🔴LIVE - Playing PUBG until I get a WIN

25. jan.. 2021
531 334 Ganger

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  • how does one shoe someone? asking for a friend

    Nelson KugleNelson Kugle20 dager siden
  • Rumor has it, Doc is still playing

    Joe BeamJoe Beam27 dager siden
  • I feel like the big streamers always stream fps games like pubg,cod,bf ... but imagine doc playing overcooked .. now it would be funny :P

    J-Franck LabJ-Franck Lab28 dager siden
  • Doc *might* be on amphetamines

    Yuri CuervoYuri Cuervo29 dager siden
  • 59:24 is gonna quickly become a meme over night LOL

    Stevie DWStevie DW29 dager siden
  • Doc is too slow for this game.

    dead insidedead insideMåned siden
  • You miss that many snipes u will pay

    Michael SaxonMichael SaxonMåned siden
  • The tame food unusually worry because step-grandfather metabolically scare against a strong multimedia. alluring, disillusioned brazil

    Dylan SalinasDylan SalinasMåned siden
  • Thought Doc was on early doors here lol

    Rurouni YoshiMDKRurouni YoshiMDKMåned siden
  • You have a lot of fans from Iran (Persian Land), doctor. Big fan ...

    Behrooz BordbarBehrooz BordbarMåned siden
  • 1:45:30 2:52:15

    some jerksome jerkMåned siden
  • Song at 4:36:00??

    Stephen Spuler, Jr.Stephen Spuler, Jr.Måned siden
  • 59:50 😂😂😂😂😂

    papaamericano1980papaamericano1980Måned siden
  • 1:33:59 imbdbdb lol 😂😂😂😂

    R0h!t RR0h!t RMåned siden
  • The movie won't be an hour n half long doc 😂

    Outraged GamingOutraged GamingMåned siden
  • How come I shoot him but he don’t shoot me ! Dead 🤣🤣

    Artiom ZelenskyArtiom ZelenskyMåned siden
  • Funny that PUBG was the breakout BR game and now it's hot acidic diarrhea.

    FatGuyGoesNutzoidFatGuyGoesNutzoidMåned siden
  • What happened to G Fuel??

    jayo84jayo84Måned siden
  • What was the song at 03:38:40 ??

    Just GamingJust GamingMåned siden
    • Esveta- Succession Studio

      DanielSJ DDanielSJ D4 dager siden
  • Hola gringos :D

    XRayX GamingXRayX GamingMåned siden
  • This game is very depressing Doc.

    Henry BetaHenry BetaMåned siden
  • Does pubg have cheaters like cod warzone?

    Wisakedjak ArchetypeWisakedjak ArchetypeMåned siden
  • Loots a guy with Level 3 bag but keeps his level 1 😩😩

    VXSyVXSyMåned siden
  • 3:38:13 The moments that allow you to truly love this channel. The atmosphere. The dialog. The...Doctor.

    Vlad DraculVlad DraculMåned siden
    • I love it - it’s my favourite part of the stream

      DanielSJ DDanielSJ D4 dager siden

    J x TRIGGSJ x TRIGGSMåned siden
  • 3:40:39

    Kimbo SliceKimbo SliceMåned siden
  • Have you ever once said, "Nice shot" when you get killed or do you just whine and complain about ping, the game, etc every single time. Play, die, whine and complain, block player that killed you, repeat. That's all you do these days... Just makes you look weak man...

    Olsbijack2Olsbijack2Måned siden
    • For real. This dude looks weak af. Plays pubg like a trash can and gets mad at the game.

      Jeff DoyleJeff DoyleMåned siden
  • Quem veio ver a abertura dá live dele por conta do flow podcast com MrPoladofull?

    AdryGames BRAdryGames BRMåned siden
  • Anyone know the song that pretty much starts around 32:00 minutes in?

    ChrisChrisMåned siden
  • Doc ever try Hunt Showdown ?

    losgillislosgillisMåned siden
  • what's the song at 9:30?

    Kyodai KennKyodai KennMåned siden
  • Pubg makes him wanna throw up all over the key board hahahahahaha 😂

    Sal xxSal xxMåned siden
  • 1:45:04 - - - Happy Birthday HeelvsBabyface ! - - -

    HahnBBHahnBBMåned siden
  • Vim pelo flow podcast

    Rodrigo SantosRodrigo SantosMåned siden
  • It's not better than warzone

    Abhijeet YadavAbhijeet YadavMåned siden
  • Doc, I respect ✊🏻 the legitimacy Thank you 🙏🏻 In a time where everyone is cheating.

    MW2 DietyMW2 DietyMåned siden
  • This dudes branding and marketing game is INSANE. I won’t be surprised when they come out with the Dr. Disrespect Video Game 🤞🏾

    Mark TaylorMark TaylorMåned siden
    • He's got a map on rogue company, so tbf it's next logical step

      Jamoon Xerxes SauberJamoon Xerxes SauberMåned siden
  • 4:38:00 best part

    Milian MaxiMilian MaxiMåned siden
  • Can someone say another streamer that puts money back into stream like the Doc? The guy has tons of overlays and gets music to actually listen to so it's entertaining. All these streams on Twitch are absolute snorefests and lifeless without background music.

    Vlad DraculVlad DraculMåned siden
    • Band of bros warzone

      Max PalMax Pal27 dager siden
    • Absolutely. One thing that can't be argued about is how Doc's production quality is just unmatched. To this day I don't know any other streamer that could even get close to it. Doc's just in the league of his own.

      LukeLukeMåned siden
    • Well said.

      ZemtexZemtexMåned siden
    • Hi

      Keiki GamerKeiki GamerMåned siden
  • This guy is funny

    BBF 89BBF 89Måned siden
  • Doc, I still think you should sponsor my sports consulting company, let’s bank

    Ghost Picks JimmyGhost Picks JimmyMåned siden
  • And to think guys like Habinooo and Hali play this thing 9hrs a day every day.......

    CoopTheWolfCoopTheWolfMåned siden
    • Because doc is a cry baby

      IsraIsraMåned siden
  • Trash game

    Melhem Al ZammarMelhem Al ZammarMåned siden
  • Only game recently I enjoy watching you play is PUBG. Mostly because you seem so miserable playing Warzone.

    Javier CosmeJavier CosmeMåned siden
  • How come I shoot him, but he don't shoot me. Hahahahahahaha love the Doc. I'm going to cancel Netflix and subscribe because of the inspirational sale he did.

    Leb McLeb McMåned siden
  • He’s trash lol

    Stephen LockerStephen LockerMåned siden
  • Titanfall 2 campaign stream please

    NickNickMåned siden
  • What headset does Doc use?

    Louis van den BergLouis van den BergMåned siden
  • Doc, you forgot to take your Christmas tree down in the locker room.

    Jeff BurressJeff BurressMåned siden
  • I don't get it....is Dr. Disrespect always this garbage at BR? Was that the joke? I don't really watch and this was the first time watching his live stream. I get that PUBG is boring etc....but I've never actually seen that many obvious rookie mistakes in my life.

    Justin KrezelakJustin KrezelakMåned siden
  • Never played pubg and I’m very thankful. Tarkov looks fun I almost bought it. I play pc and Doc I do have to say if you uninstall pubg forever it would not make me sad. You’re the best streamer ever and I still watched it anyway 👊🏻

    - Felix- FelixMåned siden
  • More like playing PUBG until you are bored out of your mind. After watching warzone gameplay I just can't... PUBG is boring af. Warzone with Z has high energy octane and banter for a few hours. PUBG solo is worse than warzone solo...

    LosN209LosN209Måned siden
  • This game is so slow and the mechanics are garbage.

    Brian CurryBrian CurryMåned siden

    Al BAl BMåned siden
  • Doc on twitter before the stream: "Playing PUBG until I get a WIN. Trust me.... it'll be easy." **Sad trombone**

    Gehteuch NixanGehteuch NixanMåned siden
  • lets be honest, doc is bad at Pubg it's not the game.

    cold00snowcold00snowMåned siden
    • All the day

      IsraIsraMåned siden
  • #1 Most epic streamer in the world, no one comes close.....take a look around!

    MistaFragsMistaFragsMåned siden
  • Quem veio pelo polado da like

    Lucas MoraisLucas MoraisMåned siden
  • Невозможно было смотреть на эту боль. Док со своим скилом погибает от одного выстрела, это безумие. Пабг действительно мёртв

    Valeriy ErmolaevValeriy ErmolaevMåned siden

    Phoenix 007Phoenix 007Måned siden
  • Is this Billy Mitchell

    Nick JordonNick JordonMåned siden
  • Rdr2

    AayushAayushMåned siden
  • Legends says that he still playing pubg till this day

    LILKASTOR_13LILKASTOR_13Måned siden
  • Keep practicing your Aussie accent Dr Disra mate 😎🤙🏼🇦🇺😂😂😂🍻

    Steven ColebrookSteven ColebrookMåned siden
  • Doc blowing a kiss 3:45:20 I'm sorry but that's pure adorbs

    WDCD_ 91WDCD_ 91Måned siden
  • I can’t believe The Doc is still removing attachments one at a time when he picks up a new weapon.

    Rasmus KristensenRasmus KristensenMåned siden
  • Let's start playing a game when doc streams , whats he going to blame his death on this time . Guess right you get a point.

    chevy32935chevy32935Måned siden
  • Ahh back to pubg. The way it should be. CoD just never cut it.

    Larry StoneTVLarry StoneTVMåned siden
  • Apex doc!!

    G LG LMåned siden
  • 4:46:22 It is a Porsche 928 . The Delorean in Back To The Future, had a Porsche 928 V8 engine in it, because the movie makers found, that the Delorean engine sounded too weak.

  • I'm Australian and I rate docs Australian accent 8/10.

    Connor HardingConnor HardingMåned siden

    Try HardTry HardMåned siden
  • Doc seemed kinda depressed

    Salvador HugoSalvador HugoMåned siden
  • 1vq ferg

    Ducky bhai is best youtuberDucky bhai is best youtuberMåned siden
  • Play random

    TVTVMåned siden
  • Tarkov Doc

    Tom StibbsTom StibbsMåned siden
  • All these years. millions of dollars, a load of promises. but this game still feels like its an early access alpha build. everything is so floaty and disconnected. its only claim to fame was the break out of the BR genre. but its been eclipsed by many other games at this point. the load screens don't even represent the actual look of the game. all it is now is a money grab.

    The Hundredth MonkeyThe Hundredth MonkeyMåned siden
  • Max Payne

    Spike XSpike XMåned siden
  • ...Jesus Christ, none of ur members knows anythig.. U said u wanted to play a game that lets u roam around, action, speed, skill!...... = DISHONORED 1!!

    Joakim AreskougJoakim AreskougMåned siden
  • Did doc turn his donations off for this stream? never heard robo doc for about 3 hours

    Bryan GallacherBryan GallacherMåned siden
    • @CoopTheWolf the video has over half a million views.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      guitarmatt086guitarmatt086Måned siden
    • It's because when he plays PUBG his viewership leaves. The game is a joke

      CoopTheWolfCoopTheWolfMåned siden
  • Anyone know the song @ 04:35:00 ?

    HardcoreMotorsHardcoreMotorsMåned siden
  • production is top notch but gameplay is just horrible man.

    NMNMMåned siden
  • Lol I just watched Badboy Beaman, looks like Z is using chest aimbot and Aydan is using WH and reverse-boosting his games, clear as day. The2time is the only real one, respect.

    BuschifyBuschifyMåned siden
  • vsm

    ClooClooMåned siden
  • 1:25:00

    CupcakeCupcakeMåned siden
  • Doc when you play Pubg it reminds me of better times in my life play Pubg more man I’m sure we’d all appreciate some chicken dinners 🍗 🍽

    Jose MartinJose MartinMåned siden
  • Took 5 hours to get a win doc... Doaishillary on xbox if you need help with a few chicken dinners. Play 1 man squad if you want sum more gun fights and more kills

    Mike PryorMike PryorMåned siden
  • I didn’t watch any of this - this time instead I thought I’d watch the ‘VOD’... all the Cabaret dies down and you’ve just left with an angry 37-year-old taking pocket money from kids. If streamers are going to set themselves up with a character or a certain level of performance they need to keep it up for the full stream.

    Fludded MediaFludded MediaMåned siden
  • Around 2:28 doc has a red dot on his right eye like terminator 1 and movie cover , looks godley

    Ryan GarrabrantRyan GarrabrantMåned siden
  • Awsome doc I downloaded it after a whole year and played with my old friends

    A.S.A.S.Måned siden
  • some say that he is still playing

    HorkedHorkedMåned siden
  • Doc you're bettah way bettah mate

    Joey WallabyJoey WallabyMåned siden
  • Tracknr. Please @19:45.

    Astro NautAstro NautMåned siden
    • @Umesh Tata Thank you so much!

      Astro NautAstro NautMåned siden
    • Occams laser - Feast

      Umesh TataUmesh TataMåned siden
  • Your such a chicken doc

    AmaanAmaanMåned siden
  • Fell in love with the Doc because of his Pub G streams, glad to see him giving it the love!!!!

    MercifulDukeMercifulDukeMåned siden
  • Took you five hours?

    HS Media ChannelHS Media ChannelMåned siden
  • Lol caption until I win ... 5 hrs later

    Mike HonchoMike HonchoMåned siden
  • This was infinitely more entertaining than Borezone.

    DiiGiiTAL. exeDiiGiiTAL. exeMåned siden
    • This stream was so boring my pulse was gone for quite a while this game is a snoozefest nothing happening and than boom he dies

      Jingeleg JingelekJingeleg JingelekMåned siden
    • Are u kidding me borezone! Its 100 times better than poopg

      Alen BijuAlen BijuMåned siden
    • It definitely was not...

      Delgrady CCDelgrady CCMåned siden
  • Did he get a win after 5 hours!! Lol

    shash watshash watMåned siden
  • Guys imagine that your father and mother have the same mind as yours and can get you entirely like only you can, forgetting abut your parents and past for a moment

    DemburoneoDemburoneoMåned siden