23. mars. 2021
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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 22 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2020

  • You said subscribe, so I literally just subscribed.

    Chris ClelandChris ClelandDag siden
  • Supreme cereal. the price i mean..

    yoshimidgetyoshimidget4 dager siden
  • You could just burn the papers

    oussama chalbioussama chalbi5 dager siden
  • You can get CA debonder to remove cyanoacrylate glue, or just use glue that dissolves in water like the wood glue

    XANiXANi5 dager siden
  • Really interesting project. it's worth looking at museum pieces too see just how skillful the old masters were!

    Modern History TVModern History TV6 dager siden
  • Um ok, so you used templates....why not try to do it like it was done in the middle ages from say Italy, or somewhere else specific? Wouldn't that be a better test of your skill?

    Haros of StyxHaros of Styx6 dager siden
  • next time, glue stick my friend (like the kind you give to children)

    davelevelsupdavelevelsup6 dager siden
  • When we did metal work with paper guides in our technology class we left the paper on and when we had to hear it to bend we just burned the paper off

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith8 dager siden
  • 3:45 Why not just get a blowtorch or fire and thats it?

    P455w0rd's 16P455w0rd's 169 dager siden
  • Magic Spoon need to sort their shizzle out and start shipping to the U.K.

    Andrew KayAndrew Kay9 dager siden
  • Lordy, a day to prep your parts! Some thoughts from a machinist. A metal-cutting vertical bandsaw would have those pieces cut in about an hour, including deburring. Acetone dissolves superglue and dychem. Use spray paper glue instead of superglue. That ball is called a dolly, look for panel-beaters tools. Make the holes from the inside of curve to avoid having to hold an unstable surface. Hope that helps. Great vids. Please print more youtube, I never knew you could do that :P

    James D StallardJames D Stallard9 dager siden
  • I have this awesome tool to remove the paper templates, my forge!!!!

    Waskasoo MetalworksWaskasoo Metalworks9 dager siden
  • God I'm so glad that the videos aren't hyper refined anymore

    Hunter CharabaHunter Charaba9 dager siden
  • Thanks for the video great work!

    MacworksMacworks10 dager siden
  • i use the pritt glue stick for templates on sheetmetal. just washes off the templates with a bit of warm water.

    scout525scout52510 dager siden
  • Test your skills again, full suit including chain mail shirt!

    harry flemingharry fleming10 dager siden
  • You're an Armourer, Harry!

    That's What She Said!That's What She Said!10 dager siden
  • Painters tape before super glueing the paper to the sheet metal is the way to go

    lachie jerrettlachie jerrett11 dager siden

    DoomsDay 45DoomsDay 4511 dager siden
  • about dang time you learn armor smithing! Keep at it!

    William CarrollWilliam Carroll11 dager siden
  • Ey alex, its much easier to print 2 copies of your stencils, cut and trace one onto the metal then cut to fit the second stencil

    Ursine BoiUrsine Boi11 dager siden
  • Nice lil project to work on! That chisel need some maintenance though Alec! that mushroomed end is cracking

    Ben Whiteley BlacksmithBen Whiteley Blacksmith11 dager siden
  • what is the song at 1:15??

    Austin VanceAustin Vance13 dager siden
  • Free Will ! ... Stop the DO NOT COMPETE and let him work!

    TheSpartacus23TheSpartacus2313 dager siden
  • Oh I do LOVE this kind of metalwork! I sheet you naught!

    MåcGyverMåcGyver13 dager siden
  • Now if you put some stones in it you can rule all of space and time

    Hylke OosterdijkHylke Oosterdijk13 dager siden
  • "NOtown guhbuh." Love it!

    Steven FischerSteven Fischer14 dager siden
  • Get a nibbler if you plan to work with more metal sheets

    Jan SeidelJan Seidel14 dager siden
  • Elmer's glue

    TstormerTstormer14 dager siden
  • Alec for superglue acetone is the best remover. The longer you soak it the easier it comes off.

    Troy VincentTroy Vincent14 dager siden
  • Not getting your notifications again???

    Troy VincentTroy Vincent14 dager siden
  • Yyyyeeeeessssssssss!!!!

    DFW WoodworkingDFW Woodworking15 dager siden
  • Should have bent the metal to your finger size but thumbs up for trying 👍

    The Hidden BoogerThe Hidden Booger15 dager siden
  • Has this guy never heard of Goo Gone ?

    The Hidden BoogerThe Hidden Booger15 dager siden
  • 19-20 Ga. ?! Fun for costume, but DO NOT try testing it with anything bigger than a large spoon if you like your hands my friend!

    KillianwshKillianwsh15 dager siden
  • Don’t use ryobi drills use Milwaukee

    Tyler LambrechtTyler Lambrecht15 dager siden
  • use acetone to remove super glue...

    DrStrngLuvDrStrngLuv15 dager siden
  • Two things. 1 a roller press they use them to make panels of classic cars. Useful here. Two tandy leather is a place that might be what you need for leather. Friend of mine introduced me to it.

    spiritualinsightspiritualinsight16 dager siden
  • 10:10 ah yes, ye ol dustpan broom hammer. No blacksmith shop is complete wihtout one

    nrnr17 dager siden
  • Does anyone else not only find these videos informative but the most entertaining on this platform

    Ryan VlogsRyan Vlogs17 dager siden
  • Why do your glasses look fake??? (And I mean like Instagram filter fake)

    Daily MemesDaily Memes18 dager siden
  • One of the best vlogs for ages freakin wicked im on to part 2 peace ✌alec

    Siv Teang KuchSiv Teang Kuch18 dager siden
  • You can't remove paper from steel? You are aware paper burn's aren't you? Why don't you make your Armor out of Damascus? You are aware Armour was originally Forged by Blacksmiths before sheet metal was available.

    Kate BovskiKate Bovski18 dager siden
  • Id have sanded the paper off

    Christopher ConkrightChristopher Conkright18 dager siden
  • Visit that armor guy in uk, that adam savage went too, he is amazing.

    ThunderDivineThunderDivine19 dager siden
  • Beverly throat-less shear for faster cuts in sheet metal, Alex.

    James WalleyJames Walley19 dager siden
  • alex you ok buddy you seem defeated about 8 minuets in

    William McLaneWilliam McLane19 dager siden
  • 9:55 Wow that's a nice hammer!

    Iωάννης ΚοραχάηςIωάννης Κοραχάης19 dager siden
  • You can Burn of the superglue, works realy good

    Filip AnderssonFilip Andersson19 dager siden
  • you can dissolve super glue with PVC primer

    IronymusIronymus19 dager siden
  • Holy moly, that looks awesome. Can’t imagine a warrior using a full armor in a battle. How much does only that arm weighs?

    Lucas FineschiLucas Fineschi19 dager siden
  • Seriously!?!? No one here mentioned that Alec used the Devil's Dykem 4:17???

    Andy HelgesonAndy Helgeson20 dager siden
  • Alec, may I suggest hitting them with the torch or the forge to remove the paper and glue

    Domino PerkDomino Perk20 dager siden
  • 3:37 you should put it into thinner or gasoline. Alcohol does not dissolve glue.

    Dominik HradilDominik Hradil20 dager siden
  • 140cal for breakfast.....wont be able to swing that hammer soon with these gain killers mate

    Connor GonsConnor Gons20 dager siden
  • PRO TIP ALEC, if you need to remove superglue, use ACETONE, it will dissolve any cyanoacrylate-based superglue instead of alchohol much better and let you peel whatever you glued down off better same goes for sharpie too if you ever get that where you dont want it

    MrScorpion132MrScorpion13220 dager siden
  • Why the heck didn't you just soak the steel in acetone to get the super glue off??

    George SchnakenbergGeorge Schnakenberg21 dag siden
  • I want to see swords and knives 😞

    Greg niGreg ni21 dag siden
  • Would be cool to see you make a helmet too, like for example the one Sauron or the Witch-king wears..

    Keanu TaxKeanu Tax21 dag siden
  • I'd watch a whole video of Alec talking and wiggling sheet metal at the same time.

    the Sententious Vaunterthe Sententious Vaunter21 dag siden
  • Just use glue paste and not super glue

    Cormac BroganCormac Brogan21 dag siden
  • I love the brome hammer!

    James DuncanJames Duncan21 dag siden
  • Due to local burn laws, I can't blacksmith, however, I should be able to cut and grind metal as well as work with sheet metal.

    Shine BeeShine Bee21 dag siden
  • Alec Steele infinity gauntlet

    Ben & Caroline LetchfordBen & Caroline Letchford21 dag siden
  • 3.44 hey I got that mug too haha

    Matthew DanielsMatthew Daniels22 dager siden
  • I'm surprised he doesn't own a plasma cutter yet

    Johnny BoyJohnny Boy22 dager siden
  • Acetone cuts through superglue like butter

    DerekDerek22 dager siden
  • You could have used the flex seal thing that makes stickers peel off easily, but you know that works too.

    tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabaccotabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco22 dager siden
  • I saw that video before this one came out and now I feel special.

    tabacco free catfish fishcat free tabaccotabacco free catfish fishcat free tabacco22 dager siden
  • Acetone... CA just dissolves away.

    Boat BeardBoat Beard22 dager siden
  • Alternate title: I make a thing, but I'm the personification of "big mood" the whole time

    DipZtiKDipZtiK22 dager siden
  • Next time use flour and water for glue

    Paul TroutPaul Trout22 dager siden
  • Shouldve used acetone not alcohol

    Jason GonzalezJason Gonzalez23 dager siden
  • If you intend to work more with sheet metal, do yourself a favour and get a cnc plasma cutter

    Joseph FouadJoseph Fouad23 dager siden
  • A little tip for glueing paper on metal for your pattern, use paper glue stick! It work well, I’ve used it for years in jewelry making!!

    uperdduperdd23 dager siden
  • Obligatory algorithm comment

    PhilipwnPhilipwn23 dager siden
  • I am proud of your success going from forge to shaping sheet metal ! !

    robert millerrobert miller23 dager siden
  • omg I have been asking you to make armor since you made the claymore! bout damn time!

    MrAwsomeshotMrAwsomeshot23 dager siden
  • I use a heat gun to remove al the glued paper. takes no time

    Machines and MunchiesMachines and Munchies23 dager siden
  • You should try making a compass

    Connor O'RileyConnor O'Riley23 dager siden
  • Acetone removes super glue.

    Todd GallTodd Gall23 dager siden
  • english wheel?

    Roo The conquerorRoo The conqueror23 dager siden
  • I hit the like button just because of the malinois. More please.

    cammoboxcammobox23 dager siden
  • Are you ever heading back stateside?

    Trolley79Trolley7924 dager siden
  • I think I’ve seen people use heat to break the bond from super glue but I could be wrong

    Graham KGraham K24 dager siden
  • 5:50 me thinking about pringles

    Siraadj RajabaliSiraadj Rajabali24 dager siden
  • Wonderful! But more blond mop of hair please!

    neuralwarpneuralwarp24 dager siden
  • Just acetone the super glue down.

    Murilo Sacco Jr.Murilo Sacco Jr.24 dager siden
  • isnt the proper way of sayin it is armour tinkering?

    UnDeadLightUnDeadLight24 dager siden
  • A bandsaw would be great for cutting out those little bits.

    Rob MacDonaldRob MacDonald24 dager siden
  • *COUacetoneGH*

    Max ElliottMax Elliott24 dager siden
  • Next time skip the super glue and go straight to the acetone. It only works if you use a laser printer but if you do. Just place the printed paper on the metal and pour the acetone into it. The ink will be released from the paper and stick to the metal. Used to do it when I would make name plates or baptism bracelets. My dad laughed and said calligraphy wasnt something you could rush into and showed me that cool little trick until I didnt need to anymore.

    Alverik VazquezAlverik Vazquez24 dager siden
  • Englishman without englishwheel?

    Time MachineTime Machine24 dager siden
  • I love Alex his diving into the deep end David has far easier templates lol

    Nick davisNick davis24 dager siden
  • Acetone should take super glue off easily.

    MTBAjK 610MTBAjK 61024 dager siden
  • I thought that gauntlet looked familiar 😁

    ImrahilImrahil24 dager siden
  • Have you guys considered seeing if ilyia from That works(formerly man at arms) is interested in a collab? One of the best armourers that I've seen.

    Hi i'm Euro?Hi i'm Euro?24 dager siden
  • Just burn off the paper. Surely there's a torch in the shop

    Tom OTom O24 dager siden
  • How does Alec look and sound younger than he did like 6 years ago?

    akavarioakavario24 dager siden
  • Acetone kills super glue.

    John Burgess Jr.John Burgess Jr.24 dager siden