Latest from Manchester United fans' protest at Old Trafford - Will the Glazers care? | ESPN FC

2. mai. 2021
75 712 Ganger

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti reports on the latest surrounding Manchester United supporters protesting in and around Old Trafford against the Glazer family ownership.
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  • Played by the British ruined by the Americans

    Enrico Zulfan Ahmad YaniEnrico Zulfan Ahmad YaniDag siden
  • that’s not hundreds

    Please cancel Cancel CulturePlease cancel Cancel Culture2 dager siden
  • No money no talk......

    Zailan ZaiZailan Zai2 dager siden
  • Who do they want the club sold to??? Are there potential buyers out there and are they willing to risk another businesses men coming in that could do worse? Aren't Man united moving in the right direction in terms of recruitment in the team and performance? It just seems a bit ludacris to disrupt a match in which you're team in great form was going into, to only trash your home ground and potentially killed the players momentum coming into that game.

    KevinKevin2 dager siden
  • ESPN are scum for cutting off John Champion criticising the Glazers. ESPN Scum.

    T AT A2 dager siden
  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned the blood sucking player's wages and the agents fees Pogbas new contract is rumoured to be 400 thousand pounds a week! !!!!!!!!!

    Ivan BeavonIvan Beavon2 dager siden
  • I didn’t know people from England were so ignorant now I know.! Won’t be visiting England anytime soon.

    Orlando VelasteguiOrlando Velastegui2 dager siden
  • Whose the hooligans lads kicking a ball about or the police using batons on kids .. tell the whole story or not at all . Glazers are to blame for all this greed greed and more greed .

    barbaro Helmbarbaro Helm2 dager siden
  • Gab, it's not largely because of the Superleague. It's the billion+ taken out of the club, it's the debt piled onto the club, it's the deterioration of Old Trafford (rust, paint, roof leaks), it's the lack of listening or caring what the fans think or the values of the club, it's the lack of investment in the team relative to how much they have brought in. It's all of that and more. The ESL, was simply the breaking point, but the anger was always there

    Kslater23Kslater232 dager siden
  • Well done lads keep at it from a Leeds fan 👍

    Carl DysonCarl Dyson2 dager siden
  • More airtime for a rubbish issue and when it's racial issues we only get 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AjanaoAjanao2 dager siden
  • All the fans needs to band to together and get all these greedy owners out. Liverpool, Man utd, Chelsea etc. Get these pathetic dogs out, every single one of them. Get the 50+1 rule implemented at governmental level. Dont forget these guys tried to destroy the foundations of what football is and means for the UK

    supaahflyysupaahflyy2 dager siden

    NerdstopNerdstop2 dager siden
  • You'll rise up about football and create havoc that creates change... Yet couch potato yourself through your rights being eroded day after day

    Manny DoffattManny Doffatt2 dager siden
  • Keep fighting the good fight. Run the pricks out of our clubs

    The great challengeThe great challenge2 dager siden
  • Was plenty of glazer out protests when Sir Alex was still in charge. The green and gold campaign for one. ESPN talking 💩 as usual.

    CypherCypher2 dager siden
  • This was about Manchester City nothing else ......cry more utd fans all 665m hahahahaaha of you

    spensersnmarkspensersnmark2 dager siden
  • Disgusting fans. Endangering innocent players and office staff. Utterly disgusting.

    Saif ChowdhurySaif Chowdhury2 dager siden
  • I dont understand what Glazers do that are so wrong?? They spent moneys on players every year right? Maguire 80mio, Fred 60mio, Van De Beek 40mio.. so whats the issue??

    Oplet BututOplet Butut2 dager siden
  • This was a calculated move by manU fans to prevent city from rapping up the trophy yesterday. They should’ve been made to play the game today Monday. Now their players have had enough rest over the weekend meanwhile Roma was in action. Cheaters

    BenBen2 dager siden
  • The Man United fans want the Super League, we are angry that the Glazers pulled out. We will riot and carry on until we go to the Super League. We have spoken, we have so many more fat drunk United fans and will continue to invade the stadium, we are as relentless as our alcoholism and will only give in when we are in the Super League or our livers fail.

    Brian Roz317Brian Roz3173 dager siden
  • Gab talks sense

    Dhiraj BhatDhiraj Bhat3 dager siden
  • Lads, where is Extra Time?

    Dhiraj BhatDhiraj Bhat3 dager siden
  • American media company dont like fan communities running their clubs. Im shocked (not really). Espn will lose a lot of their viewers for their support of the Leech family.

    encha8encha83 dager siden
  • Clap Head Dan always asking the 'tough questions'. Will the protests make any difference? Well, Dan, Its a lot like trying to lose your virginity... If you don't try, you'll never know. Halwit Hobbit.

    Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ HeadicusSlabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus3 dager siden
  • United fans are upset because they aren’t top notch anymore

    LEEDS YNWALEEDS YNWA3 dager siden
    • We protested when we were winning the league on a regular? Stick to Fifa.

      CarlCarl2 dager siden
  • Violence and thuggery should not be supported by ESPN. This was not a peaceful protest, it completely undermined the credibility of the fans issues with the owners. 100% support protesting but this is not the way to go about it

    adman2371adman23713 dager siden
  • The working man from Manchester !!!!! Exactly- all these from outside of Manchester that pay to watch and call them selfs united fans are equally as guilty- support your local club !!! It pisses me off fans from Manchester can’t get a seat because fans from London , Birmingham, and other major city’s take our tickets - Manchester club for Manchester people - it’s more than football pride it’s about pride of the city you live and were born in !!!!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB !!!!

    Real talk ReactionsReal talk Reactions3 dager siden
  • American football supporters stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brother football supports in England!

    SoccerboymediaSoccerboymedia3 dager siden
  • I wish we as fans were United. We need our club back.

    spannyaad babyspannyaad baby3 dager siden
  • The realisation that after spending a billion quid they are still a lifetime behind City on the pitch, Got little to do with the ESL, thats dead in the water

    Duncan VernonDuncan Vernon3 dager siden
  • The Glazers parasites are in the USA laughing at this. The only way to get them out is the following:- 1. Push Government legislation 50+1, 2. Protest outside the Glazers houses in USA e.g find out where they live and follow them everywhere they go, A mob of dedicated UTD fans needs to follow them and protest against them non stop for years if needs be don't give them breathing space day and night protest make them uncomfortable. 3. Boycott all merchandise and season tickets and even hand flyers outside to do this. 4. Stop all roads to the grounds you can do this by jamming the traffic and do these unplanned protest to stop games this is a war and it will take this for about years non stop to do this.

    Amran KhanAmran Khan3 dager siden
  • Ppl need to first know the difference between Chelsea n Man City owners vs Man Utd owner. Utd was a self sustaining and profit making club before they arrived. They strapped the buyout debts onto the club and then taking dividend even when covid time / revenue fallen. On top of that, there is also interest free loan given to directors (Glazer family). And not to mention they failed to make necessary changes to the structure of the club when Sir Alex retired. That is why the protest! These Glazers are basically modern day pirates. It is all looting and plunder. Why should the local fans live with that?

    Yong Keong NgYong Keong Ng3 dager siden
  • Bluntly speaking, the game should be forfeited and points should be docked off Man utd for failure to control the fans. Everybody has been greatly inconvenienced and the schedules have been completely screwed up!

    Paul Anthony - MusicHavenPaul Anthony - MusicHaven3 dager siden
    • Imagine the inconvenience, if the "big 6" left for a super league. Couldn't careless how inconvenient it may be. ffs

      CarlCarl2 dager siden
  • Simple, fight it out on the pitch 🌾 ⚽️! Fans 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦/Skins versus Ownership/Suits 👔. Best out of 3! Bring some sunscreen 🧴 and some beers 🍺. I’d watch 📺 that!

  • ESPN is a woke joke! Leave English football alone!

    A TA T3 dager siden
  • Gab is spot on

    MateYouRateMateYouRate3 dager siden
  • Government should get involve n force them to sell

    Yeo Wee Huat HuatYeo Wee Huat Huat3 dager siden
  • What do you think is going to happen? Even if they sell. They will just sell to another billionaire that just wants to make money too. Football is now a billionaires game.

    Warren DredgeWarren Dredge3 dager siden
  • Glazer is going to buy Haaland by making money in the Super League. Why are you protesting? Dumb hooligans.

    두견새두견새3 dager siden
  • Gab spot on as usual

    Lucarocks92Lucarocks923 dager siden
  • Completely devalue and crash their asset, don’t put another penny into Glazers pockets, anyone who buys merchandise, tickets sales, MUTV, memberships are only helping the Glazers, the fans have the power here!

    shane brennanshane brennan3 dager siden
  • Man utd may be your club in an emotional sense but in law man utd is the club of the glazes. You want glazers to go, you beg them to sell you their business which is man utd. I real feel bad for you, you are wasting your time. You don't like what the glazers are doing then leave the club.

    Sinethemba KepuSinethemba Kepu3 dager siden
  • again a message to those English "idiotic" fans, those clubs owners does not care at all about English fans they make profits without you in Asia and America well what you did today is simply, won't do it in away game. If you want to have your club back, buy your 51% of your club or shut up, because if the media and PL carry you now, they won't for tomorrow!!! ....

    zeusfriendszeusfriends3 dager siden
  • Taking our clubs from our communities is an absolute disgrace we need to not care about the riches these devil's offer us and bring the game back into the PEOPLE'S hands and CONTROL the future of OUR GAME with more emphasis on the development of BRITISH YOUTH IN BRITISH FOOTBALL We have not won a world cup since 1966 enough is enough

    Wolf Hound DogWolf Hound Dog3 dager siden
  • Proud of the united fans .. doing it for busby babies and the fans of football . The slumlandlords owners need to go

    barbaro Helmbarbaro Helm3 dager siden
  • Liverpool should be given 3 points. This is unfair on other clubs

    Diaz romarioDiaz romario3 dager siden
  • Interesting to note that under the Glazers tenureship Man Utd since 2010 have spent twice as much on players as Roman Abramovich's Chelsea, and more than Liverpool and Chelsea combined..

    E. T.E. T.3 dager siden
  • The only way to effect the glazers is through their pockets Thats the only pain they will feel

    michael kamaramichael kamara3 dager siden
  • Well spoken gab

    Akshat KaushalAkshat Kaushal3 dager siden
  • It's Alex fergusons fault the glazers are thier in the first place, he fell out with the previous owners over a race horse 😂 point's off lifetime bans now! Manchester United wouldn't have a problem if they was top of the league now

    Blue ViperBlue Viper3 dager siden
    • You'd be top of the league ha ha, seen you're manager.

      Gary CrossGary Cross3 dager siden
  • Disgraceful from the fans.. agree with the protest but not making the match postponed

    Sports FervourSports Fervour3 dager siden
  • Keep it up United fans!!

    Dev MehtaDev Mehta3 dager siden
  • If they cud unite like this against RACISM

    Lord BailishLord Bailish3 dager siden
    • Totally agree 👍

      Returnz1yoReturnz1yo3 dager siden
  • This pissed me off these dum guys ruined my plan

    Kareem LawsonKareem Lawson3 dager siden
  • Hey American sports fans. I got a couple of billion, gonna buy your franchise team. Then change everything you like about them. Tell the league to change the rules and join a different crappy league cos I can make more money. Charge you more for tickets merchandise etc. every year and let the stadium fall down for 15 years. Plus your club (not me the owner) didnt owe a thing before, now your club (not me) owes $500m and rising while I take a large dividend every year. Sound ridiculous? This is what the Glazer Family has done to Man Utd. And why supporters are doing this.

    bob fortonbob forton3 dager siden
  • Glazers out! Well done to the fans making those thieving owners sit up and take notice. 🟩➕🟨 UNTIL THE CLUB IS SOLD!

    Roger SmithRoger Smith3 dager siden

      spensersnmarkspensersnmark2 dager siden
    • Move United out of Manchester! United are second fiddle in the city now,.

      Brian Roz317Brian Roz3173 dager siden
    • and if not sold? :D ... what if moved from manchester?

      zeusfriendszeusfriends3 dager siden
  • violence, criminal damage and trespass,, arrest & charge them !

    True TothegameTrue Tothegame3 dager siden
    • @D K violence, criminal damage and trespass,, arrest & charge them ! JAIL THEM,, wankers on the pitch looking like underfed rats..scummers !

      True TothegameTrue Tothegame3 dager siden
    • Get yourself down there and help the police out then mate, looks like they could use a hand 😂

      D KD K3 dager siden
  • Peaceful until the coppers rocked up. Glazers Out!!! 50 + 1 ownership

    Warren ForestWarren Forest3 dager siden
    • @Tina Murphy Shut up Tina. The police have been recorded beating fans up after dragging behind their vans. Typical know it all, who hasn't got a clue.

      CarlCarl2 dager siden
    • Don't blame the police and make it an excuse for what these thugs done.

      Tina MurphyTina Murphy3 dager siden
  • The "Glazer Family" needs to learn the following lessons: (1) IT IS NOT YOUR TEAM, (2) YOU NEED TO LEAVE, (3) THE FANS WILL NO LONGER GIVE YOU A POUND OF FLESH, and (4) GAMES WILL ONLY OCCUR WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE FANS!! WELL DONE MAN U FANS!!! Fans all over the World are proud of you!!!!

    Andreina RangelAndreina Rangel3 dager siden
    • @Paul Brown I'm a City fan.

      Gary CrossGary Cross2 dager siden
    • Glazers didnt spend their money. Its the clubs money earned by itself.

      Dien AkeDien Ake2 dager siden
    • @Five Hundred IQ true. Glazers are not only to blame. Point a finger @bad recruitment and coaches. I mean Glazers have spent a lot of $$$ on the club. They should of got PEP Guadiola.

      ShegeloafShegeloaf3 dager siden
    • @Gary Cross actually most revenue of sales comes from asia and united states and africa not from british sales ... that's what numbers says! .... so actually even man united had empty stadium the club make a plus revenue without fans!!

      zeusfriendszeusfriends3 dager siden
    • @Sinethemba Kepu yes they do own the club, done nothink wrong in my opinion, look at the money they've spent, just typical of this lot.

      Gary CrossGary Cross3 dager siden
  • There is only way these owners will realise, boycott the product. I know its hard but that how they ll get hurt

    dvdv3 dager siden
  • በጣም ጥሩ ስራ ነው ቀጥሉበት

    ኢትዬፕያ ኢትዬፕኢትዬፕያ ኢትዬፕ3 dager siden
  • Do the fans really make much of a difference? They could if a majority of people could live without sports and say no. But, that’s not what’s going to happen. People prioritize games and spectacle and won’t hold out.

    justin bergmansjustin bergmans3 dager siden
  • Dock united 3 points for refusing to play the game. City win the league and united finish 4tb 😃👍💙

    mike heapmike heap3 dager siden
    • 9 points

      I Create My Own Reality.I Create My Own Reality.3 dager siden
    • 12 points would be fairer...COYS

      beyond72beyond723 dager siden
    • Could careless about some oil merchant club winning the league you can bought the whole fa if you want to.

      Aniq AhmadAniq Ahmad3 dager siden
  • We are United✌✌✌ we Believe Football⚽ teams,

    Ebrima DibbaEbrima Dibba3 dager siden
  • I hope these fans equally put this much effort to the racism as outlined by Harry and Magan in Oprah show. The BLM kneeling is nothing if the royalty is fueling racism. The love for the royal family has rendered yourselves and the fans conveniently blind!

    Bheki KrielBheki Kriel3 dager siden
  • While blah, blah epl tried to sell fans for money. ESPN fc may never get it and glad you sit in the ivory tower bc we don’t need ya boss

    chris Lovettchris Lovett3 dager siden
  • This is all ESPN FC is showing about this topic?

    hamed Ahamed A3 dager siden
    • More so that the Glazers also own the Bucs, and that the NFL is pretty tight on how its owners are presented by their media.

      ezioaltairacezioaltairac3 dager siden
    • @Dan Gulino nah, they are owned by Mickey mouse 😂

      hamed Ahamed A3 dager siden
    • because it's probably owned by the Glazers 😉

      Dan GulinoDan Gulino3 dager siden
  • Its really cause united are second rate to city lets be honest

    Martin AllenMartin Allen3 dager siden
  • Football riots are dope Now if we only could get this kind of energy for .....🤡😷🤡

    Cringe WizardCringe Wizard3 dager siden
  • Glazers love tampa bay

    Alejandro HernandezAlejandro Hernandez3 dager siden
  • Plotwist: Glazers are lizard people 🦎

    Juan MercadoJuan Mercado3 dager siden
  • Kudos to united fans, the Liverpool fans should do the same thing that is to demand for the ouster of fsg. This people will do the same thing in the future.

    Sarfaraz NawazSarfaraz Nawaz3 dager siden
    • FSG was the guy who promote those moneyball thing which was prime ideas to all these clubs to be in super league folks these owners are really bad for us the fans.

      Aniq AhmadAniq Ahmad3 dager siden
  • This isn’t going to go away ...

    Patrick McDonaldPatrick McDonald3 dager siden
    • Your right he will make a big signing and fans will forget and history repeat itself

      Tevin ColeyTevin Coley2 dager siden
    • Amen

      Darren KevinDarren Kevin3 dager siden
  • No club has any value if the fans don't let the teams in. Football is literally woven into the tapestry of our culture Solidarity from a Nottingham Forest fan.

    Bol0cksBol0cks3 dager siden
    • @Bol0cks upset YA PLONKA..really??, the only thing that upsets me is i aint paid off my mortgage yet ! thats the truth !

      True TothegameTrue Tothegame9 timer siden
    • @Bol0cks sadly most fans don’t understand the importance if these protests

      Mirza BaigMirza Baig2 dager siden
    • @True Tothegame Boo hoo sounds like your upset fella.

      Bol0cksBol0cks2 dager siden
    • @Bol0cks violence, criminal damage and trespass,, arrest & charge them ! protester twats on the pitch looked like underfed rats..

      True TothegameTrue Tothegame2 dager siden
    • @Bol0cks DREAM ON ... 97% of the clubs income comes from outside of manchester; you obviously don't understand the principles of business ownership or economics ! go back to night school !

      True TothegameTrue Tothegame2 dager siden
  • so what is the premier league going to do about this ? it must surely be at least a points deduction i am not sure what the rules but for the lower leagues there would be. perhaps relegation to the championship mite coz that means the glazers losing money mite force them to sell as well

    Richard LewisRichard Lewis3 dager siden
    • @Five Hundred IQ , why should the Glazer sell their club? Because some worthless fans want them to?

      I Create My Own Reality.I Create My Own Reality.3 dager siden
    • Suspend utd from EPL they don't serve any purpose any.

      I Create My Own Reality.I Create My Own Reality.3 dager siden
    • If that happens it’s the fan’s fault not the Glazers, as long as United generates money, theres no reason for them to sell

      Five Hundred IQFive Hundred IQ3 dager siden
  • Americans trying to Americanise our game get out never going to happen 😡😡😡😡

    Tom JarvisTom Jarvis3 dager siden
  • Anjg... Laga nya jadi ditunda. Gue tunggu2. Fans setnnnnnn

    Luthfi DzikrillahLuthfi Dzikrillah3 dager siden
  • The spirit of PETERLOO, so proud to be a Northener.,

    dom domdom dom3 dager siden
  • Hundreds? More like thousands

    redprincess36redprincess363 dager siden
    • I think they meant the number that actually got inside, I don't think that was in the thousands

      Hafsa ZHafsa Z3 dager siden
  • I support the protest. Sick of the owners milking the club. Sadly there was no other way.....

    Peter HoulihanPeter Houlihan3 dager siden

    terry phidaheightsterry phidaheights3 dager siden
  • We need to stop the team buses every match until we see change even if it means point deductions and matches forfeited. The thing that can hurt the glazers the most is stopping united playing football matches.

    americans0are0pussysamericans0are0pussys3 dager siden
  • Owners will care when their bottom line suffers. These people only speak the language of money.

    VeckVeck3 dager siden
    • Glazers should move the club, the insurrectionists should be jailed and the MU employees who allowed this should be fired and held liable. Neville should also be arrested for inciting a mob .

      Brian Roz317Brian Roz3173 dager siden
    • Owners care when their heads are on the line. Violence is a good answer for the rich and greedy.

      HarbingerOfTruth1HarbingerOfTruth13 dager siden
    • @True Tothegame well if what you are trying to say is that m utd will always sell out old Trafford when fans are actually allowed in m8 then yes you are correct and the worst thing for any owners of a football club would be fans boycotting by not putting money into the club not assaulting police officers and breaking into an empty football stadium half cut !! 😂😂😂

      Simon OliverSimon Oliver3 dager siden
    • ​@Daniel Villiers they will just move it to china ! 97% manchester united fans are not from manchester, the other 73% are from other parts of the world ! DO THE MATHS! you obviously do not understand economics,,, you lost your club over a decade ago ! goodnight... if you want real football stockport are just up the road.. have a look on google maps, tom tom..

      True TothegameTrue Tothegame3 dager siden
    • @True Tothegame LOL, would you let 3 to 4 billion rot. Its not as if they are some of the arab oil billionaires. there only big other business is not even the quarter of United. They will sell if they see the value going down. They where never in it for the sport, glory, fame or whatever like Roman, its just the money. Hurt them in the pocket and they will sell.

      Daniel VilliersDaniel Villiers3 dager siden
  • wanna really protest? USE YOUR MONEY! dont buy another shirt, dont go to the stadium (whenever that is again) DONT WATCH the televised game ...

    J AJ A3 dager siden
  • Really hope to see the Glazers out of the club forever! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

    Sofia’s Football TalkSofia’s Football Talk3 dager siden
    • Glazers are the second best thing to happen in Manchester, first being City dominance.

      Brian Roz317Brian Roz3173 dager siden
  • Glazers Out!!! Green and Gold till the club is sold. Thanks for using Gab who is the best pundit on this channel by a million miles

    Brendan PramjeeBrendan Pramjee3 dager siden
    • The glazers love tampa bay

      Alejandro HernandezAlejandro Hernandez3 dager siden
    • Glazers in Glazers in Glazers in

      Blue ViperBlue Viper3 dager siden
  • Thought MSM was having a Blackout till 12pm Monday ? 😂😂😂

    AlienTennoAlienTenno3 dager siden
    • The bots smh

      Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher3 dager siden
    • @Coen Quentin is it free?

      Ibrahim A.Ibrahim A.3 dager siden
    • @Coen Quentin yea, been using flixzone for since november myself :)

      Milo ZanderMilo Zander3 dager siden
    • a tip : you can watch movies on flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.

      Coen QuentinCoen Quentin3 dager siden
  • Maybe we should visit joel glazer's house

    Human BeingHuman Being3 dager siden
    • 😂😂

      Hx DxHx Dx3 dager siden
  • sick of Gary Neville acting like he's taking on the hordes of Mordor every time I turn sky sports on

    SpaceCakeSpaceCake3 dager siden
    • I know m8 my opinion of Neville went down quite a lot today actually by basically condoning violence just because he doesnt like the owners because slashing the face of a police officer should never ever be described as a PEACEFUL protest and lets be honest about it is this actually going to make any difference anyway? I mean I get what Graham souness was saying about it to be honest they will not necessarily sell because of this incident and who is to say that new owners will not actually be worse than them I mean I am a liverpool fan and I am not saying the owners we have have not made mistakes either but I hope that our fans don't do anything like this it's embarrassing m8!😂😂

      Simon OliverSimon Oliver3 dager siden
    • Don’t turn it on then.

      J TJ T3 dager siden
  • The fat American guy makes me laugh

    Khamzat ChimaevKhamzat Chimaev3 dager siden
  • Yanks have no place in our game.

    Paul SeagerPaul Seager3 dager siden
  • Since SAF left,utd have struggled to even get to the champions league-the fans have stood by the team despite the shortcomings;why would the owners want united to have the the birth right to play in a supper league without having to work for it?

    Tony 92Tony 923 dager siden
  • Proud of gary neville sticking by the fans 👍

    John bJohn b3 dager siden
    • He's inciting violence, needs to be sacked. Entitled cxnts think they need to win every year.

      Jon SnowJon Snow3 dager siden
    • @Mirza Baig I don't. I'm talking about people that participate in this behavior.

      I Create My Own Reality.I Create My Own Reality.3 dager siden
    • @I Create My Own Reality. that is such an ignorant comment. You are literally putting the whole fan base in one category 👏🏾👏🏾

      Mirza BaigMirza Baig3 dager siden
    • @Mirza Baig and that's about it. Not for other clubs.

      MrJermsonMrJermson3 dager siden
    • @MrJermson Gary definitely cares about man United.

      Mirza BaigMirza Baig3 dager siden
  • Glazers need to go

    AnMallachAnMallach3 dager siden
    • Why?

      I Create My Own Reality.I Create My Own Reality.3 dager siden
    • Because?

      Five Hundred IQFive Hundred IQ3 dager siden
  • Sounds like a lot of clueless anti-Americans to me. Unless they adopt a new ownership model the Glazers will just be replaced by any other rich owner who will do the exact same thing regardless of nation of origin.

    BaldwinIVBaldwinIV3 dager siden
    • They’re trying to get a new ownership model. They want the same as the German clubs have 50% + 1 of the shares owned by the fans.

      David BurkeDavid Burke3 dager siden
  • Thugs these lot owning 51% no way

    D MurrayD Murray3 dager siden

    Red or DeadRed or Dead3 dager siden
    • @Blue Viper I suppose City never had a protest

      caelo2000 HDgamercaelo2000 HDgamer3 dager siden
    • Points off United at least 20 glazers in

      Blue ViperBlue Viper3 dager siden
    • The right thing to do stop every game to get rid of the glazer mob

      John bJohn b3 dager siden
  • Thumb down just for the music

    David TDavid T3 dager siden
  • Eat the rich, they should at least be good for something.

    Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius3 dager siden