Making 500,000 VOLT ARC with Marx Generator

29. nov.. 2020
2 032 970 Ganger

You can make a Lightening Bolt with a Marx Generator! I’m ZEUS!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • He's gotten to love those shocks, his heart must be pumping high always 😂

    Khalid HamidKhalid HamidTime siden
  • He will kill corona virus with electricity

    fitri Yfitri Y2 timer siden
  • Imagine that it went across the earth

    stephon franciquestephon francique4 timer siden
  • It can be used for building project moses

    Mark HodgsonMark Hodgson5 timer siden
  • Please support

    vishnu K techvishnu K tech7 timer siden
  • Hlooo

    vishnu K techvishnu K tech7 timer siden
  • 0:57

    Hasif Naufal RamadhanHasif Naufal Ramadhan7 timer siden
  • Pause at 11:15, LEX LUTHER appears

    APAP8 timer siden
  • At some point I'm starting to believe that this man is not real human.

    OBiFLYOBiFLY10 timer siden
  • You have crated the first lightning machine

    Hen ToHen To11 timer siden
  • 0:56 that's actually terrifying

    Al HakAl Hak14 timer siden
  • This channel is the best! Thanks, I shall order the full bridge rectifier shirt.

    Fabiano NahoumFabiano Nahoum19 timer siden
  • Marxism intensifies

    Vladimir CicmanecVladimir Cicmanec21 time siden
  • I would’ve thought a Marx generator produces brainwashing waves that makes people think Marxism is actually a practical idea

    Blake HalseyBlake Halsey22 timer siden
  • For some reason every time i see him pick up something it always scares me because my brain thinks he's gonna hurt himself

    Baby YobamaBaby Yobama22 timer siden
  • @10:27 why don't you try putting all the capacitors in epoxy and leave the contacts sticking out

    Diamondaxe _HDDiamondaxe _HD22 timer siden
  • This was my 1st semester project in graduation

    Tombstone-AlphaTombstone-Alpha23 timer siden
  • What does your family think of all those snapping noises or are they used to it by now?

    Sean LSean L23 timer siden
  • How is this guy still alive? 😲

    Jason C.Jason C.Dag siden
  • 7:47 Cool beats by the way

    Ai Fadjar AldiadiAi Fadjar AldiadiDag siden
  • Its a brow generator... Specific "brow"s

    Yusuf FirmansyahYusuf FirmansyahDag siden
  • That cringy laugh at 7:50🙄🤣🤣🤣 I'm worried if he blows his home accidentally 😶👀🙄


    insect land find insectsinsect land find insectsDag siden
  • Is there a reason spark gaps are round shape?

    Deedee 4545Deedee 4545Dag siden
  • amazing work

    Devanshu DodiyaDevanshu DodiyaDag siden
  • 420 fail

    J CoolStar the tractor Tom fan 2010J CoolStar the tractor Tom fan 2010Dag siden
  • horshoe is in his butt

    Dumbass ProductionsDumbass ProductionsDag siden
  • Sound like dj

    Christin Rajesh AlexChristin Rajesh AlexDag siden
  • please don't be done in by your own creation one day...

    vorvorDag siden
  • are u soting it

    rachel gorachel goDag siden
  • This cool and insane

    Capt PhantomCapt PhantomDag siden
  • how can you create 500kv with just some capacitors,resistors and a power supply but powerplants need giant transformers and millions of dollars to generate 100kv.

    DASCORP23DASCORP23Dag siden
  • Causing 500,000 mini heart attacks using Marx Generator

    CadrieldurCadrieldurDag siden
  • he is still alive and defying all odds

    DarthZackTheFirstDarthZackTheFirstDag siden
  • Do you know who is "Max Damage"? No? Well... Face from the miniature is it!

    Jaxon BladeJaxon BladeDag siden
  • same reaction as dr frankenstein 11:15

    bimtbimtDag siden
  • What is the purpose of the resistor in that circuit? Is it to slow down the capacitor charging?

    Smitty werben man jensenSmitty werben man jensenDag siden
  • تصدق اني مره اتكهربت ولله سعتها ما قربت من ام الكهربا 😂😂😂 مره امي قالتلي ان العب بلكهربا غلط ههههههه😂

    بات مانبات مانDag siden
  • I wonder how this man still alive until now :v

    Internet ExplorerInternet ExplorerDag siden
  • this guy is electron addict

    Intentional GamingIntentional GamingDag siden
  • Wow Marx generator is like Electrical Fire Crackers😂😂

    Electronics CuriositiesElectronics CuriositiesDag siden
  • somehow I think it will make a great electric fence around your yard, just add some amps "and they'll never let go"

    SolaceSolaceDag siden
  • I taught u got Heart Attack 😂😂

    Electronics CuriositiesElectronics CuriositiesDag siden
  • pmsl @ 6:20!!!! so funny!!

    SolaceSolaceDag siden
  • You created a gun that shoots an electrical bolt. Roll a d20 see if you hit then at d8+ electrical modifier for damage.

    ShugucchiShugucchiDag siden
  • What would happen when putting HV in the house outlet?

    Sanfour ben sanferSanfour ben sanfer2 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

    Pasiune pe painePasiune pe paine2 dager siden
  • very nice im new followers .i like that DIY or experement. please help my new channel😊

    RN New TechRN New Tech2 dager siden
  • Wait a sec. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Corona discharge???

    Max Von KriegerMax Von Krieger2 dager siden
  • Came for the comments, stayed for the video

    TristanTristan2 dager siden
  • He said fuck and shit

  • Nice analog synth there

    Yeet YeetusYeet Yeetus2 dager siden
  • 0:56 with 0.25 ....

    F.B.I Agent75F.B.I Agent752 dager siden
  • so much brain use

    Luke YTLuke YT2 dager siden
  • Hey man use some safety measures even use a rubber gloves

    Hari krishnanHari krishnan2 dager siden
  • I know you are knowable in what you do. ANy idiot trying to get laughs with this would be done before anyone ever knew their name........but damnit i cant take you seriously! LOLOLOL

    Social Experiment GamingSocial Experiment Gaming2 dager siden
  • I love watching His videos even if I'm too stupid to understand

    You ._.You ._.2 dager siden
  • He's such an incredibly intelligent individual doing equally dangerous projects..

    King DingKing Ding2 dager siden
  • Possibly a deadly electric discharge Electroboom: It's for me?🥺

    VictorDavid29VictorDavid292 dager siden
    • Only one way to find out 😂

      kelainefeskelainefes12 timer siden
  • haha

    Jun Wei LaiJun Wei Lai2 dager siden
  • This is how Arab teachers explain physics

    Mohamed Ould EbchiryMohamed Ould Ebchiry2 dager siden
  • I built one of these when I was 14. I was also plugging automotive ignition coils into 240v outlets in order to build hi voltage power supplies and took it to school. Thinking back I'm lucky I didn't get fried, What the fuck were my parents thinking.

    LMWLMW2 dager siden
  • Soviets anthim?

    Pyroteam Franken JuniorPyroteam Franken Junior2 dager siden
  • corona what?

    Ca3 5aRCa3 5aR2 dager siden
  • Next video: I built the worlds largest taser that triggers by carefully rubbing it down with a screwdriver.

    SchnitzelmörderSchnitzelmörder2 dager siden
  • I know how to chrona discharge from my mouth

    a roblox playera roblox player2 dager siden
  • Прикольный электро дядька)))

    Dimon DimkinDimon Dimkin2 dager siden
  • 2:01 It sounds like a ticking time bomb..... *And ngl if feels like one as well*

    GamingwithAlwynGamingwithAlwyn3 dager siden
  • Isn't the Corona discharged already???

    Select NullSelect Null3 dager siden
  • 😂😁👍👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu3 dager siden
  • Its called marx generator because its communist

    DanielYt GamingDanielYt Gaming3 dager siden
  • Guys when he turn on generator arcs starts jumping in tesla coil. Did you see that?

    Zwykła i Nieciekawa RybaZwykła i Nieciekawa Ryba3 dager siden
  • So, considering an arc can piggy back on a flame... If one was to have a torch with a very long flame, like for blowing glass, and it was fixed with a high power tesla coil, or powerful HV generator, could this person ( not me) create an electrical sword of fire? I have a few little electrical discoveries that I would love to see you experiment with. But I've had this idea of an electrified sword of fire since I was a child. Even if an insulated core through the center of the flame is required to avoid charge dissipation at the base of the flame. I don't have the materials and I'd love to see someone shock and burn the shit out of themselves on a project I'd gladly endure the pain to a accomplish if I had the available hardware. You're more equipped for the job... Can it be done? I think so🤔

    ezzy cezzy c3 dager siden
  • is vor me?

    Julian the destroyerJulian the destroyer3 dager siden
  • You never disappoint. Always laugh out loud funny, and very educational. Please figure out how to upload you consciousness online. The world would be a better place with more of you. 🙃

    Brett RomeroBrett Romero3 dager siden
  • I got reminded about this guy in the,"I'm gonna break my monitor, I swear" video

    Bryan GarzaBryan Garza3 dager siden
  • i thought it's gonna be the famine generator

    To pole nie może być pusteTo pole nie może być puste3 dager siden
  • balgeet smoked crack

    raccoonmanthingraccoonmanthing3 dager siden
  • I WANT LARGER VOLTAGE!!!, But i wont get killed Mehdi -2020

    Askaline21/31Askaline21/313 dager siden
  • Karl Marx approves of it! Mao se tung is proud of you Comrade! Hail Bidan!

    mohinder kaurmohinder kaur3 dager siden
  • This guy is what I imagined PrinceVidz to looked like

    JDMACCJDMACC3 dager siden
  • Funny as always

    Abz musaAbz musa3 dager siden
  • 1:25

  • Whats the input voltage for that generator?

    GaminoesGaminoes3 dager siden
  • 0:50 A little further on the speed of him when he jumped back so fast

    Levi LangLevi Lang3 dager siden
  • This is why I love physics

    pradeep bdpradeep bd4 dager siden
  • 10:57 11:12 INTRODUCING NEW 2021 MEME

    Crazy SparkzZ 气࿐Crazy SparkzZ 气࿐4 dager siden
  • You know you can make way bigger arcs with a MOT and two hv capacitors, right?

    JustineJustine4 dager siden
  • unbelievable this guy is still alive. if he walks through a park at night the lights won't turn off they will light up like the sun. at this point i am pretty sure that he became the flash.

    Sven nevsSven nevs4 dager siden
  • Waaaaooooooooooo... Very Good Very Beauty Very Dangerous... 😟😟😟😟😰😰😰🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Ksatria PenggingKsatria Pengging4 dager siden
  • NOtown is probably going to censor this video with its new streak of censorship

    Federico LucchiFederico Lucchi4 dager siden
  • Corona discharge nice so it’s capacitor 19 also known as capacitor virus

    kristal kerrickkristal kerrick4 dager siden
  • Would submerge the circuit in oil (leaving the Spark gaps out) help preventing the arcs across the resistors? Or maybe put It into an open box and cast some insulating resin? Maybe it would work better than painting polyutethane

    Francesco FrassiniFrancesco Frassini4 dager siden
  • There should be something called Mehdi generator

    jacobisawesomeyajacobisawesomeya4 dager siden
  • And when you're not careful, it will turn you into a Communist. When Karl starts to work on your generator!

    Autistic Rubber DuckyAutistic Rubber Ducky4 dager siden
  • watching this I was really hoping he wasn't going to mess about with it once it was built.

    Hamed AdefuwaHamed Adefuwa5 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Yhulbrine AmoraYhulbrine Amora5 dager siden
  • his poor (well rich) wife

    Hamed AdefuwaHamed Adefuwa5 dager siden
  • yo WHAT kind of discharge? 👀

    Beef ScorchoBeef Scorcho5 dager siden
  • 6:27 That's it, that is all you need.

    Think PCtiveThink PCtive5 dager siden