LS | TSM vs 100T Playoffs | Watching TSM with C9 PERKZ ft. Crownie | Analysis

7. april. 2021
199 521 Ganger

TSM vs 100T Analysis LCS Group Stage
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0:00 Intro
0:42 Game 1
8:33 Game 2 w/ Perkz
19:18 Game 3 w/ Perkz
27:57 Game 4 w Perkz
Editor : tuvshno
#LS #TSM #100T

  • Hey everyone it's LS. I was super fatigued during the costream ㅜ.ㅜ cause the 51hrs streamed within 72hr time frame lol

    LSLS2 dager siden
    • Hey LS, it's everyone

      kcal12kcal12Dag siden
    • Insane grind LS, you're insane!!!! 😜😜😜

      sawyer kpsawyer kpDag siden
    • @Aubrey Inmon sleep is for the weak

      AroAro2 dager siden
    • Get some sleep :)

      Aubrey InmonAubrey Inmon2 dager siden
    • Its ok (it was still very good, I didn't even notice the "drop in quality"), you still got hit by a lot of shockwaves

      Millan KumarMillan Kumar2 dager siden
  • is na lcs the worst region to watch?

    Don RicoDon Rico2 timer siden
  • i dont think ur editor knows how tear works

    Cory HenshawCory Henshaw9 timer siden
  • of course they did come 😏

    julianjulian13 timer siden
  • "its just PoE man. this is why he picks Azir, because he can carry every team in NA" -Perkz. fucking savage, respect man.

    Michael YangMichael Yang15 timer siden
  • Report Gnar trolling 15:00

    oriol artigasoriol artigas17 timer siden
  • Not gonna lie. Everytime the Ashe arrow missed. Your reaction would make me laugh out loud. Almost woke up my grandmother. Keep being you dude. Haha

    Rammiel David RoqueRammiel David RoqueDag siden
  • How 100t loses the baron and the game when you have infernal souls and elder buff?,

    DendiDendiDag siden

    Alias El MerkenAlias El MerkenDag siden
  • I love crowshot!!

    Fede FlorezFede FlorezDag siden
  • You are a great entertainer LS.

    Gabriel GjellanGabriel GjellanDag siden
  • My god, seriously hard to watch all these misplays, especially in the last game from xayah. This guy should learn damn fast when you pull your feathers back and how to zone with them. Looks like a Gold xayah for real. your "holy shit" say it all LS, keep the nice vids going, cant wait to watch MSI highlights here!

    Florian SchmidtFlorian SchmidtDag siden
  • perkz and crownie in game 4 casually talking about adc’s in 2019 meanwhile ls is stressing about tsm getting reverse swept 😂

    EigoEigoDag siden
  • 15:01 that's a freakin blooper

    JayCeeJayCee2 dager siden
  • Perkz manages to be both the best mid in NA and the best ADC in NA

    João LuísJoão Luís2 dager siden
  • That tear zoom was pretty dumb

    JETZTnenKILLJETZTnenKILL2 dager siden
  • just passed by to comment: LS laughing makes me laugh XD 22:58

    Alves ReiAlves Rei2 dager siden
  • 15:02 Huni griefed spica.

    PropsProps2 dager siden
  • LS you talking about Halloween 3yrs ago?

    DekyWDekyW2 dager siden
    • @LS haha yeah ^^, I still have Max's mtg deck

      DekyWDekyW2 dager siden
    • When? I think I remember you ; You did lee sin?

      LSLS2 dager siden
  • It was great hearing Perkz thoughts during this series!

    League of HighlightsLeague of Highlights2 dager siden
  • mvp of the league community

    AlyaAlya2 dager siden
  • I miss season 2 and 3. The game was so much more fun to watch. This is just sad.

    Paradise92Paradise922 dager siden
  • 12:13 he meant jayce I think no?

    Alonso Umaña ChanAlonso Umaña Chan2 dager siden
  • NA Clownfiesta XD

    RescalRescal2 dager siden
  • Compare the way 100 play the early comp to the way C9 did. C9 did everything they could to accelerate the game. They kept on bringing the pressure over and over again and eventually closed out. 100 just sat back and dragon stacked. Not that stacking is bad, but if you draft an early game comp, you need to constantly force the issue. If 100 wanted to play early, they should have started Damonte. He seems to be better at that whereas Ryoma is better at sitting back and scaling

    GreyWind1988GreyWind19882 dager siden
  • Wait why is the play at 2:01 bad?

    Marcus ErikssonMarcus Eriksson2 dager siden
  • I'm honestly tired of seeing the same 30 champs in a row. And I think the worst part of it isn't that the other champions aren't viable, pro players just refuse to play some of them. Like how pro supports refuse to play enchanters because they don't "feel" good, so they just lock in Alistar in comps where he is dogwater.

    Dillon ChichesterDillon Chichester2 dager siden
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    Devappriya IknDevappriya Ikn2 dager siden
  • Tuvshno, love the work over all for those who can't catch it live, but the tear comment was for jsyce not syndra :^)

    SamSGLMSamSGLM2 dager siden
  • Someone on 100T should told summday that season 8 wants their jayce back

    Six SixSix Six2 dager siden
  • imagine if lcs had a a bracket reset at the grand finals like a regular double elim tournament.

    David RamosDavid Ramos2 dager siden
  • 12:14 you show the wrong tear ls meant the tear on jayce

    nathan schadernathan schader2 dager siden
  • Hey LS, can you not say "Yes" 10 times whenever a co-host is speaking just because you know what they're going to say? Not to mention how rude it is, especially given the fact that you yourself then go on to repeat what they were saying while you were talking over them. Seems very self-centered from my point of view. Refering to 06:10, btw, in case you magically happen to read this. You literally forced him to stop talking.

    Chris AndreevChris Andreev2 dager siden
  • Why did LS completely ignore crownie D: he was asking about what you pick into orianna

    bobbungo2bobbungo22 dager siden
    • He doesn’t know

      GenPop JoeGenPop Joe2 dager siden
  • 12:13 editor???

    red sured su2 dager siden
  • 35:06 "two imports carry tsm to victory" Lost doesn't look like an import but he's actually from austrailia and power of evil isn't NA either.

    CommanderCommentCommanderComment2 dager siden
  • Perkz is OP in everything he does man

    whichwhich2 dager siden
  • 34:36 Blunder after blunder from both sides in a teamfight LS *visibly dying inside* Perks n Crownie "yeah kaisa was really broken, like really broken"

    Its HazardIts Hazard2 dager siden
  • Can we get Rogue vs Schalke BO5 ? 🥺

    Seito NeeSeito Nee2 dager siden
  • 2:41 has the same energy as "wtf is that a fking cat?"

    Arnold SchäferArnold Schäfer2 dager siden
  • I haven't even watched yet, but I feel sorry for LS having to watch the level of play in these games.

    TheLoos3Goos33TheLoos3Goos332 dager siden
  • Wrong tear of the goddess Mr or Mrs editor 🤣

    NecroPhillupNecroPhillup2 dager siden
  • Crownie needs to stfu being a smart ass

    S PapaS Papa2 dager siden
  • When ls saying he bought tea he means jayce not ori

    Matin SafaviMatin Safavi2 dager siden
  • 33:17 Did LS just flame TSM because the dragon soul will be Cloud soul???

    Zmargo702Zmargo7022 dager siden
  • If you hide nicks I would think it's Platinum mmr.

    Jakub PawlowskiJakub Pawlowski2 dager siden
  • More Perkz content :D

    SPEXSPEX2 dager siden
  • Why are adc‘s across all regions so scared to play syndra adc vs jinx or kaisa i feel like the syndra is a good pick and a good flex, but i guess it depends on the support matchup, or adc‘s are too shy to play her

    Bence SzabóBence Szabó2 dager siden
  • he actually predicted the 23 minute rell/ori combo

    Naruto UrumqiNaruto Urumqi2 dager siden
  • LS is the penguin from surfs up being interviewed about the game then summday is the baby penguin drowning himself 3:45

    jhon acevedojhon acevedo2 dager siden
  • LS the man who got stood-up is now standing up

    Bored IndividualBored Individual2 dager siden
  • tsm has had historically really good dragon luck when they first got doublelift they were a hard fight for drakes team comp and would be down like 2k plus gold every game but soul was actually just infernal like literally 80% of games they played

    Dillon oickleDillon oickle2 dager siden
  • I usually watch LCK and watching NA makes me think NA will never win a championship

    The ZerbsThe Zerbs2 dager siden
  • I wish that Ashe ult slows the area it passes past. Like if someone dodges arrow stun by a small amount, they get slowed by the "cold magic," from the arrow. Idk.

    CloozClooz2 dager siden
    • Honestly the arrow seems to have been powercrept a bit.

      Faye RemmieFaye Remmie2 dager siden
  • you should make these vids an hour long so we dont know who win

    school Eschool E2 dager siden
  • Has anyone tried everfrost on Brand? Or would the lyandre's going to always be better? I know the burn synergizes well with Brand a lot...but I was thinking about how brand has the combo playstyle, where you DO NOT WANT TO MISS, your Q stun etc..I was wondering if everfrost is an option in that case. But I know brand is super not meta right now..but I just haven't seen people play him since the item rework... I guess it is because support doesnt build the lyandris nor frost. would just be nice to see more underplayed champs get fixed and played more... Also, kinds sad they wanna nerf annie...=/

    CloozClooz2 dager siden
  • Came here to witness LS flat-line over 100T's performance.

    Khánh Bảo ĐoànKhánh Bảo Đoàn2 dager siden
  • Perkz is a super cool guest, would love to see him on more often. Really miss him in EU :c

    Maurice B.Maurice B.2 dager siden
  • Sorry but Ryoma LOL. He's infinitely better than 99 percent of players but jeez.

    Andrew RizkoAndrew Rizko2 dager siden
  • They get paid millions btw

    Jay JonesJay Jones2 dager siden
  • 14:58 holo holo holo

    RuiRui2 dager siden
  • very nice mix honestly

    Danial HayatiDanial Hayati2 dager siden
  • The quality of gameplay in NA is so different compared to other regions it's crazy, could be the same drafts, same champions, same comps; but for some reason it is just different.

    Redji DavilmarRedji Davilmar2 dager siden
  • Anyone else reading 23:04 Crit Rell = TSM Win?

    Andrew BlankmanAndrew Blankman2 dager siden
  • Title should be watching with Crownie Ft. Perkz. Cmon LS show some loyalty to your bois

    Esse SanEsse San2 dager siden
  • It was jayce who they were flaming for the late tear not the syndra

    AndersAnders2 dager siden
  • LS makes somewhat of a good point. League is doing the winners losers bracket like its a Street Fighter Tournament. Normally you have winners and losers bracket because if you make it out of losers you have to reset the set. You have to win a best of five and then win ANOTHER best of five. I'm assuming league isn't doing that.

    Cole NoirCole Noir2 dager siden
  • 14:59 NA man like wtf is this

    Jan CzarneckiJan Czarnecki2 dager siden
  • Starting LS-Bingo before watching it: I expect: -"they just lost it" -"Pls don´t pick X" -"This draft is horrible/shit/..." -"It´s Draft diff" -"I can´t watch this" -"I don´t know why they do ..." add lines so I can make a complete Bingo game out of it. ^^

    Julius WJulius W2 dager siden
    • Hot date

      WhatsMyNameWhatsMyName2 dager siden
  • Ls: I've been stood up, but they showed up after an hour Me: at least they showed up :( waited 2 hours qt a local coffee shop before I realized

    GavinGavin2 dager siden
  • Capslocked Perkz's name in the title but not Crownie :(

    SharkFinSharkFin2 dager siden
    • its because perkz name is in all caps :)

      Antonijo StojanovicAntonijo Stojanovic20 timer siden
  • When someone asks "for the whole game?", just to be sure, in response to a damage amount, your know it's really low

    Bas BuskensBas Buskens2 dager siden
  • LS' reactions during the teamfight at 34:40 were so hilarious to watch (especially because they were totally relatable)

    AkuraitoAkuraito2 dager siden
  • Noob question here, what's wrong with hitting the tank minion at 2:06 when both of them gets the gold anyway?

    John PaulJohn Paul2 dager siden
    • I think they were expecting Rell to hold the wave ie not hit and just tank the damage or at the very least try to last hit. You want that wave to just sit in front of the tower so you can freeze then slow push. I mean she took half that cannons hp which is quite a bit of time it could have lived for.

      Nate TNate T2 dager siden
    • i think because it unfroze the lane.

      L MaoL Mao2 dager siden
  • Ah, 100Sins at it again. Love it.

    Foxiest BoxesFoxiest Boxes2 dager siden
  • Would like Crowie, if he would stop being toxic in soloq every single game

    temporal_pkmn EUtemporal_pkmn EU2 dager siden
  • "Maybe that's why Perkz and Nemesis left you today. Because your mean...and an asshole." Facts! 💯

    AzirAzir2 dager siden
  • the spear into failed dash into spear combo by ryoma was exquisite League of Legends.

    KinshredKinshred2 dager siden
  • The editor zoomed on syndra tear and not on jayce tear which ls was refering too

    TheCaptainTheCaptain2 dager siden
  • I really hope lec observers are doing msi cause honestly they the best

    mike wallacemike wallace2 dager siden
  • GGs

    Fill@PieNo!Fill@PieNo!2 dager siden
  • I was watching Fpx vs Rng this morning, now I'm watching this shit :)

    Bill WuBill Wu2 dager siden
  • I never clicked on a vid so fast

    extra virgin olive oilextra virgin olive oil2 dager siden
  • Man watching this knowing how much DOM was malding and was just adamant TSM had a awful first draft is hilarious looking back on it

    John BohardJohn Bohard2 dager siden
  • How is it so hard for pros in bot to freeze. Even eune masters do it. So eune master is better than LCS.

    Julian JuujärviJulian Juujärvi2 dager siden
    • @GenPop Joe In your dreams🤣

      Julian JuujärviJulian Juujärvi2 dager siden
    • Bro, we freeze in Gold.

      GenPop JoeGenPop Joe2 dager siden
  • Please more Perkz, hes hella entertaining

    TheLastDJ MVTheLastDJ MV2 dager siden
  • Their content creators play better lmao

    Honza MánekHonza Mánek2 dager siden
  • Great work by the editor! But he/she messed up at 12:13, they were talking about Jayce's tear, and the screen only shows Syndra's tear which was already stacking, when they were talking about a tear just bought (Jayce's)

    Henrique BastosHenrique Bastos2 dager siden
  • 2:03 I've seen better decision making in platinum

    Eduardo FernandesEduardo Fernandes2 dager siden
  • 14:59 HUNI XDD

    Richard SzöghyRichard Szöghy2 dager siden

    Бой , Секс и Сръбска музикаБой , Секс и Сръбска музика2 dager siden
  • NA waves are storebought fresh frozen

    Plommon TorbjörnPlommon Torbjörn2 dager siden
  • 3:24 Closer more like random silver jungler

    Kyojin, desuKyojin, desu2 dager siden
  • shut up perkz pls wtf

    Felix AnderssonFelix Andersson2 dager siden
  • Add twitch chat from time to time.

    InyixInyix2 dager siden
  • All memes aside I love listening to perkz talk. He has a very relaxed demeanor, offers nice insight, and has a good sense of humor

    Will T.Will T.2 dager siden
  • Worst silver game I've ever seen :D

    ItzHirMaItzHirMa2 dager siden
  • For some reason I thought LS was really disappointed about that ward dying lol 33:16

    AugustEverlastingAugustEverlasting2 dager siden
  • The "So Perkz, thoughts on Iceland?!" comment had me pissing myself 😂😂😂😂

    KcajKcaj2 dager siden
  • "it was a hookup" hot date?

    sycophantsycophant2 dager siden