Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

15. okt.. 2020
61 176 483 Ganger

Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

  • 2:30mins song but already made me heartbroken for the first verse of the song....

    diana kartikadiana kartika4 timer siden
  • What a heart felt 😔 song.

    Debb WaitesDebb Waites4 timer siden
  • It made my cry

    braden millerbraden miller4 timer siden
  • Hyp

    Xman77 ReiXman77 Rei4 timer siden
  • 😢

    makapaka xdmakapaka xd5 timer siden
  • Marcin jesteś dla nas wygrany a ta piosenka będzie nam o tobie wspominać!❤️❤️

    Daga DagusiaDaga Dagusia5 timer siden
  • Bilie: lovely Akon:lonely Justin:lonely Ok

    KauanyyyKauanyyy5 timer siden
  • This is heartfelt. I've never seen or heard something like this from a celebrity. My heart breaks. You are a only human. I understand in my own world- I may not be famous or a celebrity, but people can suck. Love you JB. Keep your head up.

    Chelsie NixonChelsie Nixon5 timer siden
  • Gue kenal justin jaman baby, disitu cuma sekedar tau justin itu siapa karena temen deket gue ngefans banget sama dia. Gue baru bener bener ngefans sama justin setelah dengar lagunya diakhir akhir tahun ini, gue langsung kek wow, justin udah sedewasa ini. Maksudnya dari lagu yang era baby itukan percintaan dan semakin kesini justin semakin mengangkat sisi kedewasaan. Jadi sedih, terharu lihat perjalanannya justin dari awal sampai sini lewat lagunya. Gue cuma sekedar lihat ngga mengikuti dan gue agak nyesel kenapa ngga ngebucin sama justin dari dulu padahal lagunya gue suka suka wkwkk

    dewi reknodewi rekno5 timer siden
  • We see you for who you really are, Justin. This sign means a lot and we know you just want to be understood and just feel like a human. You’re heard and really important. Your fans care about you and we’re not only fans, we’re family. We care about you and love you. Try to find who you are, we’ll be right there with you. You don’t have to feel lonely. You’re never gonna be alone.

    Delaney ParkerDelaney Parker5 timer siden
  • Nikt mnie nie slucha: 61 mln wyświetleń

    TyloxTylox5 timer siden
  • Yeah he's so lo-o-o-nly without selena gomez !!!

    Deepa DhamiDeepa Dhami5 timer siden
  • stop the bullshit his lived a good life.

    xEnvymeexEnvymee5 timer siden
  • Abeces me siento igual

    Camilo AcevedoCamilo Acevedo5 timer siden
  • quem é br e chorou com a musica e VEIO PELO TIK TOK curte... CURTE LOGO DESGRAÇA!

    Maicon AmorimMaicon Amorim5 timer siden
  • 💯❤🔥🔥🔥💔

    Fergie's SonFergie's Son5 timer siden
  • 💔🥺

    karina perezkarina perez5 timer siden
  • amazing

    Христина LHХристина LH6 timer siden
  • Marcin jesteśmy z tobą dalej!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱💪💪💪💪

    Mati SellikMati Sellik6 timer siden
  • I Love you

    Monik AlvesMonik Alves6 timer siden
  • Dla nas wygrałeś Marcin! #teamdubiel

    besti aabesti aa6 timer siden
  • I was literally crying I’m so sad I can’t stop thinking about it I’m a big fan of Justin Bieber and I’m sad why does nobody care about him😭😭😭😭

    Cassy DanielsCassy Daniels6 timer siden
  • Te amo

    Ana Belen CarboniAna Belen Carboni6 timer siden
    • I am lonely

      mika nnn nnnmika nnn nnn4 timer siden
  • Dubiel pamiętaj że cię kochamy #teamdubiel

    Olciaa 05Olciaa 056 timer siden
  • I will be honest I do not listen to your music I heard this one this morning ar the television on the music channel and wow she slams very beautiful text and beautiful voice

    Christopher ImbernonChristopher Imbernon6 timer siden
  • Wow I can’t imagine how he’s feeling but I hope he’s better now 💕 and reminder be nice to people ❤️

    Ra SdRa Sd6 timer siden
  • This song literally talks about his past

    Heart BeatHeart Beat6 timer siden
  • Nice fucking use of auto tune there Justin.

    Matthew BurgarMatthew Burgar6 timer siden
  • #teamdubiel!💕🥺

    Natalka !Natalka !6 timer siden
  • Será que e sou que sou brasileira aqui nessa música maravilhosa de todos os tempos?🤩🤩🤩🤩💖

    El gato reflexãoEl gato reflexão7 timer siden
  • This song holds soooo much weight it's unbearable 😣

    zack duganzack dugan7 timer siden
  • I had a sad dream with this song in it😢🥺

    A cringe ChannelA cringe Channel7 timer siden
  • It's so sad... Justin 💜🤍❤

    maria ramosmaria ramos7 timer siden
  • *it hurts more when you realize Justin is basically talking about himself*

    TeaqiueTeaqiue7 timer siden
  • 61 millions views

    Fun FunFun Fun7 timer siden
  • This has the same feels as Miley Cyrus' Nightmare. Both of them started at adolescence. Can't imagine the hardships they wrnt through

    Coraline JonesCoraline Jones7 timer siden
  • Admirable! 😢

    Jackie !Jackie !7 timer siden
  • It does feel as though I have everything, and I'm grateful for that. But there's something about this that sits too close to the heart. It does get lonely when you work at the top of your field with nobody to truly enjoy your enthusiasm. I hope one day I can find those people.

    VunamiVunami7 timer siden
  • Love it

    Kerry AnnKerry Ann7 timer siden
  • Neden bilmiyorum ama bu şarkı bana iyi geliyor

    Jiyan AkkurtJiyan Akkurt7 timer siden
  • beautiful song

    Fouad M IdrissiFouad M Idrissi7 timer siden
  • I can be your friend

    sensitive_flxwer Bffsensitive_flxwer Bff7 timer siden
  • Marcin jesteśmy z tobą❤️✨

    Qnka to jaQnka to ja7 timer siden
  • the kid was holding the stick wrong at first....you can see not a natural hockey player.

    Mao JuniorMao Junior7 timer siden
  • Oh wow, this song is really good!!!

    Sammy MtzSammy Mtz7 timer siden
  • I'm just so proud of him he's such an inspiration we all make mistakes and the position he was in u know people criticized him for everything and try to push him down I'm just happy and proud of him not everyone can make their life back to lane again if u listen to his interviews and even his songs u would realize what an amazing person he is maybe some people thing otherwise but I dont care he is in my eyes and will always be I'm so happy he finally have someone who would stand with him I'm glad he got Hailey in his life and I just wish them all happiness 💕 his music is amazing as always and so does he

    Taiba TahirTaiba Tahir7 timer siden
  • Its us, people need to stop treating musicians and actors like gods. They are people. Tell em you like their work maybe buy a down load and move on with your life.

    FuNtUlSaFuNtUlSa8 timer siden
  • Tylko #teamdubiel ❤️🥺

    KaroKaro8 timer siden
  • Can perfectly understand the pain in this song cause I feel alone & desperate on a regular basis. The difference is that I’m Black & Poor, so it hurt a lot more !

    Edilson XEdilson X8 timer siden
  • u are happy in the outside but sad in the inside when u hear this song stay safe

    Arely MedinaArely Medina8 timer siden
  • 🧡

    Lev ShorLev Shor8 timer siden
  • I loved the 😔💔😞 song.

    رزان مناعرزان مناع8 timer siden
  • ♥️♥️♥️ Justin Bieber....

    eva dewieva dewi8 timer siden
  • Everyone deserves second chances and its true people did criticize him when he was a kid they still do but he's an adult now do people know that? I sure do. I feel like this song tells about how lonely he was as a kid and it hurt and maybe that's why he did what he did if he hurt anyone even by force that was a red flag but then again he's still growing we all are

    Jose PradoJose Prado8 timer siden
  • WHY DOES THIS SONG HAVE 40K thumbs down?!!! Its SO PERFECT

    Alia Giselle ReyesAlia Giselle Reyes8 timer siden
  • Im lonely i whav no frend at schol my ex friends boly me 😭💔:-(

    Megane23 CerchiaroMegane23 Cerchiaro8 timer siden
    • Im sad

      Megane23 CerchiaroMegane23 Cerchiaro8 timer siden
  • Link notown.info/two/video/vs2kjGVjo5R31Jo.html

    enmanuel novasenmanuel novas8 timer siden
  • #teamdubiel 💥🧡💥🧡💥🧡🧡💜🧡❤

    Ola MiszkeOla Miszke8 timer siden
  • Who are here after this song goes viral on tiktok 😊😊

    said Aididsaid Aidid8 timer siden
  • I love u girl

    No ThungNo Thung8 timer siden
  • defunctland sopranos scorpio hanszimmer dawko

    Ho thien Thien hoHo thien Thien ho8 timer siden
  • “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor hugo

    motube momotube mo8 timer siden
  • this hit me diffrent im and i am so srry i have been watching you sence i was a little boy like when i was two years now wow so 11 years ago wow

    TD clizyboy YTTD clizyboy YT8 timer siden
  • from tiktok 2020

    Taha GamerTaha Gamer8 timer siden
  • My voice: I’m soOoOoOoOoOoOooOhwhwh lOoOoOoOneEeEeEeEeElyyyyyyyhhhhwhhh!🥴

    Ryana RyaRyana Rya8 timer siden
  • Every fan of Justin Bieber must comment this video: notown.info/two/video/vdqnhYKGYLumo5I.html

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński8 timer siden
  • I respect the man you have become. And I was never a fan. Good life to you.

    zzgkmzzzzgkmzz8 timer siden
  • Justin I am so proud of the man you have turned out to be. We all have had hard times in n our lives we have had to overcome. And yours was much different. Don't worry about people they will judge and criticize no matter what. Just stay true. And always let God be your guiding light. Love ya

    misty dobbsmisty dobbs8 timer siden
  • To dla Marcina 💕

    Roksana PolichałoRoksana Polichało8 timer siden
  • You can feel exactly what hes feeling while listening to this song. And even more so with me because of my life struggles, I relate so so much. One of the many reasons I continue to love Justin and stand with the beliebers:)

    Breanna McDadeBreanna McDade9 timer siden
  • Its funny because im the same age you are, so i grew up as you did. And i was one of those boys who critized you when we both were kids, prob cause I was envious of you. And now, I listen to you singing this song and I understand the meaning of every fucking thing u felt. God bless you mate.

    Jan Ivern SalaJan Ivern Sala9 timer siden
  • I honestly wish i could just be his friend with out gaining anything but friendship..... I know what it feels like to just want a friend... Stay prayed up

    Kia BrinkleyKia Brinkley9 timer siden
  • was that you as a kid Justin Bieber?

    Mandy KawaiiMandy Kawaii9 timer siden
  • omg i love it

    Mandy KawaiiMandy Kawaii9 timer siden
  • k

    Axel OrtegaAxel Ortega9 timer siden
  • why these sad songs yeah weird

    Axel OrtegaAxel Ortega9 timer siden
  • The end💔

    Esam AliEsam Ali9 timer siden
  • Justin we there for u 🔥

    Lil WhiteLil White9 timer siden
  • Kalbimi bıraktım 💔

    EsraEsra9 timer siden
    • @Sasha Moskovski bişeyler kalbini kırdığında o anda kalp orda kalıyor bence

      EsraEsra9 timer siden
    • Kalp nasıl bırakılır

      Sasha MoskovskiSasha Moskovski9 timer siden
  • Wow.

    Matthew BocanegraMatthew Bocanegra9 timer siden
  • im so in love with this song bro

    AmariAmari9 timer siden
  • This is saddddd

    Caitlyn BoconCaitlyn Bocon9 timer siden
  • Says the singer who have to push the girls off him

    TheTreuOG Realy OGTheTreuOG Realy OG9 timer siden
  • HOW ARE YOU LONELY!? YOU HAVE A WIFE AND YOU MARRIED HER TWICE!!! and also watch the language

    Angel & KalyerAngel & Kalyer9 timer siden
  • You are the best

    Taja RotTaja Rot9 timer siden
  • notown.info/two/video/n61rkoxgepB-s68.html cover en español ♡

    Silvia BautistaSilvia Bautista9 timer siden
  • Me:I don't like Justin Bieber My Taste for good Music: *Are you sure about that*

    Lovely SammyLovely Sammy9 timer siden
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    Karla TorresKarla Torres9 timer siden
  • 🥺🥺

    Alejandro CaballeroAlejandro Caballero9 timer siden
  • *When Billie Eilish said, "This industry is full of darkness"* *I'm sorry Justin for hating you once*

    Vartika IndoraVartika Indora10 timer siden
  • I am not a belieber. Like before this song, I used to hate him for being an idiot kid. But now that I discovered this, his dark years, I could empathise him. I hope no beliebers got traumatised by this song. Justin, now I have a soft corner for you. 💜

    Vartika IndoraVartika Indora10 timer siden
  • I became addicted to. the song #(lonelyyyyyy)!!!!!😭😭😭😭🖤🚶

    عاشقة بتس وكوريا شو دخلك يا راس مربع ؟عاشقة بتس وكوريا شو دخلك يا راس مربع ؟10 timer siden
  • wait that's that kid from good boys

    fien zonder tjefien zonder tje10 timer siden
  • I've always loved Justin Bieber. And this song made me cry. I love to see the haters still hate on him after this song so I can tell them that they have no soul and clearly weren't listening to when he said "they criticized the things i did as an idiot kid" I'll always be a belieber/Bieber fever girl

    MegRebMegReb10 timer siden
    • I am not a belieber. Like before this song, I used to hate him for being an idiot kid. But now that I discovered this, his dark years, I could empathise him. I hope no beliebers got traumatised by this song. Justin, now I have a soft corner for you. 💜

      Vartika IndoraVartika Indora10 timer siden
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    נועם אורןנועם אורן10 timer siden
  • He made this song on the right time #fuckcorona

    ciro di marziociro di marzio10 timer siden
  • Trust me if you didn't come from tiktok then you're legend

    Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!Subbing to Everyone Who Sub to Me!10 timer siden
    • Glad it's banned.

      Vartika IndoraVartika Indora9 timer siden
  • Gg Justin. Good job

    Alessio Renna22Alessio Renna2210 timer siden

  • Hey brother. I dont know if you'll ever see this in the flood of all your fans but I am with God and I am here of you need to vent or anything. God hears you.

    Ioo IiiommiihumIoo Iiiommiihum10 timer siden