Kings Gambit - Rust Movie

6. april. 2021
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50 hours of rust wipe in 1 video. The ultimate forced wipe experience. Risk it all to take the throne, Kings Gambit. Its only the beginning.
I hope you all enjoy this video!
Intro/outro narrator:
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    FrostFrost3 dager siden
    • That was very well done. I loved it. It kept me interested all the way through. That is one good dream team. Great fighting little To no arguing. I can’t wait for part 2.

      michael perussinamichael perussina18 timer siden
    • at the end i was like: YOU FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF......

      Yikes M8Yikes M819 timer siden
    • Whens the next one lol I want to see this through

      Midnight AresMidnight AresDag siden
    • Do you know what V-Sync is?

      btwbrandbtwbrandDag siden
    • I don't play rust but I have been watching your vids for quite some time. Awesome content and only skipped the grinding parts (sarry :s). Keep up the good work!

      Alexander de HoopAlexander de HoopDag siden
  • rust players: *what is sleep when there is metal to be had*

    Noble 6Noble 62 minutter siden
  • This dudes videos alone made me get this game holy shit so good

    ChaoskingTruChaoskingTru3 minutter siden
  • 24:43 dababy

    BonarTVBonarTV10 minutter siden

    JosephJoseph10 minutter siden
  • Frost respect for the effort in every vid man

    The LandlordThe Landlord19 minutter siden
  • bump

    PsyFi SamuraiPsyFi Samurai20 minutter siden
  • vincent smg more like vincent sm pee because he sucks (cool emoji)

    BonarTVBonarTV23 minutter siden
  • The intro 10/10 love it😁

    ツ ZexPlxy ツ2ツ ZexPlxy ツ225 minutter siden
  • This video is absolute fire 🔥 🔥 wtf!!

    Sam HumphreySam Humphrey25 minutter siden
  • The end gave me goosbumps

    FrizZ-YTFrizZ-YT30 minutter siden
  • this is some quality stuff

    Anže PintarAnže Pintar32 minutter siden
  • Why does he play 20 men? Is he too bad solo since he gots so mad?🤣

    FrexFrex37 minutter siden
  • 33:03 me wanting a deadpool reference

    Jiimmeeyy JoonneessJiimmeeyy Joonneess40 minutter siden
  • wow nice 1 ):

    HizoHizo43 minutter siden
  • wow the first frost video i watched. Quite amazing, you have gained a subscriber.

    SchnelPooSchnelPoo47 minutter siden
  • Is there more to this? Because I just want more. Love the videos and your editing is amazing sir

    B PorterB Porter48 minutter siden
  • The brown biology habitually detect because relative dentsply unlock past a economic precipitation. poised, garrulous weasel

    Quick BotsQuick Bots50 minutter siden
  • Fuckk when is part 2 I rather watch this then watching a movie on netflix

    Zech l زاكZech l زاكTime siden
  • I never understand how people build these giantbungus bases

    Endo TEndo TTime siden
  • Sooo this is the gold mine ok that makes sense

    Skiffole GamingSkiffole GamingTime siden
  • edit in this film is sheeeeesh

    Mora 69Mora 69Time siden
  • I don't usually comment videos on NOtown, but when I do it's because a video is a fucking masterpiece. Outstanding work.

    rav3rowskyyrav3rowskyyTime siden
  • make a petition for netflix to make Frost series!

    kazushikazushiTime siden
  • Crazy how the slapalad dude sounds exactly like Kai from the house of cards one

    ManaWearBlackManaWearBlack2 timer siden

    Jason DorianJason Dorian2 timer siden
  • NOtownrs - 10 min video, watch time-50% Frost - 90 min video, watch time-where is second part?!

    freakShowfreakShow2 timer siden
  • guessing that f16 is the big clan at the end of the vid and the name f16 butcher could be referencing that you raided them or defended an online against them either way great video frost looking forward to part 2!

    NycesuNycesu2 timer siden
  • "It's a roof camping tower. He wants to get online so he's roof camping the roof campers" This man is an actual god

    NikoNiko2 timer siden
  • you are my new father

    bensi abdeslembensi abdeslem2 timer siden
  • The ending literally made me go sheeeeeeeeeeesshhhhh

    Sheik Rayyan AhmedSheik Rayyan Ahmed2 timer siden
  • Nice vid frost so entairtenment :) keep up the great work

    HerroMWHerroMW3 timer siden
  • Top tier entertainment! Amazing!

    RaimonRaimon3 timer siden
  • Wow a big group of premade apes abusing the server would you look at that, so unexpected

    DontFuckWithUnicornsDontFuckWithUnicorns3 timer siden
  • 2 minutes in and I already love the video. Sick thumbnails too. Nice!

    Musti PhantomMusti Phantom3 timer siden
  • I lava you FROST! My fav ububer

    O1T_ hxrtzO1T_ hxrtz3 timer siden
  • Looking like a few million dollar movie. Crazy game play and it keeps you wanting more. The "To be continued" got me good, can't wait to see part 2.

    DragonDragon3 timer siden
  • Frost never never seizes to amaze me 😩

    NahkajakkaraNahkajakkara3 timer siden

    WumpireTeefWumpireTeef3 timer siden
  • Holy shit this was fantastic

    Cole SchmitCole Schmit3 timer siden
  • Frost you are a director

    EdenWolfEdenWolf3 timer siden

    Riley hughesRiley hughes3 timer siden
  • GOLDEN!!!!!!! now we demand part 2!!!!!!!!!!

    Arfyan RabbaniArfyan Rabbani3 timer siden
  • Your videos are always Blockbusters. You deserve more subs and Views. Keep it up.

    PromontoPromonto3 timer siden
  • masterpiece

    Orchloj ChorchlojOrchloj Chorchloj3 timer siden
  • the zerg roleplay chads

    Patrick LoniakPatrick Loniak3 timer siden
  • Once again another sick rust movie. The ending though sheeshh

    mason worthingtonmason worthington3 timer siden
  • roofcamping a roofcamper best thing i have herd this year

    KAPOWskie_ LeagueKAPOWskie_ League3 timer siden
  • Love it so much , been here since day one

    JulianJulian4 timer siden
  • Yooooo this was fireee

    itsjust jakeitsjust jake4 timer siden
  • "unscripted"

    Fabi UKnowMeFabi UKnowMe4 timer siden
  • When will be the part 2?

    Ak1yamaAk1yama4 timer siden
  • Guys, super important, what's music at 2:22? :3

    ChaszczakChaszczak4 timer siden
  • This video is 1000% funnier!

    JosephJoseph4 timer siden
  • Onko onko onko onko onko kkona

    Niko is humanNiko is human4 timer siden
  • What in the fuck is this goddamn masterpiece

    ItsMr 1NSANEItsMr 1NSANE4 timer siden
  • 100% earned my sub just off the intro. Amazing work

    Clae CrawleyClae Crawley4 timer siden
  • Ive never played Rust but I watched the whole thing.. says a lot

    RaphaelRaphael4 timer siden
  • You're content is incredible man. Thanks for doing it man! You are so very talented.

    Good EggGood Egg4 timer siden
  • That was pog

    ツluckyツlucky4 timer siden
  • Im starting to get confused as to is Frost a rust chad or a movie director..

    slam2610slam26104 timer siden
  • 29:55 what song is that??

    Yeshwanth LYeshwanth L4 timer siden
  • holy shit that ending actually gave me goose bumps. what an insanely well made film!

    marius grevemarius greve5 timer siden
  • That was insane frost

    xroisxrois5 timer siden
  • But I already subscribed

    TuturuTuturu5 timer siden
  • yoo can i buy candy man for a couple wipes to farm for me

    SomeRandomGuy QuickDroppingSomeRandomGuy QuickDropping5 timer siden
  • BRO !! THİS İS FUCKİNG AMAZİNG WTF!! That editt bruh just so damn good well played...

  • Frost do you make your videos only with Song vegas

    ShakatuShakatu5 timer siden
  • Imagine to be continued tho like i would've died

    PairOfNoobSPairOfNoobS5 timer siden
  • how did you purchase heli from outpost cuz i cannot find a single tutorial how to do it

    vlad-_-06vlad-_-065 timer siden
  • What's wrong with these peeps that empire base looked like the whole damn rust map

    PairOfNoobSPairOfNoobS5 timer siden
  • 4:09 im glad to see im not the only person that has an extremely hard time placing furnaces, it seems like they never fit anywhere

    Max FMax F5 timer siden
  • There is a gonna be a part 2.....right? 🙃

    Will LegaspiWill Legaspi5 timer siden
  • When are you going to direct a movie? Also, Netflix has that Halo thing on there, so why isn't this on there yet?

    GrimVissionGrimVission5 timer siden
  • A Russian guy hacked my computer and all he did was rust with cheats on I can no longer play rust :(

    Casper JensenCasper Jensen5 timer siden
  • This is like watching a movie/documentary/Etc.. 🔥💜🔥

    Mike MufflerMike Muffler5 timer siden
  • I still dont get how anyone can make gameplay look like this, ur talented asf

    synth -_-synth -_-5 timer siden
  • Will the be another part will our king Frost and his band oh heroes take done the evil doers empire....find out on the next episode of the rise of frost nation?😅🙏🏾

    Jarman HaroldJarman Harold6 timer siden
  • best vid evver

    Let me be meLet me be me6 timer siden
  • i want a 2 hour video

    Martin KoepkeMartin Koepke6 timer siden
  • Not even 2:00 minutes in the vid it’s too epic

    dAnK bOidAnK bOi6 timer siden
  • This isnt free queens gambit download free wtf link said its free download guys thumbs down video for lie

    Emil AEmil A6 timer siden
  • I love this

    Exc3l BossExc3l Boss6 timer siden
  • That tunnel war though .. holy..

    Brad BradshawBrad Bradshaw6 timer siden
  • one of the best videos ive ever watched and your editing skills are top notch. thank you

    Oliver LoutensockOliver Loutensock6 timer siden
  • Im ready for a p2 for this sheeeeeeeeeeeesh

    ItsLemenItsLemen6 timer siden
  • OMG I hope and prey that there will be a part 2 and focused on (The Empire) that’s at the end of the video. Thank you Frost!!

    Spencer ImkerSpencer Imker6 timer siden
  • Daaayyyum

    Jordan GilbertJordan Gilbert6 timer siden
  • Whats the song called 29:57 ? Love ur vids btw

    NØRNØR6 timer siden
  • Is there a way I can give this an award?

    MasterSheep33MasterSheep336 timer siden
  • No one believes that your videos are unscripted anymore

    Tim MTim M6 timer siden
  • pogs for frost that was insane that movie is better then ever

    hendry Nichollshendry Nicholls6 timer siden
  • How did he learn to edit like this?

    Funky Kong109Funky Kong1096 timer siden
  • I love the ending

    BonkersTuna510 TunaBonkersTuna510 Tuna6 timer siden
  • This video was fucking amazing

    BonkersTuna510 TunaBonkersTuna510 Tuna6 timer siden
  • Frost is like god of movies even if the gameplay is scripted or some shit it always makes me feel better :) Keep up the good work pal

    Alexandru LukacsAlexandru Lukacs6 timer siden
  • Killer video!

    XeltreXXeltreX6 timer siden
  • gizmo is my cats name, didn't know my cat played Rust.

    Pebble GodPebble God6 timer siden
    • Meow.

      C4ndyman _C4ndyman _6 timer siden
  • Goosebumps from the intro.

    TozzaTozza6 timer siden
  • The ending bro it gave me chills

    Jay ZoldyckJay Zoldyck6 timer siden