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Alec: @alecsteele
Will: @will_stelter
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
Isaiah (Videographer): @isaiaharnoldfilm
My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • Will: It has a certain shape that we won't discuss. Me: Imma call it "Phalec Steele" and you can't stop me!

    Tavish GregoryTavish Gregory17 dager siden
  • hola muy bueno video

    romeo vidal rodriguezromeo vidal rodriguezMåned siden
  • Trop puissant le willy !!!

    David WehresDavid Wehres2 måneder siden
  • As a person from the future I'm tired of the phrase "circle back"

    DJ KosloskiDJ Kosloski2 måneder siden
  • I’m glad I didn’t watch this till now. This channel is truly going to be missing something without will. He brought a comical relief that wasn’t there before and is now gone. Sure hope will start making content.

    zachary hoffazachary hoffa2 måneder siden
  • that was some pretty PHALLIC STEELE I'll be here all week

    Logan TaylorLogan Taylor2 måneder siden
  • They should have sponsored you for your best work....Damascus pattern, rare wood the other great projects you’ve done. Don’t get me wrong. Your quick work is still pretty darn great. It just could’ve been COOL too lol.

    Sam BagginsSam Baggins2 måneder siden
  • How did I miss this episode?!?

    George SchnakenbergGeorge Schnakenberg2 måneder siden
  • lol, I used to pronounce kopesh as kolshep

    The Demonic StaffThe Demonic Staff2 måneder siden
  • I can’t unsee it😂

    Timothy WardTimothy Ward2 måneder siden
  • Why doesn't Alex make videos anymore

    Ryo Chisholm-HolmgrenRyo Chisholm-Holmgren2 måneder siden
  • Is any else having flashbacks to “Fruit Ninja”?

    Angelica AlvarezAngelica Alvarez3 måneder siden
  • You guys should do forged in fire

    Zachary bradyZachary brady3 måneder siden
  • 2:00 look at that anvil squirming around😂

    Ephram BrooksEphram Brooks3 måneder siden
  • Когда нужно наоте6ись отработать рекламные бабки, зачем париться с ручкой?, спасибо не скотчем обмотали. Но кадры с рубкой бутылок обязательны. Фублянах((. А я всё думал почему серьёзные ребята вас и в х7й не ставят. Теперь понятно.

    Мр. ВжухМр. Вжух3 måneder siden
  • Yeah, that thumbnail looked like something else for sure XD

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus3 måneder siden
  • 🥰

    Jo ElthamJo Eltham3 måneder siden
  • hey Alec can you make Vergil katana yamato

    GamingWithYoshiharaGamingWithYoshihara3 måneder siden
  • Parem de desperdiçar tanta comida nos testes. Eu adoro os vídeos,mas isso n é certo.

    Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira3 måneder siden
  • I love the swords you guys make! I do a bit of leather work myself, and it got me thinking if you were going to make a scabbard for one of your swords how would you go about making a chape for it?

    Lewis WilliamsLewis Williams3 måneder siden
  • I’ve always wanted to become a blacksmith and make a legendary sword

    insane parrotinsane parrot3 måneder siden
  • Alec ? Alec Steele? Anybody seen Alec ?

    Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrelBruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel3 måneder siden
  • He grinds upon the sword's shaft.

    Crush it with a babyCrush it with a baby3 måneder siden
  • Like it

    Wonderful SkillsWonderful Skills3 måneder siden
  • Wouldn't have minded seeing more of the process on this one...

    Fred NobleFred Noble3 måneder siden
  • Make the shield from this please

    Zack GoodeZack Goode3 måneder siden
  • “It has a certain shape to it that we won’t discuss” 🤣🤣🤣 🍆

    Julie WhitlockJulie Whitlock3 måneder siden
  • ps - 5:04 - ''It has a certain shape we won't discuss.'' Comment section spends the next two years discussing it. Well done.

    Gute The GimmerianGute The Gimmerian3 måneder siden
  • do you ever use an anvil

    Rachel TravisRachel Travis3 måneder siden
  • Hmmmm I'm certain that i've seen the artstyle for the sword and shield illustration before, but i can't place my finger on it exactly.

    ramenguy007ramenguy0073 måneder siden
  • you should make Frodo's sword from lord of the rings, and with damaskus that would look awesome 😍

    Julian Lian VoldenJulian Lian Volden3 måneder siden
  • Serous lllyyy Epic

    Siv Teang KuchSiv Teang Kuch3 måneder siden
  • Will your wicked. This is a 🔪

    Siv Teang KuchSiv Teang Kuch3 måneder siden
  • There is a f called monster hunter world and they have some great swords and weapons. 1 of the is called the fatalis long sword (fatalis zaggespanon) its a really cool shaped sword. So if its an idea u could try and check it out and maybe make it aswell.

    Mister FazeMister Faze3 måneder siden
  • Thats beautiful! But a nice word without a 26.5 part series? Disappointing! Lol

    This GuyThis Guy3 måneder siden
  • love your energy today will. Love the format like, you have x amount of time to do the best you can. Appropriate for this sponsored type content. spend more time on the passion projects.

    Josh MutchJosh Mutch3 måneder siden
  • @Alec Steele hey i was wondering if invar would make a good knife i haven't seen anything on it. I wonder if it makes a good or bad blade. I also know little of its properties and nothing about working it so im curious if would be able to find out.

    Teagan SmithTeagan Smith3 måneder siden
  • In your old vids you look different lol

    ParixParix3 måneder siden
  • Oh boy! They're finally figuring out that 317 episode builds aren't working and people want to see an project done within an episode or two.

    Shawn HuolihanShawn Huolihan3 måneder siden
  • I do like the design and I love the way you brought it to life

    Mr. NekoMr. Neko3 måneder siden
  • (types out quote in quotations) (laughs and adds "ohhhhh") Classic

    Daniel KimberDaniel Kimber3 måneder siden
  • Wills great!! 💕

    Abigail SimmonsAbigail Simmons3 måneder siden
  • Why is will leaving?

    Wes J AdamsWes J Adams3 måneder siden
  • this seems like the funnest job ever

    Sam GibsonSam Gibson3 måneder siden
  • Beautifull

    Jef DamenJef Damen3 måneder siden
  • I see you used the ancient Hyborian paracord to wrap the handle.

    Alan KohnAlan Kohn3 måneder siden
  • 4:50 Will : Behold! For I have forged the mightiest sword. I shall name it the Dragon Bonar!

    baikia777baikia7773 måneder siden
  • I would pay the PPV price to watch Wil, Alec, and other youtubers on Forged in fire

    Jonathan HJonathan H3 måneder siden
  • Willa looking like he's loading some weight, nice one

    james murrayjames murray3 måneder siden
  • Unlike any Khopesh I've ever seen. The reason why 'fantasy' swords are thicker is they're from computer games, which need to be thicker so you could see the blades in low-res games.

    Corey SCorey S3 måneder siden
  • It looks oversized. I think it's a common problem with these "fantasy" blades.

    LeeroyLeeroy3 måneder siden
  • very nice. I wonder how it'd look with a stacked leather handle.

    Solomon Sgt Justin LSolomon Sgt Justin L3 måneder siden
  • Yes, the technical term is swoopy :D

    YehNastyYehNasty3 måneder siden
  • It wheel cut...

    Tom PTom P3 måneder siden
  • Will is too good at throwing around a wicked sharp object. Would not want to get in the way of that!

    Aadu RiiberkAadu Riiberk3 måneder siden
  • Will just seems to hate fruit! ... and water bottles!

    Jess StuartJess Stuart3 måneder siden
  • Isn't 4340 more of a tool steel as opposed to a blade steel? What about using S7 for something? or some high speed M2

    Shaun SommerShaun Sommer3 måneder siden
  • I miss Alec but I keep should change the channel name to whatever yours is😒

    easygamer425 :peasygamer425 :p3 måneder siden
  • Out of respect I haven't said anything earlier however, are we never going to talk about the Fate of the broken power hammer?

    yadaroniyadaroni3 måneder siden
  • awkward moment treated with discretion... good man.

    Mona BaleMona Bale3 måneder siden
  • Will is better at grinding and Alec is better at forging prove me wrong.

    Evan SukochevEvan Sukochev3 måneder siden
  • Certain shape? I don't know what you mean...

    Justin VerrallJustin Verrall3 måneder siden
  • Remember the time when making a kopesh took 1000 episodes? The boys sure have upped their game since then!

    SvenStrudelhosenSvenStrudelhosen3 måneder siden
  • Who is that british sponsor guy on Will's channel

    F ! N N ! A NF ! N N ! A N3 måneder siden
  • Forge a socket adapter

    Mitch SheflinMitch Sheflin3 måneder siden
  • Awesome videos I have learned a lot, can you make a knife like the Subtle Knife from Philip Pullman's Dark Materials?. would be amazing with Meteorite Damascus.

    bertie tozerbertie tozer3 måneder siden
  • A beautiful blade and challenging forging! Always a pleasure to watch Will in action.

    avoirdupois1avoirdupois13 måneder siden
  • "Kinda funky" you just quoted a great man

    Shannon MatiyasheShannon Matiyashe3 måneder siden
  • It's THICK lolololol

    Stephen KeefeStephen Keefe3 måneder siden
  • rule 1 of game advertising show game play.... not a movie trailer

    Fierce FireflyFierce Firefly3 måneder siden
  • Sell outs

    Trapper MackayTrapper Mackay3 måneder siden
  • Knobish to khopesh!🤣 awesome👌

    Tom HumeTom Hume3 måneder siden
  • Isn’t Will leaving Alec workshop soon ? And work for him self ?

    Elvis MactamsElvis Mactams3 måneder siden
  • Hey Will ....... what happened with the power hammer you funked up?

    James MilczarskiJames Milczarski3 måneder siden
  • And today's protect we will be making Phallic Steel

    RedBeardJoeRedBeardJoe3 måneder siden
  • Man that thing looks so sick!! Well done!

    LostCityExpeditionsLostCityExpeditions3 måneder siden
  • If will didnt take at least one opportunity to hold the rough shaped blade by his pelvis an shake it at someone and say oh dont mind me I'm just shaking my sword a bit he wasted his time hahaha lol

    cory eckcory eck3 måneder siden
  • Alec, you were the inspiration for me to make a Khopesh blade. Thanks

    KnivesByHandKnivesByHand3 måneder siden
  • Awesome!

    elementjoeelementjoe3 måneder siden
  • Why Don't you meine a Damaskus out of Two different coloured Damaskus.... I Think that Would looks realy Sick

    Lukas GudeLukas Gude3 måneder siden
  • Will, I would like to know how you are able to get such a perfect looking taper. Excellent job, beautiful sword.

    gijimbo1337gijimbo13373 måneder siden
  • Dislike for the waste of food :)

    Thomas SeillersThomas Seillers3 måneder siden
  • Please make a kanabo/tetsubo next time.

    WaldemarWaldemar3 måneder siden
  • The shape of that sword looks like something out of Aquaman. But looks awesome

    StillNotLocalStillNotLocal3 måneder siden
  • Is that him?

    Jakov DrmićJakov Drmić3 måneder siden
  • Every Khopesh I've scene has the sickle part of the blade start about 1/3rd of the way down, not at the hilt. This is closer to a scimitar that a Khopesh.

    Tatakai no KamiTatakai no Kami3 måneder siden
  • Are the hammers gonna be back on the store soon? this money is burning a hole in my pocket lol but i want one so bad xD

    SlidwayzSlidwayz3 måneder siden
  • A short sword and a long knife are only different semantically. THAT is VERY beefy and definitely NOT short. Definitely cool though.

    NieroshaiNieroshai3 måneder siden
  • Will, please don't rest that thing on your shoulder! If you don't lift it enough as you put it down that thing could very well hook you in the back! Merry Christmas!

    popdedpopded3 måneder siden
  • This is odd. The channel is called Alec Steele. But that isn't Alec. I follow this channel to see Alec do new and challenging things.

    WinterFowlWinterFowl3 måneder siden
  • 5:02 Will: "A certain shape we won't discuss" my young brother: "what does he mean" me; "uhh... nothing... I... I don't get it..."

    internet userinternet user3 måneder siden
  • So I am curious if you guys have another Alec V Will in the future

    chewy aka Riecke Nicholaschewy aka Riecke Nicholas3 måneder siden

    ХОЛОДНАЯ КОВКА 13ХОЛОДНАЯ КОВКА 133 måneder siden
  • Really neat to see fantasy weapons like his made real! Also major kudos for eating some of the fruit you destroyed 👍

    Clayton CronkClayton Cronk3 måneder siden
  • You didn’t make a kopesh. You made a single edged scimitar. The edge of a kopesh is on the inside of the curve with the outside edge being a thicker ‘guard’. In other words a kopesh is a slashing weapon, not a piercing/stabbing weapon. And the spike at the upper edge is for yanking at the opponents shield. You made a lovely piece, despite the tight time constraints. But a kopesh, it is not.

    arieldahlarieldahl3 måneder siden
  • Your video is awesome.

    Horrible Restoration VNHorrible Restoration VN3 måneder siden
  • I like ya cut g

    Pimply _playzPimply _playz3 måneder siden
  • This is the first truly interesting thing I’ve seen made on this channel in months.

    O. HartiganO. Hartigan3 måneder siden
  • This dude is homophobic af. 10/10 would not watch.

    Miguel VieyraMiguel Vieyra3 måneder siden
  • Not a fan of these pay-to-win mobile games, but I am a fan of the pieces they inspire Alec and Will to make!

    skyler lehmkuhlskyler lehmkuhl3 måneder siden