeeperMåned siden
  • Our tree sucks and I love it. Charlie Brown trees all around

    Shelby FrancisShelby FrancisMåned siden
  • "no-one wants a good tree this year" Ok, Australia's officially on a different planet lol live Christmas trees have replaced toiletpaper here now & everyone's suddenly decided they want a real one & the panic buying is starting up, while the fake ones just sit in the stores unloved

    Me HereMe HereMåned siden
  • I love this man with my whole heart.

    Emily BrougherEmily BrougherMåned siden
  • I am SO happy to here the backstory behind this - it was VERY weird. I was really afraid that Adam Driver was gonna honestly upset - his performance was convincing in that I still don't know if he's legitimately gonna file a restraining order or something. Still, I love John Oliver (PLEASE don't come out as a crazy political racist, fingers crossed!!!)

    Hakkyou13Hakkyou13Måned siden
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    Food GuyFood GuyMåned siden
  • Anyone who interviews John just basically laugh for the whole duration. What a doomsday delight

    Gregory GomezGregory GomezMåned siden
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    Johnathon MalzhanJohnathon MalzhanMåned siden
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    Sirjt KhanSirjt KhanMåned siden
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    emerson gabrielemerson gabrielMåned siden
  • I'm surprised neither of you mentioned the owl that was in the Rockefeller Center tree.

    Carol RCarol RMåned siden
  • “Muffled killing spree music.” 💀

    Dr. Zombie XDr. Zombie XMåned siden
    • PERFECT DESCRIPTION of that non consensual cult music that americans get subjected to from November through January every year!!!!! Unless we can online shop -- WHEW! Online shopping has saved us!

      Witchypoo RoseWitchypoo RoseMåned siden
  • Nice 👍 that white peoples beef

    Life Coaching NetworkLife Coaching NetworkMåned siden
  • Don't like the fake background laughter

    inveeleinveeleMåned siden
  • I ship TF out of John & Adam Driver

    Maryam DadarMaryam DadarMåned siden
  • John Oliver is just freaking adorable.

    Meghann AltMeghann AltMåned siden
  • 04:10 literally laughed out loud at this because this is what we do with our tree at home when we can't be bothered decorating the whole thing lmao

    socrappyicoulddiesocrappyicoulddieMåned siden
  • I actually like the adam driver bit a lot better knowing it was done out of spite

    AmyAmyMåned siden
  • Hey I thought he left the blue void room

    jBone4400jBone4400Måned siden
  • John Oliver looks like an English professor at a decent, but not very well known liberal arts school in Indiana.

    Amanda KurukulasuriyaAmanda KurukulasuriyaMåned siden
  • They stole that tree from an owl. True story.

    Jae LynnJae LynnMåned siden
  • I love these two so hard.

    John MJohn MMåned siden
  • John's "Adam Driver conclusion" was amazing! But Adam's commitment to delivering this conclusion was even better!

    Halie SherlinHalie SherlinMåned siden
  • The perfect tree to ending this giant fucking turd of a year, 2020! Yes John you may borrow that sentiment.

    Sarah DeeSarah DeeMåned siden
  • Welcome to 2020 and United States citizenship, John Oliver. You're an indomitable force of nature and we need you.

    Betty ClarkBetty ClarkMåned siden
  • Not want a good tree? Are you kidding? My husband did weeks of research to find the most glorious affordable artificial tree he could find and set it up before Thanksgiving (to make sure it was OK) and up it stayed! I drew the line at decorating it before now, but it is beautiful w/o any decor at all! No, this year, we needed the best.tree.ever!

    lilysnana1955lilysnana1955Måned siden
  • John Oliver: So we have this weird, weird joke going on... Adam Driver: You son of a gun... I'm in.

    Good CorwinGood CorwinMåned siden
  • He’s right-Adam Driver was mesmerizing

    S RKHS RKHMåned siden
  • This reminds me of this xmas tree seller who tried to sell a really wispy tree to this nice couple one year. They were like ”I don’t know, it looks a little sparse” and the seller replied with ”No no, it’s a really nice tree! You can see the decorations through it!” #salesmanship

    under the empty skyunder the empty skyMåned siden
  • John Oliver, since Seth is taken lol, contact me for a date!! I just want to eat and laugh!!!

    Yvonne CarrenoYvonne CarrenoMåned siden
  • I don’t like it either. You’re so good. But it doesn’t feel funny.

    PatrickPatrickMåned siden
  • As if I didnt like J.O. enough.... my god.... these segments... im dying.

    Jurassic TechJurassic TechMåned siden
  • Is it just me or do late nights hosts and guests look ten years younger since the election? 😉😷🇨🇦🇺🇸

    Margot GullifordMargot GullifordMåned siden
  • Isn´t John Oliver that loser who dissed Bitcoin and EOS for 20 minutes 3 years ago ??? Bitcoin is close to a new all time high and EOS has a market cap of $3,027,081,868 today and yes it will be the next google. What a punch of brainfuckers.

    ozelotozelotMåned siden
  • They really should have done a Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year, I think everyone would have had a good, desperately needed, laugh

    Laura ShadforthLaura ShadforthMåned siden
  • “It’s been a pleasure; I won’t see you soon” coming soon to a greeting card socially distanced near you.

    Lora BrownLora BrownMåned siden
  • I'm so happy to get the story behind the Adam Driver bit.

    Brooke MurrayBrooke MurrayMåned siden
  • The Adam Driver thing was hilarious. I wish it could've gone on.

    Daaria NaharisDaaria NaharisMåned siden
  • We know Adam somehow will be back; just like the Kimmel-Damon part

    Elena P.Elena P.Måned siden
  • i loved every part of the bit

    Angie ContrerasAngie ContrerasMåned siden
  • So many people hated the Adam Driver bit, but I ADORED it. I believe it encapsulated Driver’s sexy, disturbing, yet confusing, rage that he projected in the Star Wars movies. Could have watched another year of it, tbh.

    Heather CilliersHeather CilliersMåned siden
    • Only the bitter Star Wars fans would say that. But the majority of people who watched it really liked Adam's part.

      K Guerr1K Guerr1Måned siden
  • I love when Seth and Stephen Colbert interview John Oliver, he's always so gleeful and it's great to see them all joke back and forth

    Senna TaylorSenna TaylorMåned siden
    • Seconded!

      Lilac PeachLilac PeachMåned siden
  • what a Buffon.

    Richard 303Richard 303Måned siden
  • Oliver is just full of glee in that interview. It's almost like he can't control himself. He's really the best.

    • So much more cheerful since the many global citizens?🤗🤗🤗😷😷😷🇨🇦🇺🇸

      Margot GullifordMargot GullifordMåned siden
  • :-)))))

    Pilar GonzálezPilar GonzálezMåned siden
  • John Oliver has been an absolute beacon of joy in this terrible year of 2020.

    Sindelar DelarivaSindelar DelarivaMåned siden
  • Oh John, don't be humble, your acting at the bit was almost as good as Adam and I mean it.

    Wei XiongWei XiongMåned siden
  • This probably ain't gonna be popular, but here goes- Of course Seth likes the Adam Driver bit. He's the guy who was jamming that pic of the talking captain (among other lame running gags) on the quarantined version of his show. Yeah, even when he was getting neg feedback, he was like, "I'll show you," and wouldn't let up. So whether the audience likes it or not, what the F were we gonna do? Not watch the show, entirely? No. Both Seth and John Oliver are funny and informative, so I put up with the occasional crap. And John's explanation or defense of continuing to do it is based on the live audience's NEGATIVE reaction. So, John is saying, "Oh, you don't like it, watch this." But heck, it's their show(s). Some similarity- Frank Zappa (who I was/am a giant fan of) did something similar in live concerts, playing 5 notes from the song Louie Louie over and over again until the audience groaned. It was mean spirited and he was calling the audience (aaah, his fans, who paid money to see him) stupid. Sitting in the audience, I saw what was coming and thought, "Frank, in this case, you are not smarter than me." To see Seth and John so smug and happy about this? It makes me sad when people find satisfaction in annoying others.

    gggnumber1gggnumber1Måned siden

    john satterleejohn satterleeMåned siden
  • Oliver is just full of glee in that interview. It's almost like he can't control himself. He's really the best.

    Kimi YaoKimi YaoMåned siden
  • JO: "Is it the tree we want? No." "Is it the tree we deserve? Absolutely!" Truer words never spoken.

    Andrew BergAndrew BergMåned siden
    • It is.

      Red GreyRed GreyMåned siden
  • Who else would watch a Seth Myers/John Oliver podcast

    stooge389stooge389Måned siden
    • If you can explain to a senior boomer how to watch a podcast!🥺🥺🥺😷😷😷😷😷🇨🇦🇺🇸

      Margot GullifordMargot GullifordMåned siden
  • Also good.

    Javier FernandezJavier FernandezMåned siden
  • give me the bad tree back!! let's make history.

    heidi guoheidi guoMåned siden
  • The tree did come with an owl.

    barbara henningerbarbara henningerMåned siden
  • nice one! can't wait for the next last week tonight! 🙂🤘🏿

    Alex CioAlex CioMåned siden
  • Absolutely brilliant interview, Seth!

    Jason BondJason BondMåned siden
  • I love how genuinely Seth seems to enjoy talking to his guests. No other host feels like he means it so much when he says "it's great to see you."

    robby garzarobby garzaMåned siden
  • Oh no, John Oliver got stuck again back to the white void

    vanhalenbrvanhalenbrMåned siden
  • Great to have some off-season John Oliver!

    fixture orbitfixture orbitMåned siden
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    R AR AMåned siden
  • Gaining John as a fellow American was the only great thing that happened to the US in 2020, up until Nov. 3rd.

    Tootie QTootie QMåned siden
  • John Oliver is so awesome a national treasure and now he’s ours :)

    Loren ReneeLoren ReneeMåned siden
  • I love both Seth and John so god damn much they can turn even the darkest of days into sunshine I love them and so hope they never change I couldn’t do it without them

    Benjamin ParkBenjamin ParkMåned siden
  • Once again proof of how immigrants just make the country better.

    Celtic BatmanCeltic BatmanMåned siden
  • "Yes, that's right. Is it the tree we want ? No. Is it the tree we deserve? Absolutely!" Jon Oliver, I love you! Thank you for blowing up 2020. You spoke for all of us.

    Stephanie D73Stephanie D73Måned siden
  • John Oliver for POTUS

    Alessandro GAlessandro GMåned siden
  • “It’s been a pleasure; I won’t see you soon” coming soon to a greeting card socially distanced near you.

    Megan MartinezMegan MartinezMåned siden
  • The Adam Driver bit made me happy all year.

    Trenton QuarantinoTrenton QuarantinoMåned siden
  • I must have a deeply distrubed sense of humor. I loved the bit from day one. HAHAHA

    Olivia OquendoOlivia OquendoMåned siden
  • John Oliver is an American treasure

    Chris RashChris RashMåned siden
  • Love that they doubled down on a bit people didn’t like. That is this era in a nutshell.

    Geek The GirlGeek The GirlMåned siden
  • Yo, change the name to "John Oliver Reveals Story behind the Adam Driver bit" to get your real views.

    SS HettySS HettyMåned siden
  • This week across the Xisumaverse! If you would like these recaps in email form I now have a mailing list on my website! - Sign up to stay informed :-)

    Erika CookErika CookMåned siden
  • The last four years have stressed John out so much his hair is turning gray.

    Abraham LincolnAbraham LincolnMåned siden
  • I'm so happy to get the story behind the Adam Driver bit.

    cris gaylecris gayleMåned siden
  • Thankful for John!

    SJF GJRSJF GJRMåned siden
  • Anyone else have a thing for John Oliver’s dimples? No, just me? Alright then. Keep your secrets. 😉

    Esme R.Esme R.Måned siden
  • John Oliver is a national treasure. ❤️ I love the staff cracking up in the background, too.

    anrinaanrinaMåned siden
  • Seed, water, logs ... he’s talking about Adam, that gargantuan tree.

    Jed TarboJed TarboMåned siden
  • I have the 2020 videos for those who wish to see

    kasey mattinglykasey mattinglyMåned siden
  • I’m so happy to get my information from my comedian

    ARARMåned siden
  • That scene with Adam Driver at the end of your show John Oliver was insanely great😍

    Tutone Lyles NaranjoTutone Lyles NaranjoMåned siden
  • Absolutely fantastic camaraderie

    Kenny LogsdonKenny LogsdonMåned siden